The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Naturally Wild

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Here’s another piece of literature brought to you by the underwear manufacturers of the world, because I hope you ruin them while reading this hot, sexy thing. If it illegal in your jurisdiction to read erotic materials such as this, please don’t read this. I reserve all non-electronic and all commercial rights to this work. If you wish to read some of my other work, please visit my website, a link of which is in my profile. The name ‘Brett Lynn’ is a pen name, and I am not connected in any form with anyone with the above name. Now that the legalese is done, let’s get going.


Miss K shivered a bit as the air from the open windows of her SUV whipped across her, tickling her nipples through her red sports bra. Tracy sat there, looking out across the prairie for the day spa she managed to set up an appointment with as her loose t-shirt rippled in the breeze.

“Hey Trace!” Miss K said as the vehicle motored along.


“Did you notice something about the sneakers I’m wearing today?”

“They’re black!” Tracy said as she tugged up on her jeans. “So what?”

“So what?!” Miss K said as she shifted in her blue track pants and lifted her left foot up to the seat. “These here are Ewings, dammit!”

“So?” Tracy giggled. “Want me to get a polka-dot shirt and some door knocker earrings?”

“I see that the end of Big Pat’s career has warped your view of the greatest center to put on a Knick uniform!” Miss K beamed. “Back in the day, these were all that and then some. Besides, I was lucky to find another pair like these. I had to scramble through half the city, and it seems all the hands of dirty old men to get these again. Note to self: Never dress like a hooker when I go to a sneaker spot again.”

“OK, you fogey,” Tracy said as she pointed out a complex coming out on the left side of the road. “The place is coming up right there.”

“OK, OK. Let’s get in there so you stop talking about my Ewings,” Miss K said as she slowed down to turn into the parking lot. “I miss Patrick Ewing patrolling the middle,” Miss K wistfully said.

Miss K pulled the SUV into the gravel parking lot and found a space a bit far from the adobe ranch house that housed the day spa. Then, Tracy and Miss K got out the SUV and walked towards the building.

“I see the SUV is getting a bit dirty there from all the traveling,” Tracy said.

“Maybe we need to wash it,” Miss K said before nodding and breaking out into a wide grin.

“Oh come on!” Tracy giggled. “Is everything about sex with you?”

“Yes,” Miss K said as she opened the door. “Why are you gonna act shocked now?”

“Oh brother. That’s what I get for hanging with the one transsexual with more testosterone than most men,” Tracy said before shaking her head and breaking into a wide grin.

“You didn’t mind last night!” Miss K said in a lisp before both of them broke out in laughter, almost running into the reception desk in the process.

“Hi ladies! Welcome,” the greeter said as she began to flip through her book. “Do you have an appointment with us?”

“Yes,” Tracy said as she straightened up. “It’s under LaRue and, um…”

“Stanford,” Miss K chimed in. “Thanks for remembering my last name Trace,” Miss K said as she stuck her tongue out and smiled.

“We do have an appointment for you two,” the woman at the desk said. “Come, step behind the desk. We can get you ladies started.”

The two ladies were led by the woman to a room with shelves of bathrobes and towels. “Go ahead and get changed. All you need to have on are one of those robes, a towel around your hair and some panties if you feel more comfortable that way,” she said as she motioned to the shelves. “And MISS Stanford, I’ll remind you that we can accommodate your special needs in any way possible. I hope you enjoy your stay!”

“Gee thanks,” Miss K said, glaring at Tracy as she started taking off her clothes.

“Aww, relax,” Tracy said as she gave Miss K a hug. “I’m sorry. Then again, maybe the massage therapist will be attracted to that snake charmer between your legs,” she finished punctuating her remarks with a lick of Miss K’s ear and one of her nipples.

“Hey!” Miss K said as she playfully pushed Tracy away. “I know we have had lots of sex, but stuff like that only happens in Internet sex stories. It ain’t gonna happen to us.”

“Spoken from experience I see,” Tracy snickered.

Just then, a tanned man who filled out his white polo shirt with bulging muscles showed up in the doorway. “Hi, my name is Rico, and I’m here to take you tow ladies around,” he said in a slight but noticeable Spanish accent. “Come with me, and I shall lead you ladies to the sauna.”

“Oooo,” Tracy said with a smile as she pranced over to Rico and wrapped her arms around his hooked arm. “Why thank you, Rico!”

Miss K gritted out a smile as she noticed Rico checking out her cleavage, a bit jealous of the Latin standing in front of her.

