Becoming His Slave Girl

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Candles flickered in the darkness as I watched my master enter the room and slowly walk to me. I knelt on a thin pillow in front of his chair that he allowed me, waiting for him to come to bed. I had prepared the room just how he liked it and had finished all I normally did for bed and any service that had been requested of me. Everything was in readiness for master, including me. I wore nothing but his collar and the white-gold-stud earrings he had given to me for the three piercing I had in each ear. My long blond hair fell over my shoulders and down my back, to my hips.

Many nights master would have me dance for him, but he hadn’t requested that I dance and had instead told me that I was just to wait for him. I wasn’t sure what he had planned for me on this cold winter night, but as always, I was prepared for anything. It was my place, a place I had willingly chosen, as submissive to be prepared to meet any need my master had.

It had taken some time for me to accept my submissiveness and the need I had deep within my inner core, to be submissive. I hadn’t known just how submissive I could be until I met master and in fact, had anyone suggested I was submissive before him; I would have told them they were crazy!

I had met master at work where I managed of a large trucking office and he was one of the drivers. At work I was in a place of authority with a great deal of responsibility and there was nothing submissive about me until I got to know master and he helped me understand myself and life in a way I had never been exposed to or knew of. For anyone who knew me, they wouldn’t believe how I now lived my life outside of work, family and friends.

Master had helped me see past the social thinking of dominance and submission and helped me to see how very beautiful the lifestyle of bdsm was. I had learned to see how people were naturally dominant and submissive and how some flowed from one to another, all at varying degree’s and also how much society functioned in a dominant/submissive structure. Once I saw the beauty of it all, there was no turning back for me. I came to an inner peace from the knowledge I had gained and within my own submissiveness to master. I felt more at home in my own skin than I ever had and that was saying something, since I had always felt comfortable with myself. There was a depth to my acceptance of myself than I had never known before and I knew I had only touched on the surface of it all!

Master came and sat in his chair where I knelt and smiled gently as I closely watched his expressions for any indication of what might be going on with him. I longed to meet his needs in every way and I had learned to anticipate his needs. I had been in training for the last six months and was proud of myself, for master was very pleased with how quickly I learned him and learned to obey and serve. Master had taught me many things and although I knew there was a great deal more to learn, I knew he was pleased with my efforts. It had been a difficult process at times, as I struggled to retain my independence and I had a rough time answering to him. I often with a look or word opposed him, not understanding why I was to act as he dictated or do a certain thing. I soon learned that I was only seeing one aspect of things, when master had in mind, many.

Each night I prepared the room for master to sleep in, but I didn’t remain in the room and though I wanted to remain, I slept in another part of the house. I had wanted to make love to master from the start, but he wouldn’t allow it. Somehow he seemed to know exactly what I needed and when, despite my own thoughts about it all. In my life before master, I would have been sexually involved with a man I had gotten to know so well and wanted, but master had shown me the many benefits of waiting for such things. Although I knew that in this too, I had only touched the surface and through it all, I had learned a great deal.

I hungered for satisfaction of my sexual wants and that hunger would rise up at times to consume me, but so far I had been able to hold back and shut down. I had to shut down or go insane! I was very sexual and had had a very active sex life before master and he wanted to temper me and take my focus off sexual things and self. Still there had been times when I couldn’t shut off and my body was alive with need that seemed to overwhelm and made me think I couldn’t do it. Yet, I was able to control it with his help and I hadn’t had any problems with it all in the last two months.

Master stroked my hair, looking into my eyes as if he could peer into my soul. I actually felt as if he was touching my soul at times. He knew me. He knew me well and better than I had ever known myself. He controlled everything in my life, from what I ate to what I did and although I had fought him in the beginning, I learned quickly to trust him, for when I did; I found a peace I had never known. There was a hunger in me to please him and to make him proud of me. I couldn’t explain the need, but bursa escort it was very real. When his gentle brown eyes looked at me and his warm and tender smile touched me it took me into and through so many emotions, I still couldn’t define them all. All I knew was that is was comfortable, safe, challenging and exciting all at the same time!

