A Private Moment Shared

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Today I took a longer lunch-break than expected and because I now had time to spare I drove to your apartment hoping to see you. I parked across the road from the block where you lived then hurried down the street in the rain. When entering the building I made straight for the elevator, not stopping even to shake the rain from my overcoat. I stood impatiently at the doors and waited. “Hurry up, hurry up!” I repeated in my mind as the elevator made it’s slow descent, for I was desperate to see you. Suddenly a bell sounded and the doors opened.

“Ground floor” said an electronic voice as I walked quickly inside and pressed the fourth floor button that would take me to you. Up went the elevator, slow and steady, and in a moment had stopped again. The doors opened and I hurried out into the corridor, walking briskly then to your door. Then I took out the key you had given me and let myself in.

Closing the door behind me I dropped my bag to the floor, then slipped off my shoes and overcoat. I could hear the strains of classical music, so calling out “hello” I looked inside the living room but you were not there. I walked down the hall and put my head inside the next room, but the kitchen was also empty. Across the corridor was your bedroom but I could not find you there either. I wondered then if you were home at all? But then I noticed the mists of steam rising through the jar in the bathroom door and I smiled. Walking quietly toward the room I then gently pushed the door open, hoping to surprise you. But it was I who got the biggest surprise!

You were lying naked in a shallow bath with your eyes closed and your head rested again the ceramic edge of the tub. With one hand you were gently massaging your balls while the other was in your lap, stroking your cock. You had made an ‘o’ shape with your thumb and finger and were slowly caressing the purple head of your massive tool, pulling the skin down to expose the cap that was moist with pre-cum. Being so well endowed your already large cock had swollen to an enormous size and as you tossed yourself off it looked to me like a large and fleshy toadstool. The shaft was thick and long then became bulbous at the base of the head that rounded up into a large and glossy cap. It was here that you concentrated your efforts, tugging gently at the base of the head.

We had made love hundreds of times and had performed every sexual act that I could imagine, but I had never sikiş izle before seen you masturbate and to see you do it was just so beautiful. You looked so sexy, and I could tell from your face that you were giving yourself such amazing pleasure. Watching you jack-off made me feel very aroused, and I could feel the gusset of my panties become wet with desire. But it was your private moment and I refrained from touching myself then, content instead to watch you masturbate.

You opened your legs wider as your wrist movements became faster, and you began to moan softly. I thought then you were about to cum but you did not. Instead you reached for the shower gel and poured a generous amount onto your cock and soaped yourself up into a slippery lather. Your fingers glided easily then over your straining cap, and your moans became louder and deeper. Then you moved your other hand below your sac and nudged one finger into your anus. You moved the tip in and out of your ass at the same speed as your wanking hand and by the volume of your moans it was obvious you were in heaven!

I was literally dripping by now and needed to get some relief, so decided to leave you to it and go sort myself out. But lucky for I you opened your eyes and caught me watching you from the door. You did not appear surprised to see me there, nor did you stop masturbating. Instead you smiled as in relief at my presence and invited me in. I walked into the bathroom and removed my jacket and blouse, then pulled off my stockings, skirt and panties. You stared at my neatly trimmed bush as I unfastened my bra and released my breasts that flopped heavily against my chest, such is there weight and size. Naked, I stepped into the bath and sat down facing you in the hot, soapy water. You leaned forward, hoping to mount me, but I put my hand to your chest and pushed you back into the position that I found you.

“I want to watch” I said .So you put your cock in hand and began to masturbate for me once more. I stretched out my legs so that my feet were resting by your sides, then parted my knees wide. Immediately my hand was on my furry mound, and my middle finger had found my throbbing clit through the fair curtain of hair that concealed it.