“Relax, my dear,” Rico said as he gestured to Miss K. “You have nothing to fear from me, except Bahis Sitesi that chocolate complexion that makes you look so delicious,” she said with a giggle. “Besides, you have a lovely body.”

“Well, I guess you’re right,” Miss K said, dropping her guard a bit. “After all, I did pay a lot of money for it.” She then walked over and took Rico’s other arm.

“OK, let’s get started.”

Rico led the two ladies out into the hall and let them through the adobe walls, with one wall interrupted ceiling to floor with a window showing off a sun- drenched Spanish-style courtyard replete with a garden. Miss K was busy checking out the flowers, and Tracy was busy checking out Rico’s arm, when Rico stopped in front of a row of small saunas.

“First, ladies, we shall start with a few minutes in the sauna,” Rico said as he gestured over to them. “Choose which one you want.”

“You mean we don’t the same room?” Miss K said.

“Chill out, K,” Tracy said as she playfully punched her friend. “Besides, we’re here to relax, right?” she continued suggestively.

Rico walked up one of the saunas and gestured for Miss K to walk in. “You first, madam. You seem really tense.”

“OK,” Miss K said as she smiled at Rico, then took a seat in the small room. After Rico closed the door, Miss K closed her eyes and relaxed, feeling the steam envelop her body and plaster her auburn hair to her scalp. “Mmm, this feels nice,” she muttered to herself as she drifted off into a small nap.


After sweating a bit in the sauna, Tracy and Miss K began to get pampered at the hands of the staff of the day spa. The two ladies took a nice mud bath, followed up by a relaxing shower. After drying off, the two ladies were then led over to the skin care staff, where their skin was coated from head to toes with different lotions, leaving their skin with a glossy sheen. After that, a mask was applied to both of their faces while they were both given pedicures and manicures. Their nails were sanded down and painted to match their hair, with Tracy’s nails being gold and Miss K’s a deep burgundy.

Just as the attendants had finished pulling off the masks off of their faces and wiping away any residue, Rico showed up again.

“I see that you two ladies are enjoying the treatment of our staff,” Rico said as she checked both of them out. “You two look simply marvelous.”

“Why thank you Rico!” Miss K said, playing along as they removed the smock from her body. “Seriously, Tracy, I gotta hand it to you. This whole day has felt nice!”

“Why thank you Kayla!” Tracy said with a giggle. “I told you this would be fun.”

“OK, ladies,” Rico said as she helped Tracy and Miss K to their feet. “Let’s take you to the massage rooms. I assure you that it will be a relaxing experience.”

Rico led the two ladies into another adobe hallway, this one barely lit with scented candles. He stopped in front of a room, then let go of Miss K’s hand and gestured for her to enter.

“Just take off your robe and underwear, wrap the towel in there around you and lay down. Consuela should be with you shortly.”

Miss K waved off Tracy and Rico and stepped into the room. The walls were covered with tan-painted stucco, and lit by a set of scented candles in each corner. She spotted a row of pegs, then pulled off her robe and thong and placed one on each. Then, she saw the massage table in front of her with the towel laid across it. Not wanting the masseuse to notice her dick, she held her limp dick flat to her belly, then picked up the towel and wrapped it around her body. She then laid down on her stomach on the massage table, be careful to make sure her limbs didn’t hit the brass sink or the small table covered with what looked like massage oils. She took a deep breath and relaxed on the table when she heard footsteps approaching the door. When she looked up, she saw a woman with ink-black hair and weather-beaten brown skin wearing a flowing white dress.

“Hello, my name is Consuela, and I believe your name is Kayla, right?” she said in a measured, soothing voice as she gently caressed Miss K’s skin.

“Yes I am” was the throaty reply.

“Good,” Consuela said as she closed the door to the room, then made her way to the other side of the massage table.

The woman quickly rinsed off her hands in the sink, then reached under Miss K and pulled the towel out from under her. “I see that you’re a big girl up top, very fertile I suppose,” she said as she let her fingertips linger on her areolas.

“Why thank you,” Miss K sleepily replied.

Consuela folded the towel back over Miss K’s butt, then set to work with oiling up her hands. Then, she took Miss K’s left hand and started massaging it with her fingers, rubbing the palm with her thumbs and working her fingers in with Miss K’s as she looked at how big the hand was. Slowly, she worked her hand up Miss K’s arm, massaging it from her wrist and forearm up to her big, strong, toned bicep and triceps, making Miss K coo softly into the table.

