Taking the Lad out of Alladin Ch. 17

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Now that my head was clearer, I checked out my face in the mirror. A hot babe I barely recognized as myself looked back at me. Like, I knew it was me, but it looked like someone had put a Snapchat hot babe filter over my real face. Then I jumped as Cinnamon’s face appeared over my shoulder, and she whispered in my ear, “What the hell just happened?”

The face in the mirror winced at me, and I turned my head to whisper back. “I just blew two dudes in the restroom. I don’t even know why. Jasmine made my face look hotter, and then she just took me in there, and then I was really into it, and she was really into it, and the two dudes were obviously into it-”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” Cinnamon cut me off. “You still have free will, and the wish can’t make you do things, but it can encourage you to take actions that will fulfill the original intent of the second (you) and third parties (Jasmine) to the contract.”

The pretty face in the mirror turned into a frown. “So, like, me and Jasmine should have a party?”

Cinnamon sighed. “No. But if you do what the wish wants it’ll make you feel good. If Jasmine does what the wish wants, it’ll make her feel good. And if you both do what the wish wants…”

“I’ll end up sucking dicks in a restroom at a strip club!” I finished her thought triumphantly.

“You’ll both feel good. Or, more accurately, horny.” Cinnamon gave me a disappointed about something all of a sudden. Then she frowned. “Look, free will, that reminds me: you can’t tell Jasmine you’re just going along to get out of the wish now. She’ll freak, and if she’s worried about you not really being on board, she’ll get worried about consent and fight the wish. That might go really bad for her if she fights too hard, and besides, she needs the money.”

“She does? What for?” I vaguely remembered Jasmine saying the genie was paying her, but had figured she was just looking to upgrade her apartment or get a car or something.

Cinnamon shook her head. “That ain’t for me to tell. You just keep your mouth shut about our little arrangement so she gets her money, you get out of this, and I get my money, you hear?”

“Yeah, sure, no problem. You just get me the wording for a wish to get me out of this when it’s over.” I said the words, but I was thinking about that amazing feeling in the bathroom when I had moved closer to fulfilling the wish.

Cinnamon nodded, and I nodded back. She walked way and I took a deep breath, and walked over and sat in Jasmine’s chair. I had a plan. I had a way out. I could do this.

I found a pen and an old receipt in Jasmine’s prep area, and started making a list. I needed to be a hot babe, with big tits (check), a smoking bod, an insatiable need for getting dicked down hard, liking the ladies too, kinky as fuck, who just can’t say no, and a stripper. Okay, this wasn’t easy, but I could do it like putting together matching armor and weapon sets in an online rpg. I had the big tits, I could work on the smoking bod next. And once I had the smoking bod the hot babe part was basically done, so I could get a twofer. Okay, yeah, this could work. I could do this.

Or I could not do this.

No, I definitely needed out of this. I couldn’t spend the rest of my life with a cage on my dick blowing strangers in bathrooms and walking around with giant tits. But, on the other hand, why not enjoy it a little longer? There was no rush, I could stop it whenever I wanted. That seemed like a really good idea, like, I didn’t have to rush to get the wish fulfilled so I could undo it because I could finsih up the list and reverse it any time. I could take the long way around and enjoy the high the wish gave me when I went along, then fulfill the wish and undo it and get Cinnamon her money when I’d had enough. Yeah, that made a lot of sense. It was like dicking around in a video game before the big boss fight and the game was over.

The important thing was, I could quit anytime I wanted to. It was a question of willpower. And I had plenty of that, so no problem. In fact, just to prove it to myself, I thought I’d wander over and take a look out onto the stage. If I could look out there and resist the temptation to get a quick hit from the wish, it’d prove that I had the willpower to quit anytime.

I slipped out of Jasmine’s chair and walked over towards the door she had used to go to the stage. bayrampaşa escort I walked through the door and moved down the hallway towards what I guessed was the stage. The music was louder here, something by some 1980s hair band. I licked my lips. I could smell the lust coming from the other side of the curtain. Just one peep, then I’d turn around and walk away. No problem.

My dick was smashing myself against the cage and I could feel my nipples getting tight and hard as I pulled the curtain apart just a little bit. Some stripper I didn’t recognize was sliding down a pole, her ass to me, as the crowd cheered and waved dollar bills at her. I panned around the room, and saw Jasmine and some other chick giving lap dances, but my eyes were drawn back to the woman on center stage.

She was undoing her top, letting the strings fall down and holding it there with her arms as she worked the crowd. She waited until a couple of more guys fished money out and then let she let her top drop. Her mouth made an “O” of fake surprise as she got down on all fours and crawled around the edge of the stage. Her tits were swinging around beneath her as sweaty, meaty finger stuffed singles in her g-string.

I felt the rush of hot passion come over me, but calmly let the curtain fall closed and took a step back. Success! But had I really proven anything? I mean, the closer I got before I backed away, the stronger the proof would be, right?

