True Confessions Heard by a Priest Ch. 05

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Readers, I have merged this story with another called “Hermaphrodite Obsessions”, for more on the two characters Chris and Terri you should go back and read the two chapters of that story. Thanks MV.

Hello again dear readers, since you have seemed to continually enjoy my tales I will bring you another. This is not for the faint of heart. For the topic sometimes turns away those that aren’t don’t have the fetish of a quote chick with a dick unquote. I think that you will enjoy this confession but sit back, read and decide for yourself.

It was nearly a year ago to date that in walked the stunningly striking couple of Chris and Terri. I don’t normally do group confessions but I also thought I’d give them a chance to come to me and explain what their desires were. The girl was as attractive as any I had encountered before. Blonde, a bit bubbly but wonderfully intelligent. Her boyfriend, I’m sorry her fiancée, was just as handsome, a tall strapping football player from the local university.

They approached me slowly, a bit uneasy obviously as they neared, “Hello my children, how may I assist you today?” I asked.

“Father we are here for a confession of sorts, and also to begin the mandatory counseling session to be married,” the man began.

“Yes, father, we want to clear our consciences before god and then see if you will marry us.”

“Well young ones, normally confession is held inside the confessional and one at a time but if you would prefer we can return to my office and you may confess there and then we’ll talk about the possibility of uniting you in marriage.”

They introduced themselves as Chris and Terri as we walked down the hallway to my office, I wasn’t sure what type of confession they were about to give but I was presuming it to be something mild and just a matter of young adult fornication. I couldn’t have been more right and wrong at the same time.

As we sat down Chris started, “You see father we are deeply in love with each other but we have a few minor um…extra developments that could hinder our marriage.”

“What Chris means father, to put it bluntly, we both have dual sex organs. So while we can have sex the way god intended we also may practice acts of homosexuality depending on how one views it.”

I put up my hand to stop her there. “You mean to tell me that you both have the same for lack of a better word deformity? I have heard of the rare cases where this happens but I have never seen it with my own eyes. Let alone two of you finding each other.”

“Father our story is rather simple, a friend of Terri’s is a football player on my team. We are pretty good friends as well but he knew of Terri’s extra appendage and one day when he walked in the shower and found me soaping up my breasts and saw that I had a little um… well a pussy as well he knew that we might just hit it off. He couldn’t have been more correct father. I wouldn’t have cared if Terri hadn’t had the extra parts I fell in love with the girl the fact that she can pardon the expression fuck me as I do her only added to our romance. It’s not easy going through life fearing that others will call you a freak if they find out about your extra pieces, to stumble or be set up with a partner that shares the same abnormality is truly destiny we believe.”

“Again father,” Terri began, “Chris and I don’t need everyone around us to know that we have both sex organs, it isn’t any of their business but we wanted the priest we chose to marry us to know it and to bless the union instead of be mortified by it. I can see in your eyes the curiosity, and if you are a good little priest maybe you will be allowed a glimpse of what so many others search for on the internet.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Child that won’t be necessary but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was intrigued. Now let’s get to your confession or was that it?” I asked.

“No father our confession begins a few months back,” Terri replied, “you see the friend we both have has been allowed into our bedroom, and while he has no interest in the slits between our legs he loves to be well, invited to go down on one of our cocks while the other is pushed inside him.”

“Wait a minute,” I interjected, “you mean to tell me that either one or both of you have anally impaled a friend of yours that is obviously gay or bi-sexual and that is your confession?”

“It goes deeper father,” Chris stepped in, “I mean we love our friend deeply and don’t want to exclude him from our lives, what we are curious about is if there’s a way that he could be included in the ceremony. Before you say anything we mean is it possible to find a way online or anything to make him a priest so he could perform the ceremony or is there an alternate solution so that he would be included. Could he assist you in some way if you decided to marry us?”

“Father, he will remain a part of our lives, we know that neither of us can marry him and be married to each vbet other but we would love the chance to include him in this so that he doesn’t feel left out,” Terri responded. “Either way we know there will be some adjusting that must be done and you should know he will be allowed to be in our bed as well whenever he chooses to be there. But we want to be married first and foremost here.”

