Sore Bum and Full of Cum

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Charlotte and I had met a couple of years earlier, we had our own companys but did work for a mutual client. The services we supplied were not the same but were complimentary so we would often met up when the client required our input. Most of the time it would be just a day job up in the morning back in the evening. As Charlotte lived on my route to the client I would pick her up and drop her back off and depending on what time we finished we would sometimes have dinner together before setting off on the return journey.

Our client had booked us both for a two day stint at their offices to work with other contractors and the companys small board of directors to help them plan what for them was a major project. Charlotte and I had done the bulk of our work for the first day by lunch but had offered to stay for the rest of the day just in case we were needed. We had at the companys expense been booked over night at a local hotel and I don’t think either of us wanted to go there too early.

Half way through the afternoon it was more than apparent that we were just kicking our heals and we might as well not be there so decided to go to the hotel and book in before dinner. Having booked in we agreed to meet in the lounge bar after putting our stuff in our rooms. I’d ordered our drinks and while waiting for her to join me my phone rang, it was the client. “Hi James, is Charlotte with you?” I was just about to say no when in she came.”

“Yes she’s just joined me.”

“Great this way I wont have to call her too.”

“Ok I will put you on speaker.”

“Something has come up with the other contractors, we may not need you until late afternoon tomorrow or even the next day.”

“Ok, well we’ve already booked in and I’ve had a drink so I’m afraid you stuck with the hotel bill for tonight as agreed.”

“That’s ok, I will provisionally book you in for tomorrow to, just in case. I will ring you at lunch tomorrow to tell you where we are up to.”

“Ok Tom, talk to you both tomorrow.”

“Wonder what’s gone on there since we left.” I said to Charlotte.

“Was thinking the same myself, must be serious if they don’t think they will want us till late tomorrow or the next day.” She replied.

“So what would you do with me till then?” She asked with a mischievous grin.

“You’d have a sore bum and be full of cum.” Was my quick reply.

She laughed, at over twenty years my junior she had once or twice made these sorts of comments when we were travelling back from this client, this was the first time I had actually replied to such an inuendo with one of my own. Just like the comments in the car I hadn’t taken it seriously and laughed, “You weren’t expecting adana escort that now were you?”

“No.” she said still laughing.

“So why would my bum be sore?” She asked.

“I am sure you could work that out for yourself.”

“So you would like to put me over your knee would you?”

“Yes over my knee and knickerless.”

She blushed ever so slightly and bit her lip. Thinking that was the end of that conversation I asked her did she want another drink and on hearing her reply yes I got up and headed for the bar.

When I got back I brought not only the drinks but a couple of menus so that we could decide on dinner.

“So have you spanked anyone before?” she asked.

“Yes I have had one or two ladies over my knee. Do you want to try it?” I said again laughing as I took a drink of my beer.

“Yes, and now before I chicken out.”

The beer in my mouth almost came back out at the unexpected reply.

“Your room or mine?”

“Yours, lets take our drinks with us.” And with that she headed out of the lounge with me following slightly behind.

We arrived at my room and I let us both in letting the door close behind us. Looking her straight in the eyes I asked her “So you want to do this Charlotte?” She nodded her head yes.

“Say it.”

“Yes.” She said.

She moved herself towards the bed but I stopped her and instead brought the chair from under the table to the middle of the room and sat down.

“Shall we begin?”

Charlotte to a mouthful of wine from her glass and placed it on the table next to my beer and stood in front of me. She bit her lower lip as I took her by the arm and guided her over my knee, taking my time to get her in the position I wanted her.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes.” Came her reply

I started with measured spanks on alternate cheeks and then one on her sit spot. After I had delivered ten I helped her get up and stood her again in front of me.

“Do you want to continue Charlotte?”


She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a top, having changed from her business attire when we booked in. I undid the button and lowered the zip keeping my eyes mainly on her face to not the change of expression. I carefully lowered the jeans and as I did so she blushed slightly and again bit her lower lip as her black lace knickers came into view. In taking down her jeans I made sure they stayed in place. When they were down to her feet, I told her to step out of them and then put them under the chair. Once again, I placed her over my knee and began to spank her, same as last time only slightly harder and twice as many. What I could see of her ankara escort cheeks were turning pink and as I kept my hand on her bum after the last spank, I could feel the heat beginning to come from it.