And I really wanted to be that woman on the stage. I wanted to be crawling around on all fours, having people ogle my ass and tits, shaking my body for them so I jiggled and made their cocks hard. I ran my hands through my hair, and arranged the shitty dress I was wearing as best I could, and pulled the curtain apart again.

This time I went a little further, and let half my face appear in the gap. The stripper was down to a skirt and her g-string, doing more acrobatic things on the pole, and the music was pounding. Most people were watching the girl on the main stage, but a couple of guys noticed me peeking through the curtain and one winked at me.

I definitely could have let go of the curtain, walked back to the dressing room, sat down, and rated the sauces at my favorite wing place if I had wanted to. I just didn’t want to. Instead I slid out onto the stage, and pulled the neckline of my dress down to show some cleavage.

A couple of the guys at the edge of the stage cheered, and one waved a dollar at me. The stripper on the pole looked back, saw me, and immediately glared daggers at me. She mouthed the words “Fuck off whore!” at me, but I didn’t care.

I was shaking my tits, walking towards the edge of the stage, letting a little more cleavage show with each step. A lot of my tit meat was on display already, but I had plenty more to show off and I was flying high on wish magic. Somewhere in the distance I heard the guy on the PA talking about guests not being allowed on the stage, but I was busy giving the guy with the dollar bill and the nice hair a lewd smile and leaning over so my big fat tits hung down beneath me and he could see even more of them.

I opened my mouth, and he held the dollar bill between my lips. It was tantalizingly close. I pulled my dress down and my tits popped out, just hanging there for everyone to see. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling rushing through my body and started to close my lips on the dollar bill. Then I was being picked up and sat down on the floor.

A big bald dude in a muscle t-shirt was frowning at me. “Sorry lady, amateur night is Tuesday. Until then I’m going to have to ask you to stay off the stage.”

Jasmine had evidently seen me or heard the guy on the PA and figured out what was going on. She was hustling over from where she had been giving the guy the lap dance, but for me it was like watching a movie in slow motion.

Every nerve ending in my body was tingling, and all I knew was I needed to get back on that stage and take my clothes off. I started to climb back up but the bouncer picked me up again and sat me back down on the floor. This time he put me down so that he was between me and the stage.

My knees went weak, and I realized that every eye in the place was on me. My tits were hanging out, and my nipples were hard as hell, and I had to keep them looking at me no matter what.

I escort bayan istanbul threw my head back so my hair did that thing women do in the movies, and gave the bouncer a smile. “Isn’t there anything I could do-” I ran my fingers down the front of his jeans. “to convince you, big boy?”

He rolled his eyes, then picked me up again. This time he didn’t put me down though, and started walking towards a door with a big exit sign over it. After that, things happened kind of fast.

Jasmine was there beside us, saying something about me being her cousin from Poland and that I got kicked in the head by a goat when I was a kid. The bouncer was telling her he didn’t care. I may have punched the bouncer in the nose, desperate to get back on the stage. Look, his nose started bleeding, we’re not sure how. Then he was dropping me and holding his nose with one hand, grabbing me by the hair with other, Jasmine had jumped on his back, and he was dragging us both towards the door saying something about cops and lifetime bans from the club and crazy bitches.

Cinnamon had mentioned the wish pushing back. I figured that meant a headache or constipation or a leg cramp or something. Officially, the bouncer was hit by a falling spotlight that weighed about sixty pounds. Whomp, right in the head. He went down like a sack of potatoes. I don’t know if he lived, but he sure let go of me in a hurry. Jasmine jumped off his back just in time.

The crowd was silent. Even the song had ended or the announcer hit pause or something. Then the guy with the bald spot who had barked at Jasmine earlier was running over, and yelling for someone to call 911.

Jasmine looked at me with wide eyes. Seeing a man get clocked like that gave me a moment of clarity, and I realized that someone might think I was kind of responsible here. “I think I should go now.”

I was edging towards the door, the manager was yelling at Jasmine, she was trying to explain then yelling back, then she was stomping over and we hit the door at about the same time. I put my tits back in my dress and we walked to the subway stop in silence.

I kept quiet, hoping she wasn’t mad. The subway train came, and we got on, and she sat down, just kind of staring. A couple of dudes were staring at my tits, and Jasmine was just wearing a man’s shirt and tie and heels, but I was too worried to enjoy their leering. One of them started walking over towards us, then Jasmine took a deep breath, and I braced myself for whatever happened next.

And she started laughing. That was really scary. Like, she wasn’t yelling at me, or asking me what I did, she was just laughing. The guy walking towards us stopped. A couple of people got up and moved to another car. Others got real interested in their phones. I just sat there, paralyzed with fear.

Jasmine laughed until she couldn’t breathe, then wheezed silently while her shoulders rocked back and forth. We got to our stop, and I stood up and looked at her. She grabbed my arm and pulled herself upright, and we stumbled off the subway like a couple of drunks. She wiped tears out of her eyes as we walked down the block and seemed to be more or less under control by the time we got to the entrance to her apartment building.

