Rose Tattoo Ch. 06

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Back downstairs, Evan went to get dressed but was stopped by Linda. “Leave them off. I like looking at your naked body,” she said.

“But, the food will be here any minute,” Evan protested.

“Then be glad I didn’t make you drive like that to go get it!” she countered. She made no effort to get dressed either.

She went and sat down on the couch; Evan followed behind her. She idly began flipping through Evan’s sketchbook again.

“Evan, your skill is amazing. Have you ever thought of doing work like this professionally?”

Evan laughed. “Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Starving artist?'” he retorted. Linda returned the laugh.

“I’m serious. You have incredible skill here. What mediums do you work in?” she asked.

“I sketch in charcoal, I paint with watercolor, and tattoos, of course.”

“You need a studio that you can work out of,” Linda mused. She seemed to be saying it more to herself than Evan, but Evan responded anyway.

“Ma’am, I make $7.75 an hour. I have shit for credit because of a bunch of bills I racked up while living with my ex-girlfriend and while I was in rehab after. I can barely afford to put change in a parking meter in front of a professional studio.”

Linda dismissed his objection with a wave. “I realize all that,” she said, “but there are options out there…”

She was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Linda stood up and headed for the door. Evan frantically shouted, “Ma’am! You’re still naked!”

Linda acted as if she hadn’t heard him and continued to the door. Evan grabbed a throw pillow from the couch and placed it over his crotch.

She opened the door and exposed her nude body to a late twenties Asian guy holding a brown paper bag. He didn’t so much as glance at her body.

“Good evening, Ms. Andrews. The total came to $32.88.”

He ripped off the credit card receipt from the bag and handed it to her with a pen. Linda took them and placed the receipt against the open door to sign the slip and write in the driver’s tip. Evan watched to see if the driver would check out Linda’s ass while her back was turned, but he didn’t so much as glance at her. He actually seemed mildly bored.

“Thanks, Jeff,” Linda said, turning back to him and taking the food. He smiled, thanked her, and left. Evan didn’t know it, but Jeff was quite a regular to both Linda’s house and, only slightly less regularly, to her bedroom. He was very good in the sack. She, for her part, was an EXCELLENT tipper.

Linda set the bag down on the kitchen table and removed the various containers. “I got you General Tso’s chicken. I hope that’s ok. They have AWESOME General’s chicken.”

“Yes, fine Tekirdağ Escort thanks,” Evan responded, pulling a chair up to the table.

Evan smelled the chicken and suddenly realized how hungry he was. It was after 11:00 pm and the only thing he’d eaten since breakfast was his bologna sandwich. Linda sat across from him and dug into some Lo Mien. Evan loved the look of her sitting there, breasts exposed, as a string of lo mien hung from her lips.

True to her word, the chicken was the best Evan had ever tasted.. They both ate in silence, occasionally looking up to smile at each other.

Linda finished first, picked up a napkin, and wiped her mouth clean. She stood up and Evan dropped his fork, meaning to get up too even though he was still eating.

“No, finish, please,” she said, pointing her finger at his chair, indicating he should sit back down.

Evan returned to eating as Linda ducked down underneath the table. A moment later he choked on a bite of chicken as he felt Linda take his dick in her mouth. He tried to look under the table but Linda spoke from around his cock. “Keef eaffing!” she mumbled without removing her lips from him.

He went back to chewing as he felt his member fully engulfed in her warm, soft mouth. She began sucking and Evan moaned through a mouth full of food. Her lips slid up and down on his sensitive flesh and he nearly choked again as one hand came up and cupped his balls. The burning in his mouth from the spicy chicken seemed to amplify the pleasurable sensation below.

Not wanting to choke to death in her kitchen, he resorted to simply putting his fork down and laid both hands on the table, facing straight ahead as Linda sucked him off from below the table. He had been aroused for some time already and despite having screwed Linda earlier, he was approaching orgasm rapidly.

As she drew back, her tongue teased around the head of Evan’s penis. She made a little jab at the hole in the end, removing a bead of pre-cum from it. Meanwhile, she put her thumb and forefinger into a circle at the base of his cock as she went back down.

She pulled up again and sucked hard on the head itself and Evan was pushed over the edge. He exploded into her mouth and he felt Linda swallowing hard to catch his load. Luckily there wasn’t too much as he had just ejaculated into her a couple of hours earlier.

He groaned loudly as he finished spurting into her incredible mouth and only once he had finished, did she pull away.

She came back up from underneath the table, smiling, and wiped her lips. Evan slid his chair away from the table and Linda dropped down into his lap. Her arms went around his neck and she Tekirdağ Escort Bayan looked into his eyes.

