Calista’s Dungeon Ch. 13

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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Sarah’s voice on the phone was like a breath of fresh air to Calista, “Gi’day, Mistress,” she said sexily into Calista’s ear. Calista smiled from ear to ear as her sweet Sarah had telephoned her.

“Welcome, sweet, sweet Sarah. I was thinking of you today. How lovely that you called,” Mistress Calista replied.

“I was hoping that I could see you today, Mistress. I’ve been so naughty that only you can give me the punishment I need, Mistress,” Sarah sighed into the phone, her sexy voice caused Calista to get moist. Calista took a deep breath, checked her appointment book and happily saw that her afternoon was open.

“Of course, my darling, I can’t wait for you to arrive,” Calista said, “I’ll have to think up something very wicked to punish a naughty girl like you.” Sarah thanked her Mistress and told her she would be there within the hour. They exchanged kisses over the phone and ended their conversation. Calista hurried to arrange the Dungeon for her slave’s arrival and notified all resident slaves that she may require their services. The time seemed to drag for Calista as she impatiently waited for Sarah to arrive. Finally, she heard a car drive up and stop near the Tower Dungeon entryway. She hurried to the entry way as the doorbell was ringing. Opening the door she welcomed Sarah inside.

“Thank you for working me in your busy schedule today, Mistress,” Sarah said, as she walked into the entryway.

“Come here and kiss your Mistress,” Calista commanded, as she opened her arms wide to embrace her. Sarah gladly crawled to her Mistress, stood up and passionately kissed her Mistress intertwining their tongues. “Umm, I missed you so, sweet Sarah,” she whispered into Sarah’s ear while holding her close, “Strip naked and kneel before me, love.” Sarah removed her raincoat to stand naked and grinning. She kicked off her shoes to kneel before her Mistress spreading her thighs wide, revealing her moist cunt. She thrust her breasts forward and placed her hands on her thighs. Mistress Calista dropped her robe and stood naked before her slave. Sarah looked at her beautiful Mistress, a smile on her lips and lust in her heart. Calista kneeled to embrace Sarah, kissing her passionately once more. “Oh you naughty girl. Where have you been for so long, making your Mistress miss you so?” Calista said pulling gently on Sarah’s ear. Their mouths parted and Calista quickly bent to Sarah’s breasts to kiss, lick and suck her slave’s nipples. Sarah moaned aloud, her bosom heaved, her nipples standing erect and proud. Calista moved to her, pushed her golden locks aside, kissed her neck, shoulders and licked her earlobe. Calista cupped Sarah’s breasts in her palms to knead them with her fingers, thumbs rubbing her nipples. Sarah moaned and whimpered with desire, feeling her juices flow between her cuntlips.

“Oooo, M’Lady,” Sarah moaned as her flesh quivered at her Mistress’s touch. Calista kissed and licked her slave’s neck as she grasped her nipples between her thumb and forefingers to roll, pinch, pull and tweak them. Sarah groaned with lust, still leaning into her beautiful Mistress as her nipples throbbed and stood painfully erect. Calista twisted Sarah’s nipples harshly and pulled them out as far as they would go. Sarah painfully cried out as her sweet nipples felt as though they would be torn from her body. Mistress Calista released Sarah’s nipples, stood up, spread her legs, straddled Sarah’s head with her thighs and thrust her wet pussy into her slave’s lips. Smiling, Sarah reached up to part Calista’s sweet cuntlips, leaned in closer and let her tongue flutter across her Mistress’s pussy folds.

“Mmm, God that’s so good, sweet Sarah,” Calista said holding her behind the neck as she licked Calista’s cunt. Mistress quickly buckled a collar around Sarah’s neck as she sucked her Mistress’s pussy. Sarah’s tongue goes in deeper, her tongue running in circles, going back and forth to find the areas that most pleased Her Mistress. “Ummm, yesssss…that’s sooo nice, Sarah,” Calista moaned in pleasure. Sarah pushed her tongue in deeper her hands spread Calista’s pussy folds as her tongue disappeared inside. Mistress Calista grasped Sarah’s wrists and placed restraints on them, locked them together and fastened them to a ring on her collar. Sarah, realizing that she has once again been captured by her Mistress, groaned softly, but kept licking, her tongue teasingly sliding in and out of Calista’s pussy.

