For Teachers Ch. 04: Where do We Go From

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Where do we go from here?


End of part 3:

Ang gave me a look that told she wasn’t ready to tell me about her income. I hoped it wasn’t something illegal. “When we get home, and can sit down with a beer, I’ll explain a lot of stuff to you. And, don’t think it is anything illegal or immoral,” she paused for effect, “or fattening – unless I stop swallowing those little pink pills in the morning.”

We found a parking spot and began to walk into the grocery store. I took Ang’s hand in mine.

“I like Vietnamese food, too Wil. I’ll drive to my favorite store someday and pick up a few things I like.”

Ang clung to me peacefully and comfortably. We walked the isles of the store picking and choosing different foods we both like. Most of it was fresh foods and foods needing refrigeration.

“We can go to your store after we get home and put away these things. I’m interested in seeing where you shop and what things you like. You’ll have to teach the teacher.”

Ang became gleeful at the thought we could shop for her foods together. “Don’t be surprised at what you see, and hear, and smell. It’s a different world than what you’re used to.”

“Don’t forget, you have something to tell me later.”

Part 4

With groceries loaded, we were on our way home. “Wil, the short story is that Vietnam pays me a small wage to serve in the role of Princess of the Realm. It is equal to about a thousand dollars a month. Wil, when we go the Vietnamese store you will have to accept what you see. They know who I am.”

I felt an unease come over me. “Will that affect how you and I are?” I know the answer without hearing it and I wanted to hear it.

Ang bowed her head and spoke softly. “Yes.” She turned and looked at me with pain in her eyes. “Just so you keep remembering, I am not lying about how much I love you.”

The rest of the ride was silent; I sensed Ang was deep in thought and confusion. We got home and stashed away the groceries. Beer was in the refrigerator staying cold.

Ang told me to wait for her in the kitchen, “I need to take care of a couple things.”

My eyes beheld my princess when she returned to the kitchen. This time she was a Princess dressed in a traditional way. I couldn’t speak, she was more beautiful now that she had been in her shorts and shirt.

“You are a princess with a capital ‘P’.”

“Dr. Hoffer,” I thought about this for a while in the car. I wish I could say you are the man I’m in love with, but for now, can you play the part of a senior advisor?”

I nodded my head. “Much different than roles I’m used to playing. And, I’ve never been in love with a princess or a Princess.”

“I promise to show you my gratitude when we get home.” She looked at my pants then smiled, “I see you are getting ready for gratitude.”

The shock of a life time awaited me at the big Vietnamese store she directed me to. “I must go in first, Wil.”

The store went on alert as Ang entered. There were gongs and bows and what I could only comprehend as welcoming salutations. Ang spoke carefully and people began to relax their tenseness. She used Vietnamese and I heard her speak my name distinctly, “… Doctor Hoffer …” Then she spoke English for my understanding. “Doctor Hoffer is my close confidant, advisor, and professor at the university.”

I didn’t expect her to say confidant for what it could imply. Then she continued with more in Vietnamese and English, “I have come to be close to him and greatly respect who he is in my life.”

I wondered if the people there understood the double meaning possibly implied. I began to pick up the vibe that they knew we were lovers despite the vast age difference.

Ang bought many different foods telling me the benefits of eating each. She picked a couple of items that she said would make me very virile. The smile on her face told Anadolu Yakası escort me what she was hoping for.

“Should I start eating now?” She smiled even more broadly. “How much should I eat? How virile do you want me to be?”

Ang then picked up another item that she said was for her. “This ointment is a stimulant for me.” The wink told me to be prepared.

“Won’t these people know we are lovers if you buy all these things.”

“Yes. Try starting with three of these now,” she handed me three. “Chew them slowly no matter how bad you think they taste.”

I bit into the first and the taste was worse than her warning. As I chewed, however, the taste became more pleasant. It took about five minutes to completely chew and swallow one. I chewed the other two equally slowly.

There were stares and smiles as we checked out and left the store. “How do you feel, Wil? What are you sensing?”

“Warm. An unusual feeling that is tingling and spreading through my body. I feel like I can’t wait to get you home. Fuck, you better drive.”

Ang was excited as well. “Good!” She was giddy. “I’m going to get fucked all night.”

She drove us home as my crotch gave away how well that stuff worked. I felt larger and longer. As soon as we got home it was hell trying to get food put away. I started stripping my clothes off as the door closed and locked.