She sat like that for several moments without Evan making a move; that was ok. She was fine with guiding him.

One hand left his neck and took him by the wrist. With a gentle pull, Evan’s hand was led to Linda’s pussy. With a gentle pressure, she moved his fingers down, then back up along her slit. He took over from there, sliding his hand back and penetrating her nether lips with his middle finger.

He fingered her half a minute, lubricating his digit with her juices, before moving north to her clit. His thumb and forefinger pushed aside the hood hiding it from view.

His digit made small circles on her button as he leaned in to embrace her lips. Her lips met his as he diddled her down below. Around and around his finger went as her breathing quickened.

Every four revolutions, he would plunge his finger back into her, being sure to rub against the inside walls as he did so. She moved her hands to his shoulders to steady herself as she rocked her hips in time with each finger motion. Evan looked her in the face, but she had closed her eyes and was biting her lip as he approached her climax.

Evan returned to her clit and flicked up and down, up and down as Linda moaned with each rub. Her boobs were crashing into his chin on each inward thrust but she didn’t seem to notice.

With a loud cry, she climaxed and Evan pressed firmly on her clit as she did. Her nails dug hard into his shoulders causing him to wince. Her eyes were still closed as she thrashed with pleasure so she couldn’t see it. Evan clenched his teeth to keep from crying out so as not to disturb her. He instinctively wondered if her shouting would awaken the neighbors but then remembered that was a fear for people (like him) that lived in tiny apartments with paper thin walls. Linda’s closest neighbor was over five hundred feet away.

Her cries of pleasure finally faded to moans as her orgasm subsided. She opened her eyes and saw the vicious looking red marks that her hands had made and she pulled them away suddenly. If Evan hadn’t had one arm around her waist, she likely would have fallen right off his lap to the floor.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry!” She put one hand over her mouth in horror.

Evan forced a smile. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” Shit, did they sting!

He leaned in quickly to put his lips on hers as a distraction; his hand went from its spot in her pussy to the back of her head as they kissed.

She pulled her lips away and admired the welts she had caused. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one finishing that night permanently Escort Tekirdağ marked. She pressed her lips lightly against the raised flesh and softly kissed them better.

“I have to say, you do great work with your hands,” she said, leaning back again to face him.

“Well, I am an artist, you know,” he said with a smile.

“You certainly are.” She gave him a long kiss on his cheek before reluctantly sliding off his lap. She turned back to the table and started cleaning up the food left there.

As Evan watched her straighten up the table, he suddenly realized that he had nearly nothing in his wallet. He looked at the take-out containers as he asked, “Um, how much do I owe you?”

Linda stopped what she was doing and turned to him with a deep frown. “Did you just offer me money after I gave you a blow job?”

“What?! No! I didn’t-” The panic in Evan’s voice was apparent, but Linda cut him off with a burst of laughter.

“I’m just messing with you. I know that you were talking about the food. You are a guest in my house, don’t worry about dinner. It was my treat.” Linda suddenly switched gears before he could protest further.

“Alright,” she began, “It’s nearly midnight, I have clients in the morning, and I’m too old to stay up all night partying.”

“Oh, Ok, I’ll get my things together and get going.” He stood up and headed towards the couch for his clothes.

“Absolutely not. And don’t you dare cover yourself. You will spend the night here.”

“Oh, well, I don’t know…” he said uncertainly.

“I insist. It’s not up for discussion,” Linda said firmly.

“Ok, I guess. Do you have a spare bedroom? If not, the couch is-” he asked.

“Are you fucking kidding? You made me climax twice tonight and have seen me naked for the past five hours. You can sleep in my bed. Though, for the record, this house has three spare bedrooms. Now come.” She turned and headed for the large, curved staircase heading to the second floor.

He followed her up, watching her ass wiggle as she climbed. The bedroom was even more impressive than the bathroom. The four post king sized bed was, like everything else Linda owned, large and expensive. Maybe *expansive* was a better term; it seemed big enough that it probably had its own zip code.

Evan hadn’t realized how exhausted he was until he saw the soft inviting comforter in front of him. Linda pulled the covers back and slipped under the sheets. She seductively crossed her legs and tapped the spot on the side of her.

Evan slid in next to her as she rolled over, facing away from him. His soft cock brushed up against her smooth cheeks as he got into the spooning position behind her. His arm went around her and cupped her breast; his fingers ran along the underside of her boob before tracing the curves of her body and finally ending on her stomach. She wiggled a little to push even tighter into him and in was in that position that both of them fell asleep.

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