Calista relaxed to fully enjoy her slave’s marvelous tongue with her head back, eyes shut and moaning aloud. Sarah drove in deeper, fucking Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort Calista slowly with her tongue. In and out, curling her tongue as it reached deep inside. Mistress Calista felt her juices flowing copiously as Sarah’s magnificent tongue drove her toward orgasm. “My clit…my clit! Oh God, sweet Sarah, lick my clit…my clit!” Calista shouted as her orgasm stirred deep within her. Sarah wrapped her lips around Calista’s long clit, sucking at her nub as though it were a nipple. “Ohhhh…oh…yes,” Calista moaned as Sarah’s tongue flicked Mistress’s button from side to side as she sucked it ravenously. Calista’s body stiffened then bucked wildly as she exploded in a gut wrenching orgasm, her body trembling as she came again and again.

Sarah lapped at Calista’s heavily flowing juices, not letting up in the slightest with her tonguing. Calista knees weakened and she slowly slid to the floor with Sarah’s head between her legs as she spasmed in orgasm again. Sarah followed Calista to the floor, her head between her Mistress’s thighs and kept sucking, watching as cum quakes fluttered throughout Calista’s body. Calista could hardly stand Sarah’s wonderful tongue. She somehow recovered enough to turn around and lie over her slave’s body, her face over Sarah’s sweet bush. Calista opened her mouth, seeking Sarah’s pussy. Mistress Calista’s tongue found Sarah’s sweet wet folds as her tongue parted her cuntlips to probe inside deeply. Sarah moaned and pumped her hips as she continued working her tongue on Calista’s clit and pussy. She moved her mouth over Calista’s long clit. Finding it erect and throbbing she tongued it into her mouth to suck it as though it were a miniature cock. Mistress Calista’s slick and tasty juices coated Sarah’s face, mouth and tongue as she swallowed all that she could while ‘tormenting’ Calista’s ‘sugar’ cunt. Sarah moaned and groaned, pumping her hips and feeling her orgasm rising, as her tongue still worked its magic on Calista. Lifting her head momentarily, Calista told Sarah to cum with her, as Calista’s orgasm began to build again. Sarah smiled and stopped trying to suppress her orgasm as she drove toward the edge with her Mistress’s permission. Calista’s juices flowed in torrents and Sarah lapped up the sweet nectar between her Mistress’s legs. Sarah’s tongue became maddening on Calista’s pussy and she surrendered once again, erupting in a sea of creamy cunt nectar. Mistress Calista felt Sarah’s body shudder underneath her as their mutual orgasms gave them intimate and wonderful pleasure.

Sarah cried out as the pleasure wracked her tender body, the orgasm plowed through her powerfully as she still worked on Calista’s hot, wet cunt. Mistress Calista’s orgasm slowly subsided and she rose to her knees, her face glistening with Sarah’s juices. Calista looked down on Sarah to see her face glistening as well. Mistress Calista kissed her slave’s mouth to taste her own juices then moved to her Implements and Toys table, leaving Sarah lying on her back, on the floor. She selected a new device she had made with Sarah in mind. Sarah smiled, her cum-soaked face completely wet with her Mistress’s juices. Sarah looks up in terror to see a pair of alligator clips welded together and separated by a four-inch metal bar. The slave girl gasps as she views the hideous device.

Mistress Calista kneeled to pull Sarah’s right nipple up high and clipped it with the alligator clip, leaving her nipple tip exposed so her Mistress’s can lick it. Sarah yelped as the clip tightened over her nipple, the metal teeth digging in cruelly. She cringed at the thought of her other nipple receiving the same treatment. Holding her other nipple Calista brought it to the other end of the device and clipped that nipple as well. Sarah wailed and groaned from pain as her nipples nearly touch each other as the device held her breasts in the center of the slave’s chest, preventing them from naturally moving toward her sides. Sarah screamed as the metal teeth dig into her nipples.

Calista, hooked a finger behind the device, tugged at Sarah’s nipples and pulled her to her feet. Sarah screamed and howled in pain then whimpered, standing up with her Mistress as her nipples are painfully pulled. Mistress Calista selected a short silver chain and hooked it to the device, lifted the chain up and fastened it securely to a ring in Sarah’s collar. “Now, you naughty girl, gravity, the weight of your breasts and your breast muscles will provide you with a great deal of ‘pleasure’ during our session,” Calista told her slave girl. Sarah wailed and groaned, her nipples throbbing with pain as her breasts swelled. Mistress Calista fastened a leash chain to the alligator clip device and pulled Sarah to the stone staircase to lead her, by her tits to the Tower Dungeon.

Mistress Calista tugged at the leash as they climbed the stone steps. Sarah yelped as she walked up the steps behind her Mistress, feeling her nipples being pulled ruthlessly. They reached the top of the steps and entered the Dungeon. Calista placed Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort Sarah on a platform under an overhead chain, fastened her wrists to the chain and pulled her arms up over her head. Sarah looked around the Dungeon; her hands secured high above her head, dreading what will surely come next.

