Meeting Half Way

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“Morning Son, time to get up.” My dad’s gruff voice said on the other side of the door.

I knew I had to get up and I couldn’t believe how little I slept the night before. You see I was going on a trip, alone. A trip to a convention across state lines, to board a plane and stay in a hotel with no family was new to me, I was 18 and proud that my parents trusted me enough to go on this trip.

I was traveling alone, but I was meeting someone there, a girl that I met on-line. By today’s standards that is probably an ok thing to do, but in the late ’90’s, it was weird because no one really trusted someone from the other side of the screen. I trusted this girl, I’ve talked to her on the phone for hours and we seemed really serious about one another. She too was traveling alone and I was looking forward to spending all this quality time with her.

My father drove me to the airport. I was geeked out in a pair of jeans and a sci-fi t-shirt and a matching cap. I pulled my wheeled suitcase from the back of the truck as he finished his ‘take your time with this girl’ speech. She and I were way ahead of this speech as she got cold feet a week before this trip and really wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be expecting much more from her than friendship this time. As much as I wanted more, I wanted to really make this girl see I was the one.

From the picture I had in my wallet I knew she was beautiful with long flowing brown hair and a cute smile. She lived in Illinois and had a nice Midwest accent too. But by the end of the night I would finally be able to feel her hair on my neck and run my fingers through it. I’d be able to see her chest rise and fall with each breath, I would finally see her as I’ve seen many other people before, but this would be her, the first girl I ever loved.

The airport was huge to me, I’ve been in airports before as a child but to me this place really was like my first steps as an adult and seeing that the whole world was laid before me. I checked my bag at the front and went through the metal detectors. I got myself something to eat all the while thinking of this girl and seeing her face to face. I was also excited about going to this convention where all different celebrities would be.

She showed up in Denver, Colorado a day before me as I had a college class to attend. I thought about her a lot and wondered what she did that day, and now I couldn’t wait to get there.

There wasn’t much to the trip, it was 90 minutes from San Francisco, California and in that time I watched some cartoons on the plane just counting down the minutes till I would be able to be in the same state as this girl I’ve talked to for over the past year. But once I got my suitcase and went out the door to the place where the shuttles were I saw mine drive off. This was before cell phones were a necessity so I had to wait and she didn’t even know I was there already. I had butterflies in my stomach and part of me just wanted to run, but another part of me wanted to see this through and we could behave as friends and not bring up the love we spoke to one another, but I still brought a necklace for her and I wanted to give it to her. After what felt like an eternity my shuttle showed up and took me to my hotel.

“Oh, Mr. Campbell,” the woman behind the counter said, “your room isn’t ready yet so if you’d like you can leave your bag in the lobby.” She pointed to an area where there were lots of bags. “There are lots of people in town for this convention so we’re a bit busier than normal.” She took my money orders and checked me in. “Oh, there’s a message for you already.” She said printing out the memo and sending me on my way.

It was a message from Natalie, this girl I’ve been looking forward to seeing. It didn’t say much but it was an invitation to her room on the 9th floor. I couldn’t keep her waiting much longer so I went up the nearest elevator to her room.

I knocked on the door, I got really nervous but not for too much longer as she opened the door.

“Hi” I said looking at this girl’s shimmering brown eyes.

She let me in and quickly removed my cap and placed it on her head. She looked cute with her long brown hair flowing from the black ball cap. I wanted to kiss her, but we were just going to be friends this trip. She laid down on her nicely made bed, and I shared with her my adventure of getting to see her as well as a few college stories. She had a wonderful smile and laugh. As I was done talking her ear off she suggested that we go to the convention, I couldn’t agree more.

A shuttle was down there when we got to the lobby, and by this point it was raining. We got seats next to each other and I looked her over as I wanted to start another conversation with her. She wore a burgundy jacket from her college opened to show a multi colored striped shirt underneath, she had blue jeans on just as I did. She kept her eyes towards the front of the bus watching as a couple of guys wrote vulgar words on the fogged up windows.

