The Good Old Boy Ch. 05

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Not one person had mentioned my 30th birthday. Not Rachel, not Andy or the kids, not Louis, not even my mom. Not a word about a party or presents or anything. Granted, I’d been whining and making a big deal out of turning 30, threatening them with violence if anyone dared get me black balloons or even mention the words “over the hill”; in fact I said I didn’t want to celebrate at all. But what we say and what we mean are not always the same. I didn’t need the banks to shut down, but at least they could’ve said something about it.

Anyway, I had to work that night. It was a Saturday and I’d be working the whole bar alone until 2 am, as usual. I usually had a few beers during my shift, lots of customers bought me drinks; but I couldn’t get drunk, not with so much to stay on top of, so instead before work I had a few hits from my stash that Louis gave me free of charge. One of the perks of sleeping with someone who grew his own. It made me more mellow and a little giggly, more tolerant of the usual crowd of idiots.

Still, even a little high, I was pissed off when I drove down to the Goose, brooding about why everyone had decided to ignore my birthday. Shit, they didn’t really believe me when I asked them not to make a fuss, did they? Birthdays are the one day of the year when it’s all about you. Surely my friends and family knew me well enough to know that since one day was all I got, I sure as hell wanted to milk it for all it was worth.

The new sign the Lakes had just gotten, one of the big yellow ones you can put letters on, was blinking and flashing. As I got close enough, it occurred to me to read the newest message, and it said in big black letters, Happy 30th Birthday Sean. The parking lot already was full of cars and it was only 6 pm; when I walked through the door, bewildered, there was a big shout of “Surprise!”

The bar was decorated with balloons and streamers and a Happy Birthday banner; the tables were pushed together and there was a cake and a buffet and even some wrapped presents. Everyone was there. The Lakes. All the regulars, including Nick and all his friends I’d gone to school with since kindergarten. My mom, Andrew and the kids, his friends and their kids, Rachel and Tom, and Louis, all grinning at me as I blinked, speechless, but laughing. I got a kick out of seeing how Rachel squirmed with Tom and her ex-boyfriend Ryan in the same room after what had happened a few weeks ago.

“Are you surprised, Uncle Sean?” my niece Kayley jumped up and down, throwing herself at me. I lifted her up in my arms and hugged her. She was very proud to have kept the secret so well.

“Yeah, baby. Stunned.”

“You really thought we weren’t going to do anything, didn’t you?” My mom hugged me. Carla Lake was tending bar while I opened my presents and had a piece of the cake my mom made, my favorite, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It was a really great party and I was so surprised and touched that they’d cared enough to plan out such an elaborate scheme. No one had given me a birthday party in years, not since my first year of college, when I turned 19 and my friends in the dorm surprised me. There were so many people there I barely had a second to talk to Louis out of anyone else’s earshot.

“I’ll give you your present later,” he whispered, giving me that bone-melting grin of his, the one that turned me all to jelly and made my dick give a jump in my pants.

Eventually the party wound down, all the kids had to leave, and my mom took the remaining food and cake back to Andy’s; the Lakes left too, leaving me to handle the bar full of rowdy drunks. Louis stayed, shooting the shit with old schoolmates at the end of the bar, even though they weren’t friends back then. None of that really mattered these days, though. Out of the edge of my awareness, at one point I noticed him go to the jukebox, and the song that he played was “Lola” by the Kinks. I felt my whole body flood with warmth. That was the song that was playing the very first time we kissed, in the front seat of my brother’s old Mustang he inherited from our dad. I glanced up and our eyes met, and over all the heads, we shared a smile.

What a romantic.

The night was pretty wild. I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally locked the door behind the last customer to leave. Louis was sitting at the bar finishing his beer while I did the close-out, waiting for me, even though he hadn’t mentioned any plans. I assumed we were going back to my place and I was getting worked up just thinking about it, wondering what my present could be.

“We better go.”

“Okay.” Louis nodded and went toward the door, but I caught him before he got there and grabbed him, pushing him back against the pool table so he was sitting on the edge, his inner thighs resting along the outside of mine . My hands went around his back and I gently tugged his hair free of the ponytail, burying my hands in its silky warmth while our tongues met and played. I let out a little groan when he pulled me against him and slowly ground my hips into his. Breaking away, I grinned through the haze of desire bursa otele gelen eskort growing between us.

“Oh, I like this.”

