Husband’s Humped on Honeymoon

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It was the fourth day of our honeymoon, and I was relaxing on a cane sofa in nothing but tight printed underwear on the balcony of the beach house in the resort where we had come for our honeymoon.

It was a clear night, and the sea breeze was cool. I gently dozed off, with a smile on my face recalling the previous three days of wild, hot sex. Coming from a conservative culture, my wife and I had decided we wouldn’t go all the way until we were actually married, and had spent the previous six months since the time we met going upto third base, but not beyond. Of course, once we were married, it looked as if we were trying to make up for lost time.

Suddenly, I was woken up by a gentle brushing of my hair. As I opened my eyes, I seriously thought that I was dreaming. It was my wife, dressed in a police girl outfit. As I rubbed my eyes, she ran her hand down my face and gripped my chin tightly and said, “You’re under arrest!!”

I was absolutely stunned as I took in the sight – she was wearing a really short black micro-mini that was showing off her sexy net-covered legs, black high heels, a really tight blue blouse with a deep plunging neckline that showed off a good part of her juicy boobs, and her nipples were straining at the silky fabric held together by a half-opened zipper. This was topped with a police girl cap, and she had tied her hair back under it. I was just trying to gather my wits as she took out a pair of handcuffs, and before I knew what was happening, she expertly cuffed me behind my back. This can’t be really happening, I thought, as I was pushed back into the room.

She asked, “Do you know what your crime is?” I mumbled something about how hot she looked and then all of a sudden, she pushed me flat on to the bed. The bed was one of those really fluffy kinds, and apart from my ego, nothing was really hurt.

In a haughty tone, she said, “Silly boy, don’t you know it’s illegal to be on the beach wearing just your underwear? You’re under arrest for that!!”

Still thinking that this was a joke, I simply couldn’t resist staring at her buns. She caught me doing that, and I was instantly rolled over on to my back and was given one tight whack on my ass. She went on, “You’re under arrest. You have two choices – one, you spend the night in jail tied up and naked; or two, you do as I say, no questions asked and I’ll let you go”

It was then that I noticed the strange gleam in her eye and realized that she was bebek escort dead earnest about whatever she was saying. “What’s your choice,” she demanded. Obviously, there was little to choose. I had no clue what she meant by “jail”, but the prospect of being tied up naked all night seemed a lot less preferable than the other one, as at least that had a promise of being let go. “I’ll do as you say,” I croaked.

“Good,” she said, as she rolled me off the bed onto the carpet. She sat on the edge of the bed herself, and then said, “You now have to obey my every command, or it’s the jail for you!”

“Yes dear,” I said. I was promptly rewarded with another whack on my ass.

“How dare you call me dear, you prisoner! Is this anyway to talk to a police officer??”

“No officer; Sorry!!” I croaked, as I knelt before her, head bowed. Her long net-covered legs filled my gaze as she grabbed my hair and forced me to look up. My cock was hard as a rock, and was straining at the fabric of my underwear.

“Naughty!!” She said, “Walking around half-naked on the balcony! When I’m done with you, you’re going to remember this all your life!”

As she brought up one of her feet to my face, I caught a glimpse of a black thong between her legs, hiding her secrets from me. I instinctively began kissing her foot, and then she commanded me to remove her shoe. I did that, and kissed each of her toes in turn. I slowly got bolder, and began moving upwards, kissing her ankle, which seemed to turn her on all the more.

Thinking that this was my chance, I moved up her calf and then the knee and was just beginning to proceed up her thigh when I caught a whiff of her sweet smelling juices; Lord! She was dripping wet, and her thong was soaked in her essence. I was getting completely intoxicated by the smell and the sights, and was barely aware of my surroundings, when I was suddenly pushed back violently

“Now do my other leg,” she rasped, and I dutifully began from the toe upwards. My cock had begun leaking precum already, and there was a growing patch on my underwear. Inside the confines of the tight underwear, it seemed like a coiled snake, ready to explode outwards at the first chance.

This time, she allowed me to reach all the way up her thigh, as I took in the heavenly scent of her womanhood. “Squeeze my bum,” she said, and I grabbed her soft rear buns, gently at first.

