The Scent Factory

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When life takes a turn for the worse, sometimes fate – or God, or destiny, or whatever it is you believe makes sense of all this – looks back at you and realises you’ve had more than your fair share of hardship. After Jack’s alcoholic stepfather beat him to a pulp that last time, so that he was lucky all his teeth were still there and would be lucky to recover without scarring, it was finally time things started getting a whole lot better for him.

And it did. So much so, in fact, that it almost seemed worth the years of pain, the childhood of neglect, of fear, of loneliness. When Jack’s swelling had gone down and he was able to sign out of the hospital, the coin marking his life flipped and landed on heads.

It flipped that very morning, when the teenager showed up for his no-good job, working the counter at McDonald’s. It was a shitty job, and hardly worth jacking in his high school diploma for, but he’d made the decision to scratch together whatever money he could and get out of his situation. His alcoholic mother hadn’t objected, and his stepfather never gave a shit what he did. He hated the work, but with the shifts he put in at least he was getting some money. More than he would doing school every day.

The good thing was the people: his co-workers were good people, and since they were all under the same tough conditions pumping junk food at the kids, they had a real sense of solidarity between them. That was the only thing that kept him going sometimes.

Now this morning, he came back still pretty beat up, though he’d been in the hospital a week. His co-workers showed their obvious concern, and that was touching. There was still that huge hole in his stomach, though, a hole that was made from uncertainty – what was he going to do at the end of his shift? What was waiting for him at home? His mother and stepfather hadn’t visited him in hospital. They didn’t give a shit. Most likely, they’d have been drinking when he got home. Maybe he’d get another beating for nothing. Maybe he wouldn’t wake up from this one.

“Jack, look, you can’t go back there,” Sam told him over their lunch break, “there’s no way you can go back.”

“What else can I do? I haven’t got the dough for my own place yet.”

“Look,” he said, “there’s these girls I know. One of them’s my second cousin on my Dad’s side. I hear their looking for a roommate.”

Now, Sam was gay. Great guy, fantastic to be around, but the people he tended to mix with outside of work were hardly Jack’s kind of people. Even so, it was money that was the real issue, here. Surely anyone would be better to live with than his alcoholic ‘parents’.

“I don’t know…” he said doubtfully, “I appreciate you telling me, but I just don’t have much cash, y’know?”

“Well, I hear the rent is real low. I mean stupidly. My cousin didn’t say how much, but apparently these girls are looking for a man about the house, you know? For security. They don’t need much in the way of money. That side of my family were never hard up for money, y’know?”

“I guess I should give it a go, huh? You think they’d have me, huh?”

“Well, I’d have you.”

“Thanks, Sam. Always good to know.” They chuckled, and Jack actually felt okay.

“Hey, I’ll give her a call – why don’t you ask Dom for the afternoon off? I’m sure he’d say it’s okay.”

“Thanks, Sam.”


The girl on the phone had seemed friendly enough, and though he had some reservations about living in an otherwise all-female place, she had said rent would be extremely low, and the area the place was in was a good area.

But here he was now, outside the building, and things were beginning to seem a little strange to him. Firstly: it really was a nice area. Too nice. For a poor boy, a downtown apartment seemed like something for millionaires only. Secondly, the building was really far too nice. Swish lobby complete with building officer, marble floors, tropical plants, gold-doored elevators.

The building officer had smiled and nodded as he explained why he was here.

“Tenth floor, sir,” he had said – a kindly old man.

The elevator ride was quiet and quick, and the tenth floor looked like a corridor in a luxury hotel – thick red carpet, elegant décor. Had he heard wrong? Was he in the wrong place? Was he going to look like a fool?

The door to apartment 1034 opened just as he reached it, and in front of him stood a very, very attractive young girl – a teenager, like him. He was surprised how young she was for such an apartment. What was she, a high school girl? What was she doing in a place like this?

“Hi, I’m Hayley,” said the fresh-faced girl with a pretty smile.

“Jack,” he smiled back, doing his utmost to hide the nerves. Why the hell was he nervous?

“Nice to meet you,” she shook his hand delicately, her pretty blue eyes locking on his to send shockwaves down his spine: she was absolutely gorgeous. “Come on in!”