Mistress Calista spreads Sarah’s legs wide and fastened her ankles to a spreader bar. Sarah moaned softly, feeling her nether lips part as her legs were spread. Calista hooked an overhead chain to the spreader bar and lifted Sarah up so she hung by her wrists and ankles, totally helpless, exposed, vulnerable and at the mercy, or lack of it, of her Mistress. The Domina moved to her slave’s side to lick at the tips of her exposed nipples. Sarah groaned, as her nipples were ‘assaulted’ feeling the commingled pain and pleasure course through her breasts. Moving to her table Mistress Calista selected a small box. She showed it to Sarah so she could see that it was full of alligator clips. Sarah whimpered softly and tears rolled down her cheeks, as she looked at all the little clips.

Beginning at the slave girl’s left armpit, Mistress Calista attached alligator clips in her soft tender flesh, one next to the other, making a line of clips to her breasts. Sarah cried out painfully as each clip was harshly applied, her body shuddering. Calista continued to place clips all around Sarah’s breast in ever smaller concentric circles until she reached the Sarah’s areola. Sarah cried and sobbed inconsolably as her Mistress worked to give her what Sarah craved. Calista placed a clip on the tip of her areola where the breast flesh melds into the areola flesh. She continued placing the clips all around it until her areola is completely ringed. Sarah sobbed and groaned bitterly, her body shook with fear and pain, her breasts throbbing painfully as the clips are put on. Pausing to let Sarah ‘enjoy’ her work, Calista poured herself a cool glass of Zinfandel Blush and sipped it slowly.

Sarah groaned, wept and softly whimpered, hanging limply in her chains as she was left to ‘enjoy’ her breast decorations. Mistress Calista put down the wine glass and beginning at Sarah’s other armpit began to place alligator clips until she similarly adorned Sarah’s right breast. Sarah cried and groaned as the pain drove her breasts toward becoming numb. Mistress Calista began to place clips every inch down the center of Sarah’s torso, ringing her navel and continuing down to the creases, where Sarah’s thighs join to her torso, filling both creases with clips. Sarah could cry no more, her throat was sore from screaming, her body inflamed with pain, as she hung mutely from her chains.

Mistress Calista kneeled between her slave girl’s legs and licked her sweet cuntlips. Sarah managed to moan, making soft little noises as more clips are placed onto her tender body, feeling her skin painfully come to life under the bite of the metal teeth. She writhed in pleasure/pain from the touch of her Mistress’s tongue on her cuntlips. Mistress Calista started at Sarah’s clit hood, avoiding her clit, she placed alligator clips on each cuntlip, from her clit hood to her perineum. Calista licked and sucked her slave’s clit until it was erect, engorged and throbbing then clipped it hard with an alligator clip. Sarah found the will to scream again as the screams resonated throughout the Dungeon. Mistress spread Sarah’s cuntlips wide to find her piss hole, opened it to slide one jaw of an alligator clip into her urethra and let it snap shut.

The pain was nearly unbearable, Sarah shrieked and wailed as the clip closed down over her clit, feeling it throbbing painfully. Her hips bucked as the other clip closed shut on her tender urethra. “Ooo, oh, M’lady…please…please stop, please…It hurts so,” Sarah gasped. Mistress Calista slid underneath her suspended slave, licked the cleft of her magnificent ass then paused to lick Sarah’s asshole. Sarah moaned with pain and pleasure as Mistress’s tongue reamed her asshole. Removing her tongue from Sarah’s asshole, Calista placed an alligator clip into the top of her slave’s asshole and another in the bottom, allowing both clips to snap shut. Sarah wailed and screeched as the sharp teeth of the clips dug into her asshole. Calista, stood next to Sarah, sipped more wine, smiled wickedly and watched her slave enjoy her ‘pleasure’. Sarah’s tears flowed down her cheeks as she pleaded with her Mistress. This mixture of pain and pleasure was just too much for her to handle. Mistress Calista ignored Sarah’s pleas, selected two large weighted clamps and attached them to her slave’s cuntlips, over the alligator clips and allowed the weights to drop stretching her cuntlips cruelly. Sarah screamed again as the weights pulled savagely at her cuntlips causing the alligator clips’ teeth to dig in deeper. Calista picked up her wine glass, sipped a little then dipped her titties into the wine to offer her titties to Sarah to lick clean of wine. Sarah groaned but eagerly stuck her tongue out, licking the Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort sweet breasts and nipples. Calista finished the wine left in the glass, and moved to her table to select a long thin braided leather buggy whip. “Ohhh, Mistress…please no…no, not the buggy whip,” Sarah whined and begged.

