Flight to Submission

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This is a new story for me. The first few pages are scene setters so please bear with it. For those of you who read Island Discipline, this is a spin-off, involving David once again, but this time the story is about a willing submissive & her training. I hope you all enjoy!

Copyright of all my stories is owned by me.


It was late & David was relaxing in First Class with his eyes closed. The Managing Partner of Malinson & Partners had called him with an urgent request. There had been trouble in the London office and he had asked David if he would go over and sort out the situation. It had needed all of David’s tact & diplomacy to resolve the issues that had arisen and one month later he was finally on his way back to Miami. He reran the events of the last few weeks in his mind.

It had been a volatile situation that he had walked into. There was an air of resentment & underlying fear that had been evident in most of the attitudes of the female staff, from clerical right the way through to junior partners. It had not taken him long to find out that the partner in charge of the London office, a man of senior years, had lost control of the office management, preferring instead to spend his time out on the golf links or in his London club. This had allowed a particularly aggressive partner, George Whiting, to assume the reins and surround himself with like-minded men. There were no female senior partners in evidence and David quickly discovered that the two that had been there had left a couple of months ago for different firms.

Using all of his considerable magnetism and employing delicate tact, David finally discovered what had been going on. The senior partner now in control was a bully but worse than that, he was sexually harassing the female staff. He had threatened to fire any woman who refused to grant him sexual favours and had managed to get away with this by ensuring that his coterie of supporters banded together to deny any allegations that were brought. Things had been going on in this manner for several months and the atmosphere was now explosive.

Once David had all the evidence to hand, he had made a few phone calls. Within a week he had photographic evidence of the man’s abuses, along with compromising pictures of several members of his coterie. He had called the managing partner in Miami, explained the situation and advised him of what he intended to do. Faced with overwhelming evidence, the managing partner had agreed that he would fully support David’s actions.

The next day David had walked into Whiting’s office, closed the door behind him and dropped an array of photographs onto the desk. As the colour drained from the man’s face, David informed him that he was no longer welcome at the company. The man tried to bluster that the photographs were fake but was stopped by David’s withering glance.

“You have five minutes to vacate this office,” David had said coldly.

Whiting shakily rose from behind his desk and walked towards the door.

“You’ll regret this!” he hissed.

David merely looked at him coolly and opened the door to the office. Outside, two uniformed police officers were waiting. Whiting halted in shock, unable to comprehend how completely his world was crashing down around him.

“The Bar Association has been informed of your behaviour and will be fully investigating all charges brought against you,” David informed him.

Whiting was led away by the police officers, through a corridor formed of all the female staff members who had been subjected to his abuse. His progress was accompanied by slow, derisive clapping.

David stood at the doorway to the Whiting’s office. “I want to see the following people in my office in 5 minutes,” he ordered. “Tony Conway, Philip Tomey, Lionel Marchant, Brian Delaney, Nigel Hampton.”

Murmurs arose among the female staff. The names mentioned were those of Whiting’s cronies & there was a sense of anticipation in the air. David turned & walked into Whiting’s office, seating himself behind the desk & calmly awaiting the arrival of those men he had called.

They arrived en masse, as if they felt by presenting a united front, they stood a better chance of survival. They did not know David well enough to know that this petty display of solidarity had no effect upon him whatsoever! He handed each of them a sealed envelope & instructed them to open it. Their faces drained of colour as each one revealed compromising photographs of themselves.

“Gentlemen, the behaviour you have both supported and displayed is not tolerated at Malinson & Partners,” David informed them. “With George Whiting I had no choice but to have him arrested and his abuses investigated, but to spare the firm further embarrassment, I expect to receive your resignations on my desk by the end of this morning. Furthermore,” he interrupted as a murmur arose from among them, “You will each have your final month’s salary plus bonus deducted. This money will be placed in a fund ankarakazan.com to undo some of the damage that you have all caused!”

The murmuring grew to a muttering.

