Her New Sir Ch. 01

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I’m going to meet my potential new Sir tomorrow and I can’t stop thinking about it. Images of what could possibly happen tomorrow keep running through my mind. He’s mixed like me, but with black and Hispanic, so we’re similar, but opposite. I’m caramel, he’s mocha. The thought of our skin next to each other evokes images of coffee and cream swirling together. He’s the first black guy I’ve ever really been interested in. The though passes my mind that I’m going to take my first black cock tomorrow night and it stirs something inside of me. I’ve seen pictures of his cock, so I have an idea of what it looks like and I can’t wait to see it in person. It looks huge, but I’m sure its bigger than I’m imagining. He’s also a dominant. Something I’ve had before, but not in quite a while which makes me more nervous and excited. I can’t stop thinking about how tomorrow night is going to go…

I showed up at his door at the specified time wearing my blue dress with white flowers. I have no panties on underneath as per his request. I also made sure to shower and shave just before I left the house so I would be fresh for him. My coffee brown, waist-length hair is tied up in a high pony-tail while my bangs softly frame my face and tuck behind my ear. I’ve got on my push up bra which is making my tits pop out of my dress and flats to accentuate our height difference. I’m 5’8 and he’s 5’11. I like to feel small especially with a dominant, so I skipped the heels.

He answers the door wearing a button down shirt, suspenders, tie, and slacks. From the moment he opens the door I want to lick him from top to bottom. He’s tall, handsome, well spoken, and very fit. If I had panties on they would have dropped right then. He invites me in and just as I step through the walk way he leans in and kisses me gently. It helps to break some of the tension and we stand there enjoying the moment before I feel his hands wrap around my waist and lift up the bottom of my dress. His hand roams all over my ass making sure I did as told.

“Good girl. No panties just as I requested.” He runs his hand along my hip, across my stomach and down to my inner thigh. He gently slips his finger between my lower lips to discover how turned on I am. I gasp lightly and spread my legs a bit so he can get easier access. “Good girl,” he encourages as he slips a finger inside of me. I attempt to control my breathing as he glides his fingers gently in and out of my cunt. “So tight. I can’t wait to shove my dick in there later. Let me see my pussy.”

He slips his fingers out of me and leads me to the center of the living room. “Bend over for me.” I lean forward while standing up, rest my hands on the ground and transfer some of my weight on to my hands while my legs spread a bit. I gently rock my ass back and forth while he watches me from behind. He gets on his knees behind me and begins to lick my slit. He runs his tongue along my opening and down to my clit. He begins teasing my clit and a soft moan escapes my lips. He then smacks me on the ass and stands up instructing me to do the same. “Just wanted to do a quick inspection of my new pussy. Want to watch a movie?” He says grinning.

I nodded and followed him on to the couch. I attempted to catch my breath. I was ready and he knew it, but he was going to make me wait. I was frustrated and turned on at the same time. I figured we weren’t going to be watching much of the movie anyway, so I picked one I had already seen and way funny. He got us drinks and we sat on the couch together. I sat in the middle kuşadası escort of the couch and figured I would let him determine how close he wanted to sit. Never knew how much others liked to cuddle.

When he came back, he sat right next to me and put his arm around me. I figured it was okay to lean in and after a few minutes I was cuddled up with my head on his chest. That’s my favorite cuddle spot and his large pectoral underneath definitely enhanced the moment. I attempted to pay attention as the movie started, but my pussy was on fire. I was so horny I was ready to rip his clothes off at that very moment and he knew it. I tried to play it cool and leaned my ass a bit to the side so my juices wouldn’t mess up my dress. He sensed my discomfort and kissed me on the forehead. I felt his hand begin to gently stroke my breast as it moved closer to the top of my dress. I looked down and realized my bra was almost half way exposed and my tits were literally popping. I would normally have adjusted, but I figured his hand was already working its way to my nipple and I wasn’t going to stop it.

