I Lost the Poker Game Ch. 04

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Any feedback is greatly appreciated. It encourages an author to continue writing, and helps frame future segments, which this story will have. This story is about a male who comes to realize his submissive dreams, about his humiliation, and dominant women. If these fantasies are not your thing, then don’t waste your time, simply move on. Leave this one for those of us who do like to be dominated, or to dominate. For those of us who long to realize these dreams.

We found that everyone else was already inside, sitting on couches, love seats or chairs. Miranda was behind the bar and played hostess, offering each of us a mixed drink as myself, Maria and Monica sat at the bar. While I nursed a scotch and listened to the conversation I marveled at the scene.

Only a few hours ago Maria and I had arrived for a friendly poker game between friends. I hadn’t even wanted to come to the party, only doing it for Maria because they were mostly her friends.

I had opened my big mouth as the game lagged, suggesting strip poker. Things had gone down hill fast for me after that. I now wore a chastity tube on my tortured cock, and I think I am the only one here that is not going to fuck my wife tonight. Shit.

I looked around and it struck me that everyone was completely nude. We’d only been occasional friends before, and now we all were sitting around in our birthday suits chatting. In fact, the only person with anything on at all was me, the CB-3000 that caged my manhood. In spite of my predicament, I had become quite relaxed with these people.

I began to pay attention to the conversation again. They were all comparing notes, talking about each other’s attributes and talents.

James’ baritone, “Monica, you should get a hold of those new tits that Miranda bought. They are really somethin'”

Miranda returned the compliment, “Yeah, well you’re somethin’ else yourself, Tripod.” Everybody laughed, “I think I’m gonna be walkin’ bowlegged for a month.” More laughter.

Scott looked at me, “Sean, buddy, your wife is fantastic. You are one lucky bastard. She was so damned tight, it was like fuckin’ a virgin.” Everyone laughed again, this time at my expense. It was a compliment, but it was also a veiled slam at the size of my penis, or lack thereof, which had become public knowledge when we all lost our clothes in the game. And was the reason Monica had caged me.

Scott’s girlfriend, Marcia, directed her attention at me also, jokingly, “You leave my new little friend alone, Scotty. He likes eatin’ pussy, and he is really, really fucking good at it!” I couldn’t help but blush.

It seemed like it was my turn to reciprocate. I looked at Marcia, “I uh, um, your ah, your sex really feels and tastes good. I really enjoyed pleasing you.” I didn’t want to leave out the other woman I had gotten to pleasure so far, “And Monica you felt so good on my face, I really..”


I felt the sting as Monica hit me so hard that it almost knocked me off of my barstool. What the hell?! What did I say? Then I realized what I had done.

“Mistress! I am so sorry. Mistress Monica! I really was honored to service you, Mistress Monica.”

She patted my thigh and smiled.

I turned to my other side, where my lovely wife sat. Although I was somewhat shaken, I wanted to finish what I had meant to say before getting slapped, “And my sexy wife, Mar…”


My wife hit me so hard that my ears rang and I had to brace myself against the bar to keep from falling off of the barstool yet again.

“What the fuck?!”


This time I fell back against Monica, who caught me and looked into my eyes, trying to convey to me what I had done. That did it. Now I understood.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry….” I looked back at Maria, “Miss Maria! I wanted to say that I am soooo lucky to have my lovely wife, MISS Maria.”

She smiled sweetly at me, “Ah, that is so sweet of you to say, honey.”

I blushed as laughter filled the room.

Jerry grinned, “I think there’s some question as to who has who there buddy.”

James’ baritone voice filled my ears, “They’re gonna learn you yet, man.”


Maria tousled my hair, then jiggled my chastity tube playfully, sending electricity through me, “Love ya, babe.”

More friendly laughter at my expense. I smiled sheepishly.

The conversation continued for awhile, some of it sexual, but actually most of it not. The guys talked some about golfing and other sports, the women about some shopping and their jobs. It was sort of nice to find out more about the other people at the party, their likes and dislikes. It made them more personable to me, and not just competition that I could not beat sexually. Something else struck me and made me feel a little more secure. The other guys were sitting around with their larger members hanging down between their legs, or in James’ case, draped over his thigh like a massive sleeping serpent. The women were quite relaxed sitting in the buff, their beautiful bodies on display for all to see and admire. I levent escort alone sat with my manhood caged, occasionally twitching in desperation, and everyone knew that they could have sex anytime they wanted tonight while I was to be denied any such pleasure quite against my will. Yet while we talked they all treated me with respect and listened to my thoughts and opinions.

