The Gentlemen’s Panty Club Pt. 05 – Final

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Authors note: This is the fifth and final part of my story, and I believe I have saved the best for last. Thank you to those of you who’ve read the first four parts. For those readers who are new to The Gentlemen’s Panty Club, I have included a short cheat sheet in this note, listing the major characters and a few significant details about them, that should help you understand this final part better.

The Mason family:

Edward Joseph Mason IV, aka Joey, is the story narrator. He is thirty-five years old, and the CEO of the family business, Mason Industries, LLC. He’s had a fascination with women’s underwear since he was young; he’s been wearing panties every day for fifteen years. The Masons are members of the upper class society of San Francisco, which means Joey was automatically accepted into the most exclusive and prestigious gentlemen’s club in The City, The Excelsior Club. There is a smaller sub group of club members who belong to a secret organization. These members all share the same interest, wearing pretty panties, and the organization is called The Gentlemen’s Panty Club.

Edward Joseph Mason III, aka Edward, is Joey’s father. He was the CEO of the family business, but after Joey graduated from college and learned the company workings, he retired at the young age of fifty-five to enjoy his wealth and spend more time spoiling his wife, whom he adores. He is also a member of The Gentlemen’s Panty club.

Beverly Mason is Joey’s mother and the wife of Edward. Joey’s parents have a somewhat unusual relationship. Edward manages the normal day-to-day decisions, but in their bedroom Beverly is the person in charge. Beverly knows about and fully supports Joey’s panty fetish. She bought Joey his first pair of panties, and has taken him shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

The Chatsworth family:

Harold Chatsworth and his family are neighbors and best friends to the Mason family. Harold is a federal district court judge and a member of the Panty Club.

Julia Chatsworth is Harold’s wife and Beverly Mason’s best girlfriend. They are members of the same country club and church.

Edith Chatsworth is the daughter of Harold and Julia. Growing up Joey was her best friend and she’s known about his “panty problem” since the beginning. When Joey was moving away to college he had his first sexual experience with Edith, and as a result he fell hopelessly in love with her. Edith broke his heart six months later. Edith has shared a family secret with Joey; Edith and her mother both enjoy pegging Edith’s father with a strapon dildo!

Bridgette O’Brien is Joey’s first girl friend from grammar school. She and Joey fell out of touch after leaving school, but they reconnected when Joey started working at Mason Industries. Bridgette was the Executive Assistant to Joey’s father, and she taught Joey how to manage the business. She knows that Joey and his father both wear panties. Bridgette is Joey’s fiancé.

Melanie Johnson is Bridgette’s best girlfriend from grammar school. Now she is the manager of the local Victoria’s Secret store. Bridgette and Melanie taught each other how to kiss and masturbate. They enjoy getting together to fantasy role play.

Chapter 1, Shopping at Victoria’s Secret

“Joey, don’t take too long in the shower, please. You know how your mother is when her party guests are late.”

I rinsed some lavender scented soap suds from my eyes and called back loudly, so Bridgette could hear me over the sound of the running water, “No worries, Bridge, I’m almost done.”

I didn’t dare be late for this particular party, because we would be celebrating a very momentous occasion, my parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary; plus, Bridgette and I had decided to finally announce the date of our wedding.

My fiancé pulled the shower curtain aside, casually studying my body for a few seconds, before she looked me in the eye, and smiling mischievously she said, “Do I have to help you, Mister Mason?”

My beautiful Bridgette stood two feet from me… naked. Her womanly figure is stunning. Her full round breasts are perfect, as are her perky pink nipples that I adore. I couldn’t help noticing they were erect, pointing towards me, drawing my gaze directly to them.

I’m a lucky man.

“Why yes, I could use your help, Miss O’Brien. I was just about to shave.”

Bridgette studied my face for a bit, and then rubbed my chin with the palm of her hand. “You don’t need to shave Joey; your face is smooth.”

I grabbed my razor off the shelf and offered it to her. Then I looked downward, towards my genitals, “I’m getting a bit scruffy down there; don’t you think, dear?”

She looked down and giggled, “Yes, I see that. Ok Joey, you hold still, and I’ll take care of that for you. I don’t want to knick something that I might need later.”