Again, I helped her stand in front of me, “Do you still want to continue Charlotte?”

Biting her lip, she thought for a minute before she said yes. We both knew that I was going to take off her knickers and that she would be naked from the waist down. Having said yes I hooked my thumbs in the side of her knickers and slowly lowered them, I wasn’t looking at her pussy which was about to be visible right in front of my face but again I was looking in her eyes. As I drew them down I felt them go slack as they passed her bum and I let them fall to the floor. Again I told her to step out of them before I picked them up. They were wet, I brought them to my nose and inhaled her scent before putting them with her jeans and returning her to my knee.

The next load of spanks I delivered where markedly harder, Charlotte started kicking up and the odd ouch escaped her lips. I stopped spanking her for a moment, rubbed my hand over her bum, it was really warm now. Now that I could see it, it was a great bum, just how I liked them. Charlotte obviously kept herself in trim. I let my hand move down between her legs which she opened slightly to allow me to find her pussy and clit which I briefly played with before drawing my fingers between her wet lips. I entered her with two fingers and immediately feeling her pussy squeeze against them. I fingered her for a minute, drew my fingers out of her and to my own lips and licked them clean before I started spanking her again. I spanked her hard, within two she was kicking up and screeching ouch and finally enough please. I stopped spanking her, I rubbed her now hot bottom for a while before making my way to her pussy moving past her lips and to her clit, the moment I touched it she let out a deep moan. I kept playing with her clit, her moans became more vocal and when I slipped my thumb in her pussy she came hard.

I let her come down from her orgasm, helped her up off my knee and directed her to the bed and laid her face down on it. I grabbed a pillow and placed it under her raising her bum and exposing her pussy. I kissed all over her bum before reaching her pussy and slipping my tongue insider her. While my tongue played with her pussy and clit I undid my pants and pushed them and my shorts down, when they were out of the way I stood up ran my cock between her wet pussy and then eased myself into her in one slow push. She was tighter than I would have thought she would have been and her pussy antalya escort gripped my cock as I moved in and out of her probing her to find how she liked to be fucked and I knew when I hit the spot from the moan that came from her. We fucked like that for a while before she suddenly moved making my cock slip out of her.

Getting off the bed she turned me round and pushed me down onto it and then removing my shoes, socks, pants and shorts before getting back on the bed straggling me. Taking my cock in her hand she lowered herself on to it and when fully inside stopped. Impaled on my cock she took off her top and bra setting her tits free, just like her bum they were firm, they were beautiful, just the right size she placed her hands on my shoulders, leaned down and kissed me, our tongues playing with each other. As she sat back up burying herself back on my cock I reached up and took a tit in each hand with my thumbs brushing her nipples as she started to ride me in long slow movements, getting herself into the best position to take it where she wanted. I let her decide the pace which for now was slow and deliberate, rising so that just the tip of my cock remained in her before lowering herself and grinding as she bottomed out.

Letting go of one of her tits I reached down and started to play with her clit, she stopped riding me which wasn’t what I wanted to happen but I sent a pulse through the length of my cock, her eyes widened and I did it again and once again she started to ride me only now she was quickening her pace. I was still playing with her tit and her clit and she was really enjoying the attention. I felt and then heard her cum and then ride out her orgasm as she came down I rolled her on to her back and started to fuck her again, this time I wasn’t going to stop till I delivered on the second part to fill her with cum. Within a few minutes I found the angle and pace that was good for both of us and kept it going till once again I felt then heard her cum and just as she was coming down from her orgasm I sped up and achieved my own flooding her pussy with sting after string of cum which set her off again.

I kept my cock inside her as we came down, rolling her back on top of me we kissed and I rubbed my hands over her ass which was still a little warm from being spanked. Charlotte was enjoying my hand on her bum, moaning quietly in my ear which she started to nibble.

“So did you enjoy that Charlotte?” I asked

“Yes, all of it, you’re a man of your word, I have a sore bum and I’m now full of cum.”

“Good, I enjoyed it too.”

“I’m hungry now.”

“Then we better get up and showered before we go down and get some dinner.”

Charlotte moved allowing my cock to slip out of her pussy, I felt my cum drip out of her onto my cock and belly. “Someone has just made a mess, you going to clean it up?”

She moved down and licked my cum from my cock and belly, got up and wiggled her red bum as she walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32