Maria turned her back towards me and asked if I would give her a back rub while we talked (she loves my massages). I of course was happy to have contact with her.

Miranda handed me another drink, one she said was sure to send me for a loop, and then leaned with her elbows resting against the inside of the bar. “So, Sean, what’s it like being locked up? Are you about to go insane yet?”

My strong hands worked Maria’s shoulders and I contemplated the question for a few moments before answering, “I guess I have to say the jury is still out, uh, ma’am. I mean, yes, it is driving me absolutely nuts. But at the same time, I have been on a sexual high all night. It hasn’t waned a bit, and every time something sexual happens it just builds and builds even more.”

Jerry regarded me for a moment, “So you actually like it?”

I began tracing lines on Maria’s back with just the tips of my fingers, very lightly, and she sighed, then I spoke, “I don’t know if I’d go that far yet. I mean, I don’t think I could go forever like this. I really, really need to cum! But at the same time its somehow very erotic, and well, I know this probably sounds stupid; but its kinda liberating, not having any control.”

Marcia looked at Scott and grinned, “That sounds interesting. Maybe we’ll have to try that on you sometime.”

Scott boasted, “I don’t think I have to worry about that. You’d never squeeze this”; he grasped his cock and gave it a shake, “into that little tube.”

Monica winked at Marcia, “Oh that’s O.K., they make a larger chastity tube called the curve just for big boys like you. We’d never get my James into it, but I think we could manage to squeeze you and Jerry into one.”

Marcia and Miranda grinned at each other conspiratorially as if making a mental note to explore that particular kink. Jerry looked at Scott as if to say, thanks big mouth!

I guess all the sex talk began to have its affect. Marcia stood and walked over to where James was sitting, then looked over to Monica, “May I?”

“Why, of course.”

Marcia knelt down in front of James and looked up into his eyes as if asking permission. He smiled back down at her, and then he lifted his huge flaccid member from its resting-place across his thigh. He spread his legs and lay it between them to give Marcia better access, handing it to her. Then he spread his arms across the back of the couch and relaxed. She grasped it with her tiny little hands. She couldn’t get her fingers completely around its girth. In awe, she lightly ran her fingertips along its length, starting from his massive testicles and finishing at the flared spongy softness of its head.

She lowered her head to it and watched it as she sensuously stuck out her flattened tongue and licked the bottom of the head. In reaction the massive helmet flared at her, and she giggled in satisfaction. Next she opened her mouth wide and took the head into her mouth, sucking on it, massaging it with her lips while she darted her tongue around that which was in her mouth. She tried to take as much as she could into her mouth. Because of its massive girth, that was only a few inches. She masturbated the rest with her tiny hands. The contrast of his dark flesh against her pale skin was remarkable. She lifted his massive balls with one hand, and lightly ticked just below them with the fingers of her other hand. She definitely knew what she was doing. It wasn’t long at all until she’d had to get up off of her haunches, standing and bending over in front of James in order to stay on top of his now erect member.

She lifted her mouth from his manhood and looked down at it hesitantly, like someone looking at a roller coaster before they take a seat in one of its cars. Do I really want to do this? Can I take it? Am I going to embarrass myself? With trepidation, she put one foot on the couch beside his leg, preparing to mount him.

He placed one of his massive hands on her foot, stopping her. He smiled at her reassuringly, and without saying anything made a circling motion with one of his fingers, signally for her to turn around and face away from him. She looked puzzled but slowly did so.

James leaned forward and placed his massive forearms at the back of her little thighs. He lifted her up in his arms. It was like her tiny frame was sitting in a chair without arms or a back. She looked as if she were levitating, hovering helplessly in the air. Yet the massive muscles of James’ black arms easily supported her. She gasped. She quickly moved her tiny hands down and held onto his hands for support. He smiled and lifted her up higher until she was hanging in the air just above that massive piston.

