How She Met Master

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The message had come.

“Dearest flower: I will be in Harrisburg on the morning of the 16th, you will meet me at precisely 930 am in the coffee shop in the Sheraton. W/we will discuss whether W/we are compatible and if I deem you trainable wear suitable business attire. Sir William. “

The note was short and terse but full of promise. lillian was thrilled just by the fact He had written her again. she had longed for this for what seemed like forever. Ever since lillian had been a young girl she had known that her sexuality was not the same as other girls. she wanted only the strong boys, the tall manly ones, ones who made her feel small and safe. It was not however till she was a grown woman with a husband and family that she found out there were such things as bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism and domination and submission. What a revelation that was to her. she was not weird, she was not an odd ball pervert or a freak, she was normal, just different, and she even learned that she was not “vanilla” a new term to her. That there was an entire language and lifestyle built around what she had always thought of as her private world was a wonderful release for her and she set out to experience it first hand.

First thing she did was to find like minded others via the net. she made some very good friends in the chat rooms on Literotica and T/they directed her to some web sites where she could read and learn about the lifestyle that had chosen her. she learned much and made many friends she was even fortunate enough to find a wonderful online Master who taught her much. But it really wasn’t enough, she really needed to experience this in real life. she ached for it with almost every fibre of her being, the need was consuming her.

lillian was driven to find a strong firm, but kind Master. The type she knew a novice like herself would need. she placed an ad on a web service for married people looking for more and discrete experiences. All the men who answered her ad just wanted to tie her up and spank her and yes this was something that she wanted but not like that. Not like a rutting animal with any old stranger. she had needs yes, but one of those needs was an experienced teacher a dominant male not just some pimply kid who thought it sounded “hot” and “couldn’t wait to try it”. Then came the answer in an email.

It was from Sir William introducing himself as a man of passion and experience who was looking for a sexually submissive woman to please him. her heart melted he seemed perfect, experienced, mature, well written oh how she hoped He was handsome too that would make it all perfect, lillian blushed to herself like a schoolgirl. she answered His email in a state of high excitement. she wrote back

“Dear Sir: thank You so much for taking the time to write to this girl. she is most anxious to make Your acquaintance. Yours truly (or hopefully) flower.”

lillian pressed send and nearly wet herself with nerves and excitement. the answer was long in coming but when it did it lit up lillian’s eyes and heart, even her normally neglectful husband noticed she was smiling that night. she kept the secret smugly to herself. The day of the meeting dawned and the second everyone had left for the day she got out her one business suit and pressed it carefully putting on the navy suit with a white blouse and navy pumps she went out to her car shaking. she knew she would not be doing anything today just meeting with Him but it was a very important meeting if there was ever to be a T/them.

she truly fussed over her appearance making sure she was spotless everywhere and dressed well and shaved perfectly just in case something was going to happen, she knew in her heart it wouldn’t but she did allow herself to dream a little, she had waited so long.

T/they met in the lobby and He was as handsome as she had hoped for with a lovely shot of gray through his hair and well-trimmed beard. He treated her gently while they spoke and allowed her to be herself rather than impose rules on özbek escort her at this point, T/they spoke of E/each O/other’s needs and expectations and toward the end of the time He had allotted to spend with her, He handed her an envelope and instructed her to open it and read it.

lillian took the envelope from Sir William’s strong hand with her small shaking one and opened it, the first line was an instruction to read in silence and say nothing until she was finished reading or her task was complete. she was free to refuse the task and walk away or comply and things would be taken to the next level. she quivered in excitement and read on, the task set was an easy one actually but one which thrilled her to the bones, it simply read,

“Place the letter on the table and politely excuse yourself from the table, go to the ladies room, remove your panties, walk back to the table and discretely hand them to me.”

she immediately put the letter face down on the table and looking up from under softly lowered lashes she spoke in a quiet but strong voice

“Please excuse me Sir just for a moment?”

He nodded His assent and she walked away from the table seductively swaying well-rounded hips hoping this action would be pleasing to His eye and went into the ladies room at the opposite end of the room. lillian quickly removed her tiny black lace panties glad she had worn her best and folded them into a tiny package in her left hand. As she stood up straight and began her walk back to the table she reveled in the freedom she felt as her bare pussy now rubbed gently against the top of her legs over her stay up hose.

she walked directly to the table and sitting down she reached out for His open hand and placed the panties in it. He closed His hand over them tightly and put them into His pocket. He stood almost immediately,

“Very good flower, it is nice to see you follow direction well. I will be in touch.”

