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Hi again. Thanks for your fast reply!

When Angel and I lived in the mountains of Montana, I made contact with a really fun, experienced Master that lived only about 30 minutes from our place. He was a pretty big guy, about 6′ 3″ with a husky build. After meeting with him a couple of times and deciding he was reasonably sane, we worked out a plan. I was to bring Angel to his place one night and blindfold her for the entire drive. I had her dress up in a really cute, short flowered skirt along with tan thigh high stockings, a nice garter belt, pink lacey panties and the hottest pair of pink 4″stiletto heels. She also wore a cute top that tied in the front along with a very sexy bra and a lot of really horny perfume called “True Love”. She looked absolutely stunning. It was the kind of outfit that would prompt a couple of guys to tie a girl down and mercilessly sodomize her…I am terrible voyeur so this was right up my alley.

After she got into the truck, I put the blindfold on her and instructed her to stroke her pussy though her panties for the entire trip. During the drive I would say things like: “I wonder what he going to do to your naked body.”, etc. By the time we got there, her panties were totally soaked and she had a tummy full of SERIOUS butterflies.

We pulled up to Master’s rural cabin and I had her wait in the truck for about 15 minutes while I went inside and worked out a few minor details. She was about out of her mind. Finally, I led her inside and stood her in the middle of a large, nearly empty room. The poor girl was visibly trembling and her knees were knocking together. Master really turned up the heat by slowly walking around her a couple of times looking her up and down. Angel could hear the wood floor creak as he did so. He was fully clothed and wearing a leather face mask that made him look very ominous and frightening. By this time, my heart is also racing and I’m dealing with my own butterflies!

After silently considering her for about 5 minutes, he said one word in a very stern, deep voice: “STRIP!” She almost fainted but very slowly and sexily she began to undress.

First her top came off and then her skirt. istanbul escort The sight of my lovely, hot wife in her panties and bra, blindfolded, trembling in front a strange man was almost too much. Next her bra hit the floor and I’ll never forget how she bent almost all the way to the floor with her ass facing master and slowly pulled her panties down. Again, he walked slowly around her a couple of times.

She looked so nasty standing there in those hot stockings and her “cum in my mouth” heels…. Anyway, he walked over to a table that had all his bondage gear spread out on it and picked out two leather wrist restraints. After placing these on her and snapping them together in front, he got a similar pair and put them on her ankles. I tell you what, those ankle restraints looked really good framed by her slutty high heels. After latching her ankles together, he again walked slowly around her only this time he felt her up a bit, caressing her ass, her 36c tits…I remember her gasping when he first touched her.

He next did something that really surprised me. He took a long length of soft cotton rope and slowly started wrapping it around one of her titties, covering about half of it. It was then run over the back of her neck and wrapped around her other tit. I really don’t recall where he tied it off but the end result was that her breasts were sticking STRAIGHT out. It really looked nasty!

He then walked around behind her and grabbed her by both upper arms and slowly guided her across the room to where he had a hook hanging from one of the ceiling beams on a rope and pulley. It was really hot watching my sweet, naked wife shuffle across the floor. With her ankles latched together, she could not move very fast, to say the least! After snapping the hook to her wrists, he slowly pulled her arms straight up over her head as far as she could go with out standing on her tip-toes. She looked beyond hot in this position as every curve and line of her slender body was accentuated…..

After walking around her few more times and softly brushing his hand across her totally soaked snatch, he placed a small plastic ball Escort Anadolu Yakası in her hand and explained that it was her “safety”. If things got to be more than she could handle, all she had to do was drop the ball and he would stop…

Angel was then instructed to count out loud each of 75 lashes that he was going to apply to her sweet ass and after each count say: “Thank you, Master. May I please have another?”

He used a variety of whips on her trembling, naked skin.

Riding crop, cat ‘o’ nine tails, a leather strap that was split down the middle… As he went along, the blows become harder and harder. CRACK! She was also forced to admit that she was nothing but a nasty slut and he did a great job of making her beg to suck his “penis”. “PLEASE, Master, Please CUM in my mouth!”

“Please let me swallow your nice warm sperm!”.

It was breathtaking to watch her squirm and hear her cry out when the whip added yet another stripe to her very red and burning bottom. I noticed the most erotic thing at this point. Her cries sounded no different than when she is being fucked nice and hard. By the time he was done, poor Angel was totally soaked in sweat. I was having the time of my life watching all this, with my heart pounding in my chest…. Beyond setting a few limits, I had no clue what he intended to do to my helpless and well restrained wife. Not knowing what to expect made for a very fun experience.

After she took her lashes, he let her arms down and had her lie on the floor on a thin mat on her right side. He then unfastened her ankles and hooked the overhead rope to one of them. This ankle was pulled up and tied off nice and high into the air. It was quite a sight to see her gorgeous, slender legs spread apart like that, exposing her very wet, vulnerable pussy. He then started softly whipping the inside of her thighs. And again forced her to beg to be degraded and used in various, unnatural ways.

After about 20 or 30 minutes of this, he let her down, latched her ankles together again and led her over to a futon. He had placed a huge pile of cushions and pillows close to one edge Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort and after bending her over it, tied her wrists to the far side of the frame. Her ankles were also secured so she was stuck with her lovely, burning ass stuck way up in the air. I really loved seeing her totally helpless in this position, where any number of guys could line up and spend a few hours ramming their swollen, dripping dicks up her tight ass and laughing as she cried out. If only that could be done safely in the real world!

She counts out another 75 lashes, thanking Master as she goes along and of course begging to eat his dick and be “fucked in the mouth”…By this time, the blows are getting really strong and she is shrieking as each one lands on her well striped ass.

Finally, she is let up and her wrists are now latched behind her back. After tossing a pillow on the floor Angel is gently but firmly forced to her knees. Then as we had planned, Master got his fly just inches from Angel’s face and she heard him begin to undo his belt….and then heard his zipper go down….”Tilt your head back” he says and she does…”Open your mouth!”, he commands. He placed his rock hard dick in her mouth and said “SUCK”. She sucked his dick like her life depended on it! After a bit, he grabbed a couple of handfuls of her hair and slowly started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, going a little deeper as he went along. Eventually, he was fucking her face really fast and often going deep into her throat. Her deep throat skills really came in handy. He would ask her: “You like it, don’t you bitch?”. It was great hearing her mumble in the affirmative, while having saliva run out of her wet mouth and drip off her chin.

After what seemed like an eternity, Master’s breathing became really fast and shallow and Angel and I both knew what was about to happen. I loved hearing him moan as he pumped his sperm into her mouth and listening to her half choking as she took it all into her tummy. “Swallow it, Whore” he hollers out.

After getting Angel dressed, I led her back to the truck, still blindfolded and drove her home for a well earned screwing. She told me that he had humped her face so well that her lips tingled. I thought she deserved it! I was amazed at the whipping she took. The stripes lasted about three weeks. I guess the adrenaline was flowing…She never did drop the ball….nor did she ever see the man with her own eyes that took such advantage of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32