Hostile Takeover

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It was a cool day in January, something very unusual for the city I live in. Typically the heat is unbearable but a rare cold front had come through and lowered the temperatures enough for me to need a light jacket that morning. I take my usual route to work, nervous because that day I would be meeting the new landlord of the building where my bookshop is located. It’s a small shop, specializing in rare and unusual books, with a large section dealing in erotic literature of all kinds. I’ve loved reading romance / erotica since I was a teenager, and being able to make a living with my passion is a dream come true. Best of all, I can spend a lot of time reading and no one can tell me I can’t.

My favorite books are the ones that involve Dom/sub relationships. I’m not into pain or humiliation, but the thought of total control calls to me on a deep, almost primal level. I’ve never had a relationship like that, but a girl can dream, can’t she? The problem is finding the right guy. Most guys say they “like to have the girl take control” once in a while when having sex, but that’s just a euphemism for them wanting the girl to initiate sex, not dictate when, how and how long things happen so as to ensure maximum pleasure for both.

I unlock the security blinds on the front of the store and let myself in. Since it’s still early, I lock the door behind me and leave the lights in the main area off. I walk to the back, turn my computer on and bring up a spreadsheet so I can take care of some administrative stuff before it’s time to open to the public. The new landlord, Maxwell Clark according to the correspondence I’ve had from him, would see me here at 10. There was plenty of time to open up and get things out of the way so that I could pay full attention to him when he showed up.

As I’m working I hear the chimes on the front door and seconds later Mary calls back “Hi Jade, it’s me!” Mary works with me as all around helper, cashier, part-time cleaning lady and general company. She’s also a Domme at a local club and has invited me to go with her and get to know the scene first-hand since she knows how much I like the stories about it. First-hand experience is tempting, but I’ve never taken her up on the offer.

“Hey Mary, I’m in the back” I call out, not looking up from the computer. Mary walks into the back room, casual Goth outfit of black, ripped jeans, a long-sleeved black t-shirt with a white Catrina print on it and red Vans. Her hair is black with bright purple tips, though not long ago it was streaked with green. I’ve always been a bit envious of her having the confidence to dress and do her hair however she wants. She looks good and she knows it, and it certainly helps the business.

“You ready to meet the new landlord?” she asks, bringing up the topic of conversation that has been going on between us since I got the notice that the former owner had sold the building. It was really too bad, because we had a good, though strictly business, relationship. I paid rent on time and he did any major repairs the store needed without getting into each other’s hair. I could only hope that the new landlord would be as easy to deal with as the former one was.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I reply, glancing up from the computer screen. “It’s not like I have a choice. I just hope that we can get along like we did with Ed.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine” Mary replied as she set her stuff down and started filling the coffee pot. She’s addicted to coffee and will drink up to 5 cups a day if possible. I truthfully don’t need coffee like she does, but I enjoy a cup in the morning to help me get started. She looks at me with a raised eyebrow asking if I want a cup and I nod in agreement, finishing up with my work on the computer so we can drink the coffee together. We talk about the landlord a little longer, and then change the topic to invariably talk about guys. I ask her how the date with her latest guy went and she goes on and on about how great he is and how much fun she’s had with him, both in and out of the club. As I listen to her I wonder how it would feel to have a guy obey my every command like that and it really gets me going.

Soon after Mary and I wrap up our conversation and she goes to open the store to the public. I pick up the coffee cups and rinse them out in the sink before heading out to stock the recent arrivals. As I’m doing that Mary walks up to me with an extremely tall, athletic-looking man behind her. His light, honey colored eyes make a sharp contrast with his dark hair and coffee-colored skin. He’s wearing dress pants and shoes, and a long-sleeved button down shirt, though no tie or coat. Even with the shirt on his shoulders look enormous. My eyes move down his body, taking in the broad chest, narrow waist and strong legs. I can’t see his butt, but I’m pretty sure it’s got to be toned like everything else.

“Jade, this is Maxwell Clark” says Mary. “He was looking for you so I brought him over.”

“Call me Max” he said, holding Mardin Escort out his hand for a handshake.