I suppose I should explain that this is not the first time my fiancé has shaved me “down there”. After we decided to get married a few months ago, I begged urfa escort Bridgette to move in with me, and thankfully, she agreed. We we’re smitten with each other and simply had to be together as much as possible, so naturally, we started showering together too.

During that first shower we took turns washing each other’s bodies, and when it was time to wash Bridgette’s pussy, I knelt in front of her and looked intently at her sex for a few seconds. Of course, by this time I was sporting a full erection, and had a huge grin on my face. When I reached out with the loofa to start soaping her, she held up her hand and stopped me. I was concerned that I might be moving too fast, and when I looked up at her face she seemed to be thinking about something.

“Is something wrong, Bridgette?”

She looked down at me, “I want to ask you something personal Joey. Is that ok?”

My curiosity peaked.

“Absolutely dear. You can ask me about anything.”

“Ok, please be honest. Do you like the way I look now, or would you like me better without pubic hair?”

I thought for a few seconds before answering her.

“Well, that doesn’t really matter, but since you asked me to be honest, I would prefer you completely hairless. I love your cunt and everything about it. I don’t dislike your pubic hair, but I could see your slit better if you were shaved.”

Bridgette laughed out loud, “Ha, I thought so! Well, I guess that does make sense, and you know what, Joey? I think it would be very exciting for me to watch you while you shave my pussy. That would be so hot for me! I’ll bet you’d like it too, wouldn’t you Joey?”

It took me a few seconds to reply; I was a little anxious about what I wanted to tell her.

“I’ve fantasized about shaving a woman since I was a teenager. I really want to Bridgette, but I’d be very embarrassed.”

I seemed to have surprised her.

“Why would you be embarrassed? What’s the problem, Joey?”

I could feel my face turning red; I looked down at the shower floor.

“Because in my fantasy, the woman I shave is my own mother! When I finish she teases me, and I get embarrassed.”

“Your mother teases you? How Joey?”

“She gives me a funny look and says, how do you want me, Joey? ”

“I tell her to lie down, and before I can stop myself I tell her to spread her legs really wide, so I can see everything. She treats me to a completely open view of her pussy, and then she deliberately spreads her lips apart with her fingers. ”

Bridgette was smiling back at me, “What else, Joey?”

“She says to me, do you like what you see Joey? Do you like Mommy’s pinky bits?”

“She makes me go down on her, and lick the pink part inside her with my tongue. It just seems so wrong to have these thoughts, but I can’t help myself, Bridgette! I’m a horrible person! I’m a horrible son!”

I thought she would be shocked, maybe even hate me, but instead she just laughed at me. I felt so humiliated!

“Wow Joey, you’re a dirty little fuck! But I can understand your fantasy. Beverly is a beautiful sexy woman. She has nice big tits, and a firm round ass. Any man would be attracted to her, for heaven’s sake, and a lot of women would be too.”

Bridgette started rubbing her clit with her middle finger, and then giggled, “Would you like it even better if we both shaved your mother’s hairy cunt, Joey?”

My fiancé’s question left me speechless, but my penis replied for me; it started to throb and pulse.

She retrieved the can of shaving cream off the shower shelf, squirted a generous amount of the white foam into her left hand, and applied it to her pubic mound. Then she placed the can back on the shelf, picked up her pink ladies razor, and offered it to me. After I took it she spread her feet two feet apart.

“Go ahead Joey, but be very careful. It’s sensitive.”

I looked into her eyes and smiled, “No worries, Bridge. I’ll be careful. You’re a fucking goddess, and the cunt of a goddess is meant to be treasured, and worshipped!”

Ten minutes later I’d finished shaving her. She stood under the water and rinsed herself, while I sat back on my haunches and examined the results of my work.

“Wow Bridgette. You have a lovely cunt. I love the way it looks! It’s so fucking sexy!”

She giggled, “Well, what a nice thing to say, Mister Mason.”

I looked directly into her eyes, “No, I really mean it; I love your cunt!”

I reached out with both hands, cupped her ass cheeks, and pulled her beautiful goddess pussy to my mouth, and for the next ten minutes I made love to it. Bridgette gabbed the back of my head with both hands and forced my mouth into her pussy. I love the smell of her! I felt her muscles tense up for a few seconds and then her legs began to tremble.

“Yes Joey! Don’t you stop! Oh… fuck… yes! I’M CUMMING!”

