Hidden Valley Pt. 05

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As Brittany and I stood naked together holding hands in the festival hall, the microphone crackled and the mayor spoke again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have come finally to the main event for the evening. Our unexpected guest vagina, Romy, will now be placed in the hands of our crack torture team, the Scarlet Sadists, for our ultimate sexual turn on.”

Three brawny naked men entered from the lobby wearing only scarlet red masks. They advanced to the center of the hall and took bows.

“Oh,” the mayor added dramatically, “if you wish to continue fucking your girl’s cunt while watching Romy screaming, then fuck her doggy style so you can both watch.” This received mixed laughter and applause and a murmur of catcalls mixed with whistles in anticipation of the show.

Romy still sat on her chair beside the mayor, shivering although it was a warm summer evening. She wanted to run away. Just the threat of some unknown sexual torture was enough to immobilize her with fear. She remembered vividly the helplessness she felt that afternoon when the sheriff and his men had stripped her in public, and the mayor had raped her. Or was it rape? After all, she had consented. Or had she?

So Romy was still sitting frozen when the sheriff and his deputies mounted the stage and lifted her to her feet. They paraded her across the front of the stage, slapping her breasts and jamming fingers in her cunt and her ass to hoots and cheers of the men in the crowd. Down the stage steps and across the floor of the hall they marched her, all the time pinching and punching and abusing her ass, tits, and pussy. They stopped in the middle of the hall where the three Scarlet Sadists took charge.

Two of them wrapped her ankles and wrists with restraint cuffs. They hooked her wrist cuffs together with a thick chain and attached ropes to her ankle restraints.

Meanwhile, the third one used a remote control to lower the ropes on the pulley anchored to the ceiling. At the end of the rope was a large metal hook. They forced Romy’s manacled wrists high above her head and placed her cuff chain in the hook. The pulley motor whined and the hook rose high, pulling Romy almost off her feet. Then they hooked ropes to her ankle cuffs and pulled her legs wide apart, anchoring the ends to piles of concrete blocks placed on the floor.

The Scarlet Sadists stepped back to allow the crowd a clear view of their naked victim stretched and exposed, helpless to prevent an attack on any part of her body. Romy shook with panic, her ample breasts swaying as she moaned and twisted on the rope suspending her.

After the audience had a good look at her breasts, buttocks, and pussy mound with its tuft of fine, black pussy hair, one of the Sadists approached her and began to run his hands lasciviously all over her body. No part was untouched. His fingers caressed, tweaked, pinched, and manipulated her hair, her cheeks, nose, lips, ears, shoulders, armpits, breasts, nipples, navel, hips, buttocks, knees, thighs, and pussy. Romy felt so powerless in his hands and fearful what they would do to her.

A whip cracked. It was longer and meaner than the one used on my back and buttocks, and the tasseled end sizzled through the air before landing the first blow on Romy’s back. She never saw it coming, still in the glow of being felt up, and she drew in a shocked gasp of breath as the pain seared along her rib cage.

At that first crack, I took Brittany Dean by the hand and brought her to stand with me beside the mayor who was licking his lips watching Romy’s whipping.

“If you damage Romy in any way,” I said to him calmly, “I will damage you, and it will be permanent.”

I’m not one to make threats, and certainly not idle threats. I had weapons in my car, and the mayor couldn’t hide since he was a public figure, so I would have means, motive, and opportunity to damage him.

The mayor turned and saw the calm determination in my eyes.

“Oh,” he said, “we won’t damage her. She will feel pain, yes, but later she will have the greatest pleasure. We call them the Scarlet Sadists for the dramatic effect, but we’re not real sadists who take pleasure in hurting people for its own sake. We just like fucking, and anything that gives fucking variety and intensity is good.”

He paused as the third and fourth blows of the tasseled whip landed on Romy’s back, followed each time by an anguished scream from her lips.

“That whip,” he continued, “is specially made to hurt but not to break the skin. See? The red lines will become superficial bruises that will heal. We’ll see to that. We really do appreciate your vagina there letting us abuse her. It pleasures us when it happens … look at young Purcell frigging his cock when she screams … and it will pleasure her at the end. You’ll see.”