The apartment was gorgeous as well. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort and the bay, modern, stylish yet comfortable furniture, quality equipment including entertainment system and a computer with all the trimmings and plenty of space. In fact, the space came from the fact that the place was almost entirely open plan. Aside from the bathroom – which Hayley showed him with particular pride, and for some reason: it was about as luxurious as you could get – there appeared to be only one room, with various sections informally cordoned off.

“So you’re a friend of Sam’s?” she asked him as they looked around the sizeable place.

“Yeah,” he said, wondering just where this room that was being offered could be found. “I have a few problems at home, y’know…”

“Sam told us,” she said. “I’m real sorry about what happened to you.”

“Well, hey, life goes on, huh?” he smiled.

“Sure does,” she reflected his smile. “Ah! This is where you’d be if you took the room.”

The bed was large, the ‘room’ spacious and well-stocked with storage. But it wasn’t really a room. In fact, the only privacy came from some of the shelves and some tallish standing plants. Jack stepped around the ‘room’. The fact that large portions of the rest of the apartment – including, he noted, other ‘bedrooms’ – that were visible from within the offered ‘room’, he could tell that if he accepted it, it would end up like living in a goldfish bowl.

Kind of weird, but if the rent was truly something he could afford, he wasn’t going to care. The hell-hole alternative was always going to be so much worse than anything.

“So what are your roommates like?” he asked the young blonde. He hated to admit it – even just to himself – but he couldn’t help but feel attracted to her. She had this almost magic affect on him – perhaps it was just her sweet perfume, but that wasn’t the only reason he felt slightly giddy around her.

“A lot like me, really,” she said matter-of-factly. “We all go to Jefferson High, and we have similar… interests, I suppose. They’re a great bunch – very likeable, if you know what I mean.”

He smiled as they took seats in the ‘living’ area of the apartment, which had stunning views over the blue water of the bay. He had plenty of questions and Hayley didn’t seem to object. He might as well find out what was behind this strange arrangement, even if he didn’t necessarily intend to take the ‘room’. The lack of privacy was one thing in an apartment full of guys, but if Hayley’s other roommates were also high school girls it was an entirely different matter.

“How come you have this place if you’re only in high school?” he asked. It seemed a fairly harmless question.

“Well,” she said, looking as though she didn’t quite know how to put the answer. “You see, we figured it’s pretty tough finding a decent apartment in this city, and it won’t be too long before we’re off to college, you know.”

“So you got a place already?”

“It’s a nice place, don’t you think?” she asked.

“Sure, sure. It’s just… I don’t know… you seem very organised for a bunch of high school seniors.”

“Katie’s the clever one – she’s the one that came up with the idea.”

“So there’s what, four of you in here?”

“Yeah – me, Katie, Zoe and Jess. Hey, you want some coffee?” Hayley leapt up, her school skirt flicking up briefly to show more of her stunning legs – but not much more.

“Sure,” he said, “milk and two sugars, thanks.”

The kitchen area was beside the bathroom towards the back of the apartment – opening onto the dining area, but nicely self-contained by the granite work top. Jack couldn’t help but watch her as she got the coffee – she was quite something. Her petite, slender body was so tight in the most perfect places, her legs so shapely as revealed by the short gray skirt.

“You have a girlfriend?” she asked him casually as the water boiled.

“Nope,” he said, not seeing the relevance but not seeing the harm in the question, either.

“So which high school d’you go to?” she asked, bringing him a steaming cup of fresh coffee and sitting down opposite him once again. “I’ve never seen you around Jefferson…”

“I don’t,” he replied, taking a sip at the hot drink, but wincing at its heat, “I gave it up so I could get some money together and get out of my shitty life.”

“Wow, pretty brave decision. You seen kind of smart for someone who jacked in school.”

“Thanks. But I read, y’know? I try to improve myself, even if I don’t have time for school any more.” He blew on his coffee a little, trying to cool it down. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the cute blonde girl cross her legs, but he wasn’t able to see anything outrageous in the Basic Instinct kind of way.

“So what’s the deal with you?” he asked her, trying not to make it look as though he was periodically sneaking a look at her firm, beautiful thighs. “Shouldn’t you be at school right now?”

“I’m off sick,” she grinning Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort impishly, “until we find a new roommate.”

“Kind of like Ferris Bueller, huh? So do you guys all live here full-time? What d’your parents think?”

