The Drive

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Big Tits

It’s the next day and it’s still raining. You still feel a contented glow, from the previous day’s orgasm. You catch sight of your high heels with the snapped straps and you smile. You go about your uneventful day and evening comes. You had been trying to ignore it, but your desire has been growing throughout the day, your body obviously wanting more of the same kind of pleasure as the orgasm the day before gave you. You long for your hubby to return. You think of the deep love you two share and the anguish from being without him. To feel his arms around you, holding you tight, your head resting on his chest. Your thoughts turn dirty and you also think of his tongue inside you, probing your mouth or your pussy. His hard cock pressing against you, fucking you.

It’s almost dark… And you are very horny. You are mulling over whether… Or rather WHEN to reach for your vibrator. Your phone bleeps. It’s a message from the guy you’ve been flirting with offering an evening with your feet to, as your hubby makes love to you. The message is the usual thing. Passionate devotion to the worship of your feet, wanting lick the sweat from your soles, wanting to bite your heels and lick between your toes. You like the mails you’ve been receiving and you smile. You walk to where your vibrator is and reach for it but a thought stops your hand, before it gets there. A very dirty thought… You message back to the guy “Be at Central Station in an hour,” and he replies that he’ll be there. You quickly get dressed, a fairly short skirt and top, thinking of your growing desire, your wetness and heat between your legs. Slipping on a pair of comfortable shoes, you head out the door, to the car.

You arrive at the station and find the guy waiting there. You signal him over and open the passenger door. He opens his mouth to speak, to say “Hi” “How are you?” “It’s great to meet you” all that stuff.

But you tell him to be quiet. You explain to him that you are horny and missing your hubby and that you want a powerful orgasm. You tell him that, if he can behave himself, that he can help you achieve this orgasm. “You have to understand,” you continue, “that right now, you are nothing to me but a potential tool for masturbation… I know you like my feet and that is what I am willing to give you. If you even think of moving beyond your place at my feet… Then forget it… You can get out of the car right mardin escort now. You are here for my use, I am NOT here for yours. You will do as I say, when I say it… Do you understand?”

The guy is overwhelmed but he nods and says, “Yes.”

As you start up the car again you notice how nervous the guy is. “Don’t worry… I’m not going to make you do anything you won’t want to do,” you smile.

It’s dark now and you drive for a while and find a secluded spot. No one will interrupt. You tell the guy to get out of the car and you get out too. You open the back door to the car and climb in seductively, on your hands and knees noticing the guy staring at the perfect shape of your ass. “That is not for you, boy,” you giggle. You turn round onto your back, your head up near the opposite door and you lift your hips, raising your skirt and pull your panties down. As you place them on the car floor beside you, you feel how wet the panties are. The guy is still standing outside the car, at the open door, looking in, mesmerized. You hitch up your skirt and your hands rest on your inner thighs, your legs open. You tell the guy to get in and close the door. He obeys quickly.

Inside the car, with the doors closed, it’s quieter. You and the guy’s breathing can be heard more clearly. You begin to rub your pussy lips and put your feet on the guy’s lap. You feel him hard. “Take my shoes off… ” The guy fumbles away, easing your shoes off, and then sits, with his hands resting on your ankles and your feet resting in his lap. “Now… Smell my feet.”

He lifts your feet and lowers his head slightly and inhales. God… What a scent he thinks… As you lay there watching him, dipping into your wetness and spreading it all around your pussy lips. Up and down. “Do you like the smell of my feet?” You ask.

“Yes… I do… ” He groans, his desire and arousal growing, as he is rubbing your feet on his face… Inhaling deeply.

“What do you want to do with my feet?” you ask.

“Worship them,” he says. “I want to clean them with my tongue and worship them.”

