Going Home

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I was stood looking at myself in the full length mirror, wondering what he would think of me, what would he make of my change.

I looked at myself, what a difference a couple of years makes. I was 5″8′, had long blond hair, what I thought of as a pretty face, and a slim slender body. My breasts were small but firm, and a nice trim ass on top of a pair of slender legs. I liked to look after myself so I had a toned body. My flat stomach and thin waist are my favourite features.

What would Scott think of my new look? Scott was my best friend, I hadn’t seen him for over two years and I had been different back then. I thought of how he looked, his short dark hair, handsome face, lean, athletic body. When we would shower together after sports, his glistening six pack, the occasional glance at his cock. I had never seen it hard but imagined it now.

This started making me hard, my cock starting to rise rigid, all 7 inches standing to attention wanting to be touched. This was the only thing that I hadn’t changed.

Three years ago I was a young man, well, I had the body of a young man but never felt like one. I always knew I wanted to be a girl but never had the guts to speak to my parents, worried they would react badly, and when I finally spoke to them my instincts were right. At 15 I spoke to my mum and dad and they didn’t take it well, to be fair they tried but they just didn’t understand.

My dad wouldn’t listen, telling me it was just a phase and I would grow out of it. I tried to talk to them but they just couldn’t handle it.

At 16 I left school and went to live with my aunt up country and went to college. My aunt understood and supported me, my friends were awesome, and there I transitioned from male to female.

Now at 18 the only thing I couldn’t decide on was my now rock solid cock, it was just beautiful, it was part of me and for now I was happy.

I took it in my hands, starting to stroke it up and down, imagining Scott behind me touching me with his hands, running his hands over my breasts. I ran my other hand over my breasts, tweaking my nipples, kneading and squeezing. I groaned.

I looked at myself, my hard cock and this beautiful petite female body, my erect nipples. I stroked harder. I imagined Scott behind me, his cock pushing against my asshole, slowly entering. I spat on two of my fingers and wet my anus, I did it again and then pushed the two fingers in, feeling my insides. I groaned louder.

I stroked my cock faster, my orgasm building, pushing my fingers in and out. Faster and faster, rubbing my shaft up and down, my hand squeezing tightly. I ejaculated hard, cum jetting out of my cock on to the mirror, stream after stream, my legs shaking, thighs trembling. My fingers still buried deep inside as my ring contracted on my fingers. The flow of cum ebbed, my cock twitching when I tensed, each time cum dribbling down the head of my cock onto my hand.

My orgasm started to subside, my cock still rock hard and sensitive. I pulled the fingers out my ass, leaving an empty feeling.

I licked the cum off my hand, imagining it was Scott’s, this made me go to the mirror to and lick it off, swallowing it down, wondering how his would taste.

I was being silly, he wouldn’t be interested in me now, I was just hoping we could still be friends.

I went and had a shower, and slipped on a short summer dress. I was pulling on a small pair of panties and tucking in my cock as well as I could when the doorbell rang.

I went to my door and listened to my dad opening the front door. “Hello Scott,” my dad said, “it’s been a long time.”

“Hi Mr Bailey, it’s good to see you again,” replied Scott. His voice made my stomach do an odd roll. Fuck it. Play it cool I told myself, I just had to be myself and if he didn’t like me anymore then so be it, not a lot I could do.

“Lizzie,” my dad shouted, “Scott’s here.”

I walked out of my room and down the stairs, my dad and Scott at the bottom. Scott eyes came up towards me, his eyes had to meet my legs first his gaze coming up. I felt his eyes take it my legs, body and then face, he smiled.

“Hey stranger,” he said, his casual hello making me feel completely at ease as I reached the bottom.

“Hey,” I replied.

“You look beautiful,” my dad said, giving me a kiss on the cheek, “I’ll leave you two to catch up.” My dad went to the kitchen, I felt tears welling in my eyes at my dad’s words, he had really been trying since I got back. He had feared losing his child so he wanted to really work on our relationship, accepting my choice. I managed to keep it together.

“He’s not wrong,” said Scott, “loving the new look.” He stepped forward and gave me a hug.

“Thank you,” I replied smiling, returning the hug, “thought I’d try something different.”

Scott suggested we go get something to eat and as I was starving I agreed. Scott drove to the local pub and we had a lovely time. Catching up on things and reminiscing about old times, it was like we had never been apart. We laughed mersin escort a lot.

