Home For The Holidays Ch. 04

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(The names of any characters in this story are strictly ficticious and in no way relate to any actual persons, although many situations in my stories ARE based on true experiences.)

It had been a very busy Thanksgiving day and I was really exhausted by the time I crawled into my bed at Aunt Joan and Uncle Joe’s house. As I lay there, my mind drifted back to that morning when Chrissy and I showered together, then to breakfast when Aunt Joan confessed that she and Uncle Joe had begun swinging with other couples. I couldn’t believe I had actually fucked my sister and aunt at the same time, later in the day, while the rest of the family was preparing dessert upstairs. And, then, my thoughts drifted to the late night, annual monopoly game… but I was so tired…

My thoughts were short-lived as I quickly fell into a deep sleep. I was awoken by a little voice, whispering in my ear; Chrissy was leaning next to me and asking, “Danny, are you awake?”

The sun was coming up and I watched the early rays filtering through the partially-open window blinds as my eyes adjusted to the light. I checked out my sister as she bent over me, her large breasts hanging against the fabric of the long tee-shirt she had slept in. I replied, “Well, I am NOW, Chrissy.”

“Bro, get up and follow me… you’ve got to see this.”

I slowly threw the covers off my body and slipped out of bed. I followed Chrissy through the bedroom doorway and down the hall. She stopped outside Aunt Joan and Uncle Joe’s room and put her finger to her lips. “Shhhhhhh… don’t make a sound,” she said softly. Crouching down in front of the door, she motioned, “Come here and look,” pointing at the keyhole in the door to my aunt and uncle’s bedroom.

The house had originally been a small summer bungalow but, over the years, a former owner had built additions onto it. Trying to save money, I suppose, he installed some used doors from an old colonial house. The bedroom doors had these huge keyholes that took those big, funky keys that were the norm during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

As I lowered my body to take a look, I heard noises and voices from within the room. I placed my eye close to the keyhole and found myself watching my aunt and uncle on their bed, naked and rolling around on top of each other. It was amazing how much of the room I could see; they were kissing and fondling each other, obviously both very aroused. Chrissy said, “I woke up and had to pee; on my way to the bathroom, I heard them gettin’ it on… what are they doing now?”

Without removing my eye from the keyhole, and trying to keep my voice low, I replied, “Uncle Joe is lying on his back now and Aunt Joan is jerking him off.” At that, I felt Chrissy’s hands on my boxer shorts; she grabbed my cock and pulled it out the fly opening in front and started stroking me.

“Like this?” She asked.

“Uhhh, yeah… EXACTLY like that.” I glanced over at my sister as she dribbled some saliva onto my prick. It began to grow as Chrissy continued playing with it and I resumed spying on my aunt and uncle.

Suddenly, Aunt Joan moved her body around and took Uncle Joe’s cock in her mouth. “She just took him in her mouth,” I said to Chrissy, without turning to look at her. “She’s sucking him off now and playing with his balls.”

I immediately felt my prick being enveloped by my sister’s warm lips. She bent over and started sucking, moving her head back and forth as my erection got harder. I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy Chrissy’s tight, wet mouth bringing my boner to attention but I didn’t want to miss any of the action my aunt and uncle were exhibiting. I instinctively reached down and began fondling Chrissy’s large breasts through her tee-shirt as my sister’s lips held my cock head firmly in place so she could run her tongue all around it and play with the little slit. I loved squeezing Chrissy’s large, supple breasts; I let my fingers brush over her hard nipples as she released a low moaning sound.

After another minute or so, I said, “Oh-oh! They’re changing positions now,”

Chrissy popped my dick from her hungry mouth and loosened her grip on my rod as she got up from her kneeling position and said, “Let me see for a while.”

As I backed away from the door, Chrissy moved closer, crouched down and placed her eye to the keyhole. “What’s happening,” I asked.

“Aunt Joan is lying on her back and Uncle Joe is between her outstretched legs… he’s licking her pussy all over,” Chrissy replied. “Ohhhh… he must have his tongue all the way up her hole now. He’s holding her ass cheeks and pulling her bottom to his mouth.” With this, Chrissy moved from a crouching position; she stood with her legs straight but her body was bent at the waist so she could still see through the hole.