“My children, there may be a way to do this, depending on how you want the ceremony performed and how many people would be here and so on and so forth, don’t worry we can find a way to make your friend an inclusive part of this wedding but I am still waiting on your confession.” I knew I was growing impatient but I also was aroused at the thought of the sex acts these two would be able to perform with one another. I was secretly hoping for something juicy to add to my memoir’s and I just had to push these two to confess something.

“Father we will tell you our confession,” they said in unison, “you are bound by the church to never reveal anything you hear or see in a confession right?”

“That is correct, I cannot break that vow unless it involves endangering human lives, that is the only stipulation.” I replied.

Terri took a deep breath and began, “Well father our confession is relatively simple and one you can help us with, you see,” she said as she reached over and began to stroke what I believed was Chris’ cock, “we feel the need to have public sex, or at least know one person is watching us before we get married, something to conquer together to bind us through lust. We are prepared completely for marriage and know that union will be in the eyes of god and our families but we wish to have exhibitionist sex, with a voyeur and preferably one who wouldn’t be able to say a word about what they saw or heard.”

I started to protest and then as I opened my mouth Chris lifted Terri’s skirt and pulled the panties aside his strong hand ripped the garment from her flesh and as she sat there with her naughty bits exposed I stared, I couldn’t force myself to remove my gaze. In front of me was a beautiful bare pussy and right above her slit was a semi hard shaft. I had heard of this once before, but only in the manner that the girl had a extremely large clit that resembled a penis, or of a woman who had a cock, or a man that had tits. I wasn’t sure if I would have believed them if I wasn’t seeing this for myself. As I struggled to remain professional and to tell them that this was not tolerated in the house of god or in my office I felt my cock rising and pushing my pure thoughts into lewd ones. I was a man after all and in front of me was a quickly dampening pussy that was glistening with its own smeared juices and a cock that was rapidly hardening.

Finally I found my voice and in spite of what I had planned on saying the following words slipped from my lips, “As much as I know you two shouldn’t be doing this here, I can’t help myself, yes, I will keep your secret and help you out, this being a confession of sorts,” I chuckled, well they had “confessed” that they wanted and needed to do this. “I will not participate in any way shape or form but of that role as a voyeur.”

“Thank you father,” Terri said as she freed Chris’ member from his pants. I couldn’t help but sit there in awe, his cock was huge and I hadn’t been expecting him to be that well endowed. Terri looked at me smiling and licked her lips as she pushed Chris’ pants to the floor along with his underwear. She had him spread his legs slightly and as she lifted his large nutsack in her hand I saw the little slit of a pussy between his legs. “Watch father as I finger my fiancée’s little tight pussy as I suck on his cock.”

I did just that watching him slowly stroke her small but impressive penis as he fingered her more dominant pussy as she began to wrap her lips around the head of his cock and as she stroked it she slipped her other hand down and began to work her fingers into that little slit between his legs. I wasn’t sure that I had ever been this aroused before in my life nor would I be again. These two didn’t want me to participate just to have a little sex in front of a person that couldn’t betray their secrets. While the priest part of my mind screamed this was wrong, the darker side easily took over and stifled any protest that came up. I would never have the chance to see this again and while I was amazed so far it was only going to get better.

“Sit up for a minute baby,” Chris told Terri, “I want to take off your top so that father here can see your big tits.”

“Only if you do the same for him lover, you know yours are almost as nice as mine,” she teased.

They quickly finished disrobing and before me was two sets of firm large breasts and two hard cocks and wet pussies. If I hadn’t been a man of the cloth I would have felt more of an urge than I already did to ask for their permission to participate. I was fascinated by vbet giriş the fact that they both had the best of both sexes.

“I will say you are both beautiful,” I told them.

“Thank you father,” Terri replied, “I’m just curious but would you like to feel Chris’ large breasts and see if they feel like a woman’s. I’m guessing you have a vow of celibacy but also I don’t know that you feeling a man’s breasts would be breaking that rule.”