As we sat next to each other, full from lunch I said, “what do you really think of my new look then, it’s not freaking you out too much then?”

“Hell yeah,” he said smiling, “I’ve been working out if I can jump through that window since we got here, but I think it looks too thick!”

I slapped him playfully on the arm, “funny fucker,” I said. “Seriously you cool with it?”

“Of course I’m cool with it, you’re happier now than I’ve ever seen you, and that’s what matters,” Scott replied, “plus I missed you, I’ve got my friend back and she’s hot, what more could a man want.” He put his arm around me and hugged me.

My stomach fluttered, enjoying his arm around me, my cock starting to feel hard. Hope my tight panties can hold it in I thought.

“I better get you back,” Scott said, breaking my thoughts, “you said you have that thing with your parents tonight.”

“Oh yeah, nearly forgot about that,” I replied.

“Do you fancy going to the cinema tomorrow night, the new star wars film’s near the end of its run?” Scott asked.

I smiled, we both liked star wars, I had seen it and I imagine Scott had too, but I wanted to see it again, “I would like that very much.” I replied.

“Cool,” he said. We left and he took me home, chatting some more on the way back. We arrived at mine and we said goodbye, he leant in and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I have really missed you,” he said. Still holding me.

“I’ve missed you too,” I replied. I wanted to kiss him but didn’t want to push my luck, I quickly jumped out the car, my cock stiffening again, and said “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I hurried up the driveway hoping he was watching my tight ass and my slim legs. Shit, I was getting hard, too many thoughts in my head. I had to control myself.

I was enjoying dinner later with my parents, it was really nice, both seemed to be accepting who I was at last. I couldn’t concentrate though, my mind kept wandering to Scott. I knew I was being silly, I was sure he didn’t want me sexually, but couldn’t help thinking he seemed to be flirting. Maybe he did want me, his cock in me.

My cock got hard again under my dress, straining in my panties under the table. It was late now so I made my excuses to my parents, kissed them both on the cheek and ran upstairs.

I burst into my room, locked the door and pulled down my panties, my cock springing out. I lay down on the bed and pulled my dress up. I put my hand on my cock, gripped it hard and moved my hand up and down. Masturbating slowly, thinking of Scott again.

I reached over to my bedside table and pulled out my 8 inch penis shaped dildo, laying it on the bed next to me. I spat on the fingers of my free hand, and smothered my asshole in spit, pushing some in with my fingers. I picked the dildo up, swallowing it with my mouth, covering it in saliva, deepthroating it as far as possible till I gagged, more saliva covering the plastic cock.

I lifted my legs up and I moved the head of the dildo to my asshole and started pushing it in slowly, a millimetre at a time, groaning with the sensation as it worked its way in.

I reached up from my cock, pulling the straps of my dress off my shoulder, pulling my dress down. My breasts exposed I caressed them with my hands, feeling the sensation coursing through my body.

I moved back to my cock, I was rigid now as I grabbed hold and wanked myself off.

I was still pushing the dildo in, the head had stretched my ring wide, the pain beginning to build, then pop, it pushed past filling me up as I pushed it in deeper, as far as I could go, hitting my inside walls. I slowly pulled it in and out building up a rhythm.

I wanked my cock faster, pushing the dildo in and out, imagining it was Scott knelt between my legs, pushing in and out of me, getting ready to cum.

The thoughts pushed me over the edge and I orgasmed, cum squirting out of my cock and over my breasts and stomach. My asshole contracting on the dildo in my ass. I watched as the squirting died down, cum still coming out everytime I pulled my hand to the head of my cock, dribbling onto my flat stomach.

I lay there feeling the dildo filling my ass, not wanting to take it out, but eventually I did, feeling empty again. I took my dress off and wiped up my cum, throwing the dress in the wash basket. I got ready for bed and fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring.

It was a normal morning and lunch with my parents, and then Scott came to get me in the afternoon for the cinema. I was wearing a short red pleated skirt, and a tight black vest top that showed off my flat stomach perfectly. My long blond hair was down, flowing over my slender neck and back.

I answered the door this time. “Hi Scott,” I said.

“Hey Lizzie,” replied Scott smiling, not taking his eyes off mine, “you look great”.

“Thank you,” I said blushing, “you don’t kocaeli escort look too bad yourself, think I can just about be seen out with you.” I gave him a joke once over, he was wearing jeans and a tight dark green t-shirt , the t-shirt showed off his fine torso perfectly.