The Sadist was now working the whip on Romy’s kuşadası escort buttocks. Each lash made her rear globes quiver, and one elicited a particularly loud scream when it landed in her butt crack.

Then he came around to stand in front of her, letting her see through her tear-stained eyes his erect cock and scarlet mask and the terrible whip in his hands. She knew what was next and screamed “Nooooo.”

The first blow of the whip landed across the top of her breasts and left its red line calling card. Another lash across her heaving tits followed it, leaving another red angry streak. Then the torturer went underhand and lashed the tassels of the whip across the underside of Romy’s breasts. By now her screams had modulated down to shouts as she became exhausted by the ocean of pain into which her body had dived.

Another lash across the underside of her breasts. The Sadist stepped back and waited to catch her eye. When she finally looked at him, she saw the cruel intention there and again screamed “Noooo” just as the lash laid itself square across her tits on top of her nipples. Romy’s head flew back in a noiseless scream that dwindled to gurgles in her throat.

Another Sadist stepped up with a riding crop and began to attack Romy’s defenseless pussy. After ten of his quick, accurate smacks of the leather tip on her labia and clitoris and Mound of Venus, her pussy turned red and swollen. Her tears and sobs became continuous. The crowd leaned forward to see each blow land on that most desirable part of her body and to hear her involuntary cry “Aaahh” each time the crop hit her cunt. When the Sadist finally stepped back, they could see how red and swollen her pussy had become.

The other two men in scarlet masks stepped forward, one behind Romy and one in front. With practiced ease, they simultaneously skewered their erect cocks into her ass and pussy and began energetic thrusting that shook the suspension rope all the way up to the ceiling. As she slumped in her bonds under their assault, members of the audience milled around her to get different views of the twin fucking of her bum and cunt.

The two men invading Romy’s naked body were showmen. They monitored each others’ thrusting and breathing to anticipate orgasm, and when the one in her pussy slowed down, the one in her rectum accelerated slightly.

After a minute more, butt man finally nodded that he was there, and they both rammed their cocks home hard and fast into Romy’s ass and pussy. The result was a magnificent mutual orgasm and ejaculation from their penises, featuring loud groans from both men and from their suspended victim, accompanied by stellar rushes of semen into her vagina and rectum.

They stood away from their sexual prey, letting the audience see their semen dripping from her ass and cunt. The third Sadist stood by, his cock fully erect and pointing at the ceiling. I wondered which of Romy’s orifices he would invade.

I had not long to wait. He was scanning the crowd briefly and then motioned to a young man to come forward. The youth could not have been more than eighteen, slight of build with fine, sandy hair on his head and his pubis. His cock, however, was fully erect and huge, longer and thicker than that of the Sadist. He was obviously shy but equally excited at the sex show he had seen.

The Sadist whispered to him, and the boy nodded eagerly. The scarlet man walked behind Romy and bobbed his head at the boy to approach and engage her pussy, waiting until the young man had maneuvered his pole into the cleft in Romy’s cunt and pushed the flaring head home between her cunt lips before he drove his own substantial cock head into her asshole.

With practiced care, the Sadist fucked Romy’s bum hard until he felt his cock begin to stiffen and give signs of the onset of orgasm. Then he slowed and watched the young man in front thrusting fast and hard into her cunt, looking for the signs the lad was about to come.

The Sadist almost missed it. Young men are enthusiastic about fucking fresh pussy and will often drive their cocks hard into cunts until orgasm hits them with unexpected fury. So it was with the shy, sandy-haired youth working his penis in Romy’s vagina. His breath started coming in short gasps, enough that the Sadist fucking her ass saw the signs and speeded up his own vigorous thrusting, and he got the result he wanted.

The Sadist felt his body seized with the divine release of semen and the muscular pulsing of his cock as it delivered the spunk into her bum hole, all the while feeling the young lad’s stiff cock throbbing on the other side of Romy’s internal membrane and spurting his come into the depths of her cunt.

Trembling with the exertion, they expended their sex juices into Romy’s ass and pussy while standing up. Then exhausted, the two men stepped away kuşadası escort bayan from Romy’s panting form and watched their semen dripping from her bum and cunt, her chest heaving and her nose running from crying.