Ang led me to the bedroom where she removed her robes exposing her young body. “Take me, Wil. Fuck your princess.”

Ang wasted no time to take her position. I hovered over her for just a moment until she pulled me into her. I thrust hard, slammed into her pubic bone, and buried myself in her warmth.

Ang jerked her legs high and locked her ankles on my shoulders. Her eyes stared into mine; they were screaming. Then her voice spoke what was in her eyes. “Fuck me like you own me! Use me, my body is yours.”

I now knew what she meant by use her and I began driving like a piston at full RPM. Ang only grunted and moaned as each thrust pressed hard on her cervix. Ang accepted each thundering stroke with a mix of both passion and pain.

She was reaching a climax and it boomed across her body. She cried loudly talking in Vietnamese and English. I held my position deep pressed against her clit. She was convulsing in multiple orgasm.

“Not so hard now, Wil. Let me feel your movement.” An aura glowed around her face and body. I leaned my mouth to hers and relaxed my pressure.

She didn’t relax her legs and I began a moderate pace that would keep her on edge but wouldn’t bring her pain. I was concentrating on her eyes and felt her staring equally deeply.

“What do you see, Ang. Tell me what your see.”

“Galaxies. Millions of pin points of light dancing in your eyes.” She sighed and moaned, “Oh, Wil it is so beautiful.” Ang was ready for another orgasm as I felt and heard her suck in a lung full of air before crying out in another lusty explosion of female orgasm.

Ang was awash in her release raising her hips to feel me fully in her. She let her legs slide from my shoulders to fall heavily to the mattress. I was still throbbing hard. What was in those things she had me chew in the store?

I pushed myself up and off Ang’s hot sweaty body. She seemed to despair the loss of my cock. She quickly scrambled over me as I lay back against the mattress. Her lips and tongue began acting on my cock. I couldn’t deny her of her wanton display.

I urged her to bring her pussy close to my face. I saw her cum covered labia and dived in to clean her of all her spent nectar.

Ang took my cock deep in her mouth as I buried my face in her pussy. Her tiny love nob became my interest. My tongue lashed against it; I felt her muffled screams through my cock. I knew that I was about to cum; I suspect she knew it, too.

It was Anadolu Yakası escort bayan a simultaneous orgasm. When it was over we both knew what a glazed donut must feel like.

Somehow, we ended face to face. Ang’s young body was drenched in both our sweat and cum. I couldn’t believe how strongly I was attracted to her. We snuggled tightly. The feeling of her swollen nipples rubbing me was erotic. She draped a leg over my stomach keeping my cock in close contact with her swollen pussy.

I was still hard. “What was in those chews you gave me, princess?”

Ang rubbed against my cock. “An old Vietnamese formula of herbs. I told you I was going to get fucked all night.”

Remembering the ointment she bought, “Are you going to use any of the cream you bought?”

“You want the whole shameless slut, don’t you?”

“More so than you have already proven yourself?”

I felt a hand slapping me and a broad smile on her face. “I guess I really am a slut for you, aren’t I? Wil, you are the only person I’ve shared myself with like this. Don’t think I’ve had a lot of others either. You are the second person and only man I’ve been with.”

“Get on your knees, princess.” My voice sounded commanding and Ang looked at me with a bit of fear and anguish. “It’s time for you to get more of the fucking you want.”

“No, Wil! I’m too sore.”

Her protest fell on my ears with little meaning. “On your knees or a blistering paddling!”

Ang seemed to weigh the worse of the two options until she felt my hand sting her butt. She scrambled to her knees and presented her well fucked, sore pussy to me.

I took the ointment she bought for herself and scanned the directions. I smoothed some on her ruby red swollen lips and a bit on my cock. Within a few seconds, Ang was jerking her hips at me.

I plugged her hard. Her cry was deafening loud as she drove herself back on me. Whatever the ointment was set her pleasure center off. All I could do was hold her hips as she took control grinding into me.

“Oh, you son of a bitch! You rubbed some on your cock. Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” Ang screamed in a way I never heard any woman scream as she began squirting a stream of cum and jerking uncontrollably.

She was erupting in multiple orgasms and I could hardly keep my grip on her hips. I couldn’t tell how long this continued until Ang collapsed in a heap of semi consciousness babbling. I left her as she was to get some cool cloths to wipe her spent body.

She fell into slumber as the cool cloths began wiping the evidence of our sexuality from her back, butt, and legs. I paid careful attention to her inner thighs and blood red swollen pussy lips. I used the coolest cloth gently over her pussy to cool the fever she must be feeling.

