Dr. Daddy

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I answered the phone, ‘Hello,” I was still breathless, as I wiped the sweat off my brow. I had just walked in the door from walking a couple of miles. As I waited for an answer I glanced at my watch and thought of what I would do that afternoon.

The voice on the other end was deep, and I recognized it immediately. It was the voice of Daddy. “Just reminding you of your appointment tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock.” was all that was said.

Taking a deep breath, I only said. “Yes Doctor.” And we both hung up. I was smiling ear to ear. Because I knew that Daddy was in town. And we would be meeting in the morning. Since I didn’t work, he knew I would be available for him at his request.

I was so excited that I did a little happy dance right there in my living room. I could already feel the dampness between my legs. I felt the need to touch myself because I was so thrilled to be having the chance to play doctor with Daddy again tomorrow.

But I knew his rules. When I got his phone call, there would be no more masturbation. And currently he had me masturbating three times a day for him. I was to spend no less than fifteen minutes and no more than thirty five minutes per masturbation session. And I was to force myself to cum as often as possible in the time that I had. I was only allowed to use toys on myself.

Looking at my watch I frowned because I saw it was only 11:30 in the morning. He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew that I would miss my noon session today. And I wouldn’t feel any relief until he gave it to me in person. He knew my body would be going through withdrawals and would be craving his touch even more.

I could almost visualize him in his hotel room. He would be sitting on the edge of the bed with an evil grin on his lips. He would put the phone receiver down. And he would slowly open his bag of toys and tricks that was at his feet. He always took great care in preparing the room for us.

But right now I took a deep breath trying to decide how I would make it through the rest of the day. Following his rules the best I could. Slowly I walked across the house and down the hall and into the master bathroom. I stripped off most of my sweaty clothes, and put them into the hamper.

I looked at myself in the mirror, smiling when I saw the front of my sports bra soaking wet. My let down was starting already. I always found it amazing how Daddy had trained my breasts to respond to him. When I couldn’t be with him I could pump. But when I knew we would be together my breasts also seemed to know it as well, and they seemed to have a mind of their own. And already they were starting the extra milk production just for him to suckle. I smiled because I also knew the rule.

The secret to having good milk production was very simple, supply and demand. For the rest of the day, and into the night I was to pump every hour to hour and a half. And seven in the morning would be the last time I would be allowed to pump. He knew my breast would be heavy and full for him.

I stood there and removed my bra. Watching my reflection in the vanity mirror as the milk oozed out of my nipples. I couldn’t wait until I would feel the warmth of his lips on my nipples. I could almost feel his teeth nipping and teasing my nipples. My mind remembered how he would alternate his sucking pattern, from light to hard, removing the milk for himself.

The letdown was getting stronger now and my milk was now dripping faster. It was running down my belly. The milk was pooling on the floor at my feet. I looked in the mirror at my dripping breasts and smiled.

The quick shower I had planned on was now going to turn into a long and detailed bath. I knew I had better take great care with my bathing rituals for Daddy, because he would notice. He had told me exactly what he wanted, and I agreed.

Filling up the tub, I added a generous amount of the bath salts that Daddy provided for me. It softened the skin and smelled of fresh lilacs. I checked the temperature of the water to make sure it was just the right degree of hotness before I stepped into the tub.

Laying back I scooped handfuls of the hot water over my semi-exposed breasts and neck. Sighing with satisfaction that tomorrow I would get to play the role of a thoroughly examined patient. Remembering that last time Daddy and I played doctor and patient. I wanted to spread my legs and touch myself till I came over and over with the delicious thoughts I was having.

My mind was wandering. Thinking of what my doctor might do to me this time. Would he bring that friend he was always teasing me about? Would he restrain me with words or rope? Maybe tape would be his choice tomorrow. I knew he would take me through the usual exam, that was just a given. But it was the new things he would try with me that made it exciting. I wondered how far he would stretch me. How far would he take me for his pleasures?

I sighed and reached for a bar of caress instead. Lathering up a washcloth, I took my time in soaping my toes all the way up my long legs. beşiktaş escort I was very careful not to pleasure myself as I washed the area at the junction between my legs. Running the wash cloth over my engorged my breasts, and smoothing it over my neck and back down my flat belly. Leaning forward I used the soapy cloth to wash my back. Satisfied that I was now scrubbed clean, I rinsed the soap from my body.