“Jade Nichols” I say, taking his hand. A shiver of awareness snakes up my arm and down my spine on contact and I look up into his eyes, slightly startled as that had never happened to me before. He looks at me intently, seemingly as affected as I was. I quickly let go and step back, trying to regain my calm. “How about we go into the office?” I suggest, looking away, sure that I was blushing. “Thanks Mary, can you keep an eye on things out here, please?” I ask, already walking towards the back of the store, not looking back to see if Max was following me.

We get to the office and go over the rental contract. We finish going over business and start talking about the store, and how I got it started, then move on to talk about other stuff as well. It’s definitely not the kind of conversation that I would have had with Ed. It seems like neither one of us wants to stop talking. We move from the desk to the sofa where I sometimes crash for a nap after lunch and continue our conversation. Just general chit chat, but just being in his presence makes something inside of me restless, makes me want to be much more assertive than I usually am. I try to tell myself to calm down, but the tight knot of desire keeps growing in me. I glance down at Max’s crotch and there is an unmistakable bulge there. At least I’m reassured that I’m not alone in this.

Taking a huge risk I put my hand on his leg and feel his thigh muscles tighten under it. Max goes completely still and looks at me, stopping in mid-sentence. In for a penny, in for a pound I think as I move up on my knees and lean in towards him so I can kiss him, somewhere between passionate and hesitant. I’m still not sure why I’m doing this, but I just couldn’t resist anymore.

Max seems shocked as at first, his hands moving up to grip my arms. I’m almost sure he’s going to push me away when instead he pulls me closer and I fall across his chest and he wraps his arms around my waist. I quickly move to sit up, not breaking the kiss, so that his legs are trapped between mine and I grab his hands to pull them away from my waist and push them against the back of the sofa by his head. I pull back to break the kiss and we’re both panting, our harsh breathing the only sound in the room. I can feel his rock hard cock just a breath away from my pussy which by now is sopping wet, separated only by our clothes. We look at each other, chests heaving, breaths uneven. I’m still holding his wrists on either side of his head, and he hasn’t made any attempt to move or dislodge me.

“What was that?” Max finally asks, breaking the silence.

“I’m not sure” I reply. “There’s something about you I just couldn’t resist any longer. Do you want me to get up and let you go?” I ask as I lightly rub my pussy over his cock.

He replies, half-jokingly, “No apology for manhandling me?”

“Nope,” I say while I smile at him. “I’m not sorry at all, so why apologize?”

Max throws back his head and laughs, exposing the long, muscled column of his throat. I lean in and nip him just where his neck meets his shoulders and he lets out a low groan. “Is this going where I think it’s going?” he asks at the same time he flexes his hips and grinds his cock against my pussy.

“I’m certainly trying to get it to where I want to go” I reply between nips and licks of his throat and jaw. “Just be quiet and enjoy the ride.”

As soon as I say that I can feel his body relax into the sofa, which I take as permission to carry on. My hips undulate against him, rubbing my pussy back and forth over his cock. I let go of his hands and start unbuttoning his shirt. “Stretch your arms out along the back of the sofa and don’t move them from there,” I instruct as the gap between the sides of the shirt grows wider and wider.

“Now why would I do that?” he teasingly asks as I run my hands up and down his well-toned chest and abdomen.

In all seriousness I look into his eyes and say “You’ll do it because I told you to, and you’ll do what I tell you to do because you know it would give us both great pleasure to have you obey me.”

Max seems completely taken aback by my response. I can see the gears turning in his head and I’m sure that I just blew my chance to be with him by letting my fantasies get the best of me. I’m so prepared to have him say “You know what? Forget this, this is madness”, that I almost miss his quiet response.

“What did you say?” I ask, not trusting my ears.

“I said ok,” Max replies, loud and clear. I can still see a little bit of doubt in his eyes, but my hormones have now kicked into high gear. I can’t believe my luck that this gorgeous specimen of a man is willing to do whatever I ask of him. I’m certainly not going to look a gift horse in the mouth so I lean in to kiss him again, my hands thrust into his hair to hold his head in place, my tongue swirling over his Mardin Escort Bayan lips before delving inside his mouth to twine with his, drawing it out and into my mouth so I can suck on it and then thrusting my tongue back into his. My chest and stomach rub against him as we kiss and I feel the heat emanating from his skin through the thin cotton of my blouse.