“That will be all!” David barked. “Now get out of my sight and hand your resignation letter to the office manager on your way out.” He paused, “or do I have to call security to escort you from the premises?”

That last question did the trick. Heads hanging, the five men filed out of his office, each to make their own arrangements for leaving.

David picked up the phone and dialled a number. “It’s done,” David said when the managing partner in Miami picked up. “The ball’s in your court now,” David told him.

“Very well,” said Mr Malinson. “I’ll call Edward and suggest that it is time he takes retirement. Who do you suggest should take his place?”

David thought for a moment, wishing briefly that Kristy was still at the firm. Although now happily in a submissive relationship with Sue, she had lost none of her drive & efficiency and would have been a perfect candidate to get the office back on its feet. Thinking of her, however, sparked an idea.

“I don’t think we should appoint anyone internally,” David counselled, “the situation here is still too volatile! However, I happen to know that Amanda McInnes is looking to move to London. She has climbed as far as she can within the Miami office & if we don’t want to lose her, this may be the perfect solution. She’s strong & efficient but also has a great deal of tact. She is also one of those rare creatures who get along equally as well with men and women!”

There was a pause at the other end of the line as Malinson considered David’s suggestion.

“Well… I’m inclined to agree with you David,” he said, “but with one condition. I would like to keep you in a supervisory capacity for the first six months. If you are agreeable, I should like you to divide your time between London & Miami,” he paused, “I understand that this may place quite a burden on you, but I would feel more confident knowing that I can rely on you to pick up on any problems that might arise!”

David took his time considering what Malinson had asked of him. In a way, he was grateful that the situation with Kristy had worked out so well. It had taken far less time than he had originally anticipated for her to accept that her place was truly as a submissive and he was glad that she was now happy in a stable relationship with Sue as her Mistress. This had, however, left him at something of a loose end as he had cleared his diary of all other possible commitments in order to concentrate on the training of Kristy. Now he realised that the extra time this afforded him meant that he could, in fact, undertake the task that Malinson had requested of him. He would, of course, need to advise to Sue that he would be spending more time in London over the coming months, but knew that she would accept the situation.

“Very well, Mr Malinson,” he replied, “I will do as you request.”

“Thank you David,” Malinson said gratefully, “I will see that you are suitably compensated!”

“That is not necessary,” David replied.

“Nonsense,” Malinson said. “I know you are planning to get married next year and understand that this assignment may have a negative impact on some of the planning, so allow me to ease my conscience somewhat by doing this for you!”

There was no graceful way that David could refuse such an offer and so he reluctantly agreed to Malinson’s terms.

The next few days were spent organising counselling for female staff members & preparing the way for Amanda’s arrival. He was careful to ensure that no resentment was felt at her appointment, stressing that this had been carefully considered and made in the best interests of the firm. There was a small amount of grumbling from the male partners who had been getting used to an ‘all boys’ club, but a glance of disapproval from David’s cool grey eyes was enough to make them consider the consequences of lapsing back into bad habits!

Finally Amanda had arrived. David had spent a week with her, going over the history of the firm, the current cases in progress and more importantly, the progress that was being made in healing the damage done to the firm. They worked harmoniously together, Amanda’s quiet efficiency blending well with David’s subtle manner until both were satisfied that she had a firm grip on the company’s affairs. And now David was on the plane back to Miami, relaxing from the stress of the last few weeks.

A murmur of conversation drew his attention. Two female flight attendants were talking quietly to each other in the forward galley and the mention of a dungeon had caught his interest. He carefully opened one eye and looked to see who was talking. The two women were a contrast in appearance. One was tall & well built with a wealth of pale blonde hair neatly pinned in a French pleat. The other was slim, around 5’5 in David’s estimation, with elfin features and wore her shining black hair in a smooth, sleek bob.

“I can’t believe Tom thought we’d be into that!” the blonde exclaimed. “How twisted can he be to think we would actually enjoy the sight of someone being tied up & tortured!”