His mecidiyeköy escort calming, baritone voice, “Now Missy, you just squeeze my hand when you are ready. I’m gonna go slow, and you just squeeze when you’re ready to go more. An’ you be sure an’ tell me if I need to stop, ‘kay?”

She nodded her head nervously. As erotic and exciting as this had to be for her, it was at least as thrilling for the rest of us. Our perspective was of this tiny little woman levitating just above a massive ebony phallus, suspended in the air seemingly without support. Her tiny, bare pubes hovered just above this monster. Just above her flat tummy, hard eraser like nipples topped her little breasts. And I could easily read her thoughts from the expression on her face. Now the ride’s car had been pulled to the top of the first huge hill of the roller coaster, the point of no return. Looking down to the ground so far below she was thinking, what the fuck am I doing here!?

Brave little girl. Her small hand tightened around one of his massive fingers and she squeezed her eyes shut. The car was just rolling over the top of the hill, dropping suddenly in a breathtaking descent.

She was lowered slightly until the lips of her vagina parted, resting her tenderly atop the huge head of his cock. We heard her suck in her breath. He stopped. He easily held her there while she rotated herself in her seat, rubbing her nether lips across the top of the monster, slathering it with her flowing juices. A rivulet of her fluids made its way slowly down the front of his massive cock until it disappeared below his balls. She pushed herself forward and back across it, moving it ever so slightly inside of her.

She squeezed his finger once again and was slowly lowered a little further until she was stretched wide and the head was enveloped within her. I was in awe that he’d been able to fit it into her at all. Not too long ago I’d had that little snatch in my mouth, and I knew how small it was.

Another squeeze and James rotated his hips slightly while penetrating her a little more. As his cock head slowly made its way past her g-spot she squeaked out, “Oh Gawd!” James knew what he was doing. He knew where he was within her. He stopped lowering her. She fucked herself back and forth just across the head, rubbing her g-spot with it over and over again. Before we knew it she was crying out with her first orgasm, shuddering violently, thrashing her head from side to side in ecstatic release.

She stopped and caught her breath. What she hadn’t realized was that while she bucking against him through that orgasm she had lowered herself another six inches down onto his cock. She looked down from her perch in shock. James waited patiently until she again squeezed his finger. She gyrated as he lowered her some more. Little by little, more and more of him disappeared within her. There were easily another three inches of his cock visible when she started shaking her head back and forth quickly, “Stop, stop! Damnit, I’m sorry, I can’t take anymore.” Her breathing was ragged and she was obviously disappointed.

James consoled her, “It’s alright, Missy. We can still have fun. I won’t take you down anymore. Just let me know when you’re ready to fuck it.”

She took a moment to collect herself and catch her breath. Then she took in a deep breath, let it out, and squeezed his fingers again, “O.K. Now.”

First slowly, then more rapidly, he began thrusting his huge piston up into and out of her. She was more comfortable with how well he could hold her now, and she lifted her hands to her breasts, pulling at her nipples violently, thrashing around on his huge cock as orgasm after orgasm shot itself through her entire body.

I guess that did it for everybody else. How could anybody not be aroused after that? Miranda was first. She came out from behind the bar, then I watched as her long legs covered the distance across the room in a second. She literally leapt upon Scott, who was sitting in a large cushioned chair with his cock sticking straight up. In one swift motion she slid down onto his manhood, taking him balls deep. She leaned her head back, her long hair cascading down her back and yelled out, “YEEEEE HAAAWWWW!!!!! Ride ’em cowboy!”

Maria, Monica and I shared a laugh at her spunk and voracious sexual appetite. Monica reached over and grabbed her purse, removing her car keys from it. She handed them to me, “In the trunk of my car is a black case. I want you to go and get it for me. Do NOT look inside of it, just bring it to me.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I stood and walked into the den, picking up my pants.

Even though she couldn’t see me from where she was sitting, I guess Monica knew what I would be doing, “Sean baby, I didn’t tell you to get dressed! Just get out there and do it.”

I dropped my pants to the floor, shaking my head. Walking back through the living room I made my way to the front door, head down in embarrassment. I stood on the porch and looked up and down the street, waiting until I was certain that none of Miranda’s kağıthane escort neighbors were outside. Of course Monica’s car was the very last one in the driveway. I would have to cover at least sixty feet before I reached its cover. I ran as fast as I could, the weight of the CB-3000 causing it to bounce back and forth off of my legs as I did so.