My mouth leaves his and roams over his jaw, kissing and licking before I move to his earlobe and suck on it. Again he groans and I can see him clenching his fists on the sofa, trying to be still as I asked him to be. I continue my exploration of his body with my lips and tongue, down his neck to the place I nipped him before, this time sucking softly. His hips flex again, driving his cock against me but he doesn’t move his hands. I let my hands drift over his chest and stomach, tracing the ridges and indentations of his muscles with my fingertips and following with my tongue. I pay special attention to his nipples, tiny little nubs of flesh that I can flick and scrape my teeth over, then lap and suck to greater hardness.

My hands move down to his belt, and I unbuckle it while I suck on one of his nipples and quickly unbutton and unzip his pants. I move back and say “lift your hips so I can get them off you” and Max doesn’t lose any time obeying me. I stand up and finish pulling his pants off, drinking in the sight of his muscular body and long, thick cock standing straight up at attention. I can see the ridges of the veins stand out starkly under his skin, the head a shade lighter than the shaft.

I pull off my shirt revealing my pink leopard print bra with black lace edging. Max draws in his breath and says “Please let me finish undressing you. I want to touch you as well.”

“You can help me undress, but you can’t touch,” I reply, more as a test to see if he’d obey me than anything else. I can’t wait to feel his hands on my body, but we’ll get to that in due time. I hold my hand out for him to take it and stand up. Max stands up next to me and I fully realize how much taller he is than me: the top of my head barely makes it to his shoulders.

I run my hands over his chest and abs, enjoying the heat and softness of his skin against my palms, at the same time causing him to complain. “No fair,” he says, “you can touch but I can’t.”

“Them’s the breaks” I say, smiling up at him. “Now play nice or we don’t play at all.” I turn around and wait for him to unbuckle my bra, which he does without a word. I take a step forward before turning back to him so he can see me lower the straps and take them off my arms while holding the cups to cover my breasts. His eyes burn holes into my as I finally let my bra drop. I see him lick his lips and clench his hands, obviously wanting to touch my breasts, but he doesn’t move an inch. Having him follow my instructions so far is making me dizzy with need, my pussy and clit pulsing along with my heartbeat.

“Now my pants and underwear” I say, stepping close to him again. Max clenches his jaw and breathes deep, his cock jerking as he reaches for the button to my jeans and opens it up, then slides the zipper down.

“I have to touch you if I’m going to get your pants off,” he says, his voice a low growl that sends shivers down my spine and tightens my nipples even further.

“I’ll allow that much, but don’t try any funny business,” I say mock-seriously as Max slips his hands between my clothes and my skin and pushes them down along the curve of my hips until he’s kneeling in front of me and my clothes pool at my feet. My pussy is just about at his eye level and he can see the moisture leaking from my lips.

He looks up at me and asks “What now?” as he struggles to comply with what I’ve requested.

“Now,” I say as I run my fingers through his hair to hold his head as I raise my leg over his right shoulder, exposing my pussy to him, “you can touch.”

“Thank you!” he says fervently, his hands coming up to clasp my butt and pull me closer as his mouth descends on my pussy and he starts to explore it with his lips and tongue. I gasp as his tongue licks up my slit and hits my clit just before he fastens his mouth on it and starts sucking. My head falls back and I moan from the pleasure his mouth gives me, my hands in his hair and my leg pushing at his back so that he’s tight against me. I can’t keep my hips still and I rock them against his mouth as he fucks me with his tongue, sliding in and out of me over and over. His hands knead my butt and then he moves one so that he can insert two long fingers into me, fucking me with them as he concentrates on my clit with his mouth. I can feel my pulse pounding through my entire body, my breasts swollen and nipples impossibly tight peaks, and still his lips and tongue wind me up tighter and tighter until finally I snap and scream out my release as wave after wave of my orgasm thunders through me.

Max keeps licking me as I come back down to earth, my Escort Mardin pussy so sensitive it feels like I could cum again at any moment. I draw in a shuddering breath and push him away, lowering my leg from his shoulder. Max kneels back and licks his lips, his face covered in my wetness. I hold out my hand to help him to stand up. As he stands I sink to my knees in front of him and run my hands up his legs, my mouth watering at the thought of his hot, hard cock stroking into it and down my throat.