Chrissy’s tee-shirt had now risen up in the back and her bare bottom was exposed. I sat on the floor beneath her parted legs with my back to the door, affording me a chance to see her pussy. I grabbed adana escort her ass cheeks, one in each hand, and pulled myself forward until my face was tight against her beaver. Then, holding on tightly, I sucked on her cunt lips and forced my tongue into her wet gash. I began eating her out while she continued to spy on our aunt and uncle. I then covered her twat with my open mouth and licked her wet slit from bottom to top, stopping to hold her enlarged clit between my lips and suck on it like a little prick.

“Ohhh, yes! You’re doing me just like Uncle Joe is doing auntie,” Chrissy said. Some tasty pussy juice was oozing from Chrissy’s love tunnel and I lapped it up like a dog at his water bowl. “I’m dripping so much, I feel like I’m peeing in your mouth,” she added.

Indeed, as I moved my face away from Chrissy’s muff to catch my breath, I could see the nectar trickling from between her swollen labia.

Moments later, Chrissy announced, “Bro, they’re getting up.” For a second, I thought they might be getting off the bed and coming over to open the door. “Oh, Aunt Joan is kneeling on the bed now with her ass sticking way up… Uncle Joe is gonna do her doggie-style. Jeeez, you should see the size of his dick; he’s holding it in his hand like a baseball bat.”

Well, I doubt it could have been any bigger or harder than mine. By now, my cock was sticking straight up as I sat under my sister, feasting on her pussy. I stopped long enough to crawl from under Chrissy’s body and stood behind her. “Uncle is putting his big hard-on in auntie from behind,” she said. And as my uncle slid his boner inside our aunt, I lined my throbing prick up with the entrance to Chrissy’s wet cunt and eased it inside her wide open vagina. “Ohhh, Danny, that feels soooo goood. Slide it all the way in… yes, that’s it. Uhhh… I can feel it going deeper and deeper. YES! You’re all the way inside, now, just like Uncle Joe inside auntie.” My orgasm began building as Chrissy’s vaginal muscles gripped my blood-engorged cock and my mind started reeling.

I started fucking my sister with long, slow thrusts but I felt her hand near my shaft as it slid in and out of her groove. “Are you playing with yourself?” I asked.

“Yeah, I can see auntie’s hand down between her and Uncle Joe… she’s got to be touching herself too; she’s really thrashing around a lot now. Oh, yeah, uncle Joe just moved his leg and I can see her strummin’ her clitty, bro; just like I’m doin’ and it feels sooooo good. Uhhhh… I can feel you so far inside; it’s like you’re in my belly.”

As I continued my steady assault on Chrissy’s hot pussy, I reached around and grabbed her large tits as they hung down, swaying within her loose tee-shirt . “Ohhhh, how did you know Uncle Joe was doing that, Danny?” She asked. “He’s got one of Aunt Joan’s big tits in each hand and is squeezing them like crazy… he’s fucking her so hard, I can hear their bodies smacking together every time he rams his cock into her cunt. Do that to me, Danny… fuck me hard, too. Slam that big dick into me as far as it will go.”

I didn’t need Chrissy to spur me on; her tight pussy felt so good as I lunged inside her box. Suddenly she said, “Oh, Danny, Uncle Joe just took his cock from her cunt and… and… oh, my god… he’s putting it in her ASS, bro.”

Chrissy took her eye from the keyhole now and turned her head around to look at me. I stopped moving for just a moment and asked, “Is that what you want, Chrissy? Do you want my cock in your ass? I’m gonna cum soon… do you want me to shoot it up your butt?”

Chrissy nodded her head and closed her eyes. “Yeah, bro, give it a try. See if it’ll go in… I’ve never done that before.”

I didn’t let my sister know I had never tried it before either. I dipped my fingers into Chrissy’s cunt and removed them, coated with her pussy juice; I wiped the slippery solution all around and inside Chrissy’s bung hole. I added some saliva to my rigid pole, wet with my precum and Chrissy’s secretions, and began rubbing it up and down the crack of her ass.

“Oooohhh, Danny, Uncle Joe is pushing it up auntie’s ass. He’s… he’s… YES! He’s all the way in now and starting to slide it in and out of Aunt Joan’s butt,” she reported. “Stick it in, Danny… do it now, let me feel it deep inside my ass.”

I let some more saliva drip onto the fingers of my right hand and spread it all around and into her brown puckered hole. I couldn’t wait any longer and pressed my crimson cock head against the target. Chrissy spread her asshole wide for me; I slowly eased it in, an inch at a time, until I was all the way up her butt. The heat from her butt and the tightness of her muscles exerted such an intense grip on my throbbing prick that I almost came as soon as I was inside her anal canal.

