T-Girl University

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All characters are fictional and over 18.


Jason was apprehensive about starting college, as any freshman would be. His high school girlfriend, Becky, whom he loved dearly, was going to a different college on the opposite side of the country. They had to promised to stay together but Jason was worried; there would be a lot of temptation for her from all those west-coast surfer dudes. He hoped she wouldn’t forget him and made a vow to himself to stay faithful no matter what. But there would plenty of temptation for him as well: Jason was going to a small northeastern college that, until recently, had been an all girls school. Jason’s incoming class was to be the fifth coed class the college had seen but the women still greatly outnumbered the men: 80% to 20%. Jason knew that his gender was one of the reasons he had been accepted here. It was, in fact, the only school that had accepted him and Jason was determined to study hard and do well here to possibly transfer out to Becky’s school in a couple of years. He was going to bury his head in his books, avoid temptation and get back to his girlfriend as soon as possible.

Although Jason knew the student body was mostly women he was still amazed when he arrived on campus to move into his dorm. Everywhere he looked he saw statuesque female figures biking, walking, standing, running and he had to force himself to keep his mouth from hanging open as he drank in the sights. The next thing he noticed was how tall nearly all the women on campus seemed to be. Jason was no slouch, standing at a respectable 5’10 but he saw only a few women who were shorter than he was and plenty that were clearly taller. He watched one group of women go jogging by, clearly a team of some sorts, all wearing shorts and college t-shirts, and each one of them looked to be over six feet. Jason felt downright puny as he watched their long leg muscles flexing, shiny from the workout, and their pony-tails go bobbing by a few inches above his head. One of the jogging amazons even winked at Jason as she went past leaving him blushing and mouth squarely agape, having already lost that small battle.

The men’s and women’s dorms were in separate buildings. The women’s dorm was a much larger and imposing building that had a combination of dormrooms and apartment-style suites for the upper-class women. To get to the much smaller men’s dorm you had to walk past the women’s and up a small hill. Jason headed to his dorm for a scheduled orientation meeting with the dorm’s Resident Advisor. Much to Jason’s surprise his floor’s RA was a woman, and a hot one at that. She was a tall (what were they feeding these girls?) busty blonde named Ashley. She was a senior at the college and worked as an RA in exchange for free housing. She explained that since the coed program was still so new all the RAs were women. She explained the dorm rules and Jason found himself tuning out, staring at her mouth or her chest but his ears perked up as she explained the rules about opposite sex visitors.

“The only women allowed in the men’s dorms are the RAs,” Ashley read from her list.

“Wait, so we can’t visit each other at all?” interrupted one of the young men.

“Don’t be silly,” Ashley explained, “you boys are welcome to visit the women’s dorm and overnights are, of course, allowed. Part of college life is having relationships so we expect you to date, even encourage it. But we thought it would be best if the men had a safe-zone of sorts. In our first coed class a few years back we had an open door policy for both dorms and there were some… problems. I think you’ll find that the women here are very assertive, so for your own safety, security and well-being we have this policy in place.”

Jason was confused by this but relieved that he wouldn’t have to see hot coeds prancing up and down his hallway. It’ll make it that much easier to focus on studying, he thought to himself as went to his room to unpack. His dormroom was typical: one bed, one desk-set, and one dresser-drawer on each side of the room. The right side of the room was clearly already occupied so Jason began unpacking on the empty side. He had yet to meet his roommate and he hoped that they would get along. After finally getting everything unpacked and squared away, Jason was sweating and decided to try out the floor’s shower room. He peeled off the damp t-shirt and shed his shorts and boxers, throwing a towel around his waist. Jason threw open his door and walked straight into Ashley, his sexy blonde RA.

Jason bounced off of her like he had walked into a padded wall, falling back into his room, and losing his grip on his towel he sat down on the floor fully exposed to this hot senior. Ashley was equally surprised but was unshaken by the impact. When she saw Jason on the floor she stifled a laugh and stepped into his room closing the door behind her. Jason looked up at her, blushing furiously, his face going scarlet. He couldn’t believe the humiliation of it, sitting naked in front of this gorgeous older girl, his soft dick and balls in plain view as she tried not to çapa escort laugh at him. He tried to cover himself, tugging at his towel, but he was sitting on top of it and it wouldn’t budge.

