Holy Shit Ch. 02

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When I left you in chapter one my cock was firmly planted inside of my 18 year old sister’s pussy where I had just pumped her full of cum. We were both frozen in place as our mom screamed at us from the doorway.

“HOLY SHIT! That’s NOT the kind of man I meant!”

I looked at her in surprise even as I felt a very warm pussy tighten precipitously around my huge cock at the sound of our mother’s voice. There was no way to deny anything. Besides the visual evidence before her, our mother had no doubt heard our orgasmic cries of pleasure along with Becky’s synopsis of the day’s events just before mom yelled at us. So figuring there was no way out I decided to stay put, hell I think I even gave Becky a slight push forcing my cock deeper into her.

Mom’s face had been coated with shock; rage; hell, even horror when we looked at her. Then we watched as it crumbled into a tear covered mess as she bawled powerfully. Quickly a look of near panic overtook her and she screamed “My god Ron, stop that right now! Get your…um….pull your…..oh my god….GET OFF OF BECKY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!”

She took several deep breaths as her hands tried to wipe away her tears. Becky pulled my face to hers and softly said, “Thanks Ron, you were great! I love you, bro!”

“BECKY!” our mom bellowed in bewilderment. “Holy shit what’s wrong with you?”

My sister squeezed my shaft again with her succulent pussy as she sensuously replied, “Nothing’s wrong with me, mom. In fact I’m on cloud nine right now!”

“Ron, do I have to pull you off of your sister? My god, she’s your SISTER! How could you do that to YOUR SISTER?!?!?!? This is just too much!”

By the time I began pulling my still hard cock from Becky’s warmth mom had already started moving towards us. My cock was about half way out of Becky’s cunt when mom stopped and stared as she softly said, “Oh………my god.” I looked towards her then realized her gaze was locked onto my pussy juice coated shaft where I pierced my sister. Figuring ‘what the hell’ I made a production out of it as I continued slowly exiting my sister’s pussy.

Finally my tip pulled free and my shaft bobbed upwards then bounced three times as I slowly moved further back, still giving mom a full profile view. “HOLY SHIT!” she stammered followed by, “OH MY GOD BECKY! HOLY SHIT!”

Momentarily mom went speechless so Becky filled the silence by taking my hand and telling me, “Love you bro, and thanks again!”

“BECKY, BE QUIET!” mom screeched even as her eyes followed my bobbing and swaying shaft as I slid off of the bed. I was less than three feet from her when her eyes suddenly lifted up to mine and she stammered out, “My god Ron, cover…..um….cover yourself!” It was then that she flipped her hand at me tossing my clothes that she had picked up from downstairs.

I fumbled getting a hold of them so I was still naked when I stopped right by her as I managed to juggle my clothes for several seconds before I finally ‘gained’ control of them. Even then I had to straighten them before I finally covered myself with my T-shirt draped over my hard spear.

“Go to your room now…AND STAY THERE!” mom said harshly.

I’m not sure why I was flaunting my nudity in front of our mother. Hell, I’ve always been very shy around the female species thus explaining my lack of experience prior to today. Any way I quite slowly walked out of my sister’s bedroom then strained to hear as much of the beginnings of mom’s lecture – I mean discussion with Becky. I was surprised that their voices stayed quite low as mom asked my sister how she could let me ‘do that’ to her. In fact, the loudest sound I heard was mom’s gasp in surprise when Becky said it was all her fault as she had attacked me. This was followed by another equally loud gasp when sis told her she was totally happy that we had fucked (her word) and would be ready for more whenever I wanted to!

By then I had gotten too far to hear anything else so I stepped into my room and pulled on my cutoff sweats. My ears kept straining to hear mom’s next explosion but it never came. Eventually I heard the door to my parents’ bedroom being closed and then an occasional sob from mom. My mind kept replaying the day’s events as I tried to get a grip on getting my first two blowjobs ever, then following that with my first ever attempt at pussy eating. Successfully I might add! The icing on the cake was Becky begging me to fuck her allowing us to give up our virginity to each other! God I smiled so hugely when I remembered her cries of pleasure as she came so wondrously under me.

This was a A-ticket day regardless of what happened whenever dad got home! Now that I think of it…where the hell IS my dad?!? He should have gotten home when mom did. So what happened to him? Hmmm.

