The Experiment Ch. 5

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The door opened even before I could knock, leading me to the conclusion that, the mistress of the house had been watching us all along. The ‘maid’ ushered us along the hallway and into a large room at the rear of the house.

Irena, the lovely Contessa and the owner of the large ‘Town House’ that we were now in, greeted us with a big smile, kissing me on each cheek and then, French kissing each of the sisters, a long hard kiss that left no doubt where her sexual preferences lay!

The room, as I’ve mentioned before, was very spacious but, curiously furnished. Irena obviously saw the inquisitiveness in my eyes as she explained where she had brought us.

“This is the ‘games’ room, I enjoy bringing my ‘maids’ here for a little recreation and, occasionally to eek out their correction when they’ve displeased me.”

I nodded understandingly.

“The furniture is, in the main antique but, mostly from collectors who favour the attitude found in the writings of the Count De-Sade!”

I was beginning to comprehend some of the items that I was seeing and, the uses that they could be put to. A broad grin broke out over my face.

“Contessa,” I remarked, “I would be most appreciative, as would the Ladies here, if you would be kind enough to demonstrate the techniques necessary, to make the most of your most unusual apparatus.”

“It would be my sincerest pleasure, Sir.” She replied. “If you would allow me a small penchant though, I would prefer the initial demonstration to have ‘Davinia’, my ‘maid’, as the ‘volunteer’.”

I nodded my assent to her request, wondering in which direction this was to lead. Irena pulled on a cord which, ringing some hidden bell, somewhere in the house, summoned her servant to her.

Only a few moments passed before ‘Davinia’ appeared through the door. I paused, to better examine the new addition to the ensemble that was to become a part of our experience.

Davinia was only really identifiable as being of the male gender by, the ‘Adam’s apple’ that was clearly visible on his/her neck. Otherwise, the ‘transformation’ to the ‘female’ persona was quite remarkable.

Her hair was of shoulder length, tied back into a pony tail, held high on the crown of her head, giving the appearance of one of the ‘dressed’ ponies that one sees, at professional ‘dressage’ shows. It was thick and shiny and, it shone a bright auburn colour.

She was made up in a very feminine, mainly understated manner, as befit her position in the household.

The exceptions to this were in her eye and lip make-up.

Her lashes were built up, long, thick and beautifully finished, making her eyes stand out, drawing one’s gaze. As you looked at her face, you couldn’t help but to stare into her eyes.

Her lips were lined with, what looked like a kohl eyeliner, effectively fattening the bottom lip and, giving her mouth an almost permanent pout. Within this framework, the lips had been covered with two tones of thick, shiny lipstick; the outer rim in a dark burgundy and, the inner rim, adana escort nearest the opening of her mouth, in a bright, flashy, fiery red. Through the middle, vertically joining the top and bottom lips was, another kohl black line which made her mouth a very alluring and, positively kissable sight. The level of gloss that shone over her mouth, led me to believe that over this, a few coats of lip-gloss had completed the handiwork.

Lowering my now critical gaze, I took in the outfit that she had been kitted out in. The undergarments were of course, hidden from my view but, what was visible to me was, a short, black satin dress, tight in the waist and plain above it, with buttons running the length of her front. The ‘skirt’ of the dress, flared out a little broadening the hips and giving her figure an hourglass shape. Her hem stopped about mid thigh, occasionally flashing the tops of her ‘hold-up’ stockings. Over the top of this ensemble, she was wearing a lacy, brocaded apron, in the classic ‘French maid’ style.

Lower still and, her legs sported silk stockings with lacy, elasticised ‘hold-up’ tops. These were fitted nicely into 3″ heeled strapped sandals, made of shiny, patent leather.

The overall effect was of a very sexy, feminine ‘girly’ who was obviously of ‘servant’ status.

The Contessa signalled her to enter and instructed that she should stay, making herself available to any of us, as and when necessary.

Davinia nodded her compliance and curtsying, she moved to the corner of the room, standing in wait, knowing that she was soon to be used in one of her Mistress’ little plans.

“Shall I give you the tour? It would probably be advantageous if you were to have had each item described to you, before we go much further.” The Contessa remarked, amiably.

She showed us around the room, giving a brief description as she pointed to each item that we arrived at. There were items as broad and varied as the shapes that they were made into. A few ‘naughty’ thoughts ran through my mind as I heard these explanations, a few times accompanied by vivid mental pictures of the girls, using them or, being used on them!

Concluding the ‘tour’, Irena called Davinia to her side.

“Davinia, I’d like to begin with a moderate demonstration of my inclinations so, if you would assume your position at the whipping stick. Oh, I suppose that you should begin by removing your outer garments. I think that you would look better in only your lingerie.”

Without pause, Davinia removed her apron and dress, folding them carefully and, placing them on a small table by the door. She promptly and wordlessly moved over to the front of a wooden railing which, was composed of a rear framework that was attached to the wall of the room with an ‘X’ superimposed over the top of it, covering the frame from corner to corner.