Her whole body was shaking, and the crowd realized that she was still in the throes of a massive orgasm triggered by the second, double-penetration fucking that had followed so soon on the first. Applause for her and for her tormentors broke out, followed by a murmured discussion about how good the orgasm must have felt after the whipping.

The Scarlet Sadists sat down to rest briefly at the table where sex toys were stacked. They pulled some punishment instruments out of black canvas bags, sorting and assembling it for the next attack on Romy’s helpless naked form.

The sheriff and his deputies retrieved the remote control for the pulley system and lowered the rope suspending her. When she collapsed on the floor, they picked her up, released her ankle ropes from the floor blocks, and carried her to a bondage device nearby, a low wooden table, highly polished, with restraint straps embedded along its sides and ends. They placed Romy on her back and cleaned her nether regions, applying first a wet cloth to her ass and pussy, then a dry towel, and then a soothing lotion.

The crew meantime brought over and set up beside the table two tall, heavy posts made of solid, six-by-six pine which locked vertically into metal plates bolted to the floor. The sheriff seemed to take great pleasure in attaching Romy’s ankle ropes high up to rings set in the posts. This spread her legs wide, so he played with her pussy, alternately pinching her cunt lips closed and then spreading them wide, while his deputies secured her arms to the table on either side of her head. They also buckled straps across her neck, chest, and torso.

The Scarlet Sadists appeared beside her with their gear. One carried two bamboo rods and a handful of plastic cable ties. He looped a cable tie around the base of each of her breasts and cinched it tight, clipping off the ends with a pair of side cutting pliers. Her boobs bulged painfully and started to engorge with trapped blood, and her nipples stood out from the distorted cones.

Then with help from another Sadist, he laid the bamboo rods across her chest above and below her breasts and proceeded to cinch the ends together tightly with cable ties. This mashed her tits together and pushed them up even further. With a light flogger, he began to whip them until Romy moaned audibly, whether in pain or pleasure I couldn’t tell. Her breasts really get her going sexually. Judging by the moisture on her pussy lips, it was pleasure.

Then came the pain. The third Sadist approached with a long needle which he proceeded to drive through her left nipple, ignoring her screech of pain. To the end of the needle, he attached a sterling silver ring and pushed the needle the rest of way through Romy’s nipple, thus drawing the ring into the hole left by the needle. Ignoring another anguished shriek from Romy, he clamped the ring permanently shut with pliers.

Then he dangled a second ring in front of her tear-stained face and smiled a hideous, twisted smile as her eyes popped open with shock and fear. The same procedure secured the second ring in her right nipple and elicited another panicked cry of pain.

The mayor had promised us that no permanent damage would result from the sexual activities we were forced to endure in Johnson. I guessed that he and the sheriff saw those nipple rings as jewelry, a gift of adornment to the lovely Romy now stretched out on another piece of bondage furniture, but I also knew that from the moment she agreed to turn her vagina over to the people of the Land of the Giant Penis, we had no real choice.

Two Scarlet Sadists on opposite sides of the table now tied fishing line to each of Romy’s new nipple rings and strung them to rings high up on the side posts. This meant that any attempt Romy made to roll left or right would stretch and tear away at her sensitive nipples. They commenced to tickling her tummy to make her roll, and she soon realized how painful it was to try to avoid their tickling fingers.

Then they turned to her pussy. Pulling her cunt lips wide open, they brought more needles and rings and pierced her labia, pinching the rings closed to adorn her pussy lips. Opening her cunt one more time, they pinched her clitoris into stiffness and pierced it, fastening a smaller ring through her sensitive bud. That was the worst for Romy. She screamed and cried while they did it to her, but I confess that I found myself aroused at her screams and at the piercings themselves. They looked perfect for fucking.

The tallest Sadist began smearing a clear gel on each of two pink ceramic dildos. One of these he pushed unceremoniously escort kuşadası into her anus, and the other, after a dramatic pause to let the audience anticipate the act, slowly and directly into her vagina. The pink cones looked almost cute sticking out of her intimate orifices between her creamy white thighs. But the gel coating contained a villainous mixture of peppers and spices and hormones designed to keep her irritated and itchy but sexually aroused at the same time.