I knew we had to get out of here before the sherriff’s deputy made the nightly rounds, checking to make sure the bars were closed on time. I knew this wasn’t the time or place for it; but Louis was so fucking irresistible to me, I couldn’t stop. Throwing my knee up on the edge of the pool table, I pressed him back until he was lying flat against the green felt, with the Budweiser table lamp spotlighting his face, his hair fanning out and pooling around his shoulders. He smiled up at me and my breath caught in my throat. Our eyes held. God, I loved him so much. He was amazing. I shifted my weight to my good arm, hand braced behind his head, and our mouths locked while his hand slid up over my ass and squeezed my cheek.

“I fucking knew it.”

My knees went weak as the shock whipped through me. My heart pounded with surprise. Quickly Louis and I scrambled up and I faced who was standing behind me– thank God. It was Nick; his arms were crossed and he was standing there in his good old boy cowboy boots, scowling at us with his face as dark as a thundercloud.

“I knew you two were fucking,” Nick repeated with angry triumph. “I could just tell.”

The startled thumping of my heart had receded, and while Louis looked between us with amused curiosity, I suddenly smiled. Reaching out, I grabbed Nick and put my arm around his neck, pulling him in close; and with my other arm hooked over Louis’ shoulder, I leaned over and kissed Nick’s sweet, pouty lips, sliding my tongue into his mouth. He didn’t respond, but he didn’t stop me. I could feel Louis’ erection kicking against my leg so I knew he was okay with this. More than okay. When I drew back my eyes met Louis’ and a look passed between us, a question and an answer, before I met his open mouth with my tongue, sharing the taste of Nick’s saliva with him.

“So Nick,” I said softly when I pulled away from Louis, the three of us very close, with me the link in the chain. His green eyes were searing between Louis’ and my faces, instinctively catching our drift, the way an animal senses meaning from the tone of its master’s voice. “Maybe Louis and I could come over to your place and have a few drinks, maybe a little smoke?”

“Sure,” Nick said in his oddly toneless voice. “If you can give me a ride.”

“I need to lock up still.”

Louis stood up from the edge of the pool table and pulled his keys out of his jacket pocket. “I’ll give you a ride Nick, Sean can meet us over there. You’ll have to show me where you live.” He looked at me for approval and I nodded.

“See you there in a few minutes.”

It was my birthday, but this gift was for Louis. I wanted to rock his world like nothing he’d ever known before. The exhibitionist thing didn’t give me the same charge it did him, but I’d been looking out for the opportunity to set it up for him ever since he’d told me about it. And Nick– he liked to watch. He’d told me so the first night we got together after drinking at the Goose. He was the perfect third party in this little game. Drunk, horny, a little kinky, up for anything, with no pesky hangups to get in the way.

The Jeep was in front of Nick’s trailer when I pulled up. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked in, with no real idea of what to expect from here on out. Uncharted territory. They were sitting at opposite ends of the couch, passing a joint. While Louis got me a beer out of the fridge, Nick handed me the fatty and I dropped down in the middle as I inhaled it into my lungs, holding my breath.

“Damn, that’s good,” I breathed out, coughing a little. Louis and I smiled at each other while Nick kind of sat quietly, observing us. I wondered what they’d been talking about before I got there. “Well,” I announced glumly as I slumped back against the green velour couch between them, “I’m not twenty anymore.”

“No, you’re better.” Louis reached out and ran his hand through my blonde hair, picturing it the way it used to be. “I always hated it black. Glad you’re back to natural.”

“Yeah, baby. All natural.” I wiggled lower so my jeans came off my hips and showed the blonde hair on my stomach, disappearing into the waist of my boxers just barely visible. I was wearing my brother’s jeans; he outweighed me by about 10 pounds and so the jeans sat low on my hips, faded and comfortable, sexy. Louis’ finger lazily ran across the exposed skin, into my belly button, and I shivered as his fingers raked gently through the hair right where it spread out into my groin.

Having Nick sitting there was almost like undressing in front of the family pet. His eyes moved back and forth between us, but he didn’t say anything unless we spoke to him directly. Louis and I almost forgot he was there. He had turned the TV to his favorite satellite station, the softcore porn channel. I watched Louis’ face for a reaction when the obligatory scantily clad blonde with big tits came on the screen; he bursa eve gelen escort bayan didn’t show any interest until a cute blonde delivery guy knocked at her door in brown shorts.

“Shit!” Louis’ face lit up. “He looks just like you.”

“He really does,” Nick echoed with his eyes glued to the screen.