“Hands up behind your head,” I say, my mouth just a hair’s breadth away from the tip of Max’s engorged cock. He looks down at me, surprised, but raises his hands, interlocking his fingers behind his head. “If you let them drop at any moment, I immediately stop,” I warn him as my hot breath bathes the head of his cock. Max groans, his hips thrusting forward, trying to close the distance between us. I anticipate his move and pull back just in time. I dig my nails into his hard thighs, impatient for him to agree so I can finally wrap my lips around his cock. “Say yes,” I insist, brushing my hard nipples along his legs.

“Yes…” Max finally groans out, his cock twitching in anticipation, pre cum leaking from the slit and beading at the tip of his cock.

“Good,” I say and lick up his cock from his balls to the tip with the flat of my tongue, catching that small drop on the tip and bringing it into my mouth, savoring it. We both groan at the same time, incredible pleasure welling up and expressing itself in audible form. I decide to prolong both our torment and instead of finally letting his cock slip into my mouth I trace the veins up and down all along his shaft, licking at the underside of his smooth head, lapping at the pre-cum that continuously wells up. Max’s hips jerk towards my mouth, his thighs and ass flexing as he tries to push his cock past my lips.

I dig my nails into his thighs again. “Oh no,” I say between licks, “only when I’m good and ready”. I chuckle at Max’s groan of frustration and slap between his thighs lightly to get him to spread them, which he does. I use one hand to lift his cock out of the way and bend down to take his balls into my mouth, rolling them around with my tongue, sucking on them, letting them pop from my mouth and licking them. At this point I’m just as impatient as he is to have his cock in my mouth so I lick my way back up his shaft and around the head before I finally allow it to slip past my lips.

Slowly, teasingly I let one inch at a time disappear into the warm, wet heat of my mouth, moaning around his cock as the hard heat of it slides along my tongue to the back of my throat and bumps against it. I slide my head back slowly and then take him deep again, over and over, my throat working around the head of his cock on each stroke, squeezing and stroking with my tongue. Max’s breathing is loud in the room, the only other sound besides the sucking and licking sounds made by my mouth on his cock. I can feel the strain in his legs and his butt as he tries to hold back from fucking my mouth. I slide my mouth down his length once more, this time taking him all the way in until my lips wrap around the base of his cock and my nose is nestled against his groin, my throat working and squeezing around him, his heavy sac cupped in my hand.

I pull back and let him slip from my mouth and tell him to move back to the sofa where I proceed to straddle him, offering up my nipples to his mouth. As he sucks one in and bites down on it non-too-gently I slide my wet slit over his cock, my hips rocking back and forth. I take hold of his hands and bring them to my hips as I lift them up and fit his cock to my opening. “Slowly,” I instruct, not only because I want to savor the feeling of him entering me and filling me up, but also because it’s been a while and he’s so damn BIG.

As wet as I am it takes a little work for his head to push in, but when it does I can feel every ridge and bump rubbing me inside. My head falls back and I moan, knowing I won’t be able to last for very long. I lift up and start to ride him, my hips making small circles as I go up and down. Over and over our bodies embrace the rhythm we both crave as we rush towards completion. I feel my orgasm growing and tightening, centering in my pussy and clit, until I can’t stand it anymore and the sensation explodes through me. My pussy pulses and spasms around Max’s thick, hard cock, milking and squeezing it as I try to muffle my scream of pleasure against his shoulder.

Feeling me cum so hard around his cock drives Max to a greater frenzy, his hands on my hips gripping me tighter as he holds me still and drives into me with a ferocity he hadn’t displayed before. Again and again he bottoms out in me, his balls slapping my ass with each thrust. It doesn’t take very long for him to slam into me and hold me hard against him as his orgasm takes over and his cock jerks inside of me, filling my pussy up with his cum. He slows his strokes, prolonging the sensation for both of us until we lay limp and drained, my body plastered against his on the sofa. I can feel his strong heartbeat under my cheek, and his hands continuously rub up and down my hips and lower back. After a few minutes of catching my breath I lift up and kiss him.

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