I had to learn what those things were that she gave me to chew; I was still harder than I could imaging ever being even in my youth. How did I come to love this little girl? Why is it all I want to do is satisfy her every want.

I left her alone to rest and took a shower. I had to keep the water temperature cool because I was steaming. I dried and put on fresh boxers. I looked in on Ang seeing her stirring just a bit.

“Are you okay,” I asked in a whisper.

“Help me up, please. I don’t think I can walk.” She looked at me in a way that stunned me. She didn’t need words, her persona glowed in a love light.

She was right about not being able to walk; I had to set her on the toilet so she wouldn’t fall. Still, she had to steady herself by keeping a hand on the wall.

She knew my question before I asked it, “Warm bath, not hot. Bath oil.” Then I heard her sigh as she emptied into the toilet.

The bath was just barely at a warm temperature and the bath oils swirled as I helped Ang over the rim. She broke out in goose bumps as the water caressed escort bayan her legs as she settled. She slid her whole body deep into the water letting it cover roll over chest then her head cooled in the water. Wet from head to toe, the goose bumps slowly faded. The cool of the water on her warm skin kept her nipples stiff and sensitive.

I sat on the tub rim facing her watching her as she began whirling water in gentle waves over her. I didn’t try to hide my hardness. “Princess, I don’t think I should use as many of those things again. I’m harder now than when I was a horny teenager.”

“I am a horny teenager, Wil. Well, okay 20-year old. I’m hungry, too.”

“What do you want to eat? I’ll start putting it together.” I began to stand and immediately her head shook no.

“Stay close to me Wil. I’ve never loved a man like I love you. I’ve never let myself be used like I want you to use me.”

“Sweet princess, I’m glad you told me how you mean used those months ago. Being separated from you, thinking you were just a one-time thing, messed with my head.”

Ang soaked until the water turned cold and her skin began to wrinkle. “Will you help me dry and massage some body lotion on me?”

“Then you want to get something to eat?” I knew she would probably get wrapped up in the massage and open herself to more sex.

“You don’t want my body again,” she said with a pout.

I smacked her hard on the butt. “You want to fuck me to death?”

Now she turned with a flirt, “Okay, body lotion, then food, then…” She winked and didn’t finish her sentence.

We returned to the bedroom where Ang stretched out on the bed on her stomach, back exposed for a rubdown with her lotion. The lotion was cool on her back after drying in a warm towel; she shivered at the coolness.

I pressed my hands into the small of her back drawing them upward over her chest and back down her spine. The lotion spread over her with a glistening that made even the curve of her spine look sensual. Her back, neck, and shoulders were my focus until lotion was well absorbed into her skin.

I took a palm full of lotion to begin rubbing her legs, one leg at a time. Slowly, my palms worked both inside and outside of a leg until I reached her hip. Then my hands worked alternatively up and down the back side of the leg. I worked sides and back carefully avoiding contact with her butt and the sweet spot between her legs.

With both legs now massaged and lotion absorbed, her beautiful young tight butt was my target. How easy it would be for me to strike out to spank her like I knew she would enjoy; I didn’t. I used both hands to rub each cheek until I let my fingers slide down the tight crease between her twin globes. She reacted as a finger touched her tiny butt hole.

“Turn over now, princess. Let me give you more attention.”

Ang turned over and looked into my eyes. I know what I was seeing in the dark pools. I must have reflected it back. It was followed with a simultaneous statement of love.

It was not easy for either of us to refrain from the want to consummate more loving through the remainder of the massage. Yet, we succeeded and, now done, I drew her up to stand. She grabbed one of my T-shirts to cover herself as we went to the kitchen to have some nourishment.

Two salmon steaks and potatoes with a salad topped the dinner menu. Ang asked for a beer; I took two from the refrigerator.

“It would be nice to out for a drink with you, Wil. In Vietnam, we could.”

“Tell me about Vietnam, Ang. At least what you know of it.”

She told a mix of the horrors of war she learned from her family. The story was laced with their memories of evacuation from the South. She talked at length about family members near death rescues. “War years are not my memories.”

Then she began telling of the new Vietnam and how the country has recovered from war. The contrast between the two was stark. I realized that I wanted to see her Vietnam.

The salmon, potatoes were cooked and the salad prepared. We sat together, closely, realizing we were eating a meal together as confirmed lovers.

“Ang, let’s go to Vietnam this summer.”

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