He smiled at her and walked out of the room leaving her alone and unsure.

she worried for days, then weeks and finally he contacted her again.

“Dearest flower: I will again be in Harrisburg next Tuesday, be available to begin training sessions on that day. I will provide further instructions closer to the date. Sir William.”

she again was thrilled and could barely wait until the next Tuesday, and arranged to have that morning off work claiming a dental appointment. But she heard nothing at all and the days passed and still no further instruction. she waited patiently as she had been taught a good submissive should do, even though it was driving her mad, she wasn’t pacing the floor but she was thinking constantly about Him and about the way she hoped things would go.

Truth be told she really wasn’t sure what to expect even after the long talk she had with Him. All she knew was He didn’t consider intercourse part of the scene, necessarily and that tying was important and sensory deprivation, all things she knew of but could only actually imagine.

On Monday night the message came in very very late, she didn’t find it till Tuesday morning early it said,

“Dearest flower: Be at the Sheraton, room 214 at 930 am sharp, have your pussy properly prepared, wear business attire again, I would like you to have on stockings and high very high heels and you may bring 1 favourite toy. Sir William”.

her heart fluttered. Unbelievable!!!! It was going to happen! she was so excited, the family had all gone to work and to school and she was getting ready, she prepared first with a very large very high colonic just in case HE decided to play anally she wanted to be completely clean and repeated until the water ran clear. her pussy was cleanly shaven as were her legs and anywhere else below her eyes. she dressed carefully wearing lace-topped stockings under a new dress suit she had purchased for the occasion and very very very high heels in black patent leather.

she drove carefully to the hotel and parked discretely mecidiyeköy escort around the back and walked around and into the lobby. she didn’t stop to ask directions to the room, she wanted no one to notice her, so she followed the signs to room 214. It was labeled do not disturb and she wondered if she was supposed to wait or to knock. she chose to knock and in very short order Sir William answered the door. her heart skipped a beat as she gazed on His handsome face.

He opened the door smiling gently,

“Come in dearest flower, I’ve been expecting you.” He ushered her into the room with His hand firmly on the small of her back. “Have a seat, lets talk.”

T/they walked across the thick carpet to a table and chairs near the wall to ceiling window on the opposite side of the room. He sat her in a well-cushioned paisley upholstered arm chair and He took the one across from her and smiling said,

“Well little flower are you ready to embark on your voyage of discovery?”

she blushed and smiled softly at Him and suddenly shy she could only nod her head demurely her drop earrings swaying with the motion. He offered her His hand and rising she took it, He walked her over to the full-length mirror on the wall at the entrance to the room talking to her all the time.

“Little pet, I will begin by blindfolding you as W/we discussed, I wish for you only to feel, to become lost in feeling. To revel in feeling, to live only for feeling and obedience, to please Me and only Me. your pleasure will come as a result of mine.”

she shuddered with delight at His words, thrills of delight running up and down her spine. He put a silk and velvet blindfold over her head and fastened it securely, ensuring she could see nothing. He then began to remove her clothing. He appraised her as He would a piece of fine horseflesh, He was poking and prodding and caressing her buttocks, her breasts, her thighs.

When He had her in only her black lacy bra, panties and stay up hose he stood back and admired her (at least that’s what she felt, she could see nothing). It was both humiliating and exhilarating to be nearly naked standing in front of a stranger being assessed. And the thrill of the humiliation was almost worth the visit in itself.

He removed her bra then and examined her breasts carefully, pinching and rolling the nipples between His thumb and forefinger,

“Exquisite my pet, infinitely clampable.”

The very words ran spikes of feelings straight through her body and into her now absolutely throbbing clitoris. It was difficult for her to stand still with her arms at her sides, it was hard to be silent except to answer His questions, she wanted to moan and grind her hips. But He had instructed her to remain still and silent.

He guided her a few steps away from the mirror and bent her over an upholstered bench, a sort of tall ottoman. her arms braced on the bench and her behind elevated He pulled aside her panties and did a cursory inspection of her perfectly shaved pussy and cleaned anus. Every touch had her body on fire, how embarrassing this was, how wonderful!