Ashley came over to help the struggling undergrad, “Here, let me help you up. It’s all my fault, I’m sorry I knocked you down.” Her words stung Jason’s pride even further, “You didn’t knock me down, I tripped is all,” Jason pouted.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Just give me your hands.” Ashley was standing directly over him, her smooth perfect legs leading up to her well-formed ass and hips inside her shorts and Jason forgot momentarily about his nudity, putting his hands in hers and allowing himself to be lifted upwards. He found himself staring directly at her rack, straining her threadbare college t-shirt to the max. He gawked openly.


“Mmm?” he mumbled still enthralled by her chest.

“I’m up here, Jason,” she reminded him and he looked up into her blue eyes and he forgot all about his girlfriend Becky in California.

“You sure are cute, in a lost puppy dog sort of way,” Ashley informed him, “I’m afraid you’re going to be like catnip to some of the more forceful girls here. I’d recommend you get a steady girlfriend as soon as possible. Hell, I’d think about dating you myself but as your R.A. that’s strictly off limits and I got this job because I’m one of the few girls here who can control herself.”

None of this made any sense to Jason but he continued to stare dumbly into her eyes. “Um Jason, aren’t you forgetting something?” she smirked at him, giving him a little shake.

He suddenly became aware that not only was he standing naked here in front of this beautiful woman but that he was still holding her hands like some love-sick little boy. His humiliation came flooding back as he whirled around to hide his private parts, bending over to finally reclaim his traitor towel from the floor. As he bent over he heard Ashley give a low growl, “Damn, what an ass!” Finally covered, he turned back to face her and was surprised by the change in her demeanor. Whereas before she had been comforting but playful she now looked more serious and very eager. She took a step toward him and he automatically took a step back.

“As your R.A. of course I can’t have sex with you, it’s in the rulebook, but maybe I could just have taste,” Ashley seemed to be talking more to herself than to Jason, “there’s nothing in the rulebook that says I can’t taste you.”

Ashley closed the remaining distance between them, she reached out with one hand to lightly stroke his face while the other went down to the towel he was clutching. She stared down at him hungrily, “That was a quite a strip-show you put on for me. Well, it worked, I’m turned on so now you need to help me get some relief.”

“I…I…have a girlfriend,” Jason stammered, totally unmanned by her aggression.

“Don’t worry, this won’t count. It’s just a little oral,” she confided to him in a whisper as she slowly pulled the towel out of his grasp leaving him nude once again. Even though Jason was embarrassed and nervous, her proximity caused his 6 inches to stand out at full erection. Ashley gave him one quick stroke before grabbing him by the hips and turning him around so that his back was to her. She pressed on his shoulders pushing him to bend over his desk. He reluctantly complied, feeling so very exposed to this domineering but exciting woman. He felt her hands spreading his ass cheeks, letting the cool air of the room onto his hole, sending a shiver through his body as he lay prone over his desk.

“Just a taste to get me over the edge,” he heard her say and felt her breath against his ass just before he felt her tongue at his hole. He cried out in surprise and at the intensity of being touched in such an intimate place. Her tongue was so warm and wet and big, lightly circling him before licking up and down from his balls to his crack. He’d never felt anything like it, he squirmed at the odd sensation but one of her hands pressed on his lower back, pinning him to the desk while her tongue continued to explore him. The feeling was soothing along his taint but when her tongue was against his hole he felt so violated yet so good.

Soon her tongue became more forceful, zeroing in on his hole and beginning to penetrate him. He couldn’t help but moan as her strong tongue slowly started to fuck him. He could feel that her body was rhythmically shaking as though she were masturbating while she licked him, although he couldn’t see anything with his face against the desk. Another, “Oohh!” escaped his lips as her tongue seemed to touch new depths within him. Her pace, both with her tongue and with her hand were becoming faster and Jason felt himself nearing an orgasm of his own, unbelievably, from having his asshole licked by this hot senior. As he pictured her breasts, he reached to down to stroke himself and in moments he was shooting all over the front of his desk. As he came, his ass clamped down on the hot blonde’s intruding istanbul escort bayan tongue, making it feel even bigger. Ashley seemed to orgasm at the same time, moaning into his ass, her tongue slowing and withdrawing while her hand worked furiously out of sight getting herself off.