“Few, wasn’t sure I would pass the test,” he joked back, “you ready to go?”

“Yeah let’s go,” I said, pushing him out the door.

We jumped in his car and headed to the cinema, chatting about star wars along the way. Scott had seen it as well, but wanted to watch it with me, which was sweet.

We arrived and got popcorn and a drink. Whilst in the queue there was a moment Scott put his hand around my waist, making my stomach feel funny and my cock twitch, it felt good when he touched me.

We got our tickets and sat in our seats, the film ready to start. We sat at the back, it looked like we were the only ones in there. The film had been out for a long time and nearing the end of its run. The privacy and the dark made me start to get hard again, fuck, what was wrong with me.

The film started and we watched silently, eating popcorn, enjoying each others company. My hand was on the arm rest and Scott took it in his, he leant over and whispered in my ear, “I’ve missed this,” he said.

He was so close I shivered, “me too,” I replied, turning my head to look at him.

“You look so beautiful,” he whispered, “I can’t get you out of my mind.” He leant forward and kissed me, I was shocked but managed to not jump, I kissed back, opening my mouth to his, kissing deep, our tongues exploring each other. I felt my cock stir, getting hard.

Scott took my face in his hands, sending electric like feelings down my body to the head of my cock, now straining against my panties.

I pulled my head back, “are you sure you’re okay with this,” I said, “with me?”

“I wasn’t sure how I would react,” he replied, “but since I saw you I knew I wanted you, I know you better than anyone, we make each feel good, and now you look amazing.”

“What about my cock?” I blurted out, panicking.

Scott kissed me deep again, stopped and said, “I don’t care.” Started kissing me again.

As if to prove it he put a hand on my thigh and moved it up and to the inside, caressing my inner thigh. He moved up to my bulge, touching it through my panties. I groaned. He moved the crotch of my panties over and freed my cock. All 7 inches standing to attention.

He ran his hand over it, pulling the skin down, exposing the head. He started moving his hand up and down, slowly wanking me off. “Oh fuck,” I moaned. “Don’t stop.”

His other hand cupped one of breasts, squeezing gently, rubbing the nipple through my top, then the other one.

He gripped my cock more firmly, moving it faster up and down. I felt myself wanting to cum, trying to hold on, enjoying the sensation too much and not wanting it to stop. We were still kissing deeply, my breathing getting faster. I couldn’t stop it, the more I tried the closer I came to an orgasm.

“I’m going to cum,” I said, and orgasmed hard, cum shot out the end of my cock on to the back of the seat in front. I groaned loudly, my legs trembling and shaking. Streams of cum still jetting out, slowly subsiding and dribbling onto Scott’s hand.

Scott was staring into my eyes as I came, watching my face, feeling my body tremble. “That was hot,” he said, kissing me deeply again. My body still twitching occasionally.

I reached across and started undoing Scott’s jeans, my cock lying between my legs, dribbling cum. I leant forward and pulled Scott’s cock out from underneath his pants. It sprang up, even in the dark I could tell it was an impressive figure, at least 9 inches long, making me moan loudly.

I moved my head forward and licked the end of his cock, the salty taste of precum entering my mouth. It was Scott’s turn to groan. I ran my tongue down the shaft, kissing my way back up. When I reached the top I took him in my mouth, pushing it in as far as I could go.

I had practiced on a few dildos before so took him in deep, right to the back of my throat, gagging slightly and coming back up. I bobbed my head up and down, the feel of Scott’s hot throbbing member in my mouth was amazing. Getting faster and faster.

I moved my head fast, my mouth wanking him off, Scott groaned again, “you’re going to make me cum,” he said.

“Cum in my mouth,” I said, “I want to taste you.” I carried on pumping my mouth on his cock, saliva coming out the sides of my mouth making him slick.

Scott let out a groan and I felt his legs stiffen, his cum ejected out of his cock and hit the back of my throat, I nearly gagged but swallowed some down, letting the rest gather in my mouth. It felt like so much, filling me up. I didn’t want to lose a drop.

I kept where I was till Scott stopped cumming, sucking the last of him into my already full mouth. When I knew he had finished I swallowed his cum down, feeling it slide down samsun escort my throat, enjoying his taste. I wanted this cock in my ass so much

Scott pulled me up and kissed me, “wow, that was awesome,” he said. “You turn me on so much.”