I loved him.

As master watched me and I him and he stroked my fine and smooth hair, I wondered what he had planned for me. I knew that he had something different planned, but had no idea what it could be. I had given up trying to figure out what he was planning because that was often based from selfish thinking or desires and I slowly accepted a new focus in life and all things. Master’s wants, needs and service in meeting them. I went from thinking of myself at most times, to thinking of master first and foremost, with very little thought to myself. I was human and did think of self, but my self importance had diminished considerably. I loved myself, but wasn’t focused on self. There was a huge difference! So as master stroked my hair and I wondered, I didn’t wonder out of selfishness, but more out of curiosity and a need to please him.

“Girl.” He softly spoke the name he called me that made me all tingly inside.

“Yes master?” I whispered as was expected when I spoke in his bedroom.

“Come sit in master’s lap girl.”

I happily nodded my head and said yes sir, and slowly moved from my knees to stand and then ease myself upon his wide lap. He didn’t often call me to his lap, so when he did, I felt a rush of excitement and sometimes I couldn’t help but feel some expectation of what was to come. I settled upon his lap and he guided my arm around his neck, stabilizing me and bringing me to a closer fit against him.

Master kissed my temple and held me closer than he ever had and I couldn’t help it, but my body jumped to life. It was as if, instantly, I burned in need for him! He laughed and I knew that he knew exactly what I felt, for we had been through many situations just as this one. I smiled in unaccustomed shyness and continued to watch his face.

“Girl, you have pleased me well this evening. Dinner was fantastic!” He smiled and I remembered his face as he sat eating the chicken I had prepared. He loved simple foods and I was a very good cook of simple foods!

Master took my hand and held it in my lap and the emotions I felt in that simple action, forced me to close my eyes, for I couldn’t bear the intensity with them open. “I want you to think back on the first time I spanked your ass girl.”

Heat rushed to my face remembering the night he had bent me over his lap and spanked me hard. I had disappointed him, struggling against him because I had wanted to go shopping with a friend and he had had other plans for me. Against his order to not go and to come home right after work, I went shopping. He had actually planned a very special outing for me and I had ruined it in my stubborn willfulness and rebellion.

“Now, I want you to remember the first time I spanked you without correction in mind.”

Again my eyes closed and I bit at my lower lip. Inside, my heart beat faster with the memory of that time and all that I had felt! Gently master had taken me to his lap and laid me across him with my bare bottom white and smooth as he tenderly stroked my butt. His touch turned me on because of my physical needs and denial of all things sexual, but he wasn’t touching me to turn me on. He was gently stroking and massaging my ass and I had wanted more! Soon master was smacking my buttocks with quick little snaps that turned into harder strikes against my skin and reddened my ass quickly. I squirmed pulling away at times but he held me firmly in place. As tears welled in my eyes from the near brutal touch, I found myself dreading the pain and yet, simultaneously excited by it! When master was finished, I knelt on the floor at his feet, throbbing with sexual need, my ass hurting like it had never hurt before!

I didn’t have to say a word. Master knew I remembered and knew all I felt. “Now I want you to remember the first time I bound you to the cross and used the cane on you.”

I gasped aloud at the memory and opened my eyes to see him peering into my own. I had hated the cane! I trembled at the thought of it and why he had used it. I didn’t ever wish to feel the cane again! I searched his eyes, trying to remember if I had recently done anything wrong or displeasing. I panicked inside. I could think of nothing as my mind spun in thought and as master sat watching me closely. I knew he was reading me and in some part, I wanted to hide myself and had to struggle against the protective need to do so. I wasn’t to fear master and I didn’t. I feared that cane!

As I trembled upon his lap, master held me tighter, tenderly holding me until my body stopped its tremble and I felt safe. He didn’t say a word until I had calmed down.