“Who are you most excited Bycasino about meeting?” I asked expecting her to state one of the celebrities at this convention.

“You.” She replied as she took my hand. I have never been happier in my life.

As we held hands all the way to the air museum for the convention I wondered how long this would last, this wasn’t exactly the friend level I was expecting from her, but I was glad it was there.

We got off the shuttle at the museum still hand in hand. We had to get our three day passes and get in line in order to get inside and out of the rain. She and I didn’t talk much, I really didn’t think much needed to be said. I enjoyed holding her hand and hugging her closely to keep her warm when I could. Just the fact that I could do the things I could only dream about, even the most mundane meant the world to me and was more gratifying than anything I could have ever hoped for.

When we finally got our passes and got inside the building she had to use the restroom and let me hold onto her purse. This level of trust meant more to me than the trust my parents put in me on this trip and to this day this still speaks volumes to me. I looked around the room and saw people dressed up in costumes and cases of movie props along side pieces of aviation history.

She came out and I gave her back her purse. I loved how her hair looked it was wet and matted down by the rain fall, but it opened up more of her face to my eyes and that really did mean more to me than anything else at this convention. She took my hand again and we walked around the floor, we tried out the new card game (she won, I lost), we saw old commercials for toys and saw more props from the genre, we stood in line for trivia contests all of it with out her hand leaving mine. I liked where this was going and this was just the first day of a three day long convention.

“Tristian, why don’t we go back to the hotel and see if your room is ready.” she requested.

I thought it sounded like a good idea as there really didn’t seem to be much more for us to do at the convention. We boarded the shuttle and headed back to the hotel. On our way there we saw a pizza man walk up to another hotel, she thought this was a great idea and that we should have pizza too. I had no other plans so this worked out well for me.

My room was ready so we brought my bag too it and she sat down on the bed as I showed off some of the geeky things I brought with me. She humored me with my enthusiasm for all these things, but really she wanted to have some pizza.

I got on the phone in my room only to find that since I paid with a travelers check I couldn’t make outside calls on my phone, so it was back to her room to order the pizza. When we got back there, she removed her jacket and hung it on the back of a chair that faced a mirror and a desk.

Denver was busy this time because of the convention so it took me some time to order the pizza, first I sat at the edge of her bed as she rubbed my shoulders, then I’d get up from the bed and take the phone with me to a chair so that I could see her sitting on the bed looking so beautiful and happy.

Finally I make the order and now I just have to wait the hour and a half for the pizza to show up.

“Well, it should be here in 90 minutes.” I told her. She walked towards me as I started sharing a story that involved pizza from my childhood. She straddled my lap and looked me in the eyes as my mouth kept rambling on. I stopped once I ran out of things to say.

“Don’t you ever know when to shut up?”

“I guess not.”

She closed her eyes and leaned towards me in what appeared to be slow motion. I closed my eyes as our lips met he kiss brought my lips in deeper to hers as I felt more aroused at my first true kiss. She slowly pulled back. I looked down her shirt slightly to see her white cotton bra covering her small breasts.

“That was awesome.” I replied as she looked me in the eye.

She went in again slowly, her lips prying mine open to accept her tongue. My eyes shot open at the contact, but I couldn’t stop it, so I closed my eyes again and just took the sensations she was sending through my body, and hoped that she couldn’t feel my cock hardening between us. I sent my tongue against hers and she pulled back quickly. She looked me in the eyes again, her brown ones locked against my blue ones.

“That was awesomer, I’m not sure that’s a word or not.”

She smiled and kissed me again grinding her body against mine, sending signals to my loins that I couldn’t ignore, I just concentrated on the kiss, tasting her mouth, running my fingers through her damp hair. The feeling of her crotch thrusting against mine was something I had to deal with but I wasn’t sure how far I was willing to take this, even though we were both 18 year old virgins without family around for miles I was just happy with this kiss.

“How do you feel?” she asked as she pulled away from my lips.

“I feel great.”