Next I slowly exfoliated my entire body using the special mixture made from baking soda and shower gel. My hands felt almost numb by the time I was done rubbing the mixture over my skin. But I smiled after I rinsed and felt how smooth my skin now felt.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, I reached for the bar of beauty soap and lathered my leg from my toes to my thighs. The secret was the moisturizer in the soap. It seemed to work better than shave gel. That always seemed to clog my razor. I took special care and time in shaving my legs and under arms. And the results could be found when touching my smooth skin.

Now it was time to shave my pussy. I slowly lathered the entire area. I savored the feeling as my fingers brushed over that forbidden area. But I was very careful at the same time not to pleasure myself in any way. I let the razor blade slowly glide across my skin, using a mirror to help guide me. And I didn’t stop until the last hair was gone and I was completely happy with the results.

I knew how Daddy preferred my pussy completely hairless. As a reward he would dance his tongue across my clit, as his fingers slid to find my g-spot to bring me total pleasure. I now knew I had to take great care in shaving, because of the one time I was a little sloppy. For that I received punishment and my bottom was sore for days. But the punishment fit the crime, I did know better.

Last but not least I let the plug out of the tub and adjusted the water temperature for a shower. I didn’t want to use the same bath water to bath in and shave as I would use to wash my long chestnut brown hair. I stood under the sunflower style shower head and let the water fall over my head and body. I ran my hands through my hair and along my body making sure I was rinsed clean, fresh, and hairless.

Before I left the bathroom I dressed in my pink fleecy bathrobe, the one I wore only when I was alone. Before leaving the bathroom I looked at myself and gave myself a sultry smile, and squeezed my tits through my robe. I knew how Daddy loved his slutty girl. And I went into my bedroom to pick out my clothes for tomorrow. I wanted to look nice for my doctor’s appointment.

For the rest of the day I dressed in a pair of black shorts, and a dark purple low cut “V” neck top. No panties. That was another one of his rules. From the moment I receive his phone call to 78 hours after we were together. When that time was up I could go back and start wearing my thongs again. The before rule was so I would be in a constant state of arousal, wet and ready. And the after rule was so I would remember out time together.

I put on my nursing bra. Because I knew I would need the support of the industrial strength bra this afternoon. With all the extra pumping, I knew my body would go into over production of milk for his pleasure. And I knew Daddy was always pleased at what my body would do for him.

After I dressed I closed my eyes and envisioned Daddy. His loving smile as he preformed his exams and tests. He would tell me to go in the bathroom and following the directions that he left on the counter. How I enjoy walking out in the open back exam gown. Seeing him fully clothed looking very professional, complete with white lab coat.

The rest of the day seemed to go quickly. My time was spent on general housework. With my mind wandering and wondering at all the things my doctor would do to my body. My breasts were heavy and a constant reminder and my pussy was wet with need. My pussy needed him to manipulate it with his hands and mold my body into what he desired.

I also had my kitchen timer set for every hour. At which time I would pump both breasts. And they were already responding to the attention. I had to put nursing pads in my bra to keep me dry because they were leaking at the very thought of Daddy’s lips on my nipples.

My pussy was wet all day. Oh how I wanted and craved to touch myself. Or be touched. But I obeyed Daddy’s rules. I had to change my shorts several times that day because my pussy was so wet. As I pumped my breasts, my pussy would go through a letdown of its own. The juices would run from me. Oh how Daddy trained my body well.

That night I went to bed late. Sadly I need to wear the nursing bra with several pads in place, under my teal nightgown. A very sexy and slinky satin nightgown with spaghetti straps. That swept down low between my breasts and deep in the back. When I did go to bed I curled up on my left side and went to sleep. Dreaming of what tomorrow might bring.

I woke up early. Or rather it was my breasts that woke me up. They were full and felt hard istanbul escort as rocks and they hurt. They needed to be pumped. Milk was already leaking out of my nipples. I smiled knowing that Daddy or rather I should say my doctor would be very pleased with this.