And there we had it, she did have a good and valid point there but if I touched one of them I knew it would be easier to touch them both and/or take on a more active role than just viewing them. I shook my head and politely declined their offer.

“If you change your mind father we’re only a few feet away,” Terri grinned.

As I resumed watching them Terri bent over right in front of my desk as she began to suck on Chris’ big cock. Her perfect ass was within an arms reach of me and yet may as well have been miles away. I couldn’t touch her but I could watch this no matter how wrong it was. Terri then widened her stance letting me see the inner pink as she reached up beneath her legs and began to finger her own pussy. I stood up and walked around the side of the desk so I could witness the girl giving her lover an intense and what looked to be wonderful blowjob. Her lips went down to the base of his shaft and she would halt there and suck on him hard. Her tiny hands were now busy fingering his wet slit and rubbing his balls slowly.

“If neither of you mind I would love to see you in a sixty-nine position,” I ventured.

“Anything else father?” Terri answered with a twinkle in her eye.

I knew it was wrong but I did desire to touch one of them, “Yes, Terri, I would like to touch one or both of you briefly just to feel the contrast between your bodies.”

That wasn’t as near the truth as I could have been but it would suffice, I wanted to feel those large breasts and see if both sets were equally pleasurable. I knew it was wrong, and yet I couldn’t help myself as Terri grabbed my hand and pulled it toward her lover’s breast. She began to tease the nipples with my fingers as she rubbed and squeezed along with me. I couldn’t believe the real feeling of this man’s breasts. They were as perfect as if they were on some twenty-something hard bodied young woman, instead of on a chiseled football player. Then Terri took the next step and with she guided my other hand to her breast.

“See father they both feel wonderful in your hands don’t they, I can see by the tent in your robe there that the little bishop is loving the way they feel,” she teased. She let her hand slip over his cock and rubbed it lightly while Chris slipped down to the floor and pulled Terri onto him. His tongue immediately darted between her legs as she spread them wide open.

“Oh you two are alluring but I cannot participate more than I have already,” I told them.

Despite what my words said my cock was aching for some release, I asked them if they minded since I was being a part of their fantasy if I could pull out my cock and stroke it without them revealing that secret to anyone.

“Pull it out father and stroke it for us,” Chris said as he slipped his hand around Terri’s cock and stroked it while he drove his tongue back into her depths.

Terri couldn’t speak at the moment because her mouth was full of Chris’ cock, while her fingers continued to slide in and out of his pussy. She turned with Chris’ shaft from within her lips and smiled around it at me. She raised her hips slightly and wiggled her tight ass at me. Beckoning me toward her, knowing that she wanted to be touched. For anyone else besides a priest it seemed one of the ultimate erotic taboos, to lure one of us to touch, taste, or fuck them. I had broken the vow of chastity a few times and was still uneasy but I thought perhaps a touch of her derriere wouldn’t be too wrong.

I did ask before I touched her and Chris spread her legs wider above his head and looked up at me, pulling away from her pussy he whispered, “Go on father, she wouldn’t wiggle it at you if she didn’t want to be touched. Besides my lover here has another confession but her mouth is full. We know that you have had a few let’s say mishaps and have partaken in the flesh before. It was Terri’s fantasy of tempting a man of the cloth that helped bring us here today. So if you yearn to touch her do it, I guarantee she wouldn’t refuse you anything you could think of father.”

I was amazed, sure I had shared a few discreet, I had thought, interludes with certain women of this town over the years but now it seemed more new about it and were coming in for private confessions so they could tempt me with their flesh. Well, damn them all I thought, but I would be damned with them as I reached out to run my fingers over Terri’s cheerleader ass. I gave it a playful slap and squeezed the tight flesh in my hand as she moaned around vbettr Chris’ cock.