She took Bycasino giriş me by the hand and lead me to the bed, my butterflies were causing more stress than anything I’ve ever felt before and I didn’t know what to think of all this. She turned her head a let out a laugh, I thought she noticed my erection sticking out through my jeans and immediately began wondering about my abilities as a lover, especially to this girl who means so much to me. She sat me on the edge of the bed and closed the curtains of the room making it all but pitch black. She once again got up on my lap kissing me while grinding her body against mine. My hands wrapped around her trying to make sure that she didn’t fall off. She began pushing against my body laying my back onto the bed, and allowing her body to get a better position for the dry humping I was receiving.

“You ok with this?” she asked as she pulled away slowly.

“Yes, I mean it’s not like we’re laying down on the bed.”

She got up and removed her tennis shoes and then lifted up my feet and removed my boots, before shifting my body so that I was laying my head on one of her pillows. Maybe she misunderstood me, but things could be worse I imagined. She laid next to me on the bed and turned on the TV. I couldn’t believe she did that as I knew I still had blood pumping through my body wanting to go back to feeling her against me, feeling her lips to mine and taste her tongue in my mouth.

It was a half hour sitcom and during the commercial breaks we would do as teenagers do and make out, grinding our bodies against one another, but when the show came back on we would watch and laugh together. When the show was over, she turned the TV off and we made out.

Her legs would go up my sides as I thrust my bulging crotch up against her, keeping my lips locked to hers enough that she would suck my bottom lip into her mouth. This session of kissing was so exploratory I had soft kisses, deeper kisses, French kisses, I was sure I’ve had them all this one night.

I’d pull back to see her eyes shimmer in the dim light coming through the curtains.

“Tristian, I’d like to take my shirt off.” she said, my mind went swimming with thoughts on this but I just responded with….

“I’ll get up and you can take your shirt off.” I knew she’d still have a bra on so it wasn’t taking a huge step towards sex.

I got out from between her thighs and laid on my back, watching her silhouetted form remove the shirt up over her body. She straddled my legs again, and my hands traveled up her bare back and slowly over the strap of her bra.

“You can take your shirt off too.” She said.

I was no Greek god at this age and I had a very hairy torso so the thought of this worried me, I wanted her to still think that I was as good looking as she saw me in her mind’s eye. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not, you go to the gym.”

“I don’t have abs or anything like that.”

“I don’t care, I just want to feel you against me.”

That was all I needed to hear as I sat up and removed my t-shirt up over my head and threw it to the floor. I wrapped my arms around her and took her down with me as we kissed, feeling our stomachs pressed together and feeling her bra against my chest. I caressed her back the same way I did before as she began to thrust against my now fully aroused groin.

This went on for some time, and as much as I was enjoying it, I still looked at the clock. I wasn’t ready for sex yet, I didn’t bring protection as I thought we were just going as friends. But the more she kept grinding against me the less I cared about precautions such as this. I wanted a lifetime with her and thought that this was going fast but there was no one else I’d want to be sharing this with at the moment.

She laid close to me and rolled us over so that now I was on top. I continued to thrust against her as we kissed, but then I pulled away from her in order to get some clarification.

“I thought we were just going here as friends.”

“I thought so too, but finally seeing you and being with you made me feel like we could be more like boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“So it was more of the planning our future together that scared you?”

She nodded and we went back to kissing.

I pushed back from her and looked her in the eye, they seemed to still keep their sparkle even though the light in the room was dwindling.

“You don’t know how much I want to make this flesh to flesh.” she said.

“I’m nervous about that Natalie, I just want to enjoy things just the way they are.”

She seemed to understand and we went back to enjoying the taste of each other’s mouths for a bit longer. I let my hands explore her body, her neck, her sides, her face. Every time I touched her neck she would let out a small moan.

“You like that?”

“Yes, it feels good.”

“You know you have a pressure point in your neck, right here.” showing off my scouting knowledge I touched it with my finger, Bycasino güncel giriş she moaned.

