Gary ‘The Cuck’ Clark Ch. 05

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Marci was wearing a white robe and had just gotten out of the tub, after getting home from the gym. She loved going to the gym and feeling “the burn”. She liked getting hot and sweaty, and working-out made her Horney. After her bath, she sometimes liked to surf some of her favorite porn sites with her “Silver Bullet” vibrator. Gary wouldn’t be home for hours and a little fun with her power tools would hold her over.

It had been almost a month since the “Gangbang” party. Marci had been sore for a week after the party, and it had taken that long for all the bruises on her ass and tits to go away. She still thought about the party almost daily, and whenever she did, she got wet. Bill’s work had taken him out of town, and Marci had only seen him twice in the past month. The last time, was almost two weeks ago. Not near as much as she wanted and needed. She and Gary had been getting it on almost daily. She wondered how long the erotic memories of the gangbang would keep her hot juices flowing. She had had several calls from the guys from the party, all wanting to say how much they enjoyed the time they had with her and Brenda, and how much they would like to get together again soon.

Marci and Brenda had talked about the party a number of times. They decided that it had been a fun experience, and even though it wouldn’t probably be as good the second time, both were excited and “open” to the idea of doing it again. If they did do it though, there would need to be a few more women there to share the love, so to speak. Something else that she and Brenda discussed was how much they had enjoyed each other at the party. They wasted no time in their weekly visits with small talk. Brenda and Marci were having a lot of fun exploring each other’s bodies and both had developed a taste for hot, wet pussy. But as good as pussy was, they were both cock lovers and would soon invite Gary, Bill and whoever else was available, to join them. Marci loved teasing Gary with the idea, and whenever she brought it up, he would get an instant hard on.

Marci switched on her computer monitor and as usual, she started checking out a few of her favorite “Interracial” group sites and began downloading some of the recently posted pics. Marci pulled her robe open and spread her legs. “One hand on my mouse and the other on my pussy”, she smiled. She began clicking thru a number of pics of large black cocks stuffed into white cunts. “UMMMMMMM”, she moaned as she worked her way through a half dozen photos. “Oh, these look good”, she said to herself, as she opened the first pic in a series of about a dozen posts. It was a photo of the back of a white woman sitting on a huge black cock. She clicked to the next one and it was almost the same as the first, with the exception that the woman had her hands on her ass cheeks pulling them apart. Marci clicked on the next pic and before it opened, she moved her mouse to the “Stop” button and froze. She had noticed something in the last pic, just as she was leaving, and wanted to look at it again. She clicked the “back” button and the photo opened. Marci squinted at the photo, paying particular attention to the wedding ring on woman’s left hand. Marci removed her hand from her cunt as she clicked on the next photo. It was what she expected. It was a photo of two women, a blonde and a brunette on their knees, sucking black cocks with other black men standing around them watching and waiting their turns. Marci quickly clicked thru the remaining photos in the series, and with big tears welling up in her eyes, she closed the program and turned off her monitor. She then crossed her arms over her keyboard and laid her head on her arms and began to sob. “Gary, you stupid fucking asshole”, she cried.

A few weeks later, Sandy looked at her boarding pass as she walked down the isle. 23A it said. She was happy to have a window seat and hoped that the plane was not going to be full. There was a man already seated in 23C. He smiled at her as he rose and stood in the isle way to allow her to take her seat. “Can I help you with that”, he asked as he took her overnight bag and placed it in the overhead bin. “Thank you”, Sandy replied as she returned his smile. “God, he is so beautiful”, she said to herself. He was in his mid 30’s and dressed in, what looked to Sandy, as a very expensive suit. His cologne smelled of lavender, and he had the cutest smile. She noticed that he was married. Sandy was wearing white tennis shoes, a short flowered skirt and a white blouse. She was proud of the way she looked in the outfit and the white blouse extenuated her tan, not to mention her full breasts. Her hair was blonde and long enough to curl a little on her shoulders. The only makeup she wore was glossy, light-pink lipstick. Her eyes were baby blue and with her only weighing 135 pounds at six feet one, she could have been a model for bathing suits.