“I want you inside me,” I whispered in his ear, “I need it in me.”

He smiled and replied, “let’s go to my house, my parents are out till late.”

I quickly stuck his cock back in his jeans, put mine back in my panties and stood up. We left quickly, the film was still going but neither of us cared. We jumped in the car and raced back to Scott’s. It didn’t take long but felt like ages, both of us getting hard again before we arrived.

We parked up and hurried up the driveway. Scott fumbled his keys into the lock and we went in, I slammed the door behind us. “Anyone home?” Scott shouted and got no answer.

Scott spun around and kissed me deep, his hands went up my skirt to my ass and he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around him. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans, pressing into my testicles. My cock was straining in my panties, pressing up against Scott’s hard abs.

Scott carried me up to his room, even though I was light it was a bit of an effort, and we giggled as he bumped into things.

He put me down at the foot of the bed, both standing looking at each other. Before I could move he knelt down and started kissing my toned stomach and skinny hips. He lifted up my skirt and put his head under, kissing my bulge in my panties. I groaned loudly.

He pulled my panties down, my hard cock springing out, inches from his face. He rested my skirt on my cock and moved his hands to my firm ass. He pulled me towards him as he opened his mouth, my cock slipping between his lips. I groaned again.

He ran his mouth back and forth on my cock, stopping occasionally to lick the shaft, at one point taking my balls one at a time in his mouth. It was exquisite, I was lost in the moment. He continued to suck me off.

I moved my hands over my stomach up to my breasts, squeezing them through my top, tweaking my nipples.

Scott hands explored my ass, parting my cheeks, exploring my hole with his finger tips. I spat on my fingers and reached down, lubricating my asshole.

Scott took the invitation and pushed a finger tip in, I groaned again. “oh fuck,” I said. His finger going deeper as he continued to suck my cock.

Scott suddenly stopped sucking me off and spun me round, keeping the finger in my ass. I bent over the bed and put my hands on his sheet, exposing my asshole to him. I pulled my skirt up around my waist for a better view.

Scott pushed his finger in and out and spat on my anal opening, using his finger to widen my ring. He added another finger making me groan loudly. He pushed his two fingers in deep, feeling around inside, making me want more.

“I want you inside me,” I said, “oh god please I need your cock in me.”

Scott stood up and moved in behind me, he took his cock in his hand and put the head up against my asshole, he asked worryingly “are you sure, I don’t want to hurt you?”

“It won’t hurt, I want it so bad,” I replied.

He pushed his cock against my asshole stretching my ring. We both groaned. He pushed harder, forcing me wider, my ring stretching around his cock. It felt so good, I took my cock in my hand and wanked slowly.

Scott pushed deeper, the head almost in, he was big and it started to hurt, but I knew he was almost in. Just when I was about to ask him to wait his head popped past my ring, his cock sliding into me, filling me up. “Feels so good,” I groaned.

“So tight,” Scott said, pushing in deeper. I pushed back too taking him all in, his balls against the cheeks of my ass.

Scott started moving his hips in and out, fucking my wanting asshole. I leaned back into him and took my top off. I was stretched back, my breasts pushed out, my slim stomach taut and my ribs showing. My cock standing out in front.

Scott caressed my breasts and ran his hands down my body, taking my cock in one of his hands. He pumped faster into me whilst stroking my cock, getting faster and faster. I felt my orgasm growing inside.

His cock felt so good in my ass, it filled me up, hitting my insides with every stroke in. I screamed out loud, “I’m cumming.”

My body stiffened, I could feel the cum rushing up my cock and shooting out the end, hitting Scott’s bed. Scott kept stroking my cock as stream after stream came out of me. My body went to jelly, my legs shaking.

Scott caught me round my waist as I nearly collapsed, still spasming. I fell on my face, my ass sticking up in the air with Scott’s cock still in me. Slowly moving in and out still.

I lay there for a minute my cock still dribbling cum, then I pulled myself off of Scott’s cock leaving me feeling empty. Not for long though. I pushed Scott onto the bed on his back and crawled on top of him.

I kissed him and grabbed his cock, positioning it to my asshole I moved back onto it, his cock sliding easily inside me. I moved my hips back and forwards, grinding his cock into my gaping anal hole.

We stayed like this for a bit, Scott groaning, and then I moved up onto my feet, opened my legs wide and leant back, my hands on his knees, stretching my skinny body, showing off my thin waist and breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32