We stepped inside where it was warmer, and she stopped and turned to face me. “Look, I’m pretty sure I just got fired. But my phone and some other shit I need is still in the dressing room, so I gotta go back to get it.”

“Uh-okay, yeah. I could…”

She held up a finger and I quieted down. “And, I’m not letting you anywhere near that place. Jay was an asshole, but he probably didn’t deserve getting a stagelight dropped on his head and you are way too dumb to lie to the cops successfully. So I need something to keep you busy.”


“Turn around.” Her voice was kind of breathy and throaty and I gulped and turned around. I’m not sure my dick even got soft anymore with everything going on, but now it was definitely pushing at its cage, trying to get hard and pulling on my balls in the process. Then she was lifting up my dress, and her hands were running over my ass.

“You have a flat ass, Piggy. Do you want me to fix that for you?”

Oh god I did. I let out a “Yes” that was more moan of a whore in heat than word.

She took a big double handful of my butt taksim vip escort cheeks and I could feel myself getting tingling and my ass getting plumper. I arched my back as my ass swelled. And swelled. And swelled. I whimpered, hoping Jasmine stopped before it got too crazy but kind of hoping she didn’t. My butt was tingling as it expanded, and my breathing got faster. My big tits were heaving under the dress when it finally stopped. Jasmine gave my left cheek a hard slap, and I just giggled as I felt the flesh pulse.

I was back in that wonderful place the wish took me whenever I took another step closer to being a big tittied stripper slut. Jasmine walked over to Julio’s door and knocked hard, three times. I moaned again thinking of his dick, his hands on my new, round, jiggling ass. A few seconds later he opened the door until it was stopped by the safety chain.

He frowned, and looked Jasmine up and down. “What the fuck you doing in your work clothes?”

Jasmine shrugged. “Got in a fight, got fired, left in kind of a hurry. I need to go back and get some things. Think you can keep this one busy while I’m doing that?”

I let out a yelp as she dragged me in front of the door and yanked my dress down. My tits popped out and Julio’s eyes widened. I gave him my best smile, and raised an eyebrow. “Como estas, Julio?”

He rolled his eyes. “Bitch, please. I was born in Minneapolis.” But he shut the door, undid the chain and pulled it open.

Jasmine yanked my dress down past my hips, and slapped my ass again. “I’ll pick her up in the moring. You, be good, or I’ll have to punish you.”

My mouth dropped open as I looked into Julio’s living room. There were two other guys and three women sitting around, all looking at me. I could feel the wish doing it’s thing and I gave my chest a wiggle as I stepped out of the dress and inside. I swallowed hard and kept my hands at my side. I wanted them to think I didn’t want them to look, that I was scared and embarrassed. I wanted them to see my big tits and my caged cock dripping pre-come down my leg.

Julio shut the door behind me as the room erupted in cheers and questions. My spine shuddered as I stood there and Julio explained that I was some weird pervert Jasmine had picked up and was selling on the side. Cameras came out and I was posing, showing off my body, doing what they told me. It felt amazing.

They put me through my paces for awhile. I did aerobics and gymnastics and some weird yoga poses. My tits flopped and my cock ached and my ass jiggled. I crawled around on the dirty carpet while they slapped my ass and I put myself on display for them.

And they used me. I don’t know if they did this sort of thing on the reg, or the wish moved them along too. I just know I got fucked in the ass while I ate pussy. Hands mauled my tits and I ended up across more than one lap for a spanking, my big butt cheeks jiggling and stinging as I laughed and yelped until someone was ready for my ass or tongue again. The uh, improvement, Jasmine had made to my tongue was really popular. I could almost use it as a dick and fuck women now, and they loved it. Especially when I figured out I could curve it up and hit their g-spot.

Someone logged into a porn site, and uploaded videos they took of me showing myself off and being humiliated. Juggling my tits, doing jumping jacks, crawling on the floor begging for cock and cunt. I wasn’t even sure I was humiliated anymore, but they seemed to enjoy it more when I acted like I was so I went along. Then when they were worked up enough I watched myself getting fucked on the television as it happened and strangers on the internet made comments.

Slut, whore, big titted tramp, cocksucker, funbags, cuntlicker, come dumpster.

Each comment or like was a jolt of pleasure. I was in heaven. I didn’t want it to ever end. Mentally I was going over all the things that could be changed about my body so I could keep doing this, just getting fucked in a delicious magic haze of pleasure. All the ways my body could be made into a tool for people to jerk off to, fuck, use to get off. I was in a haze of perversion and filthy fantasies, just doing what I was told.

Finally, everyone was wiped out. They staggered off to home or bed, leaving me on the floor. I was a mess. Red hand prints on my ass, sore tits, my poor cock red and aching where it had been pressing against the bars of the cage for who knows how long. I decided to sleep on the couch, but closed my eyes for just a second first. Then I was asleep, a big grin on my face.

I could still quit anytime I wanted to though. Yeah, right.

-Casey Heart

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