“Chrissy, you are SO tight,” I said, as the heady aromas from her bottom wafted up and sent my head spinning. Chrissy’s fingers were all over eskişehir escort her pussy as I ass-fucked her; she alternated between rubbing her clit and inserting two or three fingers up her wet snatch as I moved my cock in and out of her butt… more quickly now, each thrust bringing me closer to my peak until…

“Danny,” Chrissy said suddenly, “Uncle Joe is grunting… he’s pounding his cock into Aunt Joan… I’m sure he’s… he’s…”

“Oh, Chrissy”, I groaned, “I’m… I’m… cuuummmiiinnnggg…” My cock pulsed within my sister’s ass and pumped jet after jet of fresh sperm into her bowels.

“Oh, yes, Uncle Joe is cumming too: his head is leaning way back and his eyes are closed. And I can see Aunt Joan cumming now, too,” Chrissy told me. “Uncle Joe’s cock is still in her ass and she’s pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy… just like I’m… Uhhhh… I’m… I’m gonna cum too, bro… don’t stop fucking me… keep it going for just a little longer,” she cried. “Yesss… yesss… oh, my god…. yesssssss.”

Suddenly, it was over; we remained motionless, savoring the moment, before I slowly withdrew my softening prick from my sister’s anus. When it popped out of her hole, a wave of cum followed and spilled down to the floor as she raised herself to a standing position.

Imagine Uncle Joe and Aunt Joan’s expressions as they opened their door on the way to the bathroom and saw me holding my limp prick in my hand, cum still dripping from the wet head. Chrissy was naked now, having taken her tee-shirt off to wipe up the puddle of jizz on the floor. I looked at them and casually said, “Good morning.”

By the time we all showered and got dressed, Aunt Joan had breakfast cooking in the kitchen. After we were all seated, eating our bacon and eggs, we heard a knock at the door. I got up to open it and found mom had driven over to see us.

“Hey, who’s ready to go shopping?” She asked.

It was another tradition in our family that on the day after Thanksgiving, the ladies all went out and spent the day beginning their Christmas shopping. Aunt Joan replied, “Okay, sis, I’ll go with you. What about you, Chrissy?”

Chrissy was looking forward to it as well and acknowledged she’d go along too. I found out that Dad and Uncle Joe had to go into work for a few hours; they were both employed by the same company and their place was pretty busy. I figured I would stay around the area and see if any of my old friends were home. After finishing breakfast, we all split up and were to meet at mom’s house for dinner that evening.

I drove to the homes of a few of my friends that I grew up with but they were all out for the day. I decided to park my car by mom’s house and walk around the old neighborhood, remembering the twenty years I spent growing up in that area. We lived on the outskirts of a typical, small, Connecticut town, but it was still possible to cover a lot of ground by foot.

As I strolled around the streets from my folks’ place, I found myself passing many houses that had changed owners over the years. I used to know all the people when I was a kid and now, most of the names had changed. Suddenly, I saw a familiar face as I approached an attractive girl my age, with jet black hair and a pretty smile. She was raking some autumn leaves from her lawn and putting them in a big plastic bag.

“Hi, Danny,” the girl called out. It was Laura, the daughter of a family my folks knew for many years. We’d played together since we were old enough to walk and, although she was actually my first girlfriend, we drifted apart by the time we left grammar school and never dated seriously.

“How’s it going, Laura? Are you home from college too?” I asked.

“Yeah, just ’til tomorrow and then I head back Saturday night,” she said. “I want to avoid the Sunday rush, you know?”

We chatted for a few minutes in front of her house and I helped her finish disposing of the leaves. Her dad had passed away some years ago and mom had gone visiting some friends for the day. Clouds had covered the sun and it was getting pretty cold now as Laura asked, “Hey, would you like to come in the house for a while? We could catch up on what’s been going on and talk about the old days if you’re not in a hurry.”

Considering that all the guys I had been trying to hook up with weren’t around, I thought that was a good idea. “Sure, that would be great.”

Laura led me into the living room and took my jacket to hang up. When she took her coat off, I could see what I’d been missing by not staying in touch; she had a great body. Standing about five foot five, she was well proportioned, had ample breasts and a pretty face with high cheekbones. Although she was wearing slacks, I could see her butt looked firm and tight. She noticed me eying her up and down and smiled as she said, “So, Danny, what have you been up to?”

