Girlfriend Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Edited by Rozezwild

Candice nudged Zeta drawing her attention to Lemmi as he entered the clothing store carrying a bouquet of flowers. “Girl, get out of here.” Candice gave Zeta a swat on the butt.

Zeta mouthed her thank you as she got her bags from behind the counter.

“I saw these flowers and I immediately thought about you.”

“Ahhh, thank you.” Zeta took the flower and gave Lemmi a soft kiss on the lips.

“Well, actually…I was thinking about you, so I went by and got the flowers.”

“They are still pretty.” She smiled and took his arm as they left the store. She felt butterflies in her stomach. “So, you like me, huh?”

“What makes you thing that?” Lemmi teased.

Zeta smelled the flowers and batted her eyelashes at him.

“How can I help it? You have the pretties hazel green eyes I have ever seen.” He put his arms around her waist and walked her to her car.

“Why don’t you follow me to my place, so I can change?” Zeta blew him a kiss and started pulling out of the parking spot.

Lemmi squealed the tires on his car trying to catch up with Zeta as she sped down the highway. They weaved in and out of traffic barely missing red lights. Lemmi felt his balls tightened as Zeta slipped between large trucks to exit on to the boulevard leading to her condo.

Zeta stood by her car in the parking lot as Lemmi lagged in behind her. “What took you so long?”

“I guess I’m not ready for the racing circuit.” He tried to kiss her, but she slipped away.

“I forgot to tell you that I have a room mate,” she said opening the door. “Krista, I’m home.” She called out.

“And where have you been all night,” Krista said sitting down on the sofa with a bowl of cold cereal.

Lemmi’s eyes nearly popped out of his head seeing the topless brunette. Zeta began laughing knowing that Krista had forgotten about her boobs.

“Lemmi, this is my roommate Krista,” Zeta chuckled wondering how long it would take Krista to realize her predicament.

Krista stood and reached to shake Lemmi’s hand when she saw his eyes focused on her big boobs. “Oh crap!” She covered her nipples with one arm and turned around. She wore only a pair of pajama bottoms. “Sorry, I’m still new at this.” She rushed to her bedroom.

“She’s a post-op,” Zeta chuckled lead going into the open kitchen. “We have Vodka and beer.”

“Vodka…post-op?” He sat at the breakfast bar.

“Sex change, honey,” Krista said coming back wearing a t-shirt over her implants.

“Really?” urfa escort Lemmi could not see any signs that Krista was born male. “Wow! You don’t look like a guy.”

“That’s the idea,” Krista twisted the top off a beer and leaned against the counter facing Lemmi.

“I’ll be a second.” Zeta gave Lemmi a kiss and a drink of Vodka.

“Did you ah?” Lemmi nodded toward Krista’s crotch.

“Get my balls cut off,” Krista joked seeing the grimace on Lemmi’s face.

Lemmi could help staring. “I don’t believe it. You don’t have an Adam’s apple.”

“I had an operation on my voice box too.” Krista got her high school year book and a few other pictures to show to Lemmi.

“Don’t you miss it?”

“Yeah,” Krista laughed. “Not being able to piss any where when I have to go.”

“Yeah,” Lemmi laughed.

“I’m still getting use to my female parts. I really like having tits.” He took them in his hand and massaged them. “I wanted them so bad, but I keep forgetting that I just can’t take my shirt off when I get hot.”

“Sitting with your legs close too, slut,” Zeta joked returning in a pair of tight knit shorts and sports bra.

Krista closed her legs sitting in front of Lemmi on the sofa. “I’m finding out that its more to being a girl than having a pair of tits.”

“Do you tell guys that you use to be a dude when they come up to you?” Lemmi asked.

“No, but if I did, It’ll probably get ugly. I haven’t been with a man before.”

“But, we’re working on it,” Zeta said and hugged Krista.

“Wow. I couldn’t imagine being a girl,” Lemmi said.

“I’m glad,” Zeta joked.

“Do yours look like a girl’s thing?” Lemmi asked.

“You want to play show and tell?” Zeta joked.

“It works, if that’s what you are asking,” Krista said. She could see that Lemmi was very curious. “Can I show him?”

Zeta shrugged her shoulders and sat next to Lemmi.

Krista stood and pulled down her pajama bottoms. “It’s just like any woman’s.”

“Some people are mean. If they would let people be who they are, we would have so many stupid wars.” Zeta went to refresh Lemmi’s drink.

Krista pulled up her pajama bottoms.

“I swear, if you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have guessed,” Lemmi said.

“I’ve been trying to tell her that she’s cute,” Zeta said.

Lemmi shrugged his shoulders in agreement. “Do you feel like you have to tell people?”

“I want to forget that I was ever balıkesir escort a boy. I feel more comfortable around people that don’t know that I had an operation. I want to make new friends who never heard of Christopher.”

