Beg For It

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“You have to ask nicely if you want something.”

Down on your knees, you look up at him.

“Please, Sir…”

He is standing with his suit jacket unbuttoned, hands in pocket, looking mildly amused.

“Yes, princess?”

Your hand slide over the soft skin just below your collarbones, and your breath hitch.

“May I please touch you, Sir?”

You can clearly see the outline of his erection, because no matter how unaffected he acts, you get under his skin. And he loves when you beg for it, and he loves it even more when you do it on your knees.


Your fingers slide down the front of the shirt you are wearing – his shirt – wishing you could touch skin.

“Everywhere. I want to feel and lick and kiss every inch of your body, Sir…”

Four steps, and he is in front of you. Leaning your head back so that you can see him, he puts a hand against your cheek, and you lean into it.

“If I let you do that, what will you offer me in return, princess?” he murmurs softly, stroking your skin with his thumb.

Closing your eyes, you revel in his touch.

“Whatever you want, Sir,” you answer, knowing that you truly will give him whatever he wants.

Squatting down in front of you, he puts his fingers around your throat, without applying any pressure.

“Whatever I want, princess? I want you to submit to me, and only me. Can you offer me that?” he whispers, his pupils taking up his entire iris, making his eyes look black.

You cannot hide the smile on your lips, or stop the quiet giggle.

Offer him something that you have already freely given him?

That is definitely something you can do.

“I have been yours completely for a long time, Sir.”

His fingers tighten to just beyond uncomfortably, but you are not afraid.

No, never afraid of Sir, because he has promised to take care of you.

Then he lets go of you, standing up with his wolfish grin on his lips, instantly making you dripping wet.

“Then, I am all yours, to do with as you please, princess. But remember, you must ask nicely.”

Slowly standing up, you look him up and down.

Well, first things first, you need to get him out of those beautiful clothes.

“May I remove your suit jacket, Sir?”

“Yes, you may.”

Strolling behind him, you slide the jacket off his shoulder, helping him out of it and hanging it over the back of the sofa.

“May I remove your tie and shirt, Sir?” you whisper, still behind him.

“Yes,” he breathes yalova escort back.

Letting your hands slither up his side to his front, first loosening the tie and removing it, before unbuttoning the shirt and pulling it off, too, placing the two items over the jacket.

Moving to the front of him, you look at his naked chest, your eyes following the trail of hair and his hipbones, pointing like arrows, down to the front of his pants. You know what is hiding behind, and your mouth water at the thought of it.

Kneeling down again, you look up at him through lowered eyelashes, biting your lip.

“May I remove your shoes, Sir?” you murmur.

His mouth opens slightly in a silent gasp, and you know you have him right where you want.

“Yes, you may, and wipe that grin from your face. Don’t think I don’t know what you are doing, princess. It might work, for now, but remember that I have been playing this game for longer than you…,” he says, his hands slowly clenching at his sides.

Staying silent, you take of both his shoes and socks, pushing them over to the sofa, too.

Still on your knees, you look up once more.

“May I remove your pants, Sir?” you ask, your hand suspended in the air just a few centimeters from his strained fly.

“Yes, princess, you may,” he answers, barely audible.

Immediately, your fingers are pulling down the fly, releasing him. His erection springs from his pants, and you realize that he has been going commando.

You do not know what you expected, but it certainly was not this.

Still surprised, you forget about his pants, and wrap your fingers around his shaft.

A light slap on your hand makes you let go of him, and confused, you look up.

“You asked if you could remove my pants, nothing more,” he say in a hoarse voice.

Quickly unbuckling his belt, you pull his pants down for him to step out of, throwing them to his other clothes, turning your eyes back to his member.

Standing proudly, it leap as you exhale on it.

“May I please pleasure you, Sir?” you breath, the fire in your core almost unbearable.


Reaching for him, you wrap one hand around his erection, placing your other hand on his lower back, before taking him into your mouth.

You do not know who of you that moan the loudest – you at the taste of him, or him from you tasting him.

His hand comes down on the crown of your head, pulling on your hair, but you are so enveloped edirne escort in your own pleasure that you do not care.