“You have Bahis Siteleri such big, tight muscles, Kayla,” Consuela said in almost a motherly tone as she added more oil to her hands. “You’re such a strong girl.”

Consuela then brushed aside Miss K’s long, auburn hair, wrapped her hands around her neck and started kneaded the flesh up there, massaging those muscles until they felt loose in her hands. Then, she walked to the other side of the table and repeated what she with one arm on the other, slowly loosening up her arm until she felt it relax in between her fingers. She washed her hands clean and massaged Miss K’s scalp, making Miss K gasp and coo as she felt the tension leave her head.

“Such a tense girl,” Consuela said as she kept rubbing the scalp. “You need to learn to relax.”

Consuela worked her hands down over Miss K’s shoulders, then started kneading her back. She move painfully slow over each inc, making Miss K shake at the soft touch, feeling her hands creep to the sides of her breasts. As the masseuse worked her magic on her back, Miss K managed to relax deeply, letting those fingers loosen her up all around her spine and her skin awaken, with the slightest touch and breeze making her nipples press into the table. When the masseuse got down to her waist, she felt those fingers snake around the sides of her body, loosening up those abs she had worked so hard to tighten and making her press her body into Consuela’s strong, soft hands.

“That feels so incredible,” Miss K whispered.

“Thank you, señora. It’s my pleasure,” Consuela said as she worked her thumbs on Miss K’s back.

Miss K bit her lip as she felt the masseuse work on her lower back, those fingers hitting her nerves just right to make her dick twitch under her as she felt her back feel better than it had in years. The gentle tease didn’t end as Consuela added more oil to her hands, slid her hands underneath the sides of the towel and started working her fingers along the her hips, massaging the side of her ass and relaxing her just enough that she didn’t flinch from the inadvertent stimulation.

“Your muscles are so tight,” Consuela remarked. “Do you work out a lot?”


“You definitely need to have these muscles loosened up,” Consuela said as she pressed her fingers into the top of one thigh, kneading the flesh in between her gentle yet strong fingers.

Inch by agonizing inch, Miss K felt her hamstring, then calf loosen up under Consuela’s touch. Then, she felt her pick up one foot and start massaging it, rubbing along the arch of her foot with her thumbs and making Miss K gasp with a hint of arousal. After that, she worked her fingers in between her toes, relaxing them and playing her nerves like a skilled musician. After adding more oil to her hands, Consuela worked her magic on Miss K’s other leg, working from the tips of her toes to the top of her thigh. Finally, Consuela added just a bit more oil to her hands and folded the towel on Miss K’s butt down so that the top half of it was exposed.

Consuela then started kneading Miss K’s ass between her fingers, the tips of which were feathering along in the crack. Slowly, she worked her fingers down Miss K’s butt, sliding the under the towel to relax every single inch of that flesh. Very gently, Miss K felt the tip of Consuela’s thumb brush over her rear entry. However, with each kneading of her fingers, the thumb lingered more and more on Miss K’s asshole until it was obvious that she was rubbing it. She let her slick thumb loosen up the back passage until she slowly and smoothly slid it inside of her customer, then slowly rotated it around inside of her until it hit a bump and felt Miss K tighten up and gasp in shock.

The masseuse pulled her thumb out of Miss K’s butt and pulled the towel from Miss K, leaving her completely naked on the table. “So what the receptionist said was true,” she said in a gentle voice as she looked between Miss K’s legs, seeing her scrotum pinned underneath her.

As Miss K began to get up and explain, Consuela quieted her with a finger to her lips, then brushed her fingertips up and down her spine to calm her down. “It’s OK, mamacita,” Consuela said in a soothing voice as she continued to caress Miss K’s back. “I understand. You are a beautiful woman. After all, you made yourself so, and the artist who carved your body did a wonderful job. Do you mind if I see the rest so I can finish your massage?”

“Uh-uh,” Miss K said as she rolled over and laid on her back on the massage table, letting her strong and curvaceous body be cast in the golden light of the room.

Consuela walked over to the small sink to rinse off her hands, then added some new oils to her hand and started rubbing Miss K’s neck. “Relax, she calmly commanded before planting a kiss on Miss K’s forehead. “All will be well.”

Consuela worked her hands over Miss K’s neck and shoulders before working her hands down along Miss K’s collar bone. Slowly, she crept her hands down onto the top of Miss K’s breasts and started working Canlı Bahis Sitesi her hands around them, the side of her hands barely touching the areolas as she massaged the side of Miss K’s chest. Eventually, Consuela’s hands crept up Miss K’s chocolate pillows, her thumbs gradually teasing her customer’s nipples to the point of maximum hardness as Miss K arched her chest into Consuela’s hands.