“Now do my boobs,” she mecidiyeköy escort said, and squeezed them, her nipples went erect as she opened up her tight top to release them. I sucked on her tits, and she grabbed my manhood and then my balls

“Harder,” she ordered, as she moaned softly, and then I put all my strength into it, and paused for a moment as I kissed her soft ass cheeks. And then, on the spur of the moment, I spanked her ass a couple of times. That, I guess was the last straw as far as she was concerned.

Immediately she pushed me away and screamed, “Just what do you think you’re doing?? You are a prisoner and you’re trying to take advantage of a Police officer??? Turn around and show me that ass!!”

She whirled me around with surprising strength and landed a couple of tight whacks on my ass. She ordered me to pull off my undies, and when I tried to resist, she simply reached inside my underwear, grabbed my throbbing dick and with a deft flick of her other hand, tried to pull off my underwear. I tried to resist and we wrestled on the bed for five minutes, at the end of which I was face down, naked, hands cuffed behind my back and she sitting on top of me.

“You’re going to pay for this,” she panted, as she slid off my back.

I was too exhausted and overwhelmed to say anything except “Yes, officer”. And then the spanking began. Whack! Whack! Whack! Stroke after stroke rained down on my poor bare ass, which was slowly taking on a nice shade of red. ”That’ll teach you to behave!!” she gasped, as she continued to work on my ass.

Then she suddenly paused, and while one part of me was relieved, another part of me was secretly hoping she wouldn’t stop, as this was the best spanking I had ever received. She had spanked me before, but those were nothing compared to this.

But nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. She left me alone for a while, and as I was gathering my thoughts, my ass suddenly felt wet. I tried to look over my shoulder, and I could see that she was sitting over me again, and applying something to my rear hole.

“What are you doing?” I timidly asked.

“You’re going to get what you deserve,” she said, and continued to smear something into my ass

And then she rolled me onto my stomach and that’s when I first saw the huge 8-inch strap-on that she had put on; It was massive, complete with bulging vein patterns and balls as well. “Now we’ll see who florya escort has the bigger dick,” she laughed, and it was clear that my dick, which, till that moment, I had thought of as being quite an item, was nothing compared to this monster.

She threw a condom at me and said, “Put it on me!!”

I complied, rolling it slowly up her dick, she moaned, looking at me with pure lust in her eyes. “Ha! I’ve always wanted to say this, and now I’ve finally got the chance! Give me a blow job, you slut!!” she ordered. I knelt before her again, and slowly took an inch of her cock in my mouth. “Suck it, you bitch!!” she said and thrust deeper. I nearly gagged at first, but then I had most of it in. She thrust her hips and I could feel her dick hitting the back of my mouth as she fucked my mouth with increasing speed.

She paused, and then, grabbed my hair, and made me look at her boobs again. “You’re my bitch now,” she said, “Now it’s time to make you completely mine!!”

I realized what she meant, and also that there was no point in resisting any more. I got on the bed on all fours and offered my till-then virgin ass to her.

“Mmmmm…what a cute ass you got,” she giggled, and then proceed to squeeze my already red bum some more. Then she got on the bed as well, and, slowly inserted her dick into my tight ass.

“Did that hurt, baby?” she cooed

“Yes, but not much,” I said, and then she rammed it in all the way at one go. I moaned with pleasure, and then she began thrusting with a measured stroke, driving it in all the way each time before coming half-way out. I could feel the balls of the strap-on slamming into my ass cheeks each time she thrust. She paused for a couple of times halfway in, but only to spank my poor ass some more.

And then, all of a sudden, I felt a vibration in my ass. The strap-on had a vibrator built in!! “Bitch, you like it?” she asked, and all I could do was moan in response. She took that as a yes, and turned the vibration on full speed. At that point, I completely lost control, and my hand and head were flailing around like a wild animal; I ejaculated then and there, and as she continued to bang me, my dick sprayed cum all over

After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled out in one go. My ass felt wide open and strangely empty, as I collapsed in a heap on the bed. “Now that’s what I call a pretty sight,” she said, as she cleaned herself off.

“Now you’re completely mine, aren’t you?”

“Yes officer,” was all I could manage.

“When we get home, my bitch,” she continued “I’m going to get you some panties to wear…..”


This was our first attempt at describing our wild sex life; If you like it, do let us know and we’ll put up more!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32