A strong wooden pole, also very firmly attached to the wall, rose above the square frame to the ceiling. Still attached, this time to the ceiling itself, eskişehir escort the pole ran forward where, about three feet into the room, it ended with a sturdy looking loop of iron, hanging from its end. At each corner of the wooden ‘X’ were metal clamps, open for the moment, but with central clamps that could lock with a padlock.

Before being affixed to the contraption, I eyed Davinia’s unto now unseen body eagerly. Her undergarments were as sexy and enticing as the rest of her had been and, afforded a much better view of the fit, smooth body beneath it.

She was completely depilated, showing her smooth, hairless, skin through the expensive designer lingerie that was now on show. Her chest had been fitted with false, real looking, silicon breasts that filled the shiny satin of her red bra-cups, bringing her bust measurement to a shapely 38C.

The shaped nipples on the front of the silicon sacks, were clearly visible as they pushed through the cups and then the thin fabric of the lace that covered their top halves.

A waist-clincher corset had been firmly tied around her waist, sucking it in by several inches to, what looked to be about a 28″ fitting.

Her hips flared out beneath all of this and, I judged to be roughly a 36 to 38″ measurement. Covering her backside and her pubic region were, a pair of silken and, very expensive tanga panties.

Moments later, the Contessa was beside her and was clamping her, face to the wall, to the clamps on the wooden framework that faced her.

Wrists first, followed rapidly by her ankles, Davinia was made captive to the device. The fixtures were then notched further and further apart until, she was stretched as far as her limbs would allow, her toes and the very tip of the balls of her feet, barely able to make contact with the floor.

The strings at each side of her panties were untied, the thin fabric falling to the floor, at her feet.

As the panties fell away, her shaft, that had up until now been held in place by them, sprang free. The situation that she was being placed in had, quite obviously had the effect of stimulating her as, freed from the silky garb, his/her still stiffening member sprang into view, within seconds standing proudly in front of her.

Opening a cupboard on the wall, next to the ‘whipping stick’, she fingered the items within. Choosing carefully, she withdrew a thick leather paddle. It was about a half inch deep, the bottom end shaped into a handle, growing into a rectangle about a foot long and 3″ in breadth. The top end, being the end opposite to the handle, had a slit sliced down the middle to approximately half its length. Its name, the Contessa explained, was the Scottish Tawse and, had been an implement of correction since the early 1700’s.

Setting her feet apart, a measured distance from Davinia’s prone figure, Irena swatted the air a few times, taking note of the article’s weight. Arcing her arm widely, she swung it back and brought it down sharply on sakarya escort the jiggling mounds before her.

The leather bit into the maid’s tender rump with a loud snap of the air and, brought with it a high pitched squeal as the skin beneath it began to burn fiercely. Five times more the heavy leather lozenge found its mark, each time increasing the heat of it’s, now clenching, target. Each time, from Davinia’s luscious mouth, a shriek or yelp was heard.

I was impressed though and, thought to myself more than once that, had our positions been reversed, I would probably have been crying like a baby by now. The maid’s control was quite incredible and, her tolerance superb.

Returning the implement to its place of storage, Irena chose a different implement which, she handed to me.

It consisted of a long wooden handle, covered with thin leather strips to give the wielder surer grip and, was tipped with a further six of these strips, hanging loosely from its end. This particular device was known as a ‘cat-o-nine tails’ and, was a variety of whip that, though covering a wider area than an ordinary whip, was made in such a manner as to stroke the target area, rather than to cut more deeply into the flesh and skin.

“I expect that you would like to try your hand and, once you have done so, we might finish with Davinia by allowing the Ladies to try one or two of my other treasures.”

“It would be my honour, Contessa.” I replied with glee.

Approaching our captive, I took a few experimental swings with the ‘cat’. As soon as I felt that I’d captured the measure of the thing, I took aim and launched a series of strokes onto the already glowing cheeks before me.

Though the stripe marks that I made were easily visible, Davinia uttered not a sound, reinforcing my astonishment at her pain threshold. I finished with a flurry and, handed the tool back to its owner. Returning it to its rightful place, Irena once again chose an item from her cupboard. Stepping over to where Claire stood, she handed it to her and nodded in the maid’s direction, winking knowingly as she did so.

The chosen piece was a long birch twig, still fairly young and quite bushy with four thin branches tied together. Without a second’s hesitation, Claire began to punish her victims rump, not finishing her strokes until the hide was glowing hotly.

Once more the implement was swapped for another which, Irena passed into Rachel’s eager hands. On this occasion, a thin, whippy cane was the item of choice and, giving Davinia almost no time to recover from the prior assault, she brought the wood of the cane down onto the waiting backside that she’d been presented with. Six strokes she meted out, two diagonally, two crisscrossing the cheeks and the final two, as she’d received earlier, cutting into the inner thighs. These final two brought screams from our captive’s throat.

Irena quickly rubbed some cream into the now hellish rump, cooling the angry welts that had appeared. Freeing Davinia’s wrists and ankles, the Contessa dismissed her maid, instructing her to pick up her clothes on the way out.

“Now Sir, would you like us to see how the girls fare on some of the other furnishings that are available?”

I smiled, a broad, Cheshire cat grin.

“That would be most agreeable Ma’am. Where do you propose we begin?”

More to follow…

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