“First, you have to act more like a girl and realize that guys get turned on by what they see.” Zeta put her hand on Lemmi’s hard-on.

Krista laughed. Lemmi’s face turned bright pink.

“I was just playing.” Zeta continued rubbing her hand over Lemmi’s hard-on.

“Hey, she looks like a girl to me.” Lemmi leaned back on the sofa feeling the warmth of the Vodka.

“You’re such a slut,” Krista joked.

Zeta flicked her tongue at Krista as she opened Lemmi’s pants. “Watch closely, you might learn something.”

Pre-cum oozed from the tip of Lemmi’s cock as he looked at how Krista looked at his cock in Zeta’s stroking hand.

“I’d play with myself all the time,” Lemmi said.

“She does,” Zeta smacked her lips as she popped Lemmi’s cock out of her mouth.

“I turn myself on,” Krista chuckled.

“You know, you might be bi,” Lemmi said.

“Oh, she’s definitely bi,” Zeta laughed. “She masturbates more than I do.”

“I guess I’m just confused. I like cock, but I love my girl parts too.” Krista took her tits in her hands and massaged them through her t-shirt.

“Shit, you look good enough to have both guys and girls.” Lemmi’s eyes widened as Krista lifted her shirt over her large implants.

Zeta saw envy in Lemmi’s expression. “You wanna share?” She waved Lemmi’s cock at her roommate.

Lemmi downed his drink and grabbed Zeta’s drink of Vodka. Krista knelt next to Zeta and took the entire length of Lemmi’s cock in her mouth, while Zeta held it. The heat of Krista’s mouth made his toes curl.

Lemmi couldn’t get the facts out of his head that Krista use to be a guy, but his eyes wouldn’t let him see it.

Zeta took off her sports bra and knelt on the sofa, allowing Lemmi to suck on her tits while his hand slipped in the back of her shorts. Krista held her hair, while she slid the entire length of Lemmi’s thick cock in and out of her mouth.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” Zeta asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Lemmi grunted thrusting his cock into Krista’s mouth. He slid two of his fingers into Zeta’s hot box and pulled her down to kiss him. “Would you go out with me?”

“Date you, like a girlfriend?” Zeta replied. She kissed him with even more passion. “Suck trabzon escort my boyfriend’s dick real good. You hear me, Krista?”

Krista saw the joy in her friend. She knew that Lemmi didn’t have a clue just how lucky he had become. She nodded her head at Zeta and went back down on Lemmi’s thrusting cock.

“So, you like me, huh?” Zeta teased.

“Yeah! I really like you.” Lemmi pulled her back firmly against his lips. “Sit on my face.”

Zeta giggled slipping out of her tight knit shorts. She stood over him on the sofa and lowered her juicy cunt down on Lemmi’s hungry mouth. “Get naked with me,” she said to Krista as she removed her sports bra.

Lemmi plunged two of his fingers in and out of Zeta’s wet cunt, while licking at her clit. He felt like he was holding his breath. Her pussy tasted as amazing and as incredible as she was. He pushed his pussy laced middle finger into her asshole.

“Oh baby!” Zeta humped Lemmi’s face with more vigor as his probing digit pushed her over the edge. She pressed her body against the wall, while her orgasm washed over her entire body.

Lemmi’s hand found Krista’s head and forced her down on his cock, so that he would catch his breath. He did not want to cum yet. He pushed Krista up from his cock as Zeta climbed down from the sofa.

“Get up on the couch, Krista. Let Lemmi see that your pussy is real.” Zeta stroked her boyfriend’s cock, while Krista leaned on one knee over the arm of the sofa with her ass up and spread.

“I still can’t believe that Krista use to be a guy,” Lemmi said.

“Does it really matter to you that she was a boy? She is a woman in every way except that she can’t have kids.” Zeta pulled up from the sofa by his arm. “Go ahead.” She took his cock and pulled it towards Krista’s up turned ass. “You’d be her first. Only a dildo has been in side of her.”

“You sure?” Lemmi guided his to Krista’s man made pussy.

“Krista is my girl.” Zeta spread Krista’s butt-cheek as Lemmi sunk his cock inside. “How does it feel?”

Krista looked back over her shoulders at them.

“Nice, and warm.” Lemmi moved his cock slowly in and out. “It doesn’t feel any different.”

Krista smiled at Zeta.

“Feels good.” Lemmi started moving his cock in at different angles. He found himself at the verge of cumming. He wanted Zeta, but Krista felt too good inside before. Krista’s thrust back on his driving cock encouraged him to increase his stroke. Krista felt every bit as good as any girl he had ever been with. The thought of him fucking a guy with such vigor excited him even more. His eyes rolled back in his head as he shot one thick stream of cum after another inside of Krista.

Zeta smiled and winked at Lemmi, and combed her fingers through Krista’s hair. Krista felt like she has finally completed her transformation.

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