Ice Master

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When you called me today, your voice was tense, your tone demanding and dominant. You desperately need me to meet you, you told me. You desperately need my unquestioning submission to your lustful desire to consume me. Your summoning was more than I could resist, and I agreed to come to you tonight without reservation.

My hands are shaking with excitement as I open the car door and step out to meet you, dressed as you requested. I have parked next to you in the lot at our usual place. I close the door and turn to face the car, away from you. I drop my bag there, and put my hands on the roof as you instructed me to do when we discussed meeting tonight. I can feel your eyes on me, examining me as your property as I wait for you to join me.

After you make me wait several minutes, I hear you open the door and get out of your car. Your footfalls signal your approach as you come to stand behind me. You make no contact with me yet, but in the chill of the night air I can feel the heat of your body on mine as you stand close, making me shiver and my goose bumps rise. I feel my knees weaken and I can barely breathe as I anticipate your touch.

Still not touching me, you reach up and put your hands on the roof of the car on either side of mine, and lean in closer, your mouth so close to my neck that I can feel your breath on my skin, teasing me with the prospect of your warm lips tasting me there. My uncontrollable desire for your touch makes me moan softly and whisper the title you instructed me to use when addressing you. “Master, please!” Your reply comes quickly and sternly, “Quiet.”

After what feels like an eternity, you take my hair in your hand, pull it aside and gently bite the base of my neck where it meets my shoulder, lingering and changing to a kiss before letting go. Your other hand finds its way under my blouse to cup my bra-less breast and pinch my nipple hard. I tense a bit and then relax and finally, you come forward and allow me to feel the length of your body on mine.

I briefly wonder if anyone is watching us, here in the dark, but still in plain sight of passersby. Then, it occurs to me that I don’t care. I know I am here tonight to play the role of your submissive slut and any witness to our activities will see that you will do what you please, when you please, with your toy.

You release my hair and now use both hands to explore my breasts and excite my nipples to stand completely erect. otele gelen escort I love to listen to the subtle sounds of your excitement as you caress me and take possession of me this way. I can’t think of anything except my need to have you take me and do as you wish.

You have already checked us in and now you release me, give me the key and our bags, telling me to go to the room, get ready, and wait. I know what you mean by this, and go to the room as instructed.

Again, you wait a few minutes for me to prepare myself and the room as you wish, and come to the room. When you enter, I am dressed only in my thong, kneeling and waiting for you. The ropes, toys, lube, flogger and other items we brought are laid out for your choosing.

I have also brought a small bottle of water that I have had in the freezer for a couple of days. You observe it, but say nothing. At the moment, you are more interested in beginning, so you lock the door and come to stand behind me, placing your hand in my hair once again to pull it back and kiss me.

I remain on my knees as you take your time to bind my hands behind me so that I am helpless to resist your desires, and ask me about the ice bottle. Seeing the look in your eyes, I know you don’t need an explanation. Still, you have demanded that I admit it’s purpose. I address you by your title and tell you that I brought it for you to use on me if you wanted to try it. I tell you that the idea is to cut the bottle from the piece of ice and see where you might find it useful to tease me with if you wish. I also tell you that if you want to try it, letting me use it to chill my mouth before and during pleasuring you might be interesting for you too. Pleased that I have given so much thought to your question, you take the bottle and begin to remove the ice from it with the knife I brought for this purpose as you present your stiffening cock for me to enjoy. You press the head of it to my closed lips and I turn my head away, smiling slightly and disobeying your unspoken command. Pausing in your task of freeing the ice from the bottle, you grab my hair and pull my head back suddenly, making me open my mouth to gasp in surprise with your sudden and desired aggression. The second my lips part, you enter, sliding your cock into my mouth as you warn me against taking any other action besides pleasuring you. I would rather try the ice as soon as possible, mecidiyeköy escort so I comply. You see this, and return to preparing our next step.