That morning pumping was the first thing that had to be done. And I was surprised at the amount of milk I expressed. But I knew they would fill back up fast. I was too nervous to eat. But I made sure to drink plenty since I received the call from my doctor reminding me of my appointment this morning.

I was careful with my makeup, letting it look only a little slutty. I had a particular shade of rose blush that I wore only for Daddy. With eye shadow that highlighted my green eyes. But I applied it a little darker and more prominent than I normally wore. With mascara that wasn’t waterproof, knowing it would run if I cried. Daddy liked to see proof of my tears if tears were his goal. And red lipstick was the final touch.

I styled my hair so it was swept up in a conservative bun. That way he could pull it out of its restraints and run his fingers through the silky length of it. Or pull it hard as he saw fit. So when I left his room, my hair would be messed up. It was silent proof that I was a little bit of a tramp and had been well fucked.

Leaving the bathroom, I entered my bedroom with a brilliant smile. I couldn’t wait to get dressed. This I did slowly as I glanced at the clock. I had the time to enjoy and savor this private time of getting ready for him. On my dresser were the clothes that I had already laid out.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I hooked the garter around my waist. And I rolled my black stockings up each leg. Smoothing them out and hooking them to the garter straps. Next I put on the black cupless corset. Since it was already laced tightly in the back, I had to lie down on the bed flat on my back. I took a deep breath in, to hook and zip it up in the front. As it left my full breasts fully exposed.

The blouse I chose was semi-sheer and red. The neckline of the blouse plunged deeply and the black corset was clearly visible under the fabric. And it was slightly noticeable that my breasts were uncovered. The skirt I chose was of black leather, very short and very tight.

My jewelry was kept very simple. I chose a simple long gold necklace with a pendent that fit perfectly in my cleavage. And simple big gold hoops in my ears.

I misted myself with my favorite perfume and walked into the kitchen to find my three and a half inch spiked black heels. I grabbed my purse and I walked out the door.

I knew I looked slutty when I drove up to the hotel, where Daddy was staying. Stepping out of my car, I pull down on my skirt just a little. Not that it helped much. I parked my car as directed, as far away as possible from the front door. I would be giving more chances for people to notice me as I walked.

As I walked into the hotel I felt several eyes on me. I walked to the front desk and asked the man behind it, “What room is Brian Hurt staying in please?”

The man looked up from what he was doing and for a moment just looked at me. I noticed that his lower jaw was drooping slightly. His eyes slid down to my breasts, and I had a good idea what he was thinking. But this is what Daddy wanted, to humiliate me just a little. He wanted others to know that I was here for sex, but not as a paid prostitute.

“Ummmm…. Yes Ma’am. Let me look up his room number.” I watched as the man punched numbers into his computer.”

I leaned over his desk giving him a clear view down my top. “I’ll wait while you look.”

A few moments later, after he took full advantage of the view I was offering him. He responded with “Room 304, Ma’am. Just take the elevator to the third floor and it’s down the hall to the left.”

I remained in the same position a bit longer than necessary, letting him enjoy his view of my tits before I thanked him and went down the hall to the elevator.

I stood in front of Daddy’s door, taking a deep breath before I knocked.

Dr. Daddy answered the door. He was dressed very professionally from head to toe. He was wearing fancy dress shoes. His dark navy slacks and light blue button down dress shirt both looked freshly pressed. He was even wearing a tie under his white lab coat. And to complete the look he had a few instruments that I didn’t recognize in his pocked and a stethoscope around his neck.

“Your here a few minutes early, please step into the changing room.” He motioned to the bathroom door. “The directions are on the counter. Here let me take your bag.” His voice was deep and made me want to melt on the spot as he took my bag and I went into the changing room.

It had been awhile since we were last together. And I wanted to throw my arms around him and kiss him. But we were in scene now. I had to obey and behave as if I was his patient. I entered the small bathroom and stripped off most of my clothes. However I did leave on my stockings, garter bakırköy escort and the cupless corset. I knew he would still want me to wear those even though we were in scene. And if he wanted them off, he would remove them himself.

