Her Defilement Ch. 03

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Her whimpers were raw and low, drowned out by the sound of the table being adjusted. She felt the lowest half drop away and her dangling legs were lifted one at a time and her feet slid into stirrups, locked into place.


Her cunt open. Wide open to every pair of eyes that might look down. Were there others? Others watching this debasement. Watching her body flex and strain. Were they staring into the warm pink of her and seeing what she felt?


“Oh lookie here, looks like someone is having a good time. Who would have thought uhn?” The woman crooned the words and there was a quick rending of paper and a sudden bright cold slathered down the slit of her pussy.

She gasped loudly and her hips bucked upward, her arms flying up in the air, clawing, as the woman clucked disapprovingly.

“Now don’t make me have to buckle you down so early in the night, chere. We are just…getting started. You’ll find hand rails if you reach down. Use them.” Her voice dropped. Smooth iced words hissed between her legs. “Flail like a wet cat again and I’ll make you wish you didn’t have arms to move.”

The threat was more than enough. She reached down and grasped her fingers tightly around the cool metal hand railings at the sides of the table. It was not long before that slathering cold wet was replaced by the pinch of well manicure nails splaying her wide open. She was rewarded with a cruel soft laugh as she winced visibly to the burn that those nails bit into tender folds.

A sudden slide of what kuşadası escort felt huge into her urethra had her wailing miserable as she clung to the hand railings. The raw burn of the tubing sliding in that tiny hole familiar. Twice he’d done it to her. Twice she had suffered it. Out of love. Out of a need to serve. Out of a need to please. Him.

But this. God fuckkkking damn, it hurrrrrrrrrt.

“Oh dear, I suppose I should have said take a deep breath and relax it out. Tsk.”

She hated this bitch. She hated her. One way or the other this no hearted monster would pay before she was done.

“Ohhhhhhhnnnnnnnngggggggg” The groan was hers. The tubing cruelly tugged to make sure it had seated properly into her bladder.

“First step in the cleansing process. Fill and empty the bladder. We don’t want any filthy whorepiss staining our clothing later.” She sounded down right fucking cheery now. “You know you have a very pretty cunt for filth. They’ll take care of that though.”


How many. How many were going to shame her on this night. Take what she did not. DID NOT want to give.

She felt the liquid gushing into her. Something connected to the catheter was filling her bladder at a slow steady pace. She could feel the sensation. That first fluttery feeling of needing to urinate. But soon it was past that. It was that full aching do it now or else you are going to piss yourself right where you are. Her tummy bloated. She snuffled breaths through the zippered mouth hole and fought kuşadası escort bayan a sob. She’d die before she cried out again.

A hand slid over her burgeoning belly taunted. “So sweet, it looks as if your carrying child. You might have looked so lovely in such a state.”

Might have.

“Now you just hang on to all that liquid a few mmm? I’ve plugged the catheter. You won’t be getting it out even if you tried anyways” Laughter, she was truly enjoying this.

A rustle of plastic, a snap of gloves and she felt the first familiar slide of a speculum against her vagina. She froze. Literally froze. “Relax, relax, it won’t hurt a bit” Those words long ago murmured at her first trip to a gyno. Age 14. She could still recall staring up into the room lights, her mother grasping her hand as she let her knees give and spread open wide and the pleased exclamation of the doctor. She recalled vividly her tears trickling from the corners of her eyes.

It had hurt.

Another push and it was sliding in. Cold. Covered in gel. Her thighs quivered and quivered to each ratcheting noise of the dial being increased. She was being opened.

“That’s right, yawwwwwwwwwn for me. Look at that. Pink, such a deep pretty pink. Sure it looks clean. But who knows whats hiding in all those deep velvety folds filth. So clean we must.”

Please. She said it soundlessly. Her throat was burning. She was so thirsty and yet. She ached with the fullness of bladder. She lost herself for a few moments in the escort kuşadası vividness of imagination, taken away to Cadhill’s where every other Sunday she met Andrew and he let her indulge in those huge ice cream floats. Oh how she wanted one right now. Or water. Just a sip of water.

Water. Just warmed enough not to send her into shock.


From some sort of little spigot it was being flushed into her spread walls, she could feel it in her tummy it seemed. Filling her, hitting everywhere and spilling back out again.

“OH do. Oh doooo scream filth. Then we are assured that you are truly getting the idea of what CLEAN really means. Don’t you feel…refreshed?” The water just stopped. She could still feeling it trickling out of herself, heard it splashing down. Onto the floor? Into a bag? She was moaning and it was unstoppable.

Another tug of the catheter and press of hand down against her belly. She shuddered and felt icey hot race through her body. In the mask her face, sheened with persperation contorted. Tears squeezed out of tightly shut eyes. Something was done and then she felt a weight to the tubing, hanging downward and she could not stop her bladder from releasing anymore than she could not breathe. She spilled and spilled and nearly died from the ecstasy of that relief. She moaned and arched at the chest, heaving breasts jutted, straining as if to some invisible hand.

“Oh don’t get to happy precious” A hissing promise of things to come laced those words just as the tubing was JERKED from her and she felt it rake down out of that tiny swollen hole. She screamed again. She screamed curses. For God. For Andrew and for a moment, a glorious moment, the world blackened out for what would be the first of many times in the night to come.

Pt. 4 Coming Soon

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