I hadn’t noticed but my hand was still rapidly stroking my cock as I knelt behind the girl and over her lovers face. Then before I could find the strength to pull away Chris ran his tongue along my balls. He quickly reached up and pulled my cock down toward his face and began to suck the tip of my cock as he fingered his beautiful soon to be wife. I wanted to pull away but my prick had no conscience. Nor did it care if it was a man’s lips surrounding its tip or a woman’s. Either way all my body new was that my cock was in someone’s eager mouth and my hands were squeezing the supple flesh of a college cheerleader.

Just as fast as he had pulled my cock into his mouth Chris pushed me away and motioned for me to be patient for a moment by holding up one finger. He put his hands on mine over his fiancée’s ass and spread the cheeks. As he did this he ran his tongue up the crevice of her wet pussy and then rimmed her tiny puckering hole. I realized what he was going to do next and I nearly shot my load right then and there. It was hard to even fumble with removing my robe completely as he prepared Terri’s tight asshole for a good fucking.

Terri turned her head and winked at me, “Father, you can fuck either one of us in any hole you want, I know that Chris has already taken that big cock hanging between your legs into his mouth, but before you bugger me I’d like to sample it as well, after all that is part of my fantasy,” she said with a smirk.

I got up at Chris continued to tease Terri’s asshole and as he licked and slid a finger in the little opening he motioned for me to go to her and let her suck my cock. I did so eagerly, more eagerly than I should have but I did go to her. As I neared her she parted her lips and continued to stroke Chris’ cock as she began to lick the underside of my shaft. I reached down and for the first time in my life I touched another man’s hard prick. But seeing as how he was sharing Terri with me and I was going to more than likely fuck her before the afternoon was over I thought that I could at least find it deep down to stroke his cock. I stroked his member slowly and twisted my hand as I brought it to the tip of his shaft. I must say that while I had always been revolted by the thought of homosexuality I enjoyed doing this to him. I slipped my other hand down and ran the fingers over his balls and began to probe the slick flesh between his legs. I couldn’t believe her I was fingering a hermaphrodite and stroking his cock while his hermaphrodite betrothed girlfriend was sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. It was only a manner of time before the pleasure overwhelmed me but I was holding out as long as possible. If this was their fantasy I was going to last as long as possible and do what I could to help overcome those demons.

Terri looked up at me and pulled her lips away with a smack as she spoke, “Father you sure have one tasty cock there, but now I want to feel it in my ass while I fuck Chris. Make sure you reach around and finger my pussy and clit while you are fucking my tight little ass. I want to have all the sensations covered today.”

I couldn’t think of a hotter scenario than me fucking her tight ass and fingering her pussy while she fucked Chris’ tiny open cunt with her cock and stroked his cock with one hand while she fingered his ass with the other. It was almost to much to even think about. This would be a threesome that actually felt like an orgy. Chris slid from underneath Terri and began to bend over my desk. Terri slowly pulled all the way away from me now and as she stood up with her beautiful backside to me I wondered if I was doing the right thing. “Fuck it,” I thought, I had come this far I wasn’t about to back out now. I watched as Terri stepped behind Chris and began to push the tip of her cock against his slit, her hands parted his ass cheeks and as she held them open I watched her push a finger inside as she slipped her cock into his pussy. Her other hand was moving up and down over his shaft and she then turned and beckoned me to her.

“Father, either hole is yours, you can start with my pussy and finish with my ass or just fuck one or the other. But whatever you are going to do start now please. I’m so fucking worked up by all of this you wouldn’t believe,” Terri whimpered.

I knew where I would start and as I stepped behind her and swatted her ass, “We don’t speak like that in the house of god you filthy slut,” I said as I buried my cock inside her quivering pussy. My lord it had been years since I had felt this but now that I was inside a tight pussy I remembered why I always fell victim to the whiles of some of these women in my parish. Nothing could replace a tight little cunt wrapped around your cock. I pushed deeper and deeper as I slipped a finger in her tight anus and began to work it in and out of her vice tight hole. In a matter of seconds my orgasm was building to a crescendo that I nearly couldn’t stop it. Pulling out of her pussy leaving the lips spread wide and Terri whimpering I squeezed the tip of my cock and tried to think about anything other than sex or the great session I was participating in.

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