Are You Ready for More? Ch. 01

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Group Sex

I knocked on the oak door of the townhouse; my knees shook as I thought about what the night would bring. I heard him approach and the door opened, bringing the soft sounds of smoky R&B and the glimmer of firelight. He stood in perfectly worn jeans and a soft shirt that was unbuttoned low enough to make my mouth water. My eyes travelled down slowly and I smiled slowly at his bare feet, somehow sexy looking against the hardwood floor.

“C’mere, angel,” the half-order came out on a rasp and I reacted immediately to the familiar tone. He reached for my hand and pulled me into the circle of his arms and reached around to slide his other hand down my back and over my ass possessively. His lips slipped over my neck and with a groan he kicked the door shut and backed me against it. “God, you smell like a wet-dream.” He held my face steady and locked his heated gaze with mine. “Let me get you some wine, babe. Then I want you out of these clothes and under me. After I have made you come half-a-dozen times and had my fill of your luscious body, you can tell me how your day was.” He winked and grinned, took my hand and led me to the kitchen.

I took down glasses and he poured wine, gathered some grapes and simple cookies on a tray and we carried them to the bedroom. More candles were lit and the fireplace was lit, casting a warm glow to the cozy room. Jack set down the tray, took his wine and sat back on the bed. He slowly finished unbuttoning his shirt and ran his hand over his chest and over the growing bulge in his jeans.

“Okay, angel. I want you naked. Take each piece off for me baby.” His eyes grew warm and sexy, his pose relaxed and alert at the same time. I felt myself grow wet at the sight of him stretched out for me, stroking himself slowly, almost without thinking. His brown chest was visible in the space where his shirt had fallen open, a line of soft hair lead down his flat stomach into his jeans.

I licked my lips and Fast link reached up to let my hair down, shaking it down my back and over my shoulders. Then I pinched my nipples through my blouse, making them hard against the satin. When I unbuttoned the blouse and let it fall open, I squeezed each breast in my hands and let my eyes fall half closed, watching Jack’s cock get longer in his jeans. He pulled on the fly and released it, grunted on a long stroke as I pinched my nipples once again. I let my blouse fall halfway down my arms as I reached around to unzip my black skirt, and it fell in a pool at my ankles. I wore stockings and panties, heels and a sheer bra. My blouse hung by my elbows. I reached down with one hand and stroked my heated pussy through the silk panties while my other hand continued to work a tortured nipple. I was breathing heavily and my knees were starting to shake.

“Fuck. Bed, Lilly, now.” Jack leaned forward and pulled me by both wrists until I lay across his chest. He tangled his big hands in my hair and slanted his mouth over mine, taking my mouth in a hungry kiss. I mated my tongue with his and ground my hips against his half-exposed cock, trying to make contact with my eager clit. Jack rolled me over and pulled my hands over my head. He propped himself over me and gave me a sexy half-smile.

“You think you are ready for more, baby, but you aren’t. Tell me what you need first, Lilly-girl?” He stroked a finger down my cheek and over my lip, nudging it past my teeth and onto my tongue.

I sucked instinctively, licking and biting gently, rubbing my thighs together against the mounting frustration. He started to pull away and I whimpered. “I… I need … to come.” I sucked harder, looking up at him with needy eyes. His gaze grew hotter, glittered with fierce control.

“Yea, angel baby. You need to come before you can take my hard dick in this little pussy.” He reached around and stroked over fast links my dewy pussy lips, making my arch back. He answered with a low chuckle. “Lay back, baby. I want to taste your creamy lips.” I did as he asked, my arms going above my head without any reminder. I knew how he liked it, and how I liked it as well. He stroked my thighs and calves, gently pushing them apart and arranging them the way he wanted them. I felt his mouth begin its journey down my stomach, over the tops of my thighs, behind my knees. He turned me to make his way up the backs of my thighs and licked the curve of my ass, pinching lightly where it joined my thighs, making me quiver. He peppered baby-kisses near my bare mound, not quite on my center but close enough that I could feel the soft stubble of his trimmed beard on my puffy, waiting lips.

“Please, Jack…..” I whimpered on a breath, trying to lift my hips toward his clever mouth.

He looked up from his task, smoke in his eyes and a slow half-grin on his lips. “Please what, sweet girl? Are you ready for more?” His tongue darted out and barely touched my aching clit.

I jerked my thighs wider in response and sucked in a sharp breath. “Aaahhhh!” I heard his chuckle as I moaned and writhed, his strong hands holding my hips firmly in place.

“Okay babe. You have been a good girl, getting nice and wet for me and waiting for so long….” Jack stroked his hands around my thighs and back to my ass, cupping a cheek in each palm. He lifted me up to his smiling face and placed a soft firm kiss right on my dripping pussy. I instinctively grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him in tighter against my needy cunt and he angled his head, sliding his tongue into my slit for a full-on French kiss to my pussy. I felt his tongue fuck my slit and we both moaned at the sensation. Jack pulled back and looked up at me from between my thighs, groaned low in his throat and gave a long lick from the bottom of my cunt to the tip of my clit. Then he took my clit between his lips and worked his tongue over the little nub, making me quiver all over.

“Oooooohhhhh…..” I rolled my head back and let his tongue and mouth have my pussy. He nibbled and sucked at my clit and achy pussy lips, his thumbs ran up and down the sides of my puffy outer lips and down to tease my ass. He slid his long fingers along my slit and lightly pinched and spanked my cunt lips, then kissed and sucked the sting away. I moaned and shook with lust, grinding my hips toward his elusive tongue to catch more of what he offered.

I could feel the pussy juice running down my crack and felt Jack slide his fingers through it. “My little wet pussy-girl … so sweet and juicy. Give me some cream baby, so I can fuck this hot pussy. Come for me Lilly girl.” He murmured his desire against my clit and slowly slid two long fingers into my waiting cunt, then pulled them back just enough to make me cry out. “C’mon babe….give me my cream…” Then he wrapped his hot mouth around my swollen nub and tongued me while he fucked his fingers in and out of my dripping pussy.

I started a low moan that built into a needy cry as my cunt started to cream around his fingers. He felt it and added a slide of his thumb over my slippery asshole and I arched off the bed. “Aaaahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm!…..” Pussy juice ran down his wrist as he kept up his perfect finger fuck in my shaking cunt. “Jesus, Jack! Fuck yes!” He slowed his mouth down to slide slippery kisses over my stunned clit and gently started to slide his fingers free. His tongue danced over my puffy lips while he rubbed my dripping cream into my thighs and ass. I lay back and felt him kissing and licking me, floating on a haze of satisfaction and lust. I played with my nipples and watched Jack lift his head and look down at my well loved pussy. He ran a finger from clit to asshole and gave a sexy grin.

Jack sat back on his heels and stroked his hard thick cock for me to see. “Now this little pink pussy looks like it needs a good fuck. What do you think, Lilly baby? Are you ready for more?”

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