“We still live with our parents,” Hayley explained. “Pretty much every weekend we tell them we’re having a sleepover, though, so we come here then. Some of us come here in the afternoon after school, too, but it would be good to have a roommate here those nights.”

“Yeah, ‘course,” Jack said, gulping down the final half-inch of his coffee before putting the empty white cup down on the glass table between the two of them. “Hey, d’you mind if I use your bathroom?”

“Sure,” she said, “you know where it is.”

Jack scampered off to the bathroom. The call of nature had actually come at a pretty good time – going off into the bathroom would give him a moment or two to think things through.


While taking care of business, Jack thought about things. The apartment was nice, it was homely yet stylish, tidy yet fun. The lack of privacy was drawback, but not unbearable considering his alternative, and if the girls weren’t going to be there at night – except maybe at the weekend – it wouldn’t be so bad. He’d just have to be careful when they were there.

The area was fantastic – as was the view. He’d never be able to afford a place like this under normal circumstances. If Hayley was telling the truth, if he could afford what they were asking, it was all fine by him.

And the girls – well, if they were anything like Hayley, he would be a lucky guy. Just the thought of Hayley made him perk up – just one glimpse of the slight swell of her young breasts pushing against the tight blouse she wore or a brief flash of her underwear was enough to send the blood rushing southwards. Usually, he didn’t have much time to appreciate the girls: he worked too hard during the day and at night he had no social life to call on from his lack of school.

Jack finished up and was just about to flush when he noticed a laundry basket in the corner of the sizeable bathroom. Tucked into the random articles of clothing that half-filled the basket were a pair of girls’ underwear.

Jack paused, holding back from flushing the toilet – which would make Hayley expect him to leave the bathroom almost immediately after. In the silence, he could almost hear his heart pumping, feel it beating as the adrenaline surged through his system. There was no mistaking it: they were definitely there, the unmistakable skimpy form of girl’s panties.

Protected in his privacy, he moved quietly to the basket and pulled out the pink cotton underwear. Hayley’s? They were delicate, soft and trimmed with a feminine-looking white frill. Jack held them briefly to his nose and was rewarded with the sharp yet sweet aroma of a young female. Heaven.

They had to be Hayley’s – she’d been the only girl here for a while, after all, ‘off sick’. Jack’s cock was rock hard. He was also shaking slightly. It had been too long since he’d had a girlfriend – not since he’d been in school, in fact.

Taking in one last breath of the schoolgirl’s spicy scent, he debated silently what to do with the panties. Would she notice if they went missing? What would she do if she did? Would she decide she didn’t want him living there? Perhaps it was best just to put them back. But what if the rent did turn out to be too much? He’d probably regret not having an example of used underwear from such a pretty girl, to have with him on those lonely nights after a beating or two.

Better leave them. Quietly, he put the panties back in the laundry, flushed the toilet and left the bathroom.

“So, what do you think?” Hayley asked as he returned. She was showing him a fair bit of thigh once again, and he wondered if she was always like this. He could handle sights like that on a regular basis. And the sight was now connected with the secret knowledge that he was now familiar with the scent of her sweet pussy. He felt an exquisite shiver run down his back.

“Well, if you guys say yes, I’d love to take the room,” he said, doing his best to maintain some kind of appearance of control.

“Oh good!” she did sound genuinely pleased at that – which made him suddenly wary.

“If I can afford it, though, of course…” Damn, was he being an idiot not taking this schoolgirl’s panties?

Well, too late now. At least he had a memory of her scent. It had been as close as he’d been to girl’s pussy in years, and the closest he’d ever been to such a pretty girl… he’d just remember.

“Of course you can afford it,” she said with a grin. “Hey, why don’t we go down to the Starbucks opposite and talk about the price? I said we’d meet Zoe there…”

“Sure, why not?” he said.

“Great. I just have to use the bathroom quickly,” she said.

What was the rent going to be?

As he waited, he recalled her scent again. It had seemed so Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort dangerous, so wicked, to think that that soft material had been in close contact with that beautiful young girl’s pussy. As he had gently pressed his nose against the soft pink cotton, drawing in the musty scent, his imagination had drifted briefly.

In his mind’s eye, he was lying on his back on that bed in the privacy-free apartment, the innocent-looking blonde schoolgirl above him, her thighs either side of his head, gently depositing her panty-clad pussy onto his mouth and nose.