“You have family in Portland?” the gentleman asked. “Yea”, she answered. “My Dad and Step Mother live there. Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort I’m going to be living with them while I go to Lewis and Clark College.” She added. “Oh, so you’re moving then?” he asked. “Yep”, Sandy replied. “Whole lot different climate than San Diego”, she said. “But its going to be fun to get away from home”, she added. It was another 10 minutes before the plane taxied to the runway and Sandy and the gentleman chatted about school and Portland. She found that he was on a business trip and was returning to San Diego on a return flight that same evening. He was very friendly and she was relaxed talking to him. He was the first adult black man that she talked to for this long. Sandy had known a few black guys in school, but had never dated any of them. The ones she had met were Gangbanger types or jocks and stayed pretty much in their clicks. Sandy was more of a “Valley Girl” type and spent most of her free time tanning on the beach in Lajolla or at the Mall with her friends.

“My name is Robert”, the man said to Sandy as he put out his hand to her. “Sandy Clark”, Sandy replied as she turned toward Robert, leaned forward, and extended her right hand. Robert took her hand in his, put his other hand on the top of her hand, and held it as he said, “It is a pleasure to meet you Sandy Clark”. It only took a second for Sandy to realize that the way she was leaning, and the type of blouse she was wearing, gave Robert a great view of her breasts. She glanced at his eyes and sure enough, they were glued to her chest. Sandy loved the feel of his big warm hands gently clutching her hand and didn’t try to pull away. She liked the idea of this gorgeous black man admiring her tits and leaned a little more to give him an even better view. Sandy was definitely not a virgin. She had dated a lot of guys in High School, but none over the age of 19. Sex was fun and she loved fucking. She especially loved having her boyfriends look at her nude body, and she got off sucking their cocks and watching their eyes as she gave them pleasure. She was always in control. But something was unusually sexy about Robert. She didn’t know if it was the fact that he was older, or black, his clothing, his cologne or what it was, but she was getting aroused and could feel the moisture quickly building in her cunt. She was thinking that he could just take her right there and she wouldn’t be able to resist. “I’m such a slut”, she told herself.

Robert let go of her hand. He was an experienced lover and had no problem picking up Sandy’s vibes. The way she let him view her tits and how her breathing had changed, told him that she would not be too hard too get in bed. “Damn”, he said to himself. He wished he had not planned a return flight tonight. But, her parents would probably be picking her up anyway”. Sandy sat in her seat and stared out the window, saying good-by to her hometown, as the plane left the runway, climbed to altitude and headed north.

“Would you care for a drink?” Robert asked her. “Sure”, Sandy said. Robert asked the Stew for two bottles of Vodka, and a can of Snappy Tom. Sandy ordered a glass of orange juice. When the Stew left, Robert handed Sandy the two bottles. “Take both of them, I don’t drink”, Robert chuckled as he took a sip of the mixer. A few minutes later, Sandy was feeling warm, relaxed and Horny as hell. She and Robert continued to chat about meaningless things. Sandy wasn’t listening to Robert. She was thinking about fucking this black man.

She had just turned 18 the previous week, and was free as a bird, away from home, and ready to be wild and crazy. She would have preferred to live in her own apartment but she and her Dad had never been very close. She was little when he and her mother divorced, and living with him would give her a chance to get to know him better. She had always called him Gary, and he seemed to be more like a good friend than a father. She really liked Marci a lot too. Marci was cool and they had hit it off pretty well. Marci had taught Sandy a lot about sex. Not the birds and bees stuff, but how much fun it was and how to “let go” and enjoy it. Sandy’s mom had some hang-ups about sex and wasn’t anything like Marci. Sandy felt at ease talking with Marci about anything, and knew that Marci was uninhibited and loved sex as much as she did. Yep, It would be fun living with Gary and Marci, at least until she finished her second year at school and could get her own place.

Sandy moved the armrest next to her up and turned facing Robert. She moved her left leg up on the seat and allowed her skirt to ride up high enough to give Robert a view of her entire thigh. “Would you like a blanket Sandy?” Robert asked. “Yes please”, Sandy replied, as she licked her lip with the end of her tongue. Before Sandy put the blanket across her legs, she looked to be sure the Stew was not in visual range. She moved her skirt up high enough for Robert to see her sheer, white G-string, Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort and smiled. Robert’s eyes fixed on her cunt. He could see it easily through the wet, G-string and it was beautiful. Full, fat lips, and it was obvious that she tanned in a “G”. He could also tell that she waxed instead of shaved. Before the blanket had time to settle on her legs, Robert’s hand was feeling Sandy’s hot, wet cunt.