It was agonizingly slowly that he caressed my breast before he let his fingers begin to wander in to my bra. My pussy had calmed down just a bit by that point, but I knew it would get hot again when he got to my nipple. Just as predicted, the moment his finger began to lightly stroke the top of my nipple I drew in a sharp breath which I immediately tried to hide. I know he caught it because a smile ran across his face. “Rather sensitive nipples, baby?” I nodded and tried not to blush. I wrapped my arm around his stomach and sank down a little hiding my red cheeks. All it did was encourage him.

Within a minute his fingers were gently pinching and rolling my nipple between them. I tensed a little while my pussy heated back up. My breath got a little heavier as he began teasing me. His other hand reached up and started pulling down the other side of my bra. I knew I had to speed him along a little or I was going to end up sitting in a puddle. My hand started to gently run across his stomach, then down a bit further to the top of his pants, then down further to feel his cock through his slacks. I was pleased with what I discovered. It felt just about as big as I imagined. The thought of it being inside of me only increased my arousal.

“Why don’t you lean back and let me get a look at my new tits?” He grinned as I began to comply. “Matter of fact, stand up, I want to see you.” We both stood up and he very gently assisted me in removing my dress, then my bra. He stepped back to take me all in and I attempted to cover my tummy by crossing my hands in front of my lower belly. “Arms to your sides, girl. I want to see all of you.” I blushed and lowered my head as I did as I was told. “I don’t know what you’re worried about. You’re beautiful.” I blushed again and thanked him for the compliment.

He came close to me and caressed my right breast while he began to kiss me. My arms went to his sides and began gently pulling at his clothes. He assisted by lowering his suspenders and taking off his tie. I began untucking and unbuttoning his shirt. I pulled it off of him and then ran my hands across his smooth, muscular chest. He moved away from me a bit, taking my hand and leading me in to the bedroom.

He brought me to the edge of the bed. “On your knees, girl.” I sat on the floor on my knees with my hands in my lap looking up at him. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out. Before he said kuşadası escort bayan anything, my tongue was gently licking the underside of his head and down his shaft. My right hand reached up so I could lift it a bit. I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit it all in my mouth, but I was definitely going to try. I got the head nice and wet and opened my mouth wide. I managed to get the head of his cock in my mouth, but just barely. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and began working it deeper in to my mouth a little at a time. His heavy breathing and gentle moans encouraged me. I looked up at him realizing this was the first time I ever had a big black cock in my mouth. The though got me more turned on which encouraged me to fit more of Sir’s dick down my throat. He kept a hand at the back of my head and began gently rocking his hips. Slowly, he began to fuck my face.

I was getting completely turned on and moans began to escape my throat. Every time his cock wasn’t pushing down attempting to gain more ground a little moan would accompany my heavy breath. I tried to take as much of my new Sir’s cock down my throat as I could which led to me gagging a few times. I picked up my speed, as did he. “You little slut, you like sucking my cock, don’t you?” I attempted to acknowledge, but a garbled moan and slight nod was all I could manage. “You keep this up and you’re going to make me cum.” He pulled his cock from my mouth smiling. “I’m not wasting my first load inside of you down your throat.” We both smiled as I began wiping my mouth. He stepped completely out of his pants while motioning me to get on the bed. “On your back, girl. I’m not done inspecting my new pussy. Let’s see how wet you are.”

He reached down between my cunt lips. “Holy shit, you’re so messy. Some of it has run down your thighs.” He positioned himself between my legs, spreading them wide. He got close to my cunt, removed his fingers and put it in his mouth sucking my juices off. “You taste amazing. Here, have some.” Sir quickly gathered a sample of my wetness on to his finger and brought it to my mouth. I eagerly sucked it off enjoying my tangy, sweet taste.

“Tastes really good, sir.” As I got the last word out he began lapping at my clit. His finger re-entered my cunt and curled up in an attempt to find my g-spot, which didn’t take long. My moans went up an octave as he began manipulating my g-spot. “Careful with that, Sir. It can get pretty messy,” I warned.

“If you’re going to squirt then do it, just make sure you ask for permission first.”

