Dominate Me

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He meets me at the back door. I see a pair of fuzzy handcuffs on a table, then nothing as he ties a blindfold over my eyes, completely obscuring my vision. He snaps the handcuffs in place, wrists behind my back, and leads me inside. He runs his hand up my skirt, rubbing my pussy through my panties. His other hand cups my breast, squeezing and caressing. He pinches my hard nipple. He kisses me deeply, and then shoves me to my knees.

I feel the soft skin of his hard cock against my lips, and I open for him. “Yeah slut, take my cock.” He slams his cock to the back of my throat, my panties are instantly soaked. His hands are in my hair, pulling me into him, deeper and deeper.

He yanks the blindfold off, and I get a good look at his face in ecstasy. He pulls me to my feet, unhooking one cuff so he can strip me. Clicking the cuff back in place, he bends me over the end of the bed. He slams into me, my knee-high boots adding a few inches to my height, giving me just the right angle to feel his hard cock deep inside me.

He smacks my ass, then grabs my hips thrusting hard into my dripping wet pussy. He pulls me upright by my hair, takes the cuffs off, and then throws me to the ground. He mounts my face, shoving his cock all the way down my throat, the deepest I’ve ever felt, as his tongue flicks my clit, lightly teasing my pussy. His tongue probes deeper as I begin to feel weak from choking on his cock.

He flips me over, pulls my hips up with my knees together between his legs, his cock stroking me from the inside out. I gasp, kağıthane escort “Please may I cum?”

“Yeah bitch, make your slutty pussy cum for me.” I slide my hand between my legs, rubbing my clit hard as pleasure fills my body.

He bends me over the side of the bed, runs his hands down my legs to pull my boots and socks off, then pushes me to my hands and knees on the bed. He thrusts into me, faster, and I can tell he’s about to cum. I know it turns him on, so I beg him not to cum inside me. I start to pull away, and he grabs my hair, growling in my ear that he’s going to make me his little slut.

I feel his cock pulse as his thrusting slows, becoming erratic, then he’s filling me with his cum, and it feels so good pumping inside me, it sends me over the edge again.

He’s sprawled on the bed, then he urges me to my knees next to him, taking his cock in my mouth again, feeling him get harder and harder. When he’s hitting the back of my throat again, I mount him, riding his cock, faster and harder, his thumb on my clit making me moan with pleasure.

I turn around reverse cowgirl, and lift myself up, my ass bouncing up and down in front of him. He grabs my hips and I grind against him. He pulls my hair, exposing my throat, making me gasp for air, forcing me to climax again and again while I ride him. He rolls me over, trapping me under him, holding my wrists together behind me as he shudders and fills me with his cum again.

The next night…

He pulls my dress up over my head. “Put your hair elit escort istanbul up, slut. You like being my little slut, don’t you? You just had to come back for more of my cock.”

“Mm yeah,” I murmer, as I gaze up at him. He comes closer, and I reach up to pull his shorts down, taking his cock in my mouth. Fuck, he’s holding my head, forcing his cock down my throat. I love feeling it so deep, as my eyes begin to water from lack of air.

He bends me over an armchair, rubbing my pussy, playing with my clit. He slides two fingers deep inside me, pushing against my g-spot, swirling his fingers against the walls of my pussy. He pulls them out and puts them in my mouth, “Taste your juices, slut. See how much you want this.”

He takes my riding crop in his hand. “Show me how you pleasure yourself, slut.” I rub my clit as he brings the crop down on my ass. I push my fingers inside and feel the crop come down across my back.

He pushes my face down into the chair, his forearm across the back of my neck, as he slides his cock into my soaking wet pussy. He thrusts slowly, torturing me, swatting me with the crop, hard, then soft, then hard again. His hand finds the steel ball necklace I wore, taking hold of it and choking me.

He increases his speed as I run out of air, and I cum so hard, exploding all around him. He sits in the chair, and I suck him hard, licking him clean. I turn around and mount him, riding his cock reverse cowgirl as he rubs my clit, making me cum again.

He leads me to the bathroom, fatih escort so I can watch him fuck me from behind. He bends me over the counter, thrusting into me, watching my face as I stare into his eyes, and then I lose focus as I orgasm again.

He pushes me to my knees, wraps his hand in my hair, wrenching my head back to look at him as he rubs his cock over my lips, slapping me in the face with it. “Where do you want to fuck now, my little slut?”

I can’t even answer, I’m quivering all over. My thoughts run wild, what does he want? Living room, kitchen, back over that chair? Mmm. “I want you to fuck me baby, wherever you want me, please.” We head to the bed, where he slides his cock in my pussy, and rubs it over my ass, getting me nice and wet.

“You didn’t bring that other slut you promised me. Now I’m going to punish you for being a bad girl.” He slides his cock in my ass, just the head. I try to relax to allow him access, but it’s so tight, the sensations run wild. The pain of it stretching, my pussy throbs wanting to feel it and being denied, my clit pulses as I get so wet. He pushes further, then he’s buried inside me, thrusting, and it feels so good and so wrong at the same time. He grabs the riding crop, smacking me with it until my ass is red all over and my breath is coming in excruciatingly pleasure-filled gasps and moans.

Finally he pulls out, rams deep in my pussy. Ah yes! Full, so full and wet and wonderful. I cry out, cumming hard. “Beg me to cum in your tight little pussy, slut.”

“Oh my God please, cum in me now, I want to feel it inside me!”

I feel the rush, and we both lay exhausted and thoroughly sated. He walks me out to my car, but stops before we leave the backyard, bends me over, and fucks me again quickly as I try not to moan, alerting his neighbors.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32