Sean Ch. 2

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I awoke the next morning and for a split second was rather amazed there’s a man in my bed. Who was still sleeping soundly, so I got up quietly and made my way to the bathroom and then the kitchen.

I was sipping coffee, still naked, and just staring out the window when I heard something behind me. Turning, I saw that incredible smile. He always looks at me like I’m quite amusing in some odd way. Makes me wonder what amuses him so. Do I look funny? He looks absolutely gorgeous. Even in the morning.

He put his arms around me as I was looking into his smiling eyes. “Good morning. Coffee?” He kissed me passionately. “Yes, please.”

We both sipped, and made small talk, staring out the window. I stood to get the pot and refill our cups, and then realized he had stood and was behind me, waiting for me to turn around. Pulled me into his arms, and there was another luscious kiss. Several luscious kisses, in fact.

“Are you ready for your morning spanking, Karen?”

“What!?! You’ve got to be kidding.”

“No, I’m not. Come over here and bend over the table. This will start the day off right and put you in the right frame of mind.”

Ok, I have always fantasized about a man who’d want to spank me on a regular basis, but suspecting I’d actually Found one was a bit daunting. You know, like “Be careful what you wish for….” However so far he hasn’t been mean or abusive with it, and I must admit, just the thought of it made my pussy very creamy.

He glanced at my open window, which had a wooden slat propping it open, and taking the slat, turned to me as I leaned over the table. “Yes, I find a good morning spanking will put you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day. It’s a marvelous way to get you steered in the right direction.” I must admit I had no idea what he’s talking about, but then I heard a sharp Whack! And realized I’m sure I’ll find out.

He gave me twenty five smacks with the wooden slat and then put it back in the window. I just stood looking at him my tears, not knowing what to say. He put his arms around me, and with one finger, began feeling my pussy. “Yes, see, each spanking makes your pussy Van Escort wet. Now, bend over the table once more and let me enjoy this.” I did so, thinking a fucking from behind is better than another spanking. His fingers were massaging my pussy until I felt the head of his cock shoving itself inside. OH! That felt wonderful….

He fucked me hard and deep, and soon was shooting into me. It felt like it was filling my belly, and oh, felt so good!!!! Afterward he said, “So, would you like to come and see my place? Or do you have plans for the day?”

“I have no plans. And I’d love to see your place.”

“Would you like to pack an overnight bag in case you decide to stay the night, or do you have to get up early for work?”

“I don’t really need an overnight bag if I take my purse. And I’m not working anywhere at the moment. I spend all my days job hunting and worrying about where I’m going to live after my landlord kicks me out.”

“That bad is it?”

“Well, the rent’s paid through the rest of this month, but after that, I have no idea. I had a job lead that didn’t pan out. I was thinking I’d end up moving in with my sister or something.”

“Pack a bag anyway, and let’s go.” We drove across town and then headed out to the country, but not very far. There was a lovely older farmhouse surrounded by a large yard and many trees. “This is absolutely beautiful.” “Yes, it was my grandparents’ house and I remodeled the kitchen and baths. It’s quite comfortable.”

Comfortable was only one word I’d use to describe it. It had the lovely old woodwork, and the heavy doors. There was plenty of space, and also plenty of dust. It had been remodeled, but also hadn’t been cleaned in some time. Upstairs he’d knocked down a wall to make the master bedroom larger, and there was also a guest room down the hall and at the very end of the hall, an empty room with just carpet and very little furniture; a hall bath, and a master bath. “This is very nice.”

“Yes, and all I need is someone to keep house for me, you know, the dusting and the cleaning, and a good cook would be nice also.”

“Sounds like you need a wife, but if you’re Van Escort Bayan offering me the job, I have no desire to be anyone’s wife.”

“Well, then how about being my live-in housekeeper. You don’t need to be a wife to do those things.”

“True.” As a matter of fact, this was almost too good to be true. Just when I’m on the verge of losing my own cracker box apartment, he’s offering me a job with a place to stay.

Of course, my bottom is still smarting from the spanking this morning, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be sore for some time to come. But this is actually something I’ve fantasized about for some time, so maybe it would be fun and interesting. Or at the very least teach me about what not to wish for.

“I’d love to, Sean; do you want me to start right away?”
“First of all, you’re going to start calling me Sir. Or at the very least, Mr. Thompson. Yes, you may start right away. I’m going to take a shower and you can cook breakfast and have it ready when I come downstairs.”

“Yes, sir.”

Well, I really have no idea what I’m in for, but this is starting to sound like an adventure. And I am an excellent cook. In the amount of time it took him to shower and dress, I had cooked bacon, homemade hash browns, eggs and toast. Coffee, of course.

“Not bad. And quick.”

“I used to work in a restaurant. Something I never want to do again unless I’m absolutely starving.”

“So, I take it my position sounds better to you than that.”

“That’s the truth.” I still had the black skirt I’d put on this morning. And a light blue blouse. “Take off your blouse and bra.” I did so and brought the coffee pot back to the table to refill his cup. Replacing the pot and finished the dishes. He sipped at his cup as I put the kitchen in ship shape.

“Pick up your things and I’ll show you to your room.” I followed him through the house and up the stairs. He indicated the master bedroom but continued down the hallway. The
very last room was large though rather bare. A simple twin bed was shoved over in the corner. And a plain wooden chair in another corner. Come to think of it, each Escort Van room I’d seen so far had a matching chair. He opened the closet to reveal a chest of drawers nestled in under some clothes hanging; about six black skirts similar to the one I had on. Half a dozen white blouses, all hanging in a row.

“You can stash your bag in here. And your other things as well.” I dropped everything in the corner next to the wooden dresser. He closed the door with a click and said, “Come with me, and I’ll show you my office.”

We went up another set of stairs into a spacious, high ceilinged attic. This was, by the way, beautifully furnished as a state of the art office. A couple lovely desks, one for computer equipment and one at a right angle to the right for writing. A smaller desk had an old typewriter. Books filled the shelves along the wall, and tall windows let in plenty of light. This was a much better office than some people had in the city. “It’s a beautiful place to work, Mr. Thompson.”

“Yes, I like it. Now, come over here and I’ll set you up for your first morning in my employ.”

He led me to a high backed wooden chair, like the ones I’ve seen in various corners in the house. “Sit here, please, Karen. It will put you in a calming frame of mind if I give you some quiet time each morning. You can spend a couple hours here in solitude while I get some work done.”

I was seated in the chair, sitting up straight, my hands in my lap, looking straight ahead quietly.

“Only two rules for you here. While in the corner, you will not move. And you will not make a sound. Otherwise I’ll have to bind you and gag you. You may nod if you understand.” I nodded, took a deep breath, and started into the corner.

If you’ve never tried sitting in the corner not moving and not making a sound for two hours, you should try it sometime. At first I hated it, and it was very difficult to will myself to keep still. After what seemed like an eternity, however, I got into the calm mode that he must’ve been talking about. So far, it sounded as though this would be a rather easy job.

Well, keeping house for Mr. Thompson, albeit in quite a submissive docile manner may not be exactly easy but I’m sure will be interesting. He expected to be obeyed and so far this has not been difficult for me. But then he hasn’t asked much of me yet besides my compliance. Hmmm……

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