Sandy stared into his eyes as he rubbed her clit and worked a couple of his fingers under her G-string and into her cunt. His thumb was working on her clit. She bit her lip and closed her eyes and moaned softly enough that no one but Robert could hear her. Sandy was going wild. She was breathing heavily, her nipples were hard and poking out of her blouse. She reached both arms up, arched her back and turned on the overhead vents for air. Her hips were moving against Robert’s fingers as she kept a lookout for the Stew. “God what would happen if I got busted?” she thought.

She loved the excitement of having a total stranger finger fucking her on an airplane, loaded with passengers, in the middle of the morning. “What a rush”, she thought. Sandy watched as Robert took his hand out from the blanket, and put his fingers in his mouth and tasted her. She wanted more. Robert moved his armrest up and out of the way and moved closer to Sandy. He lowered his tray table and reached under it and unzipped his pants. Robert then took Sandy’s left hand and moved it under the tray table. “Oh My God,” Sandy thought as she felt the huge cock in her hand. She couldn’t believe how hard and big it was. She had seen pictures of big cocks on the Internet with her friends, but she had never seen one first hand. Let alone have one in her hand. Sandy squeezed the monster cock tight and moved her hand up and down on Robert’s cock, jacking him off. Sandy stopped after a few minutes. “I want you to fuck me Robert”, Sandy whispered. “Oh Baby”, Robert sighed. “I want to fuck you too”.

Robert looked to see where the restrooms were. “Shit”, he said to himself. The restrooms were in the front, and it would be impossible to take this young bitch in one, or even meet her in one un-noticed. Every guy on the plane would be watching her tight ass as she walked up the isle. Robert put his hand back under the blanket and quickly found Sandy’s hot, wet cunt. She spread her legs wider, and lifted her ass up a little, as Robert began fingering her again and rubbing her clit. Sandy leaned back and closed her eyes. It took only a minute or so for her to cum. “Oh God”, she moaned as she dug her fingernails into Robert’s forearm. “I want you inside me sooooo bad”, she whispered.

Robert was already mentally planning his next business trip to Portland. He normally only went there once every three months to see clients. But the next trip would be within two weeks, and he would spend the night. “Portland is a great market”, he told himself. “I really need to spend more time there developing new business. Fucking the shit out of this pretty, hot, young slut would make the trips even better.” He would make damn sure to get her phone number.

Gary sat Sandy’s bags on her bed. He and Marci had fixed up the guest bedroom with the big Brass Bed for her. She had sent about eight large boxes ahead by UPS, and Gary had them sitting against the wall. Some were pretty light and he figured she had brought her stuffed animal collection with her. “Feel free to decorate the room any way you want Sandy”, Marci said. “Its yours for as long as you want to stay”, she added. “Thank you guys”, Sandy replied.

Sandy felt right at home and comfortable with Gary and Marci. Within a few days it was like she had been living there for years. Walking around the house in her bra or a skimpy T-shirt, and panties was natural for her. She had remembered what Marci had told her about it, but Sandy didn’t mind if anyone saw her. She liked to show off her body. “It was a hell of a lot more than she ever wore to the beach, and it was comfortable”, she thought.

Gary and Marci were sitting at the bar in the kitchen when Sandy walked passed them, opened the door to the fridge and bent over, with her back to them, reached down to the bottom shelf, took out a Yogurt, closed the door and headed back to her room. Marci grabbed Gary’s arm, squeezed it and said softly, “down big boy” and laughed. “Want me to talk to her again?” Marci asked. “Hell no”, Gary replied with a smile. Marci pinched Gary on the ribs, laughed and said. “Good, because I like it too, and I’m first”. “You’re a slut Marci”, Gary said. “Yeah, and you love it Baby”, she replied.

Marci knocked on Sandy’s door and went in. Sandy was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed and was finishing her Yogurt. “Can I talk to you Sandy?” Marci asked. “Sure, come on in”, she replied. “You know I’ve always been straight forward with you Sandy and this is going to be a little hard to explain, Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort but I need to tell you a few things about Gary and me.” Marci said. “What is it?” Sandy curiously asked. “Gary and I have a little different kind of relationship, or lifestyle, you might call it, than what you would call traditional”, Marci explained. “What is it, are you guys swingers or do you have an open marriage or something?” Sandy asked. “Sort of like that I guess.” Marci said. “You know that message you took from a guy named Bill that wanted to talk to me?” Marci asked. “Yes” Sandy said. “Bill is one of my black lovers”, Marci said. “WOW”, Sandy exclaimed, choking on her last bite of Yogurt. “ONE of your black lovers?” She asked. “God Marci, how many do you have?” she chuckled. “Does Gary know about them?” Sandy asked without waiting for an answer to her other question. “Yes he does Sandy, and he loves to watch me with them. I know it sounds kinky, but we both enjoy it, very much, and the reason I’m telling you, is that they come over from time to time, and if it is a problem for you, then we can make other arrangements.”

