Holly Watches Ch. 08

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Holly woke up early Christmas morning and although she saw it was only six-fifteen she knew she would not be able to go back to sleep. Feeling like she was a child again, giddy over the upcoming excitement, dreaming of the wonderful treats awaiting her and frustrated at needing to wait until someone else woke up to open the door, she climbed out of be and peeked through the keyhole into her brother’s room. Ricky was still asleep, so she pulled her chair over near the window and she watched the sun rise.

Looking out over the houses across their street she wondered what it might be like if everything was covered in a blanket of white. Snow at Christmas, snow at any time would be such a wonderful surprise, especially in the valley where the temperature was expected to go into the eighties. Instead of building a snowman, Holly figured she could sunbathe, that is if the rains stay away.

Heading back to the door, she peeked through the keyhole again but her brother was still sleeping. To kill some time she made up her bed and cleaned up her room, actually grabbing a rag and dusting off some of her furniture and shelves. The more she consciously tried to not to think about what she was about to do with her brother, the more the images flashed though her mind.

What they had done so far was more than she ever thought they would and to be honest, if she knew it would go this far she probably would have been afraid to start anything. Of course, knowing what she does now, she wouldn’t have changed a thing, except for when she hit her brother. Some people might think it wrong, but all it really was is a joyful exploration with someone each cared very deeply about. It was sexy, but what is more natural than sharing and experimenting with a sibling and besides, they didn’t really have sex, not all the way.

Remembering how Ricky snuck into her room the night before, how he opened her legs and then the things he did to her, inside and out, she felt an urgent tingling. She had never put her panties back on after her brother took them off her, so now as she moved her hand between her legs, her fingers slid through her hair and down her slit. When she pushed her finger though her lips and into her pussy she wasn’t surprise to find it wet, wet and ready.

Glancing over at the clock she could see it was about seven twenty and although she wanted to let her brother sleep, she couldn’t wait anymore. Like denizli escort a child tip-toeing down the stairs, filled with excitement over finally being able to see the Christmas presents, Holly slowly opened her door and slid past the shelves in Ricky’s room. Unbuttoning her nightshirt as she crept over to his bed, she let the shirt fall to the floor and then stood looking down on him.

He face seemed contented, a slight smile curled on his lips. It had been warm the night before so he didn’t have a shirt on. Holly looked at the slight wisps of dark hair on her brother’s chest, how it seemed to gather in the center and then swirl out over his nipples. Glancing further down she could see his erection poking up inside his jockey shorts. She thought about reaching out and waking him by taking hold of his cock but she saw his head turn towards her.

“Oh, good morning,” he whispered, reaching a hand up and touching her breast, “This is nice.”

“Merry Christmas,” Holly said leaning forward and climbing onto the bed. Ricky scooted over some and then sat up and worked his underwear off. Holly lifted her leg over him and kneeled above him straddling his face. Thinking that the first thing she saw on Christmas Morning was the sunrise, the first thing Ricky would see was his sister’s pussy as it settled onto his face.

Feeling her brother’s tongue slide into her, she wrapped her hand around his hard cock and began to stroke it, squeezing it hard as she moved her hand out to the head, milking the pre-cum into a tiny pool. She then dipped her tongue in, savoring the bitter taste before sliding the head of his cock into her mouth and sucking up the clear fluid. Continuing to stroke his shaft she ran her tongue around the head, circling him.

As Holly bobbed her head up and down on her brother’s cock, she was becoming increasingly more distracted as the sensations Ricky was creating on her clit and inside her pussy. She could feel his tongue flicking lightly over her clit, the featherlike sensation was beginning to course deep inside her where his fingers were delightfully pumping in and out. Feeling the pleasure building her mouth slipped off his cock.

