Charlene on the Street Ch. 04

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Back on the street, Charlene walked fast for a couple of blocks, then ducked into a doorway to see how much money she’d taken. It was almost eleven o’clock now and there were more people in the street. She wondered if Mel would be in any shape to count change for the lunch crowd. She opened her fist and counted: four dollars and fifty-six cents. Not enough for a cab, but she could take the bus. Now, all she had to do was find the nearest bus stop and figure out which one to take and how far to go and where to get off…

She walked as fast as she could in her high heels. She tried to act like it was perfectly natural to be walking on the street in a dirty, sweaty, tight knit brown dress that clung so close to her body that it showed her nipples, her crotch and even the indentation on her flat stomach where her belly button was. Her white panties would visible if she bent over or raised her arms. Her natural boobs wobbled and swayed under the clingy fabric. It was a lewd enough display to attract anybody’s attention.

A couple blocks later, after hearing a couple of catcalls and wolf whistles and a yell of “hey baby” from a passing car, she saw a bus stop. It didn’t seem smart to sit out on the bench, for the world to see, so she stood a few yards behind it, in the shadow of a billboard, in the mouth of an alley next to a tacky stucco office building. In LA the buses came by about every couple of hours, it seemed, so she might have a long wait.

She thought about calling Deidre, her roommate and the club manager, for a ride but decided not to. This was just too embarrassing because Deidre was always “on about” her about taking risks with guys at the club. Deidre the Duchess never dated customers and she had a strict rule that no guys from the club ever come up to the apartment they shared. She wanted to keep her club life and her dating life strictly separate. She had her boyfriends and they fucked her, but they were never customers. Charlene, on the other hand, figured that if people wanted her body that badly, they would fuck her with all they had in them. If they paid good money to see her take off her clothes, and if it turned her on to exhibit herself and be used sexually, why not? Live the life to the fullest while she was still a knock-out. Beauty didn’t last as long as your sex drive, so grab as much while you can yalova escort and put out while guys were buying. Be sexual twenty-four hours a day, if you wanted it.

Now she wasn’t so sure. Here she was, with no money and half naked, because a guy she went to bed with left her stranded at a hotel.

Standing there made her nervous. She was in the shade of the billboard, next to a big metal pole supporting it, but she was still visible from the street. People had to think she was a street walker, pretty desperate, trolling for a john way too early in the day and asking to get arrested.

She heard a voice whispering to her. It scared her half to death. — she hadn’t seen them coming. The short, ugly gang-type tough guy she had seen down the street before going into the restaurant was now talking to her. He must have seen her after all and sneaked up on her. He had just turned the corner of the stucco building and said, softly, “Hey, baby. Where you going’? Would you like a little company?” She stood stock still. “You’re dressed hot. Would you like to hang out with a coupla studs?” He scared her because although he was short he was big, like a wrestler, and he looked hungry — for her. There was no Billy, the club bouncer, around to protect her and this guy might hurt her.

She moved to put the steel pole supporting the billboard between her and thetough guy. Further back in the alley were some dumpsters and she figured if they were going to grab her they would drag her back there.

“Hey, come on baby. I won’t hurt you. I can make you feel real good. Wanna go somewhere and party?” he said, menacingly.

She turned away from him and saw his friend coming at her slowly from the other side, up the alley behind her. This guy was thin and tall, a beanpole. He was coming toward her with a smirk on her face. “Hey honey — where ya’ going? My buddy and I saw you here and thought you might be looking to party.” She was frightened at how they had snuck up on her, getting her between them.

She was boxed in now between the two of them, the billboard pole, and the wall. This didn’t look good for Charlene. So far they hadn’t done anything physical but she didn’t like the way they were circling in on her. She felt menaced. And very vulnerable. She wished now that she’d edirne escort swallowed her pride and called Deidre, Duchess after all.