Of course I couldn’t tell her about what Chrissy and I had been sakarya escort doing but I filled her in on everything that had gone on since high school and into college. We talked about our plans for the future and then reminisced about old friends and the times we had spent together as children.

She was lying down on the couch across from me, on her stomach; her legs were bent at the knees so her heels were waving in the air above her ass. She began talking about the days we used to play down my basement, when we were very young. She seemed to have something in particular on her mind, like she was trying to bring something up and didn’t know how to approach it. And then, she mustered up the courage and said, “Do you recall when we used to play doctor, Danny?”

I thought for a moment, remembering those days very well, and said, “Well, I wouldn’t exactly say we were playing doctor, Laura.”

“No, but we used to check each other out… I mean, you know, down THERE” she added, as she tapped her heels against her butt.

“Yes, you used to show me yours and I used to show you mine, but that was just… inquisitiveness,” I said. “Lots of children do that; I mean we were only like, five or six years old.”

“Yeah, but you used to get so close… I remember standing on a chair and pulling up my dress and dropping my panties down so you could see better,” she added.

I laughed, knowing she was right. “Well, that was the first time I ever saw a girl naked… and realized there was a DIFFERENCE. How about you… following me into the bathroom to watch me pee?”

“Hey, I never saw a boy pee before… I didn’t know you stood up to do it,” she said.

“Anyway, those days are long gone,” I replied, “I’m sure you’ve learned a lot more about boys since then.”

“Yes, and I’m sure you’ve learned a lot more about girls. I heard you dated Jean Wolfe in high school,” Laura said.

Jean had been one of those girls who had a reputation for sleeping with all the guys in the neighborhood. By now, I felt Laura was leading up to something and–as the conversation progressed–I thought it was obvious what she was looking for. I decided to take a chance and find out for sure.

“Laura, I wonder if you’ve been caught up in this nostalgia thing. Are you looking to relive some of those old times we had?” I asked.

“Are you saying, you want me to show you mine and then you’ll show me yours, Danny?”

“Well, it sounds like fun, but you never know what it will lead to, now that we’re older.”

As I suspected, Laura stood up and proceeded to unsnap her pants, slowly pushing them down her legs. She looked my way and smiled; her thin bikini panties tightly clung to her crotch, outlining her pussy lips. Next, she pulled the sweater over her head and her tits strained to break loose from the confines of her bra.

“Hey, I hope you’re going to show me yours, too, Danny,” she quipped.

I was so mesmerized by her little strip that I had forgotten the game; I immediately pulled my shirt over my head, baring my chest for her. I occasionally worked out at the gym at school so I was in pretty good shape. Next, I kicked off my shoes and unfastened my belt; unzipping the fly, I let my jeans fall to the floor, pulling them off my feet. By now, Laura was watching me closely, reaching around to undo her bra; she unfastened the catch and let it fall away, revealing her very firm and shapely breasts. We stood, facing each other, her in her panties and I in my jockey shorts. My erection had begun growing as soon as I saw her tits and the bulge in my shorts was obvious.

We looked in each others eyes and–at the same time–put our fingers in the waistbands and lowered our underwear, stepping out of the them as they hit the floor.

I walked over to her and caressed her as our heads tilted and lips met for the first time since playing “spin the bottle” so many years ago. She held me tightly as I felt her lips parting and her tongue snaked its way into my mouth. I returned the gesture and moved my right hand down to her butt, pulling her closer to my erection; she grabbed my ass with both hands and began grinding her pelvis into mine. I managed to sneak my hand between our hot bodies and began rubbing her pussy, now begining to get damp; after a minute or so, I could feel her soft labia getting wetter. Her snatch was soon soaked and my finger easily slid past her cunt lips and into her dripping twat.

We continued kissing until Laura stopped long enough to say, “Would you like me to get up on a chair, like when we were kids?”

“Sure, if you’d like,” I answered, “just like the old days.”

She pulled a dining room chair over and stepped up on it. As soon as she was standing upright, she said, “Are you going to look at it real close, like you used to do?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “but now I want to do something more.”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“I want to taste it.”

With that, Laura reached down with both hands and spread her cunt lips wide for me, exposing the wet, red flesh inside. “Here you go, Danny,” she said, “knock yourself out!”

Her clit was erect and poking out below a neatly trimmed patch of hair as I began to lick it all around, sucking on her love button before plunging my tongue all the way into her twat.

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