Whew! I made it to her car. Standing between it and the pickup next to it for cover, I again looked up and down the street. The night air was cool against my bare flesh. Her car was parked with the trunk facing the street. To open it and get inside I would have to stand at the back of the car, standing nearly in the street and fully exposed. Crap. I worked up my courage and moved to the back of the car. Trunk lid raised. Great, the trunk was full of items. I bent over and lifted a set of golf clubs, moved aside some towels, and had to bend over further to grab the black case.

“Nice ass, Mister.”

Shit! I’d never even heard her walk up behind me! I closed my eyes. A young female voice. I just hoped she wasn’t a juvenile. If I was going to jail for exposure at least please let it not be a kid!

I picked up the case and used it to cover my genitals as I turned around. A woman in running shorts and a tank top, at least in her mid-twenties. “I-I-I’m sorry, ma’am. We were playin’ around is all.”

“It’s O.K. I’m no prude. But ya’ll better get back inside before somebody else sees you.”

“Oh, thank you, ma’am, thank you.” I slammed the trunk down, grabbed the keys, and fled back towards the house. Behind me I heard the lady whistling at my ass while I ran.

I made it back into the house and stood on the other side of the door for a moment, catching my breath. Then I walked back to the bar.

The first thing that I noticed was that Maria was gone. I handed the case to Monica and looked at her questioningly. She smiled at me, “Wondering where your better half is?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, we flipped a coin to see who got Jerry and who got you. Maria won the toss, and they decided to use Miranda’s bedroom, sweetie.”

I flushed. Of course the winner of the toss would pick the guy that actually has a usable penis!

“And besides, Maria had to move up to the next largest cock so that she might be able to take James later.” O.K. So I could get even redder.

Monica stood, holding the case. I looked around the room. Marcia was still impaled on James’ massive member, but she was turned around facing him now. He held her gently as she lay her head on his strong shoulder, whimpering softly, taking a break. She still only had about three-quarters of his cock buried within her. Across the room Miranda was still violently slamming herself down repeatedly onto Scott’s midsection. Surely he wouldn’t last much longer with her doing that!

“Follow me, Sean.” Monica led me down the hall into the bathroom. It was a bathroom that was entered by one door from the hallway, and had another door that led into Miranda’s bedroom. The door to Miranda’s room was closed, but I could hear Maria and Jerry on the other side of the door, the sounds of lovemaking.

Monica sat the case on the counter and opened it. She withdrew from it a large phallus attached to a strap-on harness. I watched nervously. Was she going to fuck ME? She regarded me for a moment and then laughed.

“No, honey, I’m not gonna fuck you with it. At least not yet. We’re gonna make you a little more useful. Now turn around.”

She placed the fake cock at my midsection and ran the straps around my hips, then down between my legs, pulling them all together behind me and fastening them. She pressed my cage downward and used the balls of the phallus to keep it that way. Then she tightened all the straps taunt, pulling be backwards. Once they were secured she told me to turn back around again.

My caged cock was now pushed facing downward between my legs. In its usual place a huge, very realistic cock stuck straight out from my midsection. It was made of a material that simulated quite well the flesh of a real penis, right down to the spongy head. It looked very obscene on me.

“There! Now you have a bigger cock than everybody except James!”

Before I knew what was happening she opened the door into Miranda’s bedroom and dragged me through behind her. Maria lay on her back on the bed, her legs draped over the side. Jerry knelt between her sumptuous thighs, his face buried in her sweet, plush sex. She was moaning softly with pleasure.

I was faced with some more emotions that I never would have expected. I had already watched her being fucked by someone else, and had managed to get through that. You would think that this would mean nothing compared to that, but strangely enough I was filled with jealousy and angst. I had told myself that even if my penis was smaller and couldn’t do for her what these other men could, at least I know that I am a very accomplished cunnilinguist. I could please her more that way than they could. So as strange as it might seem, seeing someone else eating her out was almost more traumatizing than watching someone else’s cock slamming into her. But I was determined not to have another break down. Just because someone else got to taste her, it doesn’t mean they are better at it than me. Does it? I made a note to ask Maria about it later.

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