The two of them were both talking trash now. “Why don’cha come with us? We’ll give you a ride?” “We’ll give you the best ride of your life….” “We know a place where we can go….” “You look so fine, baby, I love the way you look….” “I can take you places, girl….” They were getting so close she could see the tall one’s dick twitch in his pants. “Baby, you’re made for lovin” and I’m a lover-man…” “You’ve got real class, baby, to strut your stuff at high noon — I admire that, I really do….”

The beanpole was getting close to her now. He was so close he could grab her. She was getting really scared now but she couldn’t help but notice he had an erection in his jeans. With his build he probably had a really long dick.

Charlene brought her left arm up over her chest, a kind of reflex to protect herself from their leering eyes. Her fingers brushed the top of her tit– it felt crusty. “Oh shit” she thought to herself. “I have Mel’s spunk on me and these guys will find that out when they start pawing me. When they smell it, it’ll set them off. They’ll be like animals.” And oddly enough she felt a little flutter in her pelvis when she thought this, in spite of her fear. Giving it up was not the issue but being forced to do it was. She wouldn’t mind being ravished by the right guys in the right circumstances, but this was too dangerous. There was no one around to keep them in line. She could get hurt. Her fear mounted. She was starting to breathe deeply and her chest was heaving.

The two guys were watching her every move as they moved closer. They could see that she was nervous, that she was starting to sweat, that her eyes were darting around frantically, looking for a way out. But they could also see the swell of her pussy mound under the tight dress, the perfect tits hanging in the neckline of the clingy dress like fruit in a basket, her bare legs all tanned and smooth, and they saw her chest heave. They saw what they wanted to see — a hot lady. Both of them grinned. “She wants it” they both thought.

She knew she couldn’t run for it in her high heels with any hope of getting away. They were already on both sides of her and her erzurum escort back was to the wall of the building. They hadn’t stopped talking and their crude words were making her even more anxious. “C’mon honey. We’re out on the street. Let’s go somewhere more private. You deserve the best. Today’s your lucky day… Let’s have us some fun…”

The short, ugly one was first to touch her. He took her slender arm in his huge hand, high up, feeling her sweat and brushing the sides of her tit through the dress’s big armholes. With his other hand he pulled down the front of her dress to look down at her naked tits. The skinny tall one touched her forearm on the other side with his fingers, strumming them up and down as if to tell her he’d be gentle. As the rough-looking one got so close she could smell his bad breath. She was afraid he would lunge and try to kiss her.

One the skinny one had wrapped his fingers around her arm, the short one dropped her dress, looked around, and then pulled down his zipper. Facing her, and away from the street, he pulled out what she thought was a rather small penis and waved it at her. His friend had put his other hand on her other arm and was holding her loosely, just to remind her that she didn’t have much of a chance of getting away.

“See this? You want it, don’t you. You want to suck on it, don’t you.” His penis looked dirty. The tall one said, “Let’s go somewhere and have a little party. We’ll make sure a babe like you is satisfied!”

Suddenly a big blue and white MTD bus pulled up at the bus stop. They suddenly had a bus-full of witness staring at them. She broke away from the big guy’s loosening grip and ran for it. She didn’t care where the bus was going, she just wanted to be on it.

“You can fuck me when you grow a real dick.” She yelled over her shoulder as she reached the bus.

The short guy turned to go after her and suddenly realized that his cock was hanging out n plain view. He turned back around and crammed his equipment back in his jeans.

“Will you look at that ass?” replied the skinny guy, as Charlene climbed aboard the bus.

“Oh shit,” the short guy said. “I caught my dick in the zipper.”

“Do you think we should have just hauled her off and fucked her in the alley?”

The short guy replied after a minute, once he had got his cock freed up.

“Nah. Someone on the bus would’ve seen it and we’d get busted. It’s not worth getting a record, especially for rape. They send you to prison and the big guys make rapists their bitches.”

The big guy nodded. Still, it was the closest the two of them had come to getting laid in months, he thought.

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