His Dirty Little Secret

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Keri stood naked staring at her reflection in the mirror, hating herself more with each passing moment. The minute she answered his call, she knew it would end up as it always had before. Deep down, she held on to what little faith she had left that this time was the last time. He would no longer use her then slip out the door to be with someone else. After all, he had become her Master, despite how badly he treated her. Keri wasn’t stupid. She knew about the others, and there had been many of them, but one thing remained a constant. He always came back to her.

She had fallen deeply in love with him some time ago. She couldn’t pinpoint the moment it happened, because it felt like she had loved him all of her life. Keri gave herself to him without hesitation, leading to the nature of their relationship. She had no idea how he truly felt about her. He had told her long ago that he loved her, but then he left her for several months without a word. When he returned, he was with someone new. He had not even taken the time to tell her. Still, she could not tell him no.

She ran her fingers over her sun kissed cheeks, looking hard for any imperfections he may find displeasing. She stared into her own eyes for a moment. Where there once was a glimmer of hope and happiness now was home to sadness so deep it consumed her soul. She brushed her dirty blond hair away from her face, forcing the best smile she could muster as she heard footsteps outside the front door.

She quickly scampered to the living room, stopping a few feet from the door. There she dropped to her knees, her body molding itself into the picture of submissive perfection. Her thighs spread widely, invitingly displaying her shaved, baby smooth flesh. She arched her back deeply, pushing her ample breasts forward. Keri drew in a deep breath, exhaling slowly as she focused on her love for him as she tried to rid herself of the thoughts that plagued her.

The backs of her hands came to rest squarely on her tanned thighs as she stared at the door handle… The knob turned slowly as the door swung open. Her gaze immediately dropped as she flashed her best attempt at a smile. Her breath stopped, anticipating his inspection of her. Scott closed the door, standing in front of her for a moment. He stroked her hair as he looked down at her with a pleased smile. This was where she was expected to be whenever he arrived.

“Well little one, I see you have not forgotten how to greet me,” he said

He walked past her, making his way toward the chair at the opposite side of the room. He sat down, his eyes remaining on her, and pointed to the spot directly in front of his feet without speaking as much as a syllable. Obediently, Keri placed her palms on the floor in front of her, crawling to him like a lowly animal and resumed her position at his feet.

“Very good little one, now remove My shoes and socks,” he said as he sunk back into the kuşadası escort chair.

Keri nodded slightly, her fingers immediately worked to untie his shoes. She slid them off, his socks following after each, and laid them next to the chair. She sat back on her heels again, her hands falling to her thighs as she awaited his next command. He smiled, just staring at her for a moment. He stood up, tossing his blue Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt onto the sofa.

“Well girl, what are you waiting for,” he asked, his crotch inches from her face.

Her fingers fumbled to unfasten his pants as quickly as she could, sliding them down his legs. He stepped out of them, kicking them aside for the moment. She wrapped her long, slender fingers around his swollen shaft as she leaned forward. Holding him steady, she guided the head of his cock between her soft pink lips.

Her tongue worked in small circles as it languidly lapped at the smooth skin. She began to feed his cock into her warm wet mouth slowly. With her lips wrapped tightly around him, she began to suck lightly at first. He reached down, grabbing a handful of her hair as he forced the length of his cock into her throat. She swallowed hard to keep herself from gagging as he assaulted her throat. Her tongue pressed firmly against the underside of her shaft as he fucked her mouth.

Keri hated herself for what she had become, but she could not tell him no. No one else had ever made her feel like he did. She hated the pain that he caused her both physically and emotionally, but the feelings his touch evoked surpassed the hatred. She worked her tongue along his cock, tracing the veins that ran along it as he forced it deep into her throat with every thrust. Her eyes closed, continuing to do her best to please him. Scott yanked her hair hard, pulling her off his throbbing shaft and forcing her onto the floor. She landed against it with a loud thud.

“Get on your hands and knees slut,” he growled.

“Yes Master,” she replied softly as she rolled into position.

His hand caressed her soft cheeks for a moment before he drew back, swatting her hard. Her skin quickly reflected back the angry red handprint. He forced her legs further apart, his left lining the head of his engorged shaft up with her tender pink slit. The tip nuzzled between her lips, allowing him to grip her hips with both hands. With a single, brutal thrust, Scott hilted himself inside her. Her body jolted back and forth like a shaken rag doll with the impact of each stroke. He growled and grunted as he plowed deep inside her.

Her soft whimpers went unnoticed as he reached down, giving her clit a harsh pinch. Her body stiffened, the sweet pain shot through her. Keri rocked back into his thrusts, her body beginning to crave more of his vicious lust. She knew he was the only one who could ever satisfy her need for such treatment. Her moans became kuşadası escort bayan louder with each thrust, feeling the head of his cock angrily stabbing at the opening of her cervix. He slammed his cock into her as hard as he could, forcing further into her. He stared down at his rigid shaft as it moved in and out of her. Thin streaks of blood lined his skin as he continued to ream her tight hole.