I carefully folded my clothes as I looked at the directions that Dr. Daddy left for me. I made sure to read them slowly and carefully so I would understand them correctly. Just to the left of the note was a towel covering items. Items I was sure that Dr. Daddy planned on using shortly. So I respected his privacy and his need of surprises so I didn’t look. Even though I personally hated surprises, and Daddy knew that. And that only made me want to peek even more.


Please remove all clothing except for stockings, garter and corset. You may also leave on your shoes for your comfort. When you have completed that task you are required to lean over the bathtub placing your hands on the back wall of the tub. When you’re ready to begin your exam please call out to me.

I did as I ordered. I placed my hand on the back wall of the tub. I closed my eyes and called out that I was ready. I stood there waiting for the doctor to enter the room.

“Well I see that you have followed my directions. If you don’t already have your eyes closed, now would be a good time to do that.” He spoke professionally.

“Yes Dr. Daddy, they are closed.” I told him as I waited.

I could hear Dr. Daddy getting the last few things ready. I heard him run the water to wash his hands. I knew he would do this because he believed that everything must be clean. A minute or two later I hear him snap on a pair of latex gloves.

“Now if I can get you to spread your legs, we can begin your exam.”

I did as I was told, spreading them as far apart as I could and still remain standing. I could hear him breath as he stood behind me and he reached forward to pinch and twist on my clit. “Have you considered getting your clit hood pierced?”

I winced as he pinched me. “Uh, no Dr. Daddy, I haven’t given it much thought. Do you think that’s wise to do?”

“Yes I do. In fact many women love the sensation of having their pussy’s pierced. If desired, many get their clit hood pierced or their labia pierced. Many say it enhances their sexual experiences. It will give you something to consider. You may want to talk to your partner to see how he feels about it.”

I nodded my head now knowing that Daddy did want me to get my pussy pierced soon. It was more of an indirect request than a question. “Yes doctor, I will give it some thought. And make an appointment if I decide to have it done.” He was still pinching and twisting on my clit which made it really hard to stand still.

“How sensitive do you find your clit? Does it bother you to have this done to you?

“My clit is very sensitive.” My response only made him pinch and twist harder. Soon he was pinching my clit very tightly between his fingers. The pain made me bite my bottom lip, but I didn’t make a noise. Instead I responded with. “But you’re the doctor and you know what is best for my body.”

“Good girl. You must always remember that. Your doctor does know what is best for you. That is why we have these appointments. To make sure your body is always in peek condition.”

He released my clit. And I felt the light sweet pain mixed with pleasure. My pussy tingled as the blood rushed back into that sweet little spot. I could feel a small trickle of moisture run down my leg. It was funny how much control he had over my body. And he hardly touched me.

Now I could hear that he went back to the counter. I could hear him working with the secret items that were hidden underneath that towel.

I could hear him squirting something. Lube I assumed. I was wondering what he was planning next. Since I wasn’t quite sure, I continued to let my mind wander. Maybe he was going to take my temperature rectally.

In the excitement my breasts were getting heavier. I could feel my let down begin. The milk was starting to flow out of my breasts. With my eyes closed I could her it dripping into the bathtub. It began at a slow rate, but the more excited I got, the faster and faster it dripped.

I felt Dr. Daddy’s hands return to my pussy. I knew he was feeling for pussy wetness. I jumped slightly when he rubbed what I assumed to be chilled lube around my sweet pucker hole. He slipped his cold lubed finger deep into my ass. I stifled a moan as he did this. As he made sure my ass was well lubed. I felt him add more then one finger, just for good measure to make sure my ass would stretch well.

“Now I promise this won’t hurt.” He let out an evil laugh.

He spread my ass cheeks apart. And I waited to be invaded. But I wasn’t sure exactly by what. Because this wasn’t how Dr. Daddy normally began our exams. Then I felt something small enter my ass. I wasn’t sure what it was. So I waited as I listened to the milk drip out of my tits and hit the bottom of the tub.

Then I felt it and took a deep breath. My back stiffened when I realized what he was doing. He was giving me an enema with very warm fluid. It was just a degree or two from being hot. I cried out. “Oh doctor! You haven’t ordered this before.” I felt the water continue to flow into my lower body.

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