Jason lay panting, still naked, bent over the desk. He heard Ashley stand and zip up her shorts. She swatted his ass and said, “You taste amazing, babe. Just like I knew you would. I envy the girl who scoops you up.” She sauntered towards the door, her ass swaying, before stopping, “Oh, I almost forgot, the reason I stopped by was to give you a copy of the dorm rules. See ya around, babe.”

And with that she was gone and Jason was left with his well-licked ass still in the air. Even though it had been with a hot chick, he still felt somehow feminized by the act, as though she had licked his pussy to orgasm. Of course he was just being silly, he was the one with the dick and she was the hot girl with the…unusual sexual appetite. As he slid off of his desk he looked down to see an immense amount of cum, sprayed across the wood surface and puddled on the floor. He had never cum so much in his life and couldn’t help feeling a little proud. Proud or no, he knew he should clean up the mess before his erstwhile roommate returned. He kicked himself for giving into temptation, but like she said, what she had done to him didn’t really count. He redoubled his vow to be faithful and stay away from these beautiful amazons no matter what.

Jason saw his roommate several times before he actually spoke to him. Occasionally, Jason would come back to the room in the middle of the day to find his roommate passed out in bed but come nighttime his roommate was nowhere to be found. It was a lot like having his own room so Jason didn’t mind, although he was curious about what his roommate was always out doing that left him so exhausted during the day.

It wasn’t until the second week of classes that he found his roommate awake in the room. It turned out his roommate’s name was Sam, a sophomore, and the reason he was never there was because he was always with his girlfriend, Kelly, who lived in the women’s dorm.

“So you guys must stay up pretty late?” Jason asked, referencing Sam’s odd sleeping schedule.

“Yeah, she’s tough to satisfy, she keeps me up half the night. I’ve been missing a lot of class.” Sam confessed, surprising Jason with his directness.

“So why don’t you sleep here some nights so you can get some rest?”

“Well, she’s really horny in the morning and she wants me there to get her off before she goes to class.” Again, Jason was taken aback by his roommate’s forthright discussion of his girlfriend’s sexual needs but he guessed this was “guy talk” which college guys were supposed to have. Still, there was something off about the way Sam talked about his relationship, like he had no choice in the matter.

Sam saw the questions in Jason’s eyes and offered, “I know it sounds weird. And when Kelly first started dating me last year it was tough for me to get used to. She’s so hot and I was ready to do anything to be with her but I wasn’t prepared for the relationship she had in mind. But now I’m used to being with her and I’m happy giving her what she wants. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Besides, I’m lucky. There are a lot of girls who aren’t nearly as nice to their dates as Kelly is to me. Some are just after sex, they’ll use you and throw you away without worrying about how you feel. And some of them even seem to get off on hurting guys. A lot of the guys from my class got used like that. My roommate from last year, Trevor, got it bad from this one girl, Morgan, she was a junior and we were freshmen. For whatever reason she decided to pick on Trevor and she wouldn’t let up. First it was just sex in her dormroom, then she started doing it to him in the hallway while all the girls on her floor watched and cheered. Then she started forcing him to do it all over campus. It was humiliating for him and he dreaded just walking to class because he knew that at any moment she might decide to take him in front of everyone. It got so bad for him he dropped out.”

Jason thought that the idea of having that much sex was, while embarrassing, definitely arousing and not worth quitting school over. As he thought about this insatiable woman, Morgan, he felt himself stiffen, and crossed his legs to hide it from his roommate. And not wanting to disagree with Sam, Jason covered, “Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.”

“It sure was. I felt bad for the guy. That’s why you gotta get a girlfriend as soon as possible and get yourself one of these,” Sam gestured to a pink wristband he wore.

Jason looked at the wristband puzzled, “Huh?”

“So since there are so few of us guys for every girl,” Sam explained, “they can get a little boy crazy and aggressive. Once you’re in a relationship with a girl you wear one of these to signal to other girls that you’re taken and then they’ll leave you alone.”

“But I’ve already güngören escort got a girlfriend. She goes to school out on the west coast.”

“Oh,” Sam looked worried, “I don’t know if that’s gonna be enough to get them to lay off of you. They respect the other girls that go here but I don’t think it’ll matter if you’ve got a girlfriend 2000 miles away. In fact, I’m surprised they’ve left you alone this long without a bracelet.”