My mind drifted when I heard the shower start across the hall. Damn, how did her talk with our mom go? Soon the shower went off and about two minutes later I heard the bathroom door open followed by Becky’s adana escort bedroom door being closed. A few minutes later my door gently opened and Becky poked her head around the door. “Hey Ron,” she whispered, “thanks for being the best guy ever to give up my cherry to! I’ll see you tonight when everyone is in bed! Love you the mostest!”

Then she eased my door closed and walked down the hall as she loudly called out, “Bye mom, I’m going over to Mandy’s house!” A few minutes later I got up to take a leak and while there I opted for a shower to wash away all the dried cum and pussy juice that still coated my shaft. The hot water felt great on my body and I was surprised when my cock started to awaken while I washed it. No way was I going to do one of my patented shower jerk-off sessions when my sister tells me she’ll see me in bed later! So I quickly finished cleaning my trouser snake and went on to the rest of my body.

I was just finishing drying off when I realized I had no clean cloths to wear, just the cum smeared cutoffs that I had been wearing. So I just wrapped my huge bath towel around my waist and stepped out of the bathroom where I was greeted by the sounds of more sobbing from mom’s bedroom. This sort of surprised me as she usually was more controlled emotionally.

Taking the bull by the horns I tapped on her door as I opened it and peeked around it at her bed where she lay sobbing. “Mom, can we talk? I hate knowing you are crying over what Becky and I did.”

“Sob. That’s……that’s not why I’m crying.”

“Yes it is mom. You don’t have to try to fool me. I know you were hurt to see us like that”

I watched as mom grabbed a couple tissues and used one to blow her nose then the other to wipe the tears from her eyes. After tossing them towards her waste basket she looked into my eyes and said, “Thank you son for caring, but really that’s not why I’m crying.” I gave her a puzzled look and she went on, “sit up here with me and I’ll try to explain.”

She propped up two pillows for each of us against the headboard and scooted up against her stack. Then she patted the bed by her left side and said, “Come on, I don’t bite.” I crawled onto her bed and tightened my towel around my waist making mom gasp “OH!” while I eased my ass onto the sheet beside her.

Her eyes were locked onto my towel when I got situated so I asked, “Should I get dressed?”

“NO! I mean no, you’re fine. I just hadn’t realized that was all you had on,” she said as her face turned crimson, one of the few times I had seen her blush. “I do love you son, and I want you to know that before we get too far into this talk.”

“I love you too mom.”

“Can I have a hug from my wonderful son?” We turned towards each other and I took her into my arms, each of us hugging the other rather tightly. Mom surprised me by giving me a quick kiss on my lips as the hug ended. I noticed that my towel was twisting a bit and my right thigh was half exposed where it parted. Mom’s eyes dropped down to my lap so I knew that she saw it as well.

“Okay mom, why do you say you weren’t crying because of what Becky and I were doing when you got home?”

Mom looked at me then all around the room for several moments before her eyes slowly scanned to the bed then up my body before reaching my face. “Yes son, I admit I was shocked by seeing the two of you doing….oh hell, why sugar coat it….by seeing the two of you fucking! But what really pissed me off as well as upsetting me greatly was hearing my daughter’s screams of joy as she came so wondrously!”

“Huh?! You don’t want Becky to enjoy….um….fucking?”

“Oh no! I’m glad for her. When we talked she told me how incredible you were for her; how special you made her feel by making certain that she enjoyed it. SHIT! I should be so lucky!” Mom’s eyes suddenly bulged and she gasped, “Holy shit…I didn’t mean to say that out loud!”

She went silent and I studied her face for a few moments before gathering enough courage to ask, “Are you saying that dad doesn’t do that for you?” She nodded her head and I inhaled forcefully before softly saying – as I tried to steady my self – “Just where is my dad any way? I thought you two were gone for the rest of the day and maybe longer.”

“Um, he got an emergency call due to several alarms going off down at the factory. Since he’s in charge he has to go. I heard on the radio that it’s pretty bad so he’ll be tied up for quite a while.”

She went mute for several moments so I simply asked, “And?”

Her eyes flicked to my towel and back up before she very softly said, “No.” I watched her lips tremble then she burst into tears so I turned towards her and pulled her into my arms trying to stop her tears. Minutes later she said, “I’m ok now, thank you son.” She was looking straight down as we unwrapped from each other and my towel parted even more as my soft cock peeked out from the opening.