The slightly built Sadist then produced a black box which he set on the table and hooked up to an electric power cord that snaked across the floor of the hall. He then opened a second box and removed two shiny steel dildos, one slightly smaller, with coiled electric cords attached. These latter he plugged into the black box and flipped a switch. The box began to hum. He held up the dildos so the crowd surrounding the table could see, and then leaned them close to each other. Electric sparks sputtered and hummed and leapt between them like the devil’s own fire.

As his accomplices gently removed the ceramic dildos from Romy’s ass and cunt, she wailed “Nooooo” as she realized what he intended to do. Sure enough, the smaller dildo was pushed firmly up into her rectum, and the other slid easily into her lubricated cunt. There they sat quietly enough, although Romy felt a kind of humming in the deep tissues of her abdomen.

Beside the red power indicator on the black box was a rotary dial control. This the slim Sadist began to turn clockwise. The faint hum from the box became louder. Romy clenched her lips and murmured “Mmmmnnnddd” and arched her back as the heat and electric vibration in her intimate guts got stronger.

Another turn of the dial and electric sparks began to arc between the dildos right through the sensitive membrane separating her vagina from her rectum. “Aaaaa oooo rrrggg,” she yelped, feeling the sizzling pain of the arc but now also feeling sexual electricity, deep arousal in her genitals as she lay helpless in her bonds.

The Sadist controlling her torment stood up and plugged another, longer pair of cords into the black box. These ended in alligator clips, and these latter he attached to each of the rings in her nipples. He sat down again and moved a switch that activated the new conductors, and a surge of electrical impulse hit Romy’s nipples. “Aaaa awwww aaaahhh” she screeched, again caught between the pain-the searing heat generated by the electricity-and that neural surge from her tits to her pussy that signaled sexual arousal.

Finally, the wiry Sadist with the black box ran three more light wires with alligator clips to the rings in her clitoris and pussy lips. A series of light jolts of electricity through her cunt lips and clit to test his torture instrument, and the lean Sadist was ready for the big scream.

He threw the big master switch on the box that connected all the torture points embedded in the sexual parts of Romy’s body. Raw waves of electric current began to surge back and forth between her tits, her cunt lips, her ass, and her clitoris. Romy writhed in the most extraordinary anguish she had ever felt as the electric surges in her body swirled and intensified. She humped her tortured pelvis up in the air and banged her bum back down hard on the wooden table repeatedly as electricity ravaged her sexual organs.

The electric torture persisted with increasing intensity for several minutes until it reached its maximum electrical output with the Sadist’s dial on the black box turned full clockwise. For a moment, I thought poor Romy wouldn’t survive. She screamed an unearthly scream and lifted her back and torso clear of the table, yelling and screeching as her whole body trembled and twisted. She sucked air desperately into her lungs as she writhed under the torture, and then she passed out completely.

The Sadist cut the power; the torture was over. The red light on the black box went out. He unplugged the power cord and sat back calmly to regard his naked victim with sadistic curiosity, and I noted myself that her pussy leaked copious lubricant and her ringed clit stood up between her moist pussy lips.

Though unconscious, Romy was somehow still vibrating. Flat on the table, her body trembled and vibrated as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. She moaned involuntarily. “Ohhhh. Oooohhhhh. Uuuunnggghhh.” She emitted similar sounds continuously, and she lifted her chin as her body stiffened in orgasm, and then relaxed. She began to perspire.

The tremors running the length of her body gradually subsided, and her breathing came in quick, shallow pants through barely parted lips. Her eyes fluttered open as she came to, and she giggled and broke into an hysterical laugh. It was then we realized that, unbelievably, she had had multiple orgasms.

Spontaneous applause broke out in the crowd, accompanied by approving nods for Romy’s incredible endurance under duress and for her sexual responsiveness to the extremes of pain. Their admiring looks were not lost on Romy, and she flushed with a new pride in her own sexuality.

But her ordeal was not over yet.

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