Calista drew the whip between Sarah’s open cuntlips to get it wet with her juices. Sarah moaned with both pleasure and pain, enjoying the whip as it slid between her cuntlips, but still in sweet agony from the alligator clips all over her body. “Now Sarah, we have to get the clips off, don’t we? What better way than with the whip?” Calista asked her slave mocking her. Sarah dreaded the mere thought of having the clips whipped from her beautiful but pained body. “I’ll be careful and try not to miss too often, slave Sarah,” Calista quipped mockingly. “The clips will snap off when struck soundly with the whip,” Calista told her slave girl. Unconvinced, Sarah groaned and braced for a very painful assault on her body.

Calista carefully aimed at the clips in Sarah’s armpits and lashed out expertly snapping the alligator clips off one by one. A small painful welt was revealed each time a clip snapped off and turned purple nearly immediately. Sarah screamed and sobbed as Calista worked toward her breast. Slowly and deliberately, Calista snapped the clips from her slave’s breast and areola, leaving concentric circles of welted flesh where her areola met the skin of her breast. A very hard stroke to the alligator clip on her nipple, struck both the nipple and clip, but snapped the clip off. The nipple chain, as though released by a spring, flew off to hang down behind her shoulder. Sarah’s screams resonated throughout the Dungeon, unceasingly. Calista moved to her slave’s other armpit and repeated the entire process. Marked with welts and rings of welts, all over her tits, Sarah awaited the removal of the clip on her nipple.

Calista obliged her and snapped the alligator clip from her nipple. Calista quickly moved to her slave to push her breasts together until Sarah’s nipples touched. Mistress took both nipples into her mouth to lick and soothe them as the blood painfully surged back into her nipples, restoring circulation. Sarah felt the soft wet tongue at her nipples and opened her mouth to thank her Mistress, but was unable to utter a sound. Stepping back, Calista snapped off the alligator clips surrounding Sarah’s navel, and the clips her from belly. A line of purple welts appeared from her breasts, to the welted circle around her navel. Calista kissed the tip of Sarah’s clit that peeped out beyond the alligator clip fastened upon it.

Calista removed the alligator clips from Sarah’s cuntlips with the whip. Snapping them off, but often as not, it also struck her cuntlips savagely, to the sound of Sarah’s screams and wails. Finally, Sarah feels the weighted clips snap off and fall noisily to the Dungeon floor. Calista poured herself another glass of Blush and sipped it slowly, watching the welts quickly form on her slave’s cuntlips. Setting her glass down, Calista took careful aim at the clip on Sarah’s clit. She swung the whip forcefully, missing the clip entirely, to savage Sarah’s clit hood. Sarah screeches a bloodcurdling scream as the pain consumed her. Calista struck again, but missed to the other side of Sarah’s clit this time. Ignoring Sarah’s screams and wails, Calista swung the whip viciously again, this time striking her target and snapping the clip from Sarah’s clit. Sarah was hanging limply from her chains sobbing, whimpering and whining from pain. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets as she was in a state of semi consciousness.

Calista knelt between her slave’s legs to lick and soothe Sarah’s clit. She manually removed the alligator clip from Sarah’s urethra to prevent any tearing from the whip, seriously injuring her slave. Feeling Calista’s tongue as it swirled around her battered cunt and clit, Sarah suddenly erupted in a powerful orgasm, spewing her juices all over Calista’s face and mouth. Sarah cried out in pleasure as she experienced a violent pain orgasm so intense that she spasmed and writhed uncontrollably, as she came again and again. Calista, pleased that her slave achieved a pain orgasm, quickly covered her cunt with her mouth to trap and swallow Sarah’s juices as they were rapidly expelled from her pussy. Sarah glowed with delight as she would cum each time her pussy spasmed. Her orgasm had overcome the pain in her body as she hovered a in near perpetual orgasm.

Slowly, her orgasm subsided and the pain resumed control over her welted body. She gasped and tried to thank her Mistress, but could barely breathe, let alone talk. Smiling through her pain, Sarah blew her Mistress a kiss and strained to recover her senses. Calista pulled the chain on the spreader bar and raises Sarah’s ass high enough to bring the alligator clips in her asshole into easy view and positioned for removal. Again Calista faked aiming, striking the whip cruelly into the cleft of Sarah’s asscrack. The slave girl cried out with savage pain as Calista struck again and again. “Sarah, why you won’t let the alligator clips in your asshole snap off is beyond me,” Calista cruelly chided her slave, “now you have made me work harder to get them off. Are you trying to give me a sore arm, slut?” she asked her slave. “Well, if that is your aim, it’s working,” Calista declared.

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