Self Sucking – A Great Discovery!

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I always had a very imaginative mind when it came to my masturbation sessions. I still do. These times when I take cock in hand and pleasure myself are special and very hot for me. I had them every day when young and still find I often need to just play. I just had to then and now, I am too horny and needy. I don’t know what age I was when I discovered the joys of masturbation but once I did, I was hooked for life. Pleasuring myself can take two hours or thirty seconds and when young it was going to happen every day.

I grew up in a home with three brothers and two sisters so privacy was at a premium when it came to masturbation. Therefore, the bathroom became my pleasure palace. I would disappear in there and eventually come out or is that cum in and then come out? Fortunately, we boys had our own bathroom so there weren’t six other people always banging on the door needing to use it.

I would normally masturbate while showering. My mom didn’t understand why my showers were so lengthy but when I had someone in the corner of the shower pounding into them sometimes it took a little while. At least in my mind. I don’t know if it was normal or not, I suppose it is, but I had fantasies that put an aunt or cousin in that shower. Sure, I also fantasized that it was a girlfriend or girl from school but many times I had the hots for my relatives. These times would result in my eventually spraying cum on me and the shower wall.

However, there were other times I didn’t start the shower but just explored and pleasured my body. It was truly exploratory for me to find what my body responded to, how to add to the sensitivity and how to prolong the ecstasy. During Casibom these times I would stand and watch myself in the full length mirror as I stroked or pulled on my cock. When I came I would aim cum onto my chest or abdomen. Sometimes into my hands where I could feel it’s warmth and gooey nature. I would marvel as my body jerked with the spasms of pleasure. It was hot watching myself.

I really did get to know my body in that bathroom. I think I stroked my cock in just about every manner possible in my daily “how to” sessions. I teased my nipples and found I loved that. But whatever I did it always ended with an explosion of passion and cum.

At some point I heard about blowjobs from the guys on the basketball court. It sounded strange at first since back then there was no internet, no porn, no explanation other than what the “guys talked about.” Of course, like most guys we were ill informed and didn’t know much of anything. It didn’t keep us from believing some stupid stuff but in good time we would all learn the real lessons about sex and making love. However, these comments did encourage exploration when I retreated to my pleasure times.

Being too young to really date and too damn scared to even try and get a girl to play with, I took matters into my own hands. In reality it would have been tough to find a girl for sex back in my youth. They had all been told to save themselves and sadly, most of them adhered to that idea!

So I decided to try and suck my own cock. I put a towel on the floor and sat on it naked. I stroked my cock until it was straight and hard. Then I bent my knees and leaned forward trying to get my face down to my Casibom Giriş cock. Wow, I am not that far away! But I couldn’t get it to my mouth even though my body was young and limber. So from a vantage point of just inches away I stroked myself and watched my cock. I saw my head swell and get an angry look, my pee hole expanding and opening until eventually some cum shot out toward my face. Mmmmm nice cum.

After some time of trying to get my mouth to my own cock I wondered if maybe a different position would help. So I lay on my back and lifted my legs backward over my head until my toes touched the floor behind me. Almost there! The tub was behind me so I put my feet against it and pushed. This did it; I was able to touch my cock head with my tongue. I ran my tongue all over my cock, feeling the immense pleasures, learning how to touch it in order to get the most pleasure. As my back relaxed I was able to get more of my cock into my mouth. Now I was getting the entire head in there. I slurped and sucked, moaned and groaned. Wow, this feels good! I can’t stop either, I must cum this way! I kept sucking and licking, flicking my tongue over the edge of my head touching every sensitive part I could reach.

After a few minutes I could feel my arousal building and my desire was skyrocketing. I was sucking my own cock and it felt fantastic! I put my hands on my ass which was straight up in the air and pulled downward forcing more of my cock into my mouth. I was able to get about two thirds of it in my mouth now. I was very hard and horny. I would periodically pull my cock out of my mouth and just lick it. I discovered I was leaking pre cum. I licked it Casibom Yeni Giriş off and found it very pleasing. A little thicker than saliva, slicker and it tasted great! As I leaked pre cum I took every drop onto my tongue and devoured it.

I couldn’t have stopped for any reason but knew I would soon cum. I had never tasted cum and didn’t have any idea what it would taste like but I didn’t care. I was on the verge of cumming and as you know it’s nearly impossible to stop that runaway train. So I continued tonguing, sucking, slurping and licking my way toward the explosion.

Then it hit me. I could feel the point of no return come and go, I was going to cum in my own mouth! I loved the feelings it was giving me, I was in heaven. I didn’t care; I would greedily drink my own cum. If possible, my cock swelled even larger and got even harder, rock hard! My cock began to jerk and spasm strongly. I was sucking my cock deeply and consistently trying for the best orgasm ever!

Then the first jet of cum hit my tongue followed by a torrent of cumshots. All were strong releases of my pent up need to cum. I am cumming in my own mouth, I am sucking my own cock, I am giving myself a blowjob!!! This just led to a long and very satisfying cum. My mouth filled with the white sticky fluid. It was thicker and hotter than anticipated but I loved every second of it. The taste never bothered me either. It was different but good. The cum filled my mouth and then I swallowed it all. My cock was beginning to soften but I pulled and squeezed every drop of cum from my still swollen head and licked it into my mouth swallowing it as well.

I knew that this would become a regular practice for me. I would never stop this! Needless to say, this became a normal way to masturbate. However, in years to come my back would not be limber enough to suck myself which of course, comes under the heading of “sucks to get old.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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