I nodded and gasped “Yes, Sir.” I could feel my squirt begin to build and my cunt begin to push. That’s when he took his finger out of me and focused on licking my clit. This was a completely different type of stimulation and my body went from preparing to squirt to working toward a clitoral orgasm which used a totally different set of muscles. It took a minute for me to get close again, but it wasn’t long before I began asking for my first orgasm “Please, Sir may I cum?”

“Not yet.” He stopped licking my clit and brought the focus back to my g-spot. He knew that teasing it was going to make me squirt harder. Again my pussy began to build toward an orgasm and push out making my spot more available and ready to cum. He moved his hand away and slapped my pussy a few times. I squealed in frustration and my body began to convulse. I was still on the edge.

“Please, sir, don’t stop. Please let me cum:” I began to beg with everything I had. I needed to escort kuşadası cum right then, but just couldn’t. Waves of frustration stemming from my cunt ran through my body as I begged for release. He let me lay there for a few agonizing minutes enjoying the site of me writhing and begging for release.

“Ok baby girl.” He slipped his finger inside of me, curled it just right and went back to manipulating my spot. He quickly gained pace as my cunt began to prepare for an orgasm again. “Good girl. Fucking cum for me. Yes.” My moans got louder and my breath heavier. Right before I was about to cum he quickened his pace and fucked my g-spot like a jackhammer. I let out a scream as my cunt began to squirt its juices all over his hand. One, two, three spurts of girl cum shot out of my pussy as he continued to encourage me. He slowed down a bit and let me catch my breath for a moment.

“Bend over for me, girl. I have to have you now.” I got on all fours for him and arched my back. He brought his cock to my mouth so I could get it nice and wet for him, which I happily did. Sir then moved back behind me. He put a couple of fingers in my cunt and teased my g-spot for a minute. I could feel him lining his dick up with my cunt as he teased me. He removed his fingers and put the head of his massive cock against my pussy.

Slowly he began pushing his cock in to my cunt. It was a tight fit, so he moved slowly allowing me time to adjust to his size. It felt amazing having his monster dick spread my pussy open. I backed up on to him a bit to get more in. He began gently rocking back and forth so my pussy would stretch to his size a bit and he could slide more in. By the time the entire thing was inside of me I was ready for another orgasm. “Please may I cum, Sir.”

“Yes, baby girl.” He continued to slowly slide his cock in and out of me as my pussy muscles contracted around his cock. Deep, slow, firm strokes were all I got while my cunt came around his magnificent member. He slipped his cock out of me and slapped in on my exposed ass hole. “That ass is gonna be mine, too. You ready for me to claim my new pussy, girl?” I nodded as I was catching my breath.

“Yes, Sir. Please claim this cunt as yours. Use it however you like, Sir.” He slapped my ass with one hand and grasped my shoulder with the other while he slid back inside of me. He continued to push the entire length of his cock in to me while gaining speed. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to continue taking every inch the harder he fucked me, but I took it like a good girl. My face was buried in the mattress as he worked himself closer to cumming. He was using me as his personal fuck toy and I was loving every second of it. I was getting closer to orgasm, too and began to beg for release.

“You can cum when I do, baby girl. Hold off until then. I’m almost there. You want me to cum in that little pussy? You want me to claim that cunt?” He slammed his cock inside of me as I managed to moan “Yes,” between gasps. I felt him grab on to my hips and began to pound my little cunt getting himself closer to shooting his load inside of me. Right as I could no longer hold my own orgasm he announced he was cumming and we released together. I could feel every spurt of his hot cum filling my sweet little pussy as I came. I tightened my cunt muscles milking every drop from him.

He slipped his cock out of me and collapsed on the bed next to me. “Not bad for our first one, baby girl. Let me get a drink and we’ll have some more fun. Don’t let that cum leak too much. I want you to keep it inside of you for a while.”

“Yes, Sir,” was all I could manage as my orgasm backed off. I then realized that he was going to be coming back for more and instantly began getting turned on again. I wanted more of his hot, black cock in my tight pussy.

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