He moved his hand to her breast, squeezing it hard as his fingers sought out her nipple. Scott yanked the swollen pink nub, twisting it between his thumb and index finger. His nails dug into it as he tugged on it, causing Keri to shriek. Her body was trembling as each cruel gesture brought her closer to orgasm. Each cry was a plead for more, as she forced herself back into each thrust.

“If you want to cum, you better beg for it you filthy little whore,” he stated as he reamed her abused cunt.

She whimpered loudly, struggling to keep herself from disobeying. Her body so close to climax that she was unsure she could do it.

“Oh Master, please let girl cum. Let her show You just how much she loves Your brutal touch. Please Master, let girl drench Your cock in her juices and cum for You,” she pleaded between panting breaths.

“You have to do better than that slut,” he replied.

“Oh fuck, Master, please let girl cum. Girl is so close, she just wants to please You Master. Please, girl will do anything if You let her cum, anything You wish Master,” she begged. “Just let girl cum for You.”

“You will do whatever I say anyway you sorry excuse for a cumdumpster,” he groaned, pumping furiously into her.

“Oh god Master, girl can’t hold out much longer. The feel of Your cock inside her makes her so hot,” her words trailed off as she fought to keep control.

“Cum you fucking slut,” he growled.

He felt the spasms around him as he began to fuck her harder, causing her to cry out in pain. The thin trickle of blood smeared over his cock as he hammered her as hard as he could. Her juices dribbled down from her tortured cunt each time he forced himself all the way inside her. His balls slapped loudly against the wetness that coated her clit.

Her body shuddered hard, still caught in the grips of the intense climax. She tried to form intelligible words but all she could muster was a tangled mess of guttural sounds. His fingers tangled in her hair, jerking her head back. He withdrew from her dripping wet cunt, placing the tip of his cock to her puckered anus.

“You are far from done bitch,” he answered.

His cock jabbed into her, hilting itself with a single thrust. Keri cried out in pain as he ripped through the tight ring of muscles. Tears streamed down her cheeks as he impaled her on his throbbing cock. The tender lining of the dark opening felt as it if it was being shredded with each invasion. The pain subsided slowly, as her body escort kuşadası became accustomed to his girth. His powerful thrusts became more intense. He grunted as he yanked her back into each thrust. Her hair felt as if it was being ripped out as he continued to ravage her body.

Her eyes clenched shut as he twisted the handful of hair in his grip. Her neck wrenched painfully as she moved her head to follow the motion of his hand. Her painful cries fueled him on as he continued to ream her tight little ass. He used that grip to yank her back into his thrusts, causing her extreme pain. She whimpered and moaned as he brutalized her puckered little opening. It did not take long for him to make her bleed from his cruel touch.

He stared down at the streaks of blood on his cock, making him only fuck her harder and faster. He always seemed to take great joy in abusing her body. She was the only girl who ever withstood the dark side of his lusts and begged for more. He grunted as he released her hair, his fingers moving to her hips. He grasped her tightly, digging his nails into her flesh as he pulled her back into each thrust, leaving little crescent shaped lacerations. She knew there would be bruises to match when he finished.

Keri could feel him throbbing inside her more intensely now. Her body ached from his touch, yet still continued to throw herself back into his pumping hips with all her might. The pain was intense but it was well worth it to please him. There was always that shred of hope that if she tried harder, if she gave all of herself to him that he would return her love.

His right hand moved, wrapping around her throat as he began to squeeze. She closed her eyes as she felt it becoming more difficult to breathe. She struggled for each breath, feeling lightheaded as he continued to tighten his grip on her. His hips slammed hard into hers, her breasts bouncing hard with each collision of their bodies. She was on the verge of collapse when she heard the familiar growl and the warm torrent of cum flood into her bowel.

The moment he released her throat, her arms gave out, dropping her upper body against the floor. He held himself inside her for a moment as he panted, catching his breath. She slowly composed herself, remaining on her hands and knees until his spent cock slipped from her abused hole. Immediately upon its withdrawal, Keri spun around, lowering her head and devouring his shaft. She dutifully licked it clean, making sure not to miss an inch. The metallic tang of blood nauseated her but still she continued in hopes of his approval.

He stroked her hair gently as she fed upon the mixture of juices that clung to his flesh.

“Good girl.” he said, glancing over at the clock. “I need to get going. I have to pick up Cynthia. She’s meeting my parents tonight.”

He stumbled to his feet, pushing her away. She remained kneeling, her head hung as she tried to keep from crying in front of him. Scott dressed quickly and patted her on the head as he passed. Moments later, he was gone again and she was left alone with her self-loathing. Keri rose to her feet and went to the bathroom to try to wash away the filthy feelings that now consumed her.

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