“More.” she said

I showed the one on her wrist, elbow, and arm pit and each time she enjoyed the contact of my finger against her sensitive flesh.

“There are more in your legs, but I’m not sure I’m ready to touch you there now.”

“You know you can if you want to.”

I was sure I could, but I didn’t know what that would lead to and I really didn’t want to do it all in just this one night. We kissed more and caressed each other’s skin as much as we could. My hands wanted more than my brain wanted, I just had to wait for them to agree. We continued kissing as she caressed my back, her fingertips going a little pit past the waistline of my pants, but it just added to the great sensations of this session. I felt a change in her after a bit and I pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, it’s just that this is feeling constrictive.”

I knew what she meant and I cared enough for her that if her bra felt uncomfortable on her she should remove it, no matter how much closer to sex that was taking me. “Go ahead sweetheart.”

I got up off of her and she sat up in the bed and reached around her back, she unclasped her bra. I couldn’t see much now, but my eyes were adjusted to the dark that I could make out her small breasts in contrast to her flat stomach, but I just couldn’t wait to feel her lips to mine again.

She rolled over and once again placed me between her legs, holding her torso up by her strong arms. I felt as she lowered her self that she teased my chest with her nipples before lowering her self more so that I felt the fullness of her breasts against my chest. We continued to kiss passionately.

My right hand touched part of her hip that was outside her jeans, and I felt a change in her breathing.

“What was that?” I asked.

“You just hit a sweet spot I guess.”

I was pleased with my self as we continued to kiss and grind against one another. I knew I was right for her if I could find a sweet spot on her body with out really trying and it made me realize that this could be the trip that would change my life forever. I soon felt cum shoot out into my underwear, not sure what to do I removed myself from the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” she asked me.

“Nothing.” I replied fearing that if she knew I came that would gross her out or she would realize where we were in this beautiful experience.

Eventually the pizza guy showed up and put a stop to our play. She ran to the bathroom to get her shirt and bra back on as I put my shirt back on and headed to the door to pay the man for the food. When I turned around with the pizza in hand she was dressed and her hair brushed so that no one would know of what we were just doing.

All through dinner all I knew is that I wanted more. We drank water and ate pizza and watched a crappy horror flick that she watched the night before. I would kiss her neck when I could to hopefully keep up that spark that was between us just moments before, but it seemed as though my contact was unwanted, or she just might have been really into the movie and letting things calm down between our hormone charged bodies.

After dinner I got up to go wash my hands and when I came out she was there standing around the corner near the bed.

“Wanna start where we left off?” she asked.

“I would love to, but where we were is where I draw the line.”

She looked disappointed at what I had to say. But she still took my hand and we walked to the bed.

It all started just as before, only this time we were under the blankets. We had the lights off even though there was a part of me that wanted to see more of her this time instead of just the outlines. I loved the way she felt when she’d grind against me or I against her the way we’d explore each other’s mouths as we kissed, to me this was more intimate than sex with a stranger even though I just saw the girl today. We never brought up any of our online or phone discussions much, but I truly knew that this is the girl I wanted to be with in every way possible.

“How about this time you undress me and I undress you?” she requested after a while.

“Sure, I’d like that.”

We removed each other’s shirts and kissed, I couldn’t wait to remove her bra but I wanted to do it when the time was right again. Her back felt so smooth, but that bump of cotton that held her bra closed was an irritant to my wondering hands. Her thrusts against my erection pulsating inside my pants made me want her more, and with each passing moment I didn’t think that was possible.

“You want to undo my bra?” she asked. I couldn’t see her face but I imagined she said it with a smile not being able to wait to feel my hairy chest to her smooth rounded breasts.

I reached around behind her and tried to slacken the fabric enough to get the hooks from the eyes. I felt bad for not being able to get it and a disgruntled groan passed my lips.

“It’s ok,” she assured me, “as far as I know most guys can’t do it right the first few times.”

I got it on my second attempt, I could feel her glaring at me. “This is my first time, I swear.” I pleaded, I could feel her smile back as she peeled it off of her…

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