At the Club

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This is my first submission. I am neither eloquent nor a writer, however I hope this turns out well. This is a true story.

One night while in college a group of us boys decided it would be a great idea to make the hour long drive to the nearest strip club. We began loading in our vehicles but I somehow became the odd man out and was stuck driving my truck alone. At the time I was not very happy but later on this would prove to be an asset.

When we all arrived everyone was all keyed up and a little nervous about what was going to transpire. I didn’t know this before-hand, but almost no one in the group had ever been to a strip club before myself included.

So we entered and got our drinks. We were all a little shy and proceeded to sit next to the wall and not close by the stage. After about an hour of watching the extremely hot girls peel off their clothes and give lap dances, I had enough liquid courage to step forward and claim a seat next to the stage.

At the same Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort time a really sexy middle-age woman came out that I had not seen up to this point. I have always had a fascination with older women and still do today. So this lady really got my attention and a lot of my money. As she was dancing in front of me, she began her routine. Slowly she undid her lacy bra letting it drop right in front of me. This revealed a nice pair of milky, perky breast that were perfect shape and size and all natural.

She then got down on all fours right in front of me and squeezed my face into her luscious bosom. This really got me going and I had a hard-on instantly and she knew it too. Then she stood up and turned around and stuck her ass in my face and seductively removed her panties showing a very neat trimmed pussy.

During all this, I somehow became drawn to her eyes and instead of focusing on her most intimate parts I was looking right at her and she was looking right at me. In this moment we somehow made a connection that I cant explain. As she danced and we looked at each other we began fucking each other with our eyes and expressions. We were somehow lost in a world of our own in a club full of people. The sexuality was so thick in the air I could taste it. She too was feeling it, then all of a sudden she sat up and felt down her smooth inner thigh to feel that her pussy had actually became wet and was dribbling down her leg. She came over to me and with a soft voice said “this has never happened to me before.” Well needless to say I was about ready to pass out.

At this point her music stopped and she came down off the stage and came up to me. I asked her for a private dance and she accepted. She took me by the hand a lead me to this little room off to the side only big enough for two people and pulled the curtain closed. The anticipation was killing me but once inside we talked like we were friends so I became more at ease. Then she began grinding her ass in my lap and she could feel my dick aching and throbbing to get out. She turned her head around and gave me a devilish grin. Then she stood up and put her legs on either side of the bench I was sitting on and stood over me, towering above my head. I looked up and got a perfect view of her beautiful pussy and yes it was still very wet. I knew I wasn’t supposed the touch but I couldn’t help myself so I gently placed my hand on her inner thigh. I thought I might get slapped but she was into it as much as I. I cupped my hand and placed it over her wet pussy to feel her wetness. At this she let a soft moan, then bent down and whispered for me to wait for her after work.

By this time it was getting late and all my friends were ready to go. So they left the club and I waited outside for my angel. Boy was I glad I had driven alone.

So around 2 am she came out. We got into her car and chit chatted and got to know each other better and found we really had a lot in common. We both could feel the instant connection we had.

She invited me to her apartment for the night.

More to come later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32