“OH GOD!” mom gasped eskişehir escort at the sight of my limp dick poking its head out from under my towel. Then she turned her eyes to mine and hurriedly said, “My god son, I’m sorry about that outburst. It’s just that……..holy shit son, I’ve NEVER seen one as big as yours and you aren’t even hard.” I started to cover back up but mom placed her hand on mine as she very softly said, “No…..don’t. I think….um…I mean it’s sort of nice to see one like that.”

Well despite all that had happened to me and my cock thus far today, having my mother openly gawk at my cock sent instant messages to my limp prick and it quickly started changing that status. At about half its maximum hardness my cock head began lifting up thus parting the towel even more. “HOLY SHIT!” mom gasped as she watched in aw as my shaft continued to rise.

I watched her face as she stared with rapt attention at my growing shaft. She seemed covered with a mixture of shock, desire and fear. If this had been yesterday I never would have reacted like I did. But, holy shit this is NOT yesterday and today is a whole lot different! So the new me gently took my mom’s hand and placed it against my shaft as I said, “Go ahead mom. You can touch it. I want you to touch me.”

Mom’s eyes grew into huge saucers as she stared at her hand against my pillar. “Oh god son,” she groaned as her hand slowly moved until she was firmly gripping me at my base. I watched her face as she slowly pulled her hand all the way to my tip and then slowly shoved it back down to my base. Once there she gasped, “Holy shit son, it’s incredible! My god your cock feels even bigger than it looks!” Just then I flexed my shaft and she choked out a “HOLY SHIT!” even as she tightened her grip.

“Mom,” I said softly, “have you ever…….you know?”

“Do you mean…………with my mouth?” she barely managed to get out. When I nodded my head she just as softly went on, “Oh goodness no, your father says that’s dirty. I’ve never been with a man other than him and he is lots smaller than this. Lots smaller.”

She slowly stroked my cock’s full length once more before asking, “Would you mind if…..I mean, could I…..oh shit….”

As I moved my hand I said, “Mom, if you want to then I would love to have my cock be the first one you ever sucked.” As I finished saying that my hand gently gave her a push on the back of her head. Ever so slowly she began leaning over me getting closer and closer to my bulbous tip.

“Oh god son,” she said just before she reached it. Her eyes lifted back to mine with fear oozing from them. I smiled at her and gave just a tiny bit more of a push with my hand. Mom’s face turned down towards my cock in her hand and she gasped “Oh god,” just before she took my tip in between her lips and flicked it with her tongue. Seemingly liking how it felt to her sensitive tongue she tightened her lips around my shaft and sucked about three inches of my shaft into her mouth while her tongue slowly swirled around on it.

Her head moved back even as she continued sucking on me and my tip slipped from her mouth with a faint ‘Pop,’ sound. “Holy shit you are BIG! But I like it!” she said before her mouth engulfed me again. Jesus what a transformation as now she was attacking my cock with all the pent up lust of 39 years of not being able to suck a cock! Her tongue swirled around my cock head making me groan in pleasure.

“Oh god baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” she gasped instantly pulling off of me.

“Jesus mom, you didn’t hurt me! You were making my cock feel so damned good that I couldn’t have stopped that groan of pleasure if I had tried.”

“Really son? I was really making you feel good?” she asked looking deeply into my eyes. I nodded again as I mouthed out a two word response. She amazed me with her swiftness as her mouth suddenly mashed against me in a passionate kiss, her tongue reaching deeply for mine. Finally she moved back about five inches and looked right into my soul as she begged me, “If I do anything that hurts you I want you to tell me right away. I want to learn what makes you happy and gives you pleasure! Now back to work.”

With that she slid down my body so that she was no longer in a hunched over position but instead was stretched out along side of me, her face right at my crotch. “No teeth, mom,” I said just as she moved her mouth over my shaft. She acknowledged my comment then eased my shaft into her mouth until my tip bumped against her throat’s entrance. She began to gag and backed off just a bit. Satisfied with this depth she began methodically moving her face nearly off of me and then back down to that same depth as she loved my shaft…..and I do mean LOVED. Neither of the blowjobs I had gotten today had been anywhere’s close to as loving as mom’s was.

Since mom wasn’t close to taking my entire cock down her throat but instead getting just about half of me into her mouth she used her hands on the rest of my shaft as she sucked and jerked me off lustily. Several times she pulled fully off of me and asked if she was doing it right, finally I replied in a gasp, “Holy shit mom, if you keep that up for just a bit longer there will be no doubt!”