With some interest the three of us watched the TV. This was cable, so there was no penetration shown; it was mainly back views, ass cheeks, and lots of tit shots. Just enough to whet your appetite for the real stuff.

“I want to see some dick,” I complained, shifting around on the couch cushion. Louis’ hand was resting on my thigh and he gave it a little squeeze, smiling when he noticed the bulge in my crotch becoming more obvious.

“We might be able to arrange that.”

Every time I finished a beer he’d gotten up immediately and brought me another one. I was pretty drunk on top of being really, really stoned. What was going to happen was inevitable and I wanted to enjoy it as much as Louis. But at the moment, I had business to take care of. I lurched a little unsteadily as I got to my feet.

“I need to pee.”

All the sudden I felt Louis’ hand close around my arm. “Do you now,” he said in a low, husky voice that shot up my back and made my nipples hard. “How bad?”

“Really bad.”

Louis knew me. He knew I routinely waited to go to the bathroom until the very last minute, holding it until it hurt. Part of this was laziness; but he knew I really did it because that slight pain and pressure turned me on. So when he took this moment to make his move, he knew exactly what point I was at; he knew that I couldn’t wait much longer.

His hand loosened and I headed down the hallway to Nick’s bathroom, but before I got the door closed, all the sudden Nick and Louis were there with me. I didn’t know what was happening. Before I could figure it out Louis was behind me and his arms wrapped around me so that he was holding my arms up against my chest, not hard, but tight enough that I couldn’t immediately break away. I could have gotten free if I’d tried, but I was so confused it didn’t occur to me to even struggle. Especially not when I felt his rock-hard cock pressing into me from behind.

“What are you doing?” I whimpered, very childlike– helpless against my instant, pounding erection. In the background Nick waited curiously, watching.

“You want this,” Louis said softly in my ear. “You need it. But I know you can’t let yourself do it; you’ve got too much shame built up. So I’m just going to have to make you.”

“Oh God.” My heart started to thump in my chest with a wild mixture of panic and excitement. “I can’t, Louis. No way.”

“Yes you can. You have to, because I’m not letting you go until you do.”

I couldn’t breathe and it had nothing to do with his arms around my chest. I let out a moan. I knew Nick was there but I didn’t care anymore. “Jesus,” I panted. “Louis, there’s just no way I can do it. You just don’t know…” Closing my eyes, I admitted everything: “I used to wet my bed, Louis. Like a lot longer than most kids, until about the sixth grade…”

“I know,” he said calmly.

“What?” I gasped. My knees buckled and he held me up.

“I’ve always known. Don’t you remember how often I spent the night at your house? You were a kid. It’s time to get over that now. “

I couldn’t believe how nonchalant he was about what amounted to my deepest, most horrifying secret. Of all the things I kept secret this was the one I had absolutely never told a living soul. In about a minute I was going to start crying; I had to piss so bad I thought I was going to explode, and yet my dick was hard, harder than it had ever been in my whole life.

“Oh, fuck,” I choked, almost sobbing with a strange mixture of pain, need and secret, shamed excitement. “Louis, please…”

“Please what?” His voice was soothing in my ear. “It’s okay, baby.”

“My shoes,” I whispered, closing my eyes. I was powerless to stop this, and in the deepest part of my psyche I loved it. Not powerless because of Louis holding my arms, but because of myself. I was on a runaway locomotive here. He was right. I needed this more than I’d ever needed anything. “They cost a lot of money.”

“Nick, take his shoes off.”

They’d planned this. That much was obvious even in my current state. Nick came around to my front and sat down on the edge of the tub, pulling off my Birkenstock suede ankle boots; and then he lifted his hand and gently ran it over the hard ridge in my jeans. Oh yes. They had this all figured out before I even got here. Fucking Louis Welch. Three weeks ago he’d never even touched a man, but not for one second was he innocent. From that first electric touch, despite his inexperience he led and I followed. I used to think he was just a shiftless hippie, but I knew now that his long hair and laid-back attitude hid a resolve as vast and deep as an ocean. Animals felt it. People felt it. He was a force to be reckoned with. Instead of the mellow dope head I thought I knew all these years, I had discovered the truth about Louis that even he didn’t realize himself. He was a sexual powerhouse. He made my world tremble.