Rubbing her face over his glistening erection she let herself be absorbed into his tongue and fingers, giving herself to the sensation, letting him please her with his every flick of the tongue, antalya escort with each penetration of his fingers, with each hot breath he exhaled over her sensitive flesh. Raising up on her hands, she ground her pussy onto his face, her juices coating his lips, chin and cheeks as she moved over him, feeling him, only him. When she came, she fell back down onto him, her breasts pressed on his stomach, her hair flopping over his cock and balls, her pussy pressed so tightly to him he had to turn his head to catch his breath.

Her pussy seemed to pulse forever, contracting on his fingers and then releasing. It was several minutes before she felt him gently remove his fingers. She turned around and kissed his face, her lips and cheeks sticking to him as her juices dried on him. Without thinking about it, she moved over him, this time straddling his hips. Reaching down she grabbed his cock and slid it back and forth over her clit and then down her slit. Teasing him some, she watched as her lips folded over the head of his cock as its tip pushed against, but not into her opening.

Suddenly she paused, realizing what was happening. She looked at his face and saw his eyes wide open. She could see a fear in his eyes and yet could also see love, overwhelming desire and maybe a hint of guilt, perhaps he was seeing the same emotions in her face. Staring at each other, she slowly lowered herself onto him, feeling her pussy open to a man’s cock for the first time. Feeling a slight twinge of pain, she winced and then continued her slow descent onto her brother’s cock. Centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch she descended as their expressions of fear changed to only desire and pleasure.

Holly could never know the soft warmth that her brother felt as he slid into her, he would never know how she felt as his cock filled her completely. As she reached the hilt, they remained motionless for several seconds absorbing the feeling, the incredible sensation of being joined closer than they ever thought possible, the knowledge that they were experiencing together a joy few people would every experience, a closeness they could never share with anyone else.

Sliding back up the length of her brother’s cock Holly felt him slipping away, only to plunge back, filling her again. She moved up and down losing him and then drawing him in again. They moved faster, Ricky izmir escort lifting his hips to drive himself up into her, Holly letting herself fall onto him, impaling herself in the wet pleasure. Wanting to make it last forever, she tried to slow down, but her body demanded more, frantically crashing back onto him. Again and again, the pleasure, the need, and the strength of him thrusting into her.

Their world became this, only this, the wet softness of her, the firm strength of him, joined, crashing together, giving and taking an incredible joy, building and building, higher and higher until, until, until they came. Ricky’s cock exploded into her, spurting his cum deep inside her as her pussy pulsated on him, squeezing and releasing his cock, the walls of her cunt caressing him, drawing his cum deeper into her.

Holly remained on top of him, her pussy pressed against him, not wanting him to leave her body. She could feel his hands holding her breasts, gently squeezing them as if in search of a way to please her more as his cock slowly softened and slipped further and further out of her. When she finally pulled herself off of him, letting his soft cock slid out into the cold air, their skin stuck together some where their juices had dried.

Sitting on the bed beside her brother, she looked down at him and whispered, “I’ve never done that before.”

Ricky looked at her in amazement, “You were a virgin? Oh Holly, what have we done?”

She answered her with silence, the emotions of it all overwhelming her, as it did her brother. The guilt became a heavy weight, seeming to take over, sapping them of the strength, making each delightful tingle a reminder of what they had let happen. The dampness between her legs felt cold and sticky, she needed a shower. Standing up she grabbed her nightshirt, slipped her arms in and buttoned it up.

It wasn’t until later, as the hot water in the shower streamed over her body, that she begin to get control of her emotions. What had just happened with her brother was so beautiful, so exciting and felt so, so good, how could it be wrong? What better way to experience her first time than with someone she knew loved her unequivocally.

Holly was surprised it didn’t really hurt, figuring that dildo Amie got her as a gag gift last year must have stretched or broken her hymen earlier. There was a little blood on the washcloth as she washed off this morning, but it was hardly noticeable. She finished showering playing the images from that morning in her head over and over. By the time she showered and dressed, the weight she had felt earlier was gone. She’d talk to Ricky later and make sure he looked at it the way she did. It really was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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