Once the ice is out, you wrap one end in the washcloth so you can hold it and press the other to my lips, rubbing it there a moment before ever so slowly sliding it down my neck to my chest, making me shiver and gasp as you circle and then caress my nipples with it. The sensation is incredible and it makes my nipples rock hard immediately.

You continue to move it agonizingly slowly down over my stomach and stroke it back and forth over my pussy, making my thong wetter with the cold water as it mixes with my juices. Seeing my reaction, you continue around my hips to my ass, and pausing to torture the small of my back for a few glorious moments before continuing up, slowly over both shoulders, up the back of my neck, and back to my nipples once again. When you are satisfied with my pleas to let me catch my breath, you press it to my lips again, and I suck it for a few moments before you immediately offer your cock to me again. The contrast in the slow warming of my lips and tongue on you after the chill makes you squirm. The feeling of the warmth in the back of my throat on the head of your cock as my half frozen lips move down over the rest of you is something you have never experienced.

Once again, you put the ice to my mouth, and then let me take your balls slowly between my lips, gasping in shock and excitement as I do.

We play like this for several minutes. Each time I take you back into my chilled mouth, you press the ice to my nipples, swirling and melting it there. The moans this brings from me also feel good on your cock as I take you as deep as I can.

When you are satisfied with my blowjob for the moment, you tell me to stand and bend over the bed, and you insert the butt plug as usual.

Expecting the sharp sting of the flogger next, I gasp in surprise as you begin to slide the ice slowly over my entire ass. When my skin is wet, you stop and now pick up the flogger and begin to strike me. You begin gently as usual, but it feels unusually sharp as my wet skin is more reactive to the contact it makes. Seeing the enhanced reaction this evokes from me pleases you immensely as you continue, gradually increasing the intensity until I beg you to stop. Again, the ice is applied and after, you resume your flogging again. This entire process has türkmen escort begun the flow of endorphins in my brain, starting a high that will last for hours.

When you decide that my ass is the correct shade of pink to please you, you remove my thong, asking me if I am ready for you to fuck me now. Much to your delight, I beg you yes, please take me now. I need to have you inside me so badly. You guide me to move up onto the bed, resting on my knees and shoulders. You take the double egg I brought, putting one inside me and placing the other one on my clit. You turn it up all the way, warning me not to cum before you let me.

You remove the plug and I feel your tongue slide from the entrance of my vagina up to my anus, caressing and probing there, making me moan loudly and beg you for more. The sounds of ecstasy coming from me make your cock twitch as you oblige me this pleasure. You accompany your tongue by inserting two fingers inside me now, causing the egg to move around as you do. It rolls over my g-spot and for a few moments, I am afraid that I will cum. You seem to know this and remove them, letting me relax a little and enjoy just the buzzing and your oral attention to my pussy and ass.

When you have me sufficiently close enough to orgasm to please you, you spread some lube on my ass and position yourself, slowly sliding your incredible cock inside my ass. It feels so amazing to let you take me this way. I cannot help but feel that I never want you to stop. You can feel the vibrator buzzing away in my vagina and I feel it moving over my g-spot again as you pull the ropes that hold me and stroke me deeply. The vibrator on my clit is becoming so intense that it is difficult not to ask you to let me cum as I so badly want to, and finally I cannot resist asking you if I may please cum now.

You tell me that I can, that you want to feel me cum while you fuck my ass good and hard. I moan loudly as I surrender to the feeling of the vibrator and you pounding me, letting it consume my senses completely.

When I come back to myself a bit, you are ready for me to take you in my mouth and finish you, and I move to my knees on the floor. You tell me to take my time and make it last because you especially like to watch me please you while my hands are bound. I enjoy this too, so I make sure I slowly tease your balls and gently deep-throat you until you can no longer resist the urge to cum. You grasp the back of my head and bury yourself completely in my throat, forcing me to swallow your load. You release my head, and I continue to suck your sensitive member, coaxing every last drop from you before it’s finally too much for you and you pull me off your by my hair, taking your turn at surrender in your own way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32