The Magic Thong

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Big Tits

I had a really wild dream the other night and thought I’d share it. I’m not sure what sparked it, as I haven’t been shopping for such a thing lately, so who knows.

I was in a second-hand clothing store just looking around, not really interested in anything specific. In one section they had t-shirts, undershirts and even underwear. I’d always kind of laughed at thrift store underwear, while also hoping I was never in a dire enough situation where I couldn’t afford at least the cheapest new pair.

On one hanger was a pair that caught my eye. They were made of simple cotton and plain grey in color, with only a small patch in front and a smaller one in back. It was a men’s thong with a small little triangle of fabric at the back, not a full string thong. I instantly got aroused looking at it, wondering how it would feel on me. Before I got too excited in the main shopping area, I headed to the fitting room to try it on.

I could hardly wait and felt my cock growing in my pants as I pulled my shirt off and pushed down my pants and boxers all at once. I was naked except for my socks, looking down to see that my cock was already half hard. I looked at the underwear on the wall, neatly clipped to the hanger. As I reached for the hanger I thought denizli escort about who had owned them before me and, more importantly, what his cock was like. Mmm, maybe his was a nice thick one, a bit like mine, but a bit longer and thicker. Or maybe his cock was uncut, something that has always been a turn on for me, since I’m circumcised. As I put my legs through each opening and bent to pull them up my cock was almost fully hard; I wondered if I would be able to fit it into the tiny small pouch in the front.

I couldn’t stop thinking about whose cock had been in them before me. My mind was racing with sexy thoughts. I pulled them on, feeling the soft cotton material slide between my firm, smooth ass cheeks. The thong felt great in my crack and I could feel it hugging my asshole and around to the underside of my shaved balls. With my cock full hard it stuck out of the front, extending beyond the top hem of the underwear. I slide my hand down and tucked my cock sideways, securing it under the tiny corner of the front pouch, where it met the thin side material. With my cock tucked away, it only grew harder and more eager. I had my eyes closed, thinking about the nice hard cock that had been in that pouch diyarbakır escort before mine.

My cock felt huge and hard, bigger than ever, I thought. It also felt like it was still filling with blood, though I was sure it was fully fat when I had grasped it to tuck it away. I opened my eyes and looked down. Sure enough, my cock was huge and the pouch was so tight I couldn’t stand it. I reach down and slipped my cockhead out the top, letting it throb against my belly. To my surprise, it continued to grow. I have a nicely sized cock, but nothing world-class. As I stood there staring down it kept on getting longer and longer, inching up towards my face as I watched in amazement. The thong seemed to be possessed, maybe blessed with the spirit of the huge cock it had previously attempted to contain.

I closed my eyes to wonder about the cock again, picturing a nice, thick shaft and some big smooth balls. When I opened them, my cock was beyond my navel and halfway up my chest. I’d never done it before, mainly because I could never reach, but also because I was a bit nervous. But, standing there thinking about the former cock-occupant I was just too horny to be shy.

I leaned my head down and antalya escort took the end of my shaft and my big fat cockhead in my mouth. My cock throbbed as it felt the wetness of my mouth around it. I bobbed my head up and down, finding it incredibly exciting to be sucking my own huge hard-on. I groaned and took a bit more in my mouth. Stopping to admire the length and girth it had grown to, I reached and stroked my shaft, admiring how sexy my cockhead looked with my saliva all over it. My balls were still in the small pouch, which felt sexy, adding to the feel as they were a bit trapped and restrained.

I went back to sucking it, imagining it was the original owner’s cock, thinking about how horny it would make me to suck him after pulling his cock free from the tight cotton pouch. I sucked slowly, but eagerly and hard, enjoying how great my mouth felt on my cock. Groaning again, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I exploded.

Pulling my head up and reaching down again, I began to stroke my shaft. As I moaned with pleasure the first burst of cum rocketed from my cock. I had been too nervous to keep on sucking away, not sure how to handle my spurt. But, as soon as I saw the cum fly from my cock, I couldn’t resist. I quickly lowered my head to my cock again, taking half of it in my mouth as I squeezed my balls through the thin cotton. Another three blasts fired from my cock, flooding my mouth with cum. I eagerly sucked away, so horny from the orgasm and from feel my own throbbing cock twitch and spurt in my mouth.

What a magical pair of underwear, and what a sexy dream!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32