They hadn’t left Jason entirely alone. He got stares and wolf-whistles pretty frequently, girls were always pinching and cupping his ass but after the first dozen times he learned to shrug it off. He often got invited to parties by these tall beautiful women, women who he couldn’t believe were actually interested in him, but so far he had remained true to his promise to himself and Becky. It made it easier that he only went to class and his dorm. He got his meals to go from the Dining Hall and did all his studying in his room.

He told Sam about his commitment to Becky and Sam smiled indulgently, “Well, I think that’s great and if you keep up your isolated existence it might even be possible. So if you’re intent on keeping this up I should warn you about Hunting Night.”

“Hunting Night?”

“It’s this thing the sororities do where they all dress up in togas and robes and pretend they’re the goddess Diana or something. It’s really more of an excuse to drink and play games. They do campus-wide scavenger hunts and play drinking games so by nightfall they’re pretty well drunk. That’s when the unofficial hunting starts and what you need to watch out for. A lot of the girls compete with each other to see who can hunt down and score with as many men as possible. Every year the male class size gets bigger and the competition gets fiercer. As you know the girls can’t come in our dorm, but if they catch you outside after dark without a wristband…well you won’t be faithful to Becky anymore and you’ll probably be sore for a few weeks. It’s next Friday, so if I were you, I’d be sure to be holed up here before sunset.”

“Wow,” Jason was once again stunned by how much life on campus was dictated by the female students. He had to be in by curfew to avoid getting gangraped by a bunch of horny coeds, which, still didn’t sound that bad.

“Well, anyway good luck with that man. I gotta get some studying done to make up for all the missed classes,” Sam explained as he spread out his books on his bed.

“Aren’t your grades suffering from missing so many classes?” Jason asked.

“No, if I miss class because I’m with Kelly, she’ll write me a note.” Sam said matter-of-factly.

“Your girlfriend writes you a note for the professor? And they accept it?” Jason couldn’t believe it.

“Of course. The college recognizes the importance of dating and relationships, I’m sure they mentioned that in your orientation. They know that in order for the women to focus and do well in class they need men to help relieve their stress and get them off. So, yes, the professors are very understanding. They know that Kelly’s needs are important and giving her what she wants is a priority for me. It took some getting used to, putting her needs first, but I’m much happier for it.”

Jason was incredulous. He didn’t want to be rude to his roommate but this was crazy and he told him so, “What the hell kind of school is this?”

It was Sam’s turn to stare at his roommate in disbelief, “Wait, do you really NOT know what type of school this is? Holy Shit!”

Just then Sam’s phone buzzed to life with a text. “Oh it’s Kelly, I gotta go man.” Sam was immediately off his bed and grabbing his backpack, he bent to open a drawer and removed what looked like a giant bottle of lube which he quickly stuffed into his bag and headed for the door.

“Wait, what were you just about to say?” for some reason Jason felt panicked about missing this.

Sam looked at Jason with something bordering pity, “Look, I’m sorry, I gotta go. But I’ll tell you next time I’m back, it’s a long conversation. But, just in the meantime, stick to your hermit life and definitely don’t go out on Hunting Night. Later, man.”

And with that Jason was left alone to puzzle out his roommate’s cryptic warning. Oh well, he told himself, I’ll probably see him tomorrow or the next day. But Sam didn’t come back the next day or the next or even the whole next week. And Jason found himself still wondering what Sam had meant as he walked to class on the morning of Hunting Night.

It was as Sam had said: the girls were all dressed up in white robes running around the campus, carrying lists for their scavenger hunts, their whoops and cries echoing across the quad. Jason was worried at first but soon realized that apart from a few lecherous stares the girls were far too engrossed in their games to cop a feel today and he was left unmolested as he walked to his classes. “I don’t know about Hunting Night but Hunting Day sure is a nice change of pace,” he grinned to himself. Wanting to enjoy his newfound freedom Jason decided to study in the library instead of his dormroom. The library’s large airy space had plenty of plush chairs, perfect for comfortably reading for hours and Jason wanted to take advantage while he could. Still, he made a mental note to head back to his dorm half an hour before sunset just to be safe.

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