At the Movies

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We’ve gone to the movies in the middle of the week, hoping to have some time alone together. You away from your parents and me away from my wife. We go into the theatre holding hands, waiting for our eyes to adjust. It turns out there are only a few people seeing the movie. A couple near the back and 3 guys down near the front. We decide to sit off to the side about halfway down.

We sit down and I place my arm around you while you lean your head against my shoulder, your hand resting on my thigh. Soon the lights go down and the previews start. We’re watching but I keep thinking about your hand on my thigh. My cock begins to stir as you lazily rub my thigh and leg. My cock grows harder and you notice. Soon your head is pressed harder against me as your hand travels towards my cock. You turn your head and begin to kiss my neck and the side of my face. I turn into you so I can feel your lips on mine. Our lips touch and we hungrily begin to kiss; our tongues playing with each other. The movie is soon forgotten as we kiss and grope each other. Your hand keeps rubbing at my cock while my hands reach up under your tank top. As my hands find your tits you let out a garbled moan, our kissing the only thing keeping it quiet. I begin to work your nipples with my thumbs while squeezing your tits. Your moans get louder and you begin to claw at my zipper. You pull it down and start to push my shorts off. Finally my cock is released as you wrap both hands around it and begin to stroke it up and down. Already you can feel a bit of precum between your fingers. You pull away and drop to your knees between the seats. You run your hands up my shaft one more time before opening your mouth wide and sucking down my cock.

You begin to bob your head up and down while I place my hands in your hair. Your mouth is so wet and your tongue sooo good. You make sure to Onwin build up lots of saliva because you know I love a real wet blow job. Your mouth just keeps gliding up and down while I lay back holding your head. Finally I can’t take it any longer. I know we’re somewhere public but I want you too badly. With one swift motion I lift you up, turn you around and pull your skirt up. I quickly find your thong, pull it aside and pull you down onto my lap. My cock slides into your pussy so easily as you are so amazingly wet. You whimper and lean forward and close your eyes.

I start to lift you up and down on my cock while you grip onto the back of the seat in front of you. Your body moving back and forth while my cock slides in and out. I start to go faster. Gripping your hips I pull you down hard so that my balls slap against you only to lift you up till my cock almost slides out…then back down hard. Building up speed I start to fuck you harder. You just hold on tight and keep moaning and whimpering that cute sound of yours. Suddenly you hear noise. Opening your eyes you see those 3 guys standing in the row in front of you. They have their cocks out and are jerking off watching us fuck. You’re shocked but you find that you can’t tear your eyes away from their cocks…their nice hard cocks. One of the guys notices this and moves closer. He kneels down on the seat so that his cock is inches from your face. You just keep staring. I reach forward and grab your hair, pulling your head up. “Suck him baby, show him how much you love sucking cock,” you don’t react. You just stay riding my cock, bouncing up and down while this guy waves his cock in front of your face. “Suck it baby. you know you want to taste his cum” you shake your head no but instead of listening to you I just push your face forward till his cock is pressed against your lips. You clamp Onwin giriş your mouth tight but between me pulling on your hair and him shoving his cock against your lips you begin to yield. Soon your mouth is pried open… the guy smiles and starts feeding you his cock.

“Your a good little suck slut aren’t you,” he says while he starts to fuck your mouth. You mumble something but with your mouth full of his cock nothing comes out. You can taste his precum. You know you’re being forced to suck this stranger’s cock…and his friends cocks too, but you can’t help yourself. You want it so bad even though you know you shouldn’t. I begin to shove your head up and down on his cock while he fucks your mouth. I let go so he can control you so I can concentrate on fucking your tight little teen pussy. I start to build up speed again…fucking you hard and fast. I’m so turned on watching this guy fuck your mouth and knowing that you want him to fuck your mouth. We can hear you moaning and whimpering around his cock. His hands are on either side of your head. Holding your head tight he’s fucking your mouth hard. He begins to grunt. You feel his cock tense up and you ready yourself. His cum floods your mouth. You clamp your mouth tight wanting to savor, to taste, every drop of his cum. Watching him cum and swallow his load sends me over the edge. Slamming into you as hard as I can I finally cum. You feel me cumming in your pussy. Swallowing his cum as fast as you can and feeling my cum fill your pussy brings on a huge orgasm for you. You shake and flail and whimper while cum fills you at both ends.

You feel the guy pull his cock out. You open your eyes to see him get up and back off. Now you see his 2 friends. They are standing on either side of your head jerking off. You watch as they tense and shoot their cum onto your face, your tits and in your hair. You turn your face back and forth to them trying to catch as much as possible, your hands offering your tits up to them as easy targets. Their warm bath pushes you once again over the edge as you feel your body explode. Falling forward you feel my arms catch you but beyond that everything is a blur. Slowly your orgasm fades and you simply lay there, cum dripping from your body as you lean against the seat in front of us, my hands gripping your shoulders.

After what seems an eternity the sounds of the movie bring you back to your surroundings. You sit up right to stare incomprehensibly at the screen. Turning to me you smile sheepishly, not knowing what my reaction to your sluttiness will be. Your mind is eased when you feel my hand slide up over your body, scooping up the cum of those 3 strangers into your mouth. Greedily you suck them clean. For the next 15 minutes we sit there silently, almost ritualistically, as we work to clean your body with my hands and your tongue. The remaining thin coat of cum on your body dries quickly, leaving a sticky, glossy sheen to your face and body. You lean forward onto me and we begin to kiss, as slow and leisurely as earlier was wild and unrestrained. Eventually we hear the closing music and to the light of the credits we quietly gather our clothes and begin to dress. Standing up and looking around we find that we are the only ones in the theatre. The 3 guys gone after unloading their cum onto you and the couple in the back…who knows. Perhaps we inspired them and they rushed home, or to the parking lot, to have their own little rendezvous.

Hand in hand we walk out of the theatre, out of the lobby, and into the parking lot. Off to the side we see the 3 guys huddled together with several of their friends, whispering and pointing towards you. You slow down to a stop and look up at me with a silent question in your eyes. I smile knowing what you want, and wanting to see you do it too. I step behind you and push you forward towards their group.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32