Since that day three months ago, it became our routine balıkesir escort to take turns shaving each other once a week in the shower, and just last month Bridgette started shaving my legs and armpits as well. I liked this new look very much, as it made me feel sexy and pretty, and to be honest, it was very erotic watching her shave me.

After Bridgette had finished shaving me I rinsed myself off. Normally this would be the time she would suck my cock, but I remembered my parents’ party, and that we couldn’t be late.

“Ok Bridge, you’re probably thinking about giving me a blow job, but I think we need to save that for another time. We need to get dressed for the party… I’m sorry dear.”

She smiled back at me, “It’s ok Joey, but you owe me, sir, and I intend to collect!” Then she gave me a gentle sweet kiss on my cheek.

I pulled the shower curtain aside, grabbed two large bath towels off the rack, and handed one to Bridgette.

I spent the next ten minutes getting ready at the bathroom vanity, applying deodorant, flossing and brushing my teeth, combing and drying my hair. When I was satisfied with my appearance I walked into the master bedroom to get dressed. As usual, Bridgette had picked out my clothes, and had placed them neatly on the bed. The day was predicted to be warm, and the party was being held in my parents’ back yard during the afternoon.

My fiancé had chosen a pair of crisp white tennis shorts, a peach colored pullover golf shirt, and a pair of brown leather Birkenstock sandals. For my underwear she had chosen a skimpy white thong made of nylon and trimmed in delicate white lace.

I held up the panties and looked at her, “Why did you choose this thong?”

She looked back at me, and she seemed a little surprised by my question. Bridgette has been picking out my clothing since we started living together, and she always made the perfect choices for all occasions. I’d never questioned one of her choices before.

“No visible panty lines, Joey. These shorts are a bit see-through. Is there a problem dear?”

“No, there’s no problem Bridgette. It’s just that this thong is very special to me, and I wanted to save it for a special occasion; perhaps the next time we fantasy role play with Melanie?”

She gave me a stern look; “I want you to wear it today, Joey.”

I knew I’d lost this one, “Yes, Miss O’Brien.”

Bridgette was sitting on the edge of our bed watching me. I stepped into the thong and turned to face her. She took a few seconds to examine me, and then she motioned for me to come closer. When our knees were touching she stuck her hand down the front of the thong. She adjusted my testicles so they were spaced evenly and then she pulled my penis so it was pointing straight up. Again she took few seconds to examine me; she seemed satisfied with the result.

“There, that looks much nicer.”

Then she grabbed her phone off the bed.

“Move backwards a few feet, Joey. I want to take a picture for Melanie.”

I stepped back a bit and stood up as straight as possible.

She took the picture, checked it, and smiled.

“You look very nice in that thong, dear. I’m going to send this picture to Melanie. I think she’ll like it too… a lot!”

I had another thought.

“Can you send it to Edith too?”

She smiled warmly at me, “I will, Joey. I know Edith likes you in panties too. That’s very thoughtful of you.”

“Edith has always been a special person to me. She understands me so well, and my attraction to women’s underwear… how they make me feel.”

“I know that Joey. Even though Edith only dates women now, I think she still has a soft spot in her heart for you, and she always will.”

I’ve known Edith Chatsworth since we were children, as she lived in the house across the street from me, and our parents are best friends. I’ve always confided in her, even sharing my most secret thoughts and feelings. She was the first woman to give me oral sex. She was the first woman who broke my heart.

I smiled mischievously at Bridgette, “Do you remember how I got this thong?”

She grinned at me, “Hell yes, Joey! How could I forget? That was wild!”

I suppose I should provide the details of that particular trip to Victoria’s Secret. It happened last month. I really didn’t need any more panties, as I already had two dresser drawers full of them. But wearing pretty women’s panties is my fetish; it gives me pleasure wearing them, and going shopping for them.

Bridgette always helps me shop for my panties. Bridgette has excellent taste and is very helpful when we shop at our local Victoria’s Secret. Her best girlfriend Melanie is the manager of the store, and she’s consulted with us many times on our selections.

We entered the store about a half hour after it opened. It was Saturday morning, and I noticed there were only a few customers in the store, five trabzon escort of them were women, but there was one older gentleman that I recognized from a Gentlemen’s Panty Club meeting, Charles Dodson, the Archbishop of the San Francisco diocese. He was not wearing his usual black cleric’s clothing. I made eye contact with him and nodded. I knew he recognized me, but we didn’t address each other. As a fellow Panty Club member I considered him a friend, but I assumed he wouldn’t want to have a conversation in public about shopping for panties.