“WOW”, Sandy said again. “This is so cool. Hey, it doesn’t bother me a bit. I think its kinda erotic actually. I got to tell you about this black guy I met on the airplane coming up here. He was so pretty Marci and…and ….” Sandy was talking a hundred miles an hour. Marci almost couldn’t believe it. She thought this was going to be a shocker telling Sandy, but this girl was way ahead of her. “Things were a lot different when she was 18”, Marci thought to herself. Sandy was going on about a black guy she had met on the plane and Marci cut her off. “You like black guys Sandy?” Marci asked. “I liked this guy, I don’t know about any others, but Robert was a dream.” Sandy said. “That’s good Dear, because Bill is coming over tomorrow night for a visit, if you know what I mean. I told him about you and he really wants to meet you. Would you like to be here to meet him?” Marci asked Sandy. Sandy was blushing. “What do you mean by meeting him?” she asked. “Whatever you want that to mean Sandy.” Marcy answered. “What would Gary say?” Sandy asked. “Don’t worry about Gary, he would love it. Believe me, he would love it.” Marci laughed.

She went on to say, “think it over and let me know.” “Do you think Bill would like me?” Sandy asked. “Are you kidding?” Marcy replied. “He has wanted to meet you ever since I first told him about you. Gary is all for it too, so you can relax and just be your self. Just remember, Yes is Yes, and No is No. Got it? No pressure, and if you would rather just go to your room and close the door, no one will bother you. You might want to turn up the volume on your stereo though.” Marci said laughing as she walked out the door. Sandy lay back against the Brass headboard and closed her eyes to think about all that Marci had just told her. “WOW”, is the only word she could think of. She wasn’t shocked like she thought she would be, at the thought of her Dad watching her Step Mom getting it on with a black lover. Then the rush hit her. She had been invited to watch too, and to even join in, and THEY would be watching HER!

Sandy felt a familiar feeling inside her and was getting warm. She slipped her hand into the top of her panties and let the tips of her fingers touch her cunt. It was soaking wet. She moved her fingers on her clit for a minute and then inserted her middle finger into the opening and moved it around and imagined what a big black cock would feel like in it. She imagined what it would be like to fuck and suck a total stranger while Gary and Marci watched her. “God”, what a turn-on.” She thought of Robert and his hard black cock and remembered how she had wanted it, and was ready to go with him right there on the airplane. She rubbed her nipples with the other hand and continued to rub her clit faster until she brought herself to orgasm. She spread her long legs apart and raised her ass up off the bed, until the only thing touching was the back of her shoulders and the bottoms of her feet. She imagined herself spreading her legs for her fantasy black lover, and feeling his hard cock plunging deep in her tight cunt. In the middle of her orgasm, she made a simple decision about tomorrow night. YES, OH YES!

“What did she say?” Gary asked Marci. “Your daughter is a natural born slut Gary”, she laughed. “A chip off the old block, I might add.” Gary smiled and said the only word he could think of. “WOW!”Marci reached her hand down and grabbed Gary’s crotch. “Oh my, and what do we have here?” she asked, as she squeezed Gary’s erect hard on. “You know what it is bitch”, he said as he stood up. Marci dropped to her knees in front of Gary and pulled his sweat pants down to his ankles, exposing his throbbing dick. She looked up at him as she moved her mouth to the end of his dick and began to lick the swollen head. “You like this Lover?” she giggled. “Fuck yea, suck it bitch,” he ordered. “Like this baby?” she asked as she took his cock deep in her mouth and began sucking and moving her head back and forth on his tool. “That’s it baby, Oh Yes”. “You want me to suck Bill’s big black cock like this tomorrow night, don’t you?” she asked smiling up at Gary. She knew just what to say to Gary to turn him on even more. “Oh fuck Yes!” he responded.

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