Taking malatya escort in his scent I had a selfish moment. I loved being this close to master and being able to breath in his essence. With him holding me in his arms, upon his lap, warm and secure, I found myself feeling the sexual stirring that had stopped when he reminded me of the cane. But along with the sexual desire that sprung forth, I also felt nurtured.

His words came slow and easy and completely unexpected. “Tonight, girl, you will share my bed.”

Candles in various places around the room flickered in the darkness of master’s bedroom and I laid upon his bed, watching him move about the room. He had removed himself for a short time and had returned wearing his bath robe. He was now turning on some soft music and moved towards the bed, slowly as if he enjoyed my anticipation, smiling as if he knew something that I did not. Which of course he did!

I knew that I would share master’s bed, but I still didn’t know if I would simply sleep beside master or if there would be more to this evening. As I watched him move to the side of the bed and stand there looking down at me, flames of desire licked at my most inner parts. I closed my eyes for a moment, but quickly reminded myself that I needed to focus on master and not what I felt. It was a bit of a struggle, but my desire to please him won the battle within me. My eyes welled up from deep emotion and need, to please as well as to be pleased. I wasn’t able to fully deny myself, for the hunger within me was far too large and I think somehow I allowed myself to want with anticipation because master was allowing me to spend the night with him.

Although I knew that I might only sleep in his bed, somehow I believed that there would be more between us and my craving to serve master sexually was paramount in my mind. Surely I wanted him in a selfish and sexually gratifying way, but mostly I wanted to please his body as only a woman can. I had pictured it in my mind so many times and in the time that he had left the room and then returned and moved about the room, my mind went to the many ways I might be allowed to delight him.

Master eased down onto the bed beside me and pulled me close to him, my body curling into his own. My face snuggled into his warm, thick neck and I took a deep breath, taking in his masculine aroma mixed with the light scent of aftershave. How I loved this man! My hand rested against his chest and I could feel him breathing in and out and his heart pounding against my little hand. Master took my chin in his fingers and moved me so that I could return his gaze. It was a wondrous moment where our soul’s met and seemed to mingle before he lowered his lips to my own and took possession of my mouth. It was a tender kiss that quickly became passion filled and that ended far too soon in my opinion!

Softly master spoke with his warm breath caressing my lips and face that seemed almost like an actual touch. “Girl, you have worn my training collar and tonight I will be taking it off and replacing it with a permanent collar of ownership.”

Instantly his words thrilled me! I knew from our many conversations, exactly what that meant! It meant that I would forever be his and that he loved me and wanted me to share his life as his spouse and slave. The collar I would soon wear would be similar to a wedding ring and with it being placed around my neck, our commitment to one another would be considered a lifetime commitment.

Tears slid down my face as he moved to sit on the bed and brought me with him. “Kneel beside the bed beloved girl.” I could only nod, filled with emotion and pleasure, as I moved off of the bed and knelt between my master’s legs. His robe falling open slightly and his legs pressed against me as he reached into his pocket and withdrew a key to unlock the collar I wore. His eyes met my own and held my gaze as he reached without looking away from me for the lock on my collar and gently placed the key in to unlock it. I hated the sound of it unlocking and yet I was happy that it was being unlocked, for I knew that soon it would be replaced with a collar that would never be removed. The collar I wore was worn only at home, but the new collar would be one that I could wear in public. It would have no lock for that would bring cause for questions we didn’t want to answer to those outside the lifestyle, but the lock of the new collar would be a lock upon my heart and soul.

As he slid the collar off my neck, I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them, master had the new collar in his hands and smiled down at me. I could see that master’s eyes were glistening and knew he too was overcome with emotion. I wanted to look at the collar to see what it looked like, but as the realization of his deep emotion struck my soul, all thought of the collar and what it looked like, left my mind.

“My beloved girl, do you promise to çanakkale escort serve me for the rest of your days, with a lifetime commitment to love and obey me of your own free will?”

“Yes master, I promise to love and serve you always. I obey you in love and do so freely master!”

