Capturing Pet

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Capturing Pet — Mind Body & Soul

Chapter One — Pet’s Collar

It had been a long search for both her and the Master & Mistress that she had finally found. It had been months of proving her devotion to them but now they were finally collaring her and she was going to make sure that she never had to go through that again. All the sifting through emails and profiles, the chatting and first meetings only to find out that she was not what they wanted or that she did not feel the right connection with them. But thankfully that was over now and she had found THE ONES to give her what she craved.

As she thought back to the initial meeting she still shivered from the nervousness she had felt that night when she had walked into the quiet little restaurant to meet Them for the first time. After the few weeks of chatting on the inter-net and phone calls, it had been time to meet. It had been the longest day of her life, preparing herself and waiting for the appointed time to walk into the restaurant.

She had prepared as instructed, slipped into the thigh high stockings and slid the slinky black cotton dress over her full shapely body. Her long auburn hair glistened as it draped over her bare shoulders. She was so scared and yet somehow she had felt so comfortable from the first conversation.


As she walked into the restaurant, her high heels clicking on the tile flooring, she had spotted Them immediately. They sat in a secluded corner just visible from the door. Mistress was a pretty woman. Not beautiful like a model but pretty and Master had such an aura of fun about him that she had to smile when she looked at him. They made her feel comfortable and yet anxious all at the same time. It had only taken a few hours and she would have willingly given herself to them without any hesitation. The first meeting had ended far too soon for her. She had felt so nervous but the few hours with them had not been enough. She had wanted to ask them back to her little apartment but didn’t want to be pushy so she let it end when they choose. They were a wonderfully matched couple, both confident and fun loving. They had taken such care in making sure she was completely aware of their needs and somehow without hesitation she had spilled all her wants and desires to them too. It had been a simple dinner out without any pressure to commit to anything but by the time the meal was over she didn’t want to walk away so she had found herself a strange predicament. She wanted to say “Take me home please and use me” but was scared to death of making a wrong Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort move and loosing this chance. That night she had stayed that urge and went home and let her mind wander through the possibilities.

They hugged her and kissed her and told her they would wait for her to call them if she wanted to see them again. It was torture but she waited for 2 days to call. When she did they set up the next meeting for the next Saturday. Over the next few weeks they took her to dinner and out dancing and made dinner for her at their home. Then came the day to spend an afternoon and evening at their home. It was relaxing day by the pool, a light dinner, followed by whatever might feel right.

They enjoyed the day swimming, and talking. They made her feel right at home. It was a wonderful day and the evening was just as good. Over dinner they set up some ground rules and the safe word. They shared their limits, and the things that they would start with in the journey and discussed where each of them would like to end up. They found the mutual ground they shared and things that no one was interested in trying. They worked out a way for her to know when she was to take on her role as submissive and how she would be “released” to resume her place as “friend”. A simple thing but to her it was a step that thrilled her. A simple word whispered in her ear and she would start her training.

They were so gentle with her that first night that she had started to doubt that they would be able to give her what she so desperately craved. That first night was more about learning her body she later found out. They watched her reactions to each touch and caress of her skin. They had tied her hands that first night but it not been to restrain her, it had just been to let her know they wanted to controlled her. The soft touch of the whip was so gentle it was more sound then anything else that night. She had been nervous when they showed it to her then. The first few times it met her skin she had been prepared for the sting but it didn’t seem to bite at all. Master had seemed content to sit and watch her with a smile on his face as Mistress had caressed her body and played with her full breasts, pinching her nipples every so often. She had not gotten fucked that first night. They had played with her in many ways, pulled her pussy lips and whipped her shapely ass and full tits. She had been made to suck Masters cock and had eaten Mistress’ pussy. But they had told her that part of her training was going to be to control Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort her orgasms and to that end she must not orgasm until she was given permission. Her pussy had ached that night (and for several nights after) to be used. She was to not bring herself to orgasm either and that would prove to be the most difficult part.

By the time she had her second training session she begged from the first kiss to be allowed an orgasm. They had smiled at her and praised her for having the strength to control herself. That second night with them had been such torment but she had endured and it had proved to be well worth it. They had taken her for a nice dinner and then, thankfully, back home to “play”.

The cuffs around her wrists were soft but secure and as they had pushed her legs apart to clip her ankle cuffs to the spreader bar she had started to feel the little bit of anxiousness set in but it was just what she wanted to feel. The blindfold sliding over her eyes wasn’t something she was prepared for and the touch of a tongue on her nipple had sent tingles through her body. Then the soft breath on her neck as Master whispered to her “Let’s test your boundaries a little.” That night had been the real beginning. This time it had been Master who had lead her on her next step on the journey. He caressed her body, taken his time making sure all of her was alert and tingling. After a short while she had her handcuffs attached to the ceiling hook and it was then that she had suddenly been taken by the waves of sensations. She could move but only a small amount and then she found herself in the middle of a “sandwich” between the two of them. Mistress was there against her, kissing her, pressing her body against her. And Master was pressed against her back. His hands were pulling mistress against her harder. His breath on her neck as he kissed her shoulder and neck and biting softly. She found her breath stolen from her as their hands roamed over her body and their mouths nibbled and kissed her shoulders and throat. Then suddenly they were gone and she was left alone. The whisper in her hear from Mistress informed her of what was coming. “Those lovely tits need some adornments, Pet.” Then came the bite of the nipple clamps. She gasped but it was halted abruptly when a hand slide between her legs and her now dripping pussy finally received some attention. She was still not allowed to cum so it only made things worse but at the same time it was, by that time, just so great to have anything touching the softness Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort of her pussy that her gasp from the clamps quickly changed to a moan.

And then the hands were gone again and she was left with a greater need to be touched. It was even a blessing when she felt the soft tendrils of the whip sliding up her back and up over her shoulders. She knew it would lead to something else but as the tails slipped down her back again she used the little room for movement she had and pushed her ass out to meet the small leather straps of the whip. Mistress’s evil laugh at that moment sent shivers down her body. Then it happened. The whip came down on her protruding ass and against her better judgment she again stuck her ass out for more and she got it. After several more kisses from the whip she stopped pushing her ass out for more and the whip stopped coming down a few strokes after that.

The rest of night was a blur after that. She only knew that at some point she had finally received the gift of Masters cock in her mouth and pussy. He had started off gentle but it had quickly changed to a brutal fucking and it had been one she had wanted. The orgasm that night had drained her of all strength. She had been thankful they had moved her to the bed since after it was over she was sure she would not have had the ability to get from the little paddling bench to the bed to lie down. She hadn’t been sure she could keep her legs under her at all. The had left her after for a few minutes and she had started to wonder what she should do when they returned with a glass of ice water for each of them and some snacks. All of which had been greatly appreciated. They got into bed with her (one on either side of her) and she found herself nestled in between them. It was then that she had really felt she was “home”. It was a strange sensation at first and she wasn’t sure of it and then as they softly caressed her, they asked how she felt about the evenings events.

Now, as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she was still not sure if she was ready. She wanted this sooo badly but it terrified her too. What was it they saw in her that she couldn’t see? Yes she had big breasts and a firm full ass. They both had commented how they loved her long hair and would find it very useful during their play times. But she still felt she was lacking in many other ways. They would teach her. They had told her from the beginning that she could learn everything she needed to learn to please them if she was willing to give herself over to them and would trust in them. She now trusted them. They had learned to read her body language. They knew when she wanted to use the safe word and just how much beyond that they could push her.

She knew they didn’t want to hurt her physically or mentally. They wanted to make her happy, to fulfill her desires, and to give her a place to be the slut she wanted to be.

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