“Come on,” Louis breathed in my ear. “Let it go, Sean. You don’t have any choice anymore, do you. You know you need it. It’s okay, just let it go, it’ll feel so good…”

“Fuck,” I whispered, whimpering like a baby. I never really decided to do it; it just happened. One minute I was standing there hurting like I was going explode and then it was just happening, Jesus Christ I was pissing all over myself, the warm wetness was pouring out of my hard aching dick, blooming and spreading in a dark stain on the pale denim of my brother’s jeans, flooding down my leg to pool in a wet, shameful puddle on the drab tile of Nick’s bathroom floor. Oh shit, oh fuck it felt so fucking good, so good and so bad all at the same time, I was almost crying, the heat of the piss, the smell, the relief and the intense excitement and the shame of peeing my pants. Dimly I was aware of the other two; Louis stood there holding me, whispering in my ear words I didn’t hear, and Nick sat on the edge of the bathtub watching the whole thing with a faintly surprised look on his face. But really, they were hardly even a part of this. It was all about me facing my dark side, struggling with my inhibitions. What I could never let myself do, no matter how bad I wanted to, I was doing. Oh God, oh God. It was done.

A strange sound came out of my throat, a little whimpering moan, and I was panting like a dog. My heart thumped in my ears. If Louis hadn’t been holding me up I would’ve fallen down. I was beyond arousal; I was at the edge of orgasm. When I tugged my arm to free it, Louis let it go, but he caught it again when I reached down to give myself the little push I needed to go all the way.

“Oh no, not this time, baby.”

He held on to me for a few moments until I’d calmed down enough to straighten up, look over my shoulder at him, and laugh slightly. The smell of piss, while not strong, was apparent. Then he let me go and reached around my waist to unbutton the wet jeans. Nick peeled them off me and threw them into the tub along with my soaked underwear and socks.

“Was that my birthday present?”

“One of them,” Louis answered with a lazy grin. “Nick, do you have a towel.”

Nick sat down on the toilet seat and watched Louis and me as Louis cleaned me up with the damp towel, peeling my shirt off; he was still dressed but it didn’t take long for me to fix that. Like I said, I almost forgot Nick was there; but Louis was very aware of him. He kept opening his eyes, glancing out of the corner of them with a very intent look on his face. I wondered if he wanted to sample Nick himself. I was so far gone with lust, as well as being drunk and very stoned, that I didn’t have a crystal clear grasp of what was happening. Before I knew it we were all in Nick’s bedroom and Louis and I rolled into his king-sized bed, groping and tasting each other greedily. Opening my eyes, I looked past Louis’ shoulder as Nick flipped on the light and saw him sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning close to us.

I reached out and ran my hand down his chest, catching on the hem of his shirt. “Hey Nick,” I said hoarsely. “Wanna take this off?”

He didn’t say a word, but his eyes burned into mine as he stripped off his clothes. I had no idea if his joining in was part of Louis’ agenda; I glanced at him, but he was staring at Nick. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little threatened. Nick had a gorgeous, whipcord body with defined six-pack abs and not an ounce of fat, all graced by an absolutely beautiful penis that stood straight up against his lower belly and demanded acknowledgement. I was the only man Louis had ever been with; as much as I wanted to keep it that way, I couldn’t deny him the experience that was before him now. I’d done a couple of threesomes before. I knew how to share.

“Is this okay?” I whispered to Louis.

He shot me that quick grin of his. “I dunno, is it?”

Nick was pausing on his knees above us like he wasn’t sure what to do. I pulled him down and kissed him while Louis watched intently. They skirted each other at first. Usually one person is the focus of a three-way, and since it was my birthday I got to be the meat in the sandwich, so to speak. Also, they weren’t sure of each other but they were both familiar with me, and so I was on my side with one of them facing me and the other behind me, touching me all over, hands and hot mouths, hard flesh and sweat-slick skin everywhere. Oh God. I twisted in their teasing, tortured with pleasure.

Louis got to his knees and reached over me to run his hand over Nick’s hot body.

That’s when something weird happened to me: my gut filled with a horrible churning. One of the things I liked most about myself was that I was never, ever jealous. Jealousy made me sick. I hadn’t felt this way… in so long I could barely remember. Wait, that was a lie, I remembered it clearly, the gnawing feeling I got when Bryan Mitchell talked to anyone but me. I’d killed that part of myself. But it wasn’t because I wasn’t a jealous person; it was just, until now, I didn’t care enough about anyone to ever be jealous. I made sure of it. Well, dammit, I didn’t want to share. I didn’t like seeing them together, I didn’t like it one bit.

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