“Then begin,” you order him. As he opens his mouth to begin his worship of your feet, you begin pushing two fingers all the way inside your pussy, and you watch him. At this angle, he begins licking the balls of your feet first, taking the side of your feet into his van escort mouth and sucking and lapping at them with his tongue. He moves his head around and positions your feet to give him access to the soles of your feet and he licks. He can taste the sweat from your feet and it thrills him. His tongue working it’s way down to your heels. Licking back up around the side to your ankles. If anyone could see, it’d be quite a perverse sight. A woman on her back, her skirt hitched up, fingers plunging in and out of her pussy, with her legs in the air, in the face of the guy sitting next to her, facing forward, sucking the dirt off her feet. You moan and start to alternate between sliding your fingers into your wet cunt and swirling them around your clit, as you hold your pussy lips open. The guy is Worshipping your feet with everything he has. You can hear his desperate breathing as he smothers himself with your feet.

“Clean my toes,” you gasp. “Clean them!”

He licks between your toes, spreading them with his fingers. He sucks each toe hard. Swirling his tongue around each toe, before moving onto the next. It’s getting serious now and your hips are pumping forward into your hands. The smell of your sex and feet are all the guy can smell, all he ever wants to smell. “Hurt my feet,” you moan. “Bite them.”

The guy starts to nibble and bite. Like some sensual vampire movie, though he is careful not to bite too hard. He sucks and bites your heels, desperate to leave a love bite, an imprint of his passion on your heels, licking up to your toes, he bites each toe, nipping at them with his teeth… Just almost breaking the very top layer of skin. He sucks your toes and bites them and smears your feet over his face as your hips buck wildly now. Your fingers are almost punching into your cunt, your thumb pressing and rolling your clit. Such a deviant and perverse and ridiculous sight but the two of you don’t care. All that matters is your orgasm. You need it. You need to orgasm all over your fingers… The guy needs to help you by biting on your feet, sucking them… Licking them… Worshipping them. Desperately trying to keep your feet clean from your sweat. Your orgasm is coming… It’s building, your hips are thrusting wildly, your fingers plunging forcefully. Your feet kicking and the guy trying to keep his lips and tongue and mouth and teeth on ankara escort them. Your orgasm is at the door of your very being… It’s pounding it’s way in through the door… The guy is biting and sucking… Licking and chewing… It hurts so good. It feels so good. You cry out and your hips writhe in a frenzy… You are kicking out at the guy’s face and he is trying to hold your feet still so that his Worship isn’t interrupted by your all-consuming orgasm. The orgasm hits in hard and fast waves. You are the orgasm and the orgasm is all that exists. You are breathing hard… You are panting… You are moaning…

The orgasm is leaving you now. Like the receding waves of the tide. You hate for it to go… But you love to feel it leave you… The sensations sliding back out of you. You laugh… And become aware of how soaking wet your fingers and hands are. They are drenched with your orgasm. You sit up, pulling your feet from the guy’s face and extend your hand. “This is for you,” you say and you smear your girl cum on his mouth, as he opens his mouth to accept your fingers inside. He licks and sucks your delicious girl cum from your fingers, cleaning them, just as he cleaned your feet, moments before. You watch him fascinated… Your breathing returning to a normal pace now. After your hand and fingers are clean. You both sit for a while. Before you hitch your skirt back down, your ass wet from the orgasm that spilled onto the car seat. You both get out of the car and return to the front seats and you make the drive back to the train station. The guy can smell nothing but your sex, smeared all over his face. As you pull into the station, he thanks you and turns to say something…

“Bye,” you say playfully.

He turns to get out of the car… You tell him to wait and, reaching under your skirt, you slide two fingers over your still moist slit… You push your fingers into his mouth, your last gift to him, but before he can suck and swirl his tongue you’ve pulled your fingers back again. “See you later,” you say and the guy climbs out of the car and turns, as you close the door.

He stands there, stunned, awed… He’s going to need a few minutes to comprehend what just happened. Your eyes meet through the glass of the door. You wink at him and drive away.

Your orgasm subsides as your phone bleeps… And you remove the vibrator from between your legs and spread yourself out over your bed… It’s probably another message from the guy… You reminisce over that little masturbation fantasy you just had… And think to yourself… “I really need to get a car and learn how to drive.” You reach for your phone and see it is another mail from the guy… You sigh and open the mail.

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