“Oh come on, Jenny,” said the black haired girl, “you’re exaggerating! It wasn’t that bad really! In fact,” she paused as she considered her next words, “some of it was very intriguing!”

“Stephanie!” Jenny exclaimed in shock. “You can’t be serious! You can’t actually mean that you enjoyed being there!”

“I’m not saying that I did, Jenny,” Stephanie said patiently, knowing her friend could go off at the deep end sometimes. “I’m just saying that I don’t think things were as bad as you are making them out to be. After all, if those people weren’t enjoying themselves, why were they there?” she asked.

Their conversation had spiked David’s interest. Whilst the blonde was obviously shocked at what she had seen, David was picking up that the shorter girl was, at the very least, intrigued and he was willing to lay odds that she was more than intrigued. Something in her tone of voice, a very subtle yearning told him very clearly that she had identified with and was attracted to whatever she had seen going on.

The conversation of the flight attendants moved onto other topics as David mulled over what he had heard. The situation presented a tantalising proposition. He was fairly confident that the smaller of the two women, Stephanie he thought he had heard her friend call her, was a submissive. There was an undeniable aura about her that screamed loudly to his trained eye. The question was, did he want to pursue this particular opportunity & see where it would lead or did he really have enough on his plate to manage at the moment. He watched the two women for a few minutes longer before making up his mind. He made sure that the blonde was engaged in housekeeping activities & then pressed the call button. As he had planned, the attendant called Stephanie answered the summons and bent down to quietly ask what he needed.

“It is more what I believe you need, that prompted me to summon you,” David told her in his quiet, authoritative voice.

Stephanie was startled. Whatever could he mean?

“I’m sorry Sir, I don’t understand…” she said.

David held up his hand to silence her.

“I happened to overhear your conversation earlier regarding an establishment you & your friend had been taken to.”

Stephanie stifled a gasp. She & Jenny had believed all their passengers to be asleep. She was mortified to realise that this distinguished looking man had overheard a conversation that could be considered inappropriate.

David read her expressions easily.

“I believe that in contrast to your friend, who was obviously shocked & definitely not of the mind-set to understand what was going on, you understood and, I believe, wanted to be more than just an observer of the proceedings.”

Stephanie opened her mouth to protest that she hadn’t felt any such thing, even though a tiny part of her was admitting the truth of his words.

David again held up his hand to silence her.

“Do not try to deny it, your face clearly reveals your thoughts and reactions.”

Stephanie lowered her eyes & stopped herself from any further protest.

“That’s better,” David said approvingly. “I see you are a fast learner,” he continued cryptically. “Now, I am in a position to open up some possibilities to you, ones that I believe you instinctively crave but have been too shy to acknowledge, either due to peer pressure or by your upbringing.”

Stephanie flinched. His words had struck home! All her life she had been brought up to do what was right. Although her father was easy going, her mother had been strict with definite opinions on sex. “Good girls don’t do that!” was a frequent comment that she had been exposed to throughout her teenage years and by now it was completely ingrained into her, inhibiting her enjoyment with the various partners she had been with. It didn’t help that her career as a senior flight attendant on the London – Miami route left her little opportunity to pursue a steady relationship.

In fact she had recently broken off a relationship, realising with disillusion that the guy was a complete wimp who had absolutely no idea of how to please a woman. He had only been concerned with his own pleasure. She shuddered as she recalled the abortive time she had, very much against her wishes, agreed to anal sex. He had been so persistent, telling her that she would do this if she loved him that she had finally given in. Without waiting for her to get used to the idea, he had flipped her over & ignoring her cries of pain, had forced his cock into her tight anal passage. She had been in agony as he kept thrusting into her and was so relieved when he finally withdrew after cumming that she wept. The idiot thought she was crying because the experience had been so good and smugly said that wasn’t she glad to finally see what she had been missing! She had stared at him in disbelief before finally realising that this was the last straw. She had gathered the remains of her dignity and told him to leave & not bother coming back. The look of astonishment on his face would have made her laugh had it not been for the burning pain in her ass!