As I rubbed my pink clit it felt swollen, erect, and very sensitive. I leaned back against the edge of the bath, my head resting on the tiles behind it, and moaned. You were watching me with eyes wide as you stroked brazzers your cock, for this was also the first time you had seen me touch myself. Your hand was clenched around the wide shaft of your tool in a tight fist and the head glistened with more drops of pre-cum that weeped from the slit as you pumped harder and faster, your rhythms aligned exactly with mine. We could not take our eyes off each other as we pleasured ourselves. At most I had hoped for a quickie today, so to end up in the bath with you and then watch each other jack-off was amazing. It felt so erotic, sensual, and very, very naughty! It really was a beautiful thing.

As I played with my clit I traced my fingers across the silky flesh of my bosoms to make the nipples hard and stiff. Then I pushed my breasts upwards one at a time and craned my neck forward so that I could suck on each of them as I masturbated. I lolled my tongue around the fleshy pellets then nibbled at them with my teeth. It felt so good, and rubbing faster then on my burning lips I knew I was close to coming. You were so turned on at the things I could do to pleasure myself that your face told me you were not long off coming too. Your hand made loud splashing noises as it went in and out of the water and your whole body appeared to go stiff. Then you gave one loud and final moan as five hot streams of cum sprayed out of your cock and onto your belly and chest, splashing you up to your throat. As you came I felt my pussy explode and my breasts shake violently in the water as I shouted “I’m coming, I’m coming” and I climaxed in time with you, my whole body jolting beneath wave after wave of orgasmic spasms.

My orgasm was so intense that I had to lie still for a moment after it had subsided. My face felt hot and clammy and I was short of breath. I watched you wash the semen off your body and I felt so close to you at that moment that I wanted to cry. What we had just done was private and intimate, the kind of thing you do with somebody that you have a close bond with. You looked gorgeous and sexy and I wished then that I had fucked you.

“I really enjoyed that” I said sexily as I watched you lie back against the bath.

“Me too” you agreed. “I’m so glad you showed up when you did.” You were staring at my plump breasts that bobbed gently in the water. I told you then I had better leave less my colleagues missed me but as I sat up to get out of the fake taxi porno bath you too sat up and put an arm across my chest, not letting me go. Then you pulled me close and kissed me. Our tongues locked together as our embrace became more passionate and I was unable to stop you then. The palms of your hands were rotating in circular motions across my breasts (you know how much that turns me on!) and my nipples became as aroused as my passions as I melted in your arms. Then you touched me between my legs, massaging my clit and the lips of my sex, and I wanted you then like never before.

You pulled me down in the hot, bubbly tub so that we lay with me on top and facing away from you. You cradled me in your strong, muscular arms and I tilted my head up slightly to kiss you while your busy hands played with my tits and pussy. I swear you were a woman in another life, as you know exactly what buttons to press to get me off, and you always find my g-spot. You manipulated my erogenous zones like only a true master could, and shortly I felt another orgasm fast approaching. As you kneaded my breasts and rubbed my sex lips I could feel your cock hard against my buttocks, and it felt so big and full of cum that I just had to have it inside me. I pulled myself away from your caresses and turned round to face you, and there was just enough room in the bath for me to straddle you. I hitched my right leg across your lap and holding onto the base of your shaft

I put your cock inside me. We both moaned loudly together, and I thought I would climax straight away just from the sensation of your cock sliding into my sex. You felt so big, and completely filled me up with your generous size.

Right away I collapsed against your chest and kissed you passionately as I rode your throbbing cock, sliding my pussy up and down your manhood with desperate thrusts that took us both swiftly to orgasm. We both groaned loudly and called each other’s name in ecstasy as we came, and as I climaxed hard in your arms I could feel hot streams of cum shoot up inside my vulva.

We lay kissing for a moment longer with you inside me until I decided I really had better leave. Then I withdrew from your cock and stood out of the bath ,then found a towel so that I could pat myself dry. I was dressed in minutes and we said our goodbyes before I kissed you one last time then left you flaccid and limp in the bath. As I walked back to the elevator I smiled at the thought of what we had just done and I knew that our next meeting would be just as fantastic. We had crossed a line that was meant to be broken, and now that it had, I had a feeling that we would be crossing it more than we could have imagined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32