Today I was looking for underwear that didn’t show under my clothes, which Bridgette told me is called vpl. I suggested a g-string, but she had other ideas.

“It’s true, a g-string won’t show through your clothes, but it wouldn’t fit you correctly, Joey. A thong has a bit more material and should give you better support in front.”

I respected her judgment. Bridgette took about ten minutes to browse through the thongs. She selected a half dozen, and placed them in her shopping basket.

I heard a friendly female voice call out from behind me, “Hi Bridgette!”

I looked over my shoulder and saw Melanie smiling back at me.

“Oh, hi there, Joey! Are you shopping for more panties? I think you’re my best customer male customer. You really help my sales figures!”

I returned her smile, “Well, in that case, you’re welcome, Melanie.”

Bridgette chimed in, “Do you have a few minutes to help us?”

I noticed Bridgette had a mischievous look on her face, and she winked at Melanie. Then both women started giggling.

“Sure I do!”

Melanie turned towards me and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the fitting rooms.

“Let’s go, Joey!”

I knew what that meant. Melanie would join us in the fitting room and help me try on panties. We’ve done this a few times in the past, and I have mixed feelings about it. I always get embarrassed at some point, and the ladies tease me a bit, which they enjoy, but it’s all in fun. I know they both care about me and would never be malicious or hurtful to me.

Melanie led me to the fitting room farthest from the entrance. Bridgette followed us inside and closed the door behind her. The fitting room was rectangular, about eight feet wide on the longer side, and six feet on the shorter side, and had a bench seat on the side opposite to the door. Melanie and Bridgette took a seat, with the shopping basket of panties between them on the bench.

Bridgette rummaged through the contents of the basket and pulled out a neon pink thong. She held it up by the waistband with both hands, so the crotch was hanging down.

“I like this one. Do you think Joey would look pretty in this Mel?”

Melanie reached out with one hand and felt the cotton gusset, “Yes, I think it will look very nice on him. Let’s find out!”

She looked me in the eye, “Take your clothes off, Joey.”

This was happening way too quickly! I turned to my fiancé for help.

Bridgette looked back at me, and in a stern voice said, “You heard her Joey. Do it… now!”

I felt my face turning red. A minute later I stood in front of these two very attractive women, naked and ashamed, covering my genitals with my hands.

Melanie looked me in the eye.

“Put you hands down by your sides, Joey. We want to look at you.”

My fiancé added, “Don’t be so shy, Joey.”

I nodded my head, and brought my hands down, exposing myself to them.

Again, Melanie looked me in the eye, “Are you a submissive panty wearing sissy, Joey?”

When she said that word, sissy, I was stunned. I’d never considered this before.

“You want to be controlled and humiliated by the women in your life, your girlfriend, your wife, your mother, and you want them to sexually dominate you! Isn’t that right Joey?”

I looked back at her and nodded.

“You dream of being stripped and forced to masturbate!”

I croaked my response, “Yes!”

“Well, let’s just see if that’s true.”

Melanie handed me the pink thong, “Put it on.”

Then she stood up, and as she walked out the door said, “I’ll be right back”.

I stepped into the thong, and Bridgette adjusted it so it fit me correctly. A minute later I heard Melanie’s voice as she crossed the entrance to the fitting rooms area, “They’re in the back room, Susan.”

An older matronly looking woman entered the fitting room. She was a big woman, with immensely large breasts. As for her age, I judged her to be in her mid sixties; though still a nice looking woman. Following behind her was a very pretty young woman. I would guess her age to be around eighteen. She was wearing a tight fitting halter-top, and a very short denim skirt. Her shapely legs were very nice looking, and her full lips were colored bright red.

Both women took notice of me standing in the middle of the room, wearing only a pink thong panty, with my hands covering my privates. I tried to not show my embarrassment, but that was impossible, as my face blushed profusely and felt very warm.

The older woman spoke first, “Well hello there! You must be Joey Mason, I presume?”

I made eye contact with her and stammered, “Uh, um, I mean… yes, I am.”

She looked at me for a bit and then smiled.

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