A touch of David’s hand on her arm brought her back to reality.

“I understand that my words have taken you by surprise,” David said in that firm, authoritative voice that was sending shivers up Stephanie’s spine. “If you wish to learn more about what intrigues you, then I will expect your call.” He handed over his card.

Stephanie looked at it dazedly. On the card in gilt letters were the initials D B and a US telephone number.

The cabin intercom chimed and the ‘fasten seat belts’ signs came on. The plane was on final approach to landing & Stephanie could hear the landing gear lowering into place.

David glanced at his watch, an elegant Paneria Luminor. “You have precisely 3 hours in which to decide whether you wish to call me.” He told her. “If you cannot decide in that time then do not bother to call. I do not waste my valuable time on those who are not serious about what they want!”

David could see the other flight attendant glancing curiously their way.

“You may go,” he told Stephanie.

In a daze she rose and walked back towards the galley where her friend Jenny was waiting.

“What was that all about?” she asked.

Stephanie just shook her head. “Nothing much,” she replied. “The passenger just wanted to enquire about conditions on the ground in Miami.”

Jenny looked at her sceptically. Stephanie looked as if she had been knocked for six! Whatever could that guy have said to her to spook her so badly?

“I’m going to tell him to quit harassing you,” she said determinedly.

“You won’t do any such thing!” Stephanie said sharply. “I told you what he said, now leave it alone! We have our duties to attend to. This plane will be on the ground in fifteen minutes!”

Realising it was futile to continue in the face of her friend’s determined denial, Jenny gave up and went through her duties, all the while keeping an eye on the passenger in First Class. Eventually she convinced herself that she must have imagined Stephanie’s reaction, as the passenger gave no sign that he was interested in anything other than organising his briefcase prior to landing. Stephanie also continued with her duties in her usual efficient way and in the end Jenny gave up speculating what might have happened. She did such a good job of convincing herself that nothing had actually happened, that she completely missed the significant & commanding look that David gave Stephanie as he exited the plane.

For her part, Stephanie was glad of the distraction that her duties provided her. There was a powerful magnetism exuded by the passenger in seat 2B and in spite of herself she was strongly drawn towards him. She should have been scared or at the very least indignant by his assumption that she wanted to be more involved in what she had seen going on in that dungeon. Instead, there was a small but intense quiver of excitement deep in her gut.

Throughout the trip to the hotel, with the rest of the crew chattering loudly away to each other, Stephanie sat wrapped up in her thoughts. She knew without a doubt that the man had meant everything he had said. By the time the plane had landed, the passengers had disembarked and the crew had walked through customs & onto the shuttle bus, an hour had elapsed. This left her just two hours to decide whether or not she would make the call. Her mind was screaming at her that it was stupid to even consider it, but the rest of her body was not so certain. There was an indefinable air about the man that made her instinctively trust him. His calm, self-assured demeanour was not that of a bully or worse, a predator, rather it was that of a man who was completely at ease with himself, one who was well aware of his effect on others but who chose not to abuse that power.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Jenny dug her in the side. “Hey, wake up Stephanie, you look like you’re on a different planet,” she said teasingly.

“What?” Stephanie said vaguely.

“Hey, are you alright?” Jenny said worriedly. “I knew that passenger was upsetting you!”

“No, no I’m fine,” Stephanie replied. “I’ve just got a killer headache.”

“Well that developed fast,” said her friend suspiciously.

“Not really,” Stephanie replied, desperately trying to deflect her friend’s curiosity. “It was developing all through the last hour’s flight & like an idiot, I forgot my pain killers!”

“You poor thing, why didn’t you tell me?” Jenny asked. “No wonder you looked so pale when you went to attend that passenger!”

“I know,” Stephanie smiled at her friend weakly. “To tell the truth, I thought I was going to throw up all over him!” She winced as the lie left her lips but she knew there was no way Jenny would understand what had really passed between them.

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