“Careful, princess,” he whispers as he pulls himself out of your mouth, his breathing short and labored. You realize that yours is too. “You’re going to make me cum at record time…”

“I don’t mind that,” you say truthfully, still working him with your hand.

Chuckling, he pulls you up, before relieving you of your minimal clothing. Looking around, he catches sight of something, an impish smile forming on his lips.

Dragging you with him to the bar at the other end of the room, he seats you on the high bar stool. Forcing you to lean back and spread your legs into the air, he leans down and puts his mouth to work between your thighs.

Gasping, you grab at the counter, your head lolling back as he kiss, lick and suck you straight into oblivion.

Your nipples tingle as knives are showed straight to your core, and you cannot stop the continuous moan from your lips.

The pressure builds inside of you, your muscles clenching together, and you can no longer breath.

“Please, may I cum, Sir?” you manage to force out with the last of the air in your lungs, as you fold in on yourself.

“Yes, you may,” he murmurs against your clit, and immediately, you gasp, as your muscles start to rhythmically contract and release, as you slip through the clouds, almost making you fall of the bar stool.

But no matter how good it feels, you want more. You want him inside of you, filling you up completely…

He stands up, and lean forward on hands on both sides of you, his lips just millimeters from yours.

“What now, dear?” he murmurs, lips just touching yours.

“May I please have you, Sir?” you breathe, hands going down his chest, over his taut muscles and soft skin.

“Yes, princess, you may,” he answers just as your fingers find his manhood.

Taking a hold of it, you pull him forward by it, until you can feel the head pushing into your entrance.

Suddenly a bit nervous by his size, since you know you are not always able to take him naturally, you glance up at him.

Seeing your glance, he push your hands away, before going away.

Feeling cold from his sudden departure, you wonder why he went away. And a small part of you cannot help but wonder if it was because he did not want you anymore, despite what he said.

But before you could contemplate it too much, he returns, a familiar erzurum escort bottle in his hand.

Handing it to you, you take it, pouring some of its content on your hand. The lube is cold and sticky, as you put the bottle down next to you, before reaching for him and coating him and you in it. You take some pleasure in the small gasp he gives from the coolness.

Once more, you pull him forwards, and this time, you do not hesitate, but let him slide straight in.

You both groan as he fits right in, like a puzzle piece, connecting the both of you. Bracing himself against the bar, he starts moving in and out, slowly and sweetly at first, but then increasing the tempo, making you hold on for dear life as your breathing turn into gasps and pants.

Pulling up your legs, he put them on his shoulders, and suddenly, he is hitting all the right places with each stroke, and you can hardly take it.

Holding on to his arms, your fingers dig into his flesh, his muscles bunching beneath your touch.

You do not know if it is him getting bigger, or you getting tighter, but you know you are getting close to the edge again.

Reaching up, you take a hold of the back of his neck, pulling him towards you and kissing him.

For half a second, his rhythm falters, but he finds it again, and increase the tempo as his tongue start to dance with yours.

Between his thrusting and his kissing, you are no longer breathing, but that is okay. You do not need air, you just need him inside of you, around you, taking up all of you and filling every single cell of you with him, only him.

Nothing else exists but the two of you and the pleasure you are generating together.

Gathering you against him, both arms around your body, he kiss you deeper as he plunges even harder and further, your knees pushed up against your breasts.

“Please, Sir… May I come?” you gasp against his lips, kissing between the words.

“Yes, my princess, you may,” he answers.

Not even half a second later, your back arch, your toes curl and your head falls back as you scream out your ecstasy.

Legs trembling, muscles clenching, breathing labored, you are dying and you have never felt so alive as you do in that moment.

Everything is gone now, only silence in your mind, your heart has exploded and left you.

You float back into your body in reality, your orgasm still going, and you feel him grow larger, and it makes it even sweeter, the way he speeds up impossibly more just before he explodes, and you see the blood from where his teeth pierced his lip, and you want to lick it away…

And when you taste the metallic liquid, you realize that you just did that.

Leaning his forehead against yours, he exhales shakily, before kissing you so good that you clench around him again, once more growing wetter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32