He smiled gently and spread the metal collar enough to slip it around my neck. I could see that it was of silver color, and was a flattened curved loop choker, very beautiful and like one I had admired when we had taken a trip to Mexico. It was beautiful!

As he finished placing it around my neck, he bent to kiss me tenderly and then pulled me upward and held me, kneeling on my knees, tightly against him. We held one another for quite awhile before he told me to join him on the bed and there he continued to hold me for a very long time, whispering against my forehead, that he loved me. I was happier than I had ever been and so joyful that I felt like I would burst!

With one finger, Master stroked my skin from my neckline, over my new collar, down between my breasts and circled it around my belly. His whisper caught me off guard and as he looked into my eyes, his words filled my being. “One day I would like a chain here.” I could only nod my head in agreement as my eyes filled with tears at his gentle words of what was to come in the future. I couldn’t believe that this was finally happening and I was now his forevermore!

Then with his large hand he encompassed my hip and squeezed gently, sliding his hand down the side of my buttocks to pull me close against him. His mouth came close to my own and I awaited the kiss and kissing I had longed for all these months! Rather than kiss me, he held his lips just a fraction of an inch from my own and smiled. I couldn’t help but to laugh! I was so serious and focused in my need of him and his kiss that when he didn’t kiss me, it let me know again, that I could not anticipate what he was going to do!

Master laughed with me and hugged me tight. “Is my girl hungry?”

“Yes master!” Was my breathy answer, said with all the desire bound up within me for months.

Again Master laughed and moved to get off of the bed. I watched him, reminding myself not to try and figure out what he was doing or what he might be up to. He walked to the door and turned on the overhead light. As my eyes got used to the blaring light, he walked to the closet and reached in and pulled out his camera. My heart lurched! He didn’t intend to take pictures did he? Oh my god, I wasn’t sure about that! I knew my body was okay as far as bodies went, but I was no model and the thought of nude pictures of myself made me slightly insecure.

Master walked to the end of the bed with a grin on his face and took the cap off the lens. “Don’t look like that.” He laughed heartily and continued getting the camera ready. I was trying to spit out a ‘yes master’, but he spoke before I could manage it. “I know your fears. But girl, you are absolutely beautiful and should have no fear of my camera!”

He came and sat next to me on the bed and reached to pull me closer to the side, where I would lay cuddled against his leg and hip. I curled into him, feeling his warmth and finding myself at ease again. His closeness was a stabilizing dynamic that would instantly have me comfortable in any situation. “I wish to take some pictures of the night you were collared to me for life.”

I smiled up at him knowing that no matter how I felt, it didn’t matter. I wanted to please him and this wasn’t about me. It was about master and what he wanted! His happiness meant my own for he always considered my happiness and not just his own. Any apprehension I had slipped away with my inner acknowledgement of who I was and who I belonged to. Master returned my smile and with his eyes assured me, if I had had any lingering doubts about the camera in his hands and his intent.

He lifted the camera and took a picture of me curled against his leg, smiling at him. He then pulled my hand to lead me off of the bed and guided me over to the pillow before his chair. He moved into his chair and motioned for me to take my position. He snapped another picture. Moving from the chair he walked behind me and took another picture and then told me to turn to him. I moved only my head and he snapped another picture.

“Stand now and remain there.” I stood and he took a couple of pictures. “Come to me.” I moved towards him slowly and he snapped a few more. “Now you will take a picture of me while I sit in my chair.”

“Yes master.” With a smile I took the camera and waited for him to go to his chair. Before he sat he took his robe off and threw it a couple of feet away so that it wouldn’t be captured by the camera. He sat as I admired how beautifully he was made. When he was settled he told me to take the picture and I did.

Once again at my side, master stood nude and told me to kneel before him, holding the camera. I was instructed to take a picture from that position and did so. Bending to take the camera from me, he took another picture before he told me to rise and lay on the bed. Master took a number of pictures, telling me how to pose and in doing so, had me completely at ease with what we were doing. Before I knew it, he had put the camera on the bedside table and had once again joined me on the bed.

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