“Do you mean…”

“Oh god yes mom, I’m getting so close to cumming,” I told her as she slammed her face forwards nearly gagging at the depth. Damn was she one hungry MILF cock-sucker as she literally devoured my shaft’s first five inches.

Mom suddenly moved her body to between my legs as she continued blowing me. Then she pulled her face downwards towards my feet while keeping my shaft within her lips. This allowed her to look up into my eyes as her lips and tongue went wild. “Oh fuck!” I gasped as she sucked super hard onto me.

“Dlo ith,” she said around my shaft before working my shaft even more desperately. About twenty seconds later she said around two inches of cock still inside her mouth, “Dlo ith shon, clum fyor mu! Clum in mu mouff!”

Our eyes were locked together as she worked harder and harder for her first ever load of cum to be deposited in her mouth. Her face showed her love for me and then showed her joy when I gasped, “Oh fuck mom! Oh god I’m cumming! Oh holy shit mom it’s so good!”

My hips started fucking up into her mouth and twice I felt my tip enter her throat just a bit. Each time she backed off instantly but never stopped her efforts at getting more of my cum prize. She had me moaning and groaning for quite some time yet she never stopped working her lips and tongue on me even long after I was done cumming. “Oh god mom, no more! Please mom it’s too sensitive!” I begged her when she really sucked my tip and swirled fiercely around it with her tongue.

Mom had been staring at my cock sticking out of her mouth while she loved it gently, now she lifted her eyes to me again and gently let me slip from her lips. She leaned back in and kissed my tip sending a shudder through my body. “Did I really do a good job for you honey? I really wanted to make you feel good and I’ve never done that before.”

“Oh god mom, you were incredible! The proof was in the huge load of cum that you received. You didn’t mind that I shot off in your mouth did you?”

“Oh god no son!” and she kissed my cock head again, “I loved it when you rewarded me with all that wonderful tasty cum! God how I’ve wondered what that was like! My girl friends have told me how much they enjoyed doing that for their husbands but shit, I never expected it to be that good!”

I pulled her up to my face and kissed her softly yet deeply, our hands caressing the other’s cheeks. “My turn mom. It’s time for you to know the joys of being on the receiving end of oral sex.”

“Are you sure you want to do that to your old mother?”

“Oh hell mom, you aren’t old! You are a certified MILF if there ever was one!” Her eyebrows rose when I told her this but she didn’t fight me as I slowly undressed her. With each newly exposed area of skin that I saw I bathed that area with countless kisses making her moan loudly and causing her body to shake with excitement several times.

Finally my mother was naked as I was and I leaned back resting on my tucked under legs to take in her awesome beauty. “Jesus mom, my dad is a total ass if he never wanted to go down on you! You are SO beautiful!”

“Oh stop!”

“No mom, it’s the truth! Now just lie back and let me make you happy.” I kissed her lips softly and then kissed my way down her body, pausing at several sexy detours, until I was at her love box. The most surprising thing was that mom was completely shaved there and smooth as a baby’s behind. My lips gently kissed over her clit and mom jerked as a gasp slipped from her lips. I eased lower and kissed my way down her slit as she moaned some more.

Using both hands on her inner thighs I spread her legs further opening her fully to me. “I love you mom,” I said just before I slipped my tongue into her slit and plowed my way gently all the way to the top of her slit. “Holy shit mom, you are soaking wet down here.”

“Oh……..then you don’t have to do it if you….”

“Oh gosh no mom! I love it that I have you that turned on to be leaking your juices like this! Wild horses couldn’t drag me out of here!”

With that I shoved my pointed tongue deep into her fuck hole and fucked her with it for several moments as she squirmed before me. I slid my right elbow up to hold her thigh out wide and brought my right index finger to her pussy where I stroked her as I licked and nibbled on her gash. Again mom gasped as I slid my finger into her fully. My lips slipped up to her clit and I gently sucked and nibbled onto it as my finger began giving her harder and harder thrusts into her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my god!” mom cried out under my two pronged attack. My hand pivoted as I slipped my middle finger into her along with my index finger. “Oh yes, god that’s good,” she moaned as I slurped wantonly at her rock hard clit while my fingers pounded into her in search of her g-spot. “FUCK!” she cried out when I rubbed over it and I zeroed in on it with one thought, I WANTED to make my mother cum HARD!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32