“Mmmmm lovely, well done pet!” He said as he stroked her slowly with one finger from end to end admiring the smoothness.

Standing her up carefully He walked her over to the large bed and sat her on the edge.

“Scoot yourself up till your head rests on the pillow.” He demanded firmly.

Once she was in position He told her not to move or speak unless instructed to or answering Him.

“You may of course wiggle with pleasure as you feel it, however, should you find yourself close to orgasm you must tell Me immediately. Do you understand?”

she nodded her head and spoke softly,

“Yes Sir i do.”

He went about His tasks now and taking her left hand he raised it above her shoulder and tied it carefully to the big wooden headboard, using what seemed to her to be stout silk rope. He was talking to her continuously describing to her what He was doing every step azeri escort of the way, explaining how He would only tie her as tightly as necessary to ensure her inability to get away.

she smiled to herself thinking,

“Why on earth would i want to get away?”

He repeated the process on her other arm, then He set his sights on the rest of her body. she shivered involuntarily imagining how she must look.

“The panties will come off but W/we will leave the stockings and shoes for today I think.” He mumbled to Himself thinking aloud. He gently pulled the lace panties slowly down her stocking clad legs, being careful not to snag them on the high heeled shoes she was wearing. Spreading her legs widely He left her to lie almost naked and totally exposed on the bed.

she could hear Him walking around the bed, as though He were looking at a piece of art, every now and then He would move her arm a little, or straighten out a leg, until He had her posed exactly as He wanted. she simply lay there, splayed out as He wished, her cunt fully open and exposed. He told her again

“Relax little flower, Master will take care of you.”

she found it impossible to relax, she was so excited, but she tried desperately to wipe the grin off her face. she jumped as she felt something cool and liquid on her right nipple which instantly hardened again and stood straight up only to find waiting teeth to nip at it, not bite outright little nips. Harder and a little harder each time, the wetness continued on the other nipple it was in circular motions as if something were being poured onto it, she was to learn later it was ice.

Sir William ran the mysterious cold fluid around and round in circles over her bright pink nipple surface and the surrounding soft tissue stopping only to lick and bite at them. she gasped involuntarily as suddenly He slid a finger into her open vagina; she was more surprised than frightened as he began a slow finger fucking of her most inner parts. He maintained His laving of her breasts, as the fingering became more intense, she whispered to Him,

“Please Sir i am very close to orgasm.”

He withdrew his hand immediately saying,

“Good girl My sub, remembering to tell Me at such a moment!” He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. “Where is the toy I told you to bring?”

she whispered softly,

“It’s in the front opened section of my bag Sir.”

Reaching into her bag He lifted out the slim line vibrator she had brought with her. He examined it and chuckling softly to Himself said

“Nice choice for a first play little one.”

He turned it on and immediate inserted it into her pussy, then again ravaged her breasts. He dragged His new custom made flogger carefully over her body, not striking her with it, more stroking and carressing her.

“You like this?” He questioned the bound and helpless woman.

“Oh yes.” she replied breathless with desire and pleasure, she remember it very well from when He had proudly displayed it to her earlier.

“Respect the lash dear girl and you will do will and have many pleasures with it.”

He took the vibrator out of her pussy and replaced it with several of His fingers, driving them hard into her. He then took the vibrator and placed it directly onto her clitoris. she didn’t mean to, she tried to hold back but the waves began to hit her hard. she was cumming and she couldn’t stop it.

When the sensations had settled a little bit Sir William took some pity on his protégé and turned off the vibrator. He left her alone for a few moments to reflect she supposed and when He returned He had with Him a warm damp cloth with which he bathed her exhausted body, He then released her from her bonds, rubbing the circulation back into her arms which had begun to numb. He took off her mask and the sudden light hit her hard making her blink and rub her eyes. He laughed gently at her confusion.

“Well little pet…” He paused, “…that was an excellent start don’t you think?”

she nodded her head shyly, suddenly aware of her nakedness and the fact that he was fully clothed.

He gave her permission to dress, then sat down beside her on the bed, kissed her cheek and said

“Next time darling girl?” He grinned “Be prepared to learn much much more!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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