“Relax, dear,” Consuela said as she pressed her hands into Miss K’s chest, her fingers twitching and toying over those nipples. “Just let the feeling take over and you will feel so much better.”

Consuela used her strong hands to knead Miss K’s chest, trying to loosen up the chest muscles that lay beneath as her fingers raked over Miss K’s nipples and her slick thumbs across the areolas. Slowly, she drew her hands to massage the underside of those very same tits as she let her hand skim over them as she massaged the muscle before sliding her hands down to massage her stomach. Slowly, she worked those slick velvet-covered hands of hers down Miss K’s stomach, loosening up those muscles as best as she worked her way down just before her wrists brushed up again Miss K’s semi-hard dick.

Consuela purred as she petted Miss K’s dick with her fingers. “You have a rather big muscle down there for a girl such as yourself,” Consuela coyly said. “Don’t you worry. I have a technique that I use on my male customers that will surely work for you.”

Miss K closed her eyes as she felt Consuela’s hand slide under her dick, accidentally getting the tip of her dick stimulated by Consuela’s knuckles as she massaged her lower abdomen. As more of her muscles loosened up, she felt Consuela’s forearm brush against her tip as her hands slid past her groin and started massaging the front of one leg. As her hands crept to her knee, she felt Consuela’s braless breasts press on her dick through her dress, rubbing her tip as she felt her hands on her leg. She then felt her other leg get the attention the first one dick, her dick now fully hard and aching for attention as she felt her other leg loosen up under Consuela’s touch.

She then felt some oil being poured onto her dick, making a line from just under her tip down over her shaft to her balls. Consuela took her sac into her hands and started rubbing it, the cool oil being spread over them with her touch. “Don’t you worry,” she calmly said. “We shall make sure that you leave here completely relaxed.”

With that, Consuela wrapped her hands around the base of Miss K’s cock and slowly pulled up, twisting her hands around that shaft to get it slick. As she reached the tip, she squeezed her hands around the tip and pulled back down, flicking her fingers on the ridge on top of her cock. Slowly, she caressed the dick within her slick hands, pulling and rubbing the smooth skin of the shaft back and forth as she twisted her hands around it. Then, she started shortening her strokes little by little from the tip, concentrating more and more on Miss K’s swollen tip until her fingers were simply rubbing along the tip, making Miss K buck up her hips and moan in response. Her fingers were flicking the ridge while one thumb dug into the gap on the underside and the other made Miss K howl by scratching the nerve endings on the tip while rubbing it. She had one hand gently brushing the underside of Miss K’s dick while the one twisted around the tip as Miss K cooed wordlessly in response.

“Don’t you worry,” Consuela said as she switched hands on Miss K’s dick while she let the fingers of her other hand brush her nipples. “It’s OK. Just let it go.”

Miss K twitched under the masseuse’s touch as she felt every nerve in her body fire off with the slightest provocation. The touch on her tip was almost blinding, overwhelming the rest of her senses as laid there as serenely as possible. She felt her hands jack on the top half of her dick, the nails scratching the itch in her tip to perfection. Then she felt one hand drift down her shaft, stroking lower and lower until she felt it cup her balls. She felt them rolled around in one hand as she felt her tip almost burning from the stimulation, her groin tightening up as she approached the point of no return. She felt each of her balls being squeezed firmly before she felt a finger slide into her ass and rub her prostate just as it felt as if a feather was tickling her tip all over, leaving her a writhing, panting, sweating mess on the table.

“Come for me, mamasita,” Miss K vaguely heard before she felt a breath blow on her tip and blow her lights out.

For a minute, everything went black and quiet for Miss K, her body tightened like a coil. Slowly, she came back to consciousness, her body writhing out of control as she felt a bliss was over her. As she came back some more, she felt Consuela’s warm hands gently caress her sensitive shaft, her cum cooling off in a pool in and around her navel.. She finally felt the last bit of cum squirt out of her tip before the rest ooze out of her, quickly rubbed off by the masseuse’s hands. She then felt her take a towel and wipe off the cum from her stomach and genitalia, rubbing whatever remained into Miss K’s skin. Finally, Consuela brushed a hand from the base of her softening dick up her body to her face, where she finished by caressing her face and giving her a light kiss on the lips.

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