The bathroom door opened, breaking the moment, The telephone broke his thoughts and killed the mood. It was time to discuss money.


“We need the person who takes the apartment to be a valued part of our business,” she said as they headed across the street to the coffee shop.

“Oh. And what is your ‘business’?”

“Well…” she said as they entered the place, dallying over how to explain herself. “I’ll explain. What do you want to drink?”

“Oh, just a regular latte.”

The blonde girl waiting for them was every bit as attractive as Hayley. Dressed in her school uniform just like Hayley, she had a warm smile and Jack smiled back at her.

“Jack, meet Zoe,” Hayley said.

“Hi,” he greeted the other girl, who leaned forward – to kiss his cheek, he thought, but she didn’t, she kissed him briefly on the lips. What was this about?

Hayley gave her roommate a quick warning glance, clearly to remind her that they didn’t want to scare Jack away. Zoe responded with a mock sulky expression, then flashed a minx-like grin at Jack before settling.

Zoe was blonde and of a similar petite build as Hayley, but they were otherwise fairly different. The first girl Jack had met was much more of a fresh-faced, natural type with a fairly clean, innocent beauty. Zoe came across instantly as a slightly more confident type, and Jack would have described her as more of the type who enjoys going to nightclubs. She was blonde, but not naturally like Hayley. She was pretty, as was Hayley, but Zoe’s face was sharper, more feline, and she came across more like the popular, extrovert type than the meek, innocent type.

“So,” Hayley said to get things rolling. “I guess we’d better tell you what are business is.”

“Yeah, that’d be good.”

“But if you do decide it’s not your type of thing, please don’t go spreading the word,” the young schoolgirl asked earnestly.

“Of course.” He could see Zoe checking him out – appreciatively, he thought, but it turned those wheels inside his mind – what, was he going to be their pimp or something?

“Okay,” Hayley looked briefly at Zoe, took a deep breath and said in a quiet voice – so as not to be overheard: “We have this website…”

She looked around again, her pale green eyes checking for anyone looking their way.

“Go on – tell him!” Zoe told her expectantly.

Hayley looked into Jack’s eyes. “I guess there’s no easy way to say this,” she said. “Okay. We have this website, from which we sell our worn underwear.”

Jack felt his cock twitch inside his pants. Jesus.

“There, I said it,” the natural blonde schoolgirl said, looking away from his eyes as she blushed.

Zoe wasn’t as coy. She was looking straight at Jack, awaiting his reaction.

“Wow,” He said, since he didn’t quite know what to say. He could feel his heart pounding and his penis stiffening, but he did his best to remain in control. He wasn’t sure what they had in mind for him, what they wanted him to do, but the thought of these sexy girls selling their panties was hot enough as far as he was concerned. He definitely wanted a slice of this.

“So… what kind of money do you make?” he asked diplomatically. He didn’t want to seem like a slobbering lust-fiend right now. Had to keep control.

“It’s about enough to pay for the apartment,” Zoe said proudly. “Guys are willing to pay top rate.”

“So I get to stay there for a fairly cheap rent, huh?”

“Fairly cheap,” Hayley nodded. “If you were to help us out in our business, we’d let you stay rent-free.”

“And as our business partner, you’d get a share of the profits, too,” Zoe said, “when we start making some.”

“I don’t get it,” he said, his curiosity getting the better of his control. “What would you need me for?”

“Couple of things. We’ve had a few complaints,” Zoe explained. “Just a few, mind you, but we don’t want any complaints. So we kind of need a quality control guy.”

Zoe was just as sweet as Hayley in her way – but she seemed more expressive, more confident, and revealed more about their intentions than the other girl by her body language alone – she was really trying to catch Jack’s interest. Unlike Hayley, she wasn’t wearing her school tie and the top few buttons were undone on her white blouse to reveal the slight swell of her cleavage and just the frilly edge of her pink cotton bra.

“You want me to… what… check your underwear before you send it off?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, kind of,” Hayley said, seeming to light fireworks within Jack’s stomach. “You know, make sure they have a good enough scent before they go in the post.”

“Well,” Jack said, his eyebrows raised in surprise, “I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”

“Oh, that’s not quite all, though,” Zoe said.

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