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Double Blowjob

My name is Brenda and the story you are about to read is true but I want you to know that nothing in my life ever prepared me or lead me to believe that such a thing would be possible. When you read about such accounts in the newspaper or hear about these things on the evening news you always think to yourself, “What a sick person!” Sometimes, though, as I found out firsthand, accidents do happen and as incredible as it seems incest can start out accidentally.

I fell in love with my boss when I was barely 18, just having graduated high school and living alone for the first time while I attended college. Gerald was the owner of the bookstore where I worked and we spent a lot of time together. When we first met, Gerald was a kind, sweet funny man but he was close to my father’s age so I never thought of him as anything more than a boss and eventually my friend. Over the course of the year I worked there, we began getting close and went out several times to dinner, the movies, the theater to see plays. I started looking at Gerald as a smart, successful companion rather than my boss and never considered the age difference between us (he was 30 years older than me).

My parents knew I had met someone at work and was dating but when Gerald asked me to marry him, I took him to meet my parents for the first time. My parents freaked out when they saw me step out of the car with an older man! Gerald was actually 4 years older than my father and 12 years older than my mother. Explaining to them that age didn’t matter to us did no good. My mother warned me that I would one day regret tying myself to a man that much older than I, that at his age he would not want the children I always dreamed of having and that one day I would be a very young widow. Gerald understood their concerns and tried talking to me about them but I was in love and that was all that mattered.

For the past 20 years, Gerald and I have been happy together. We worked hard to expand his single bookstore and now are the proud owners of 18 stores in 3 states. We are also the proud parents of 2 beautiful children: Gerald Jr. who is 19 years old and Nicole who is 18. Gerald Jr., or J.J. as we call him, is attending a local college but Nicole wanted to spread her wings so chose to attend college in a neighboring state.

Not everything is perfect in our life though. Gerald and I are happy together; we work well together, enjoy each other’s company and share many of the same interests. However, as my libido seems to be increasing, Gerald is losing his sex drive. We have tried all the latest pills, rented risqué movies, I dress provocatively and have read just about every damned book or magazine article on how to jump start his libido. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work for long so I am now the somewhat embarrassed owner of a very large collection of vibrators and dildos.

Getting back to the ‘accident’, Gerald was going to visit our store in the same state where Nicole was attending college so our plan was that after visiting the store, Gerald would drive to Nicole’s college and pick her up. They would then fly home together in time our big annual Christmas party with our family, friends and employees. J.J. was living nearby and would be home of course. With Gerald out of town and Nicole still in school, I called J.J. to help me set up our Christmas tree at home. Because his classes would end the next day, J.J. agreed to bring over some clothes and just spend the entire weekend at home. I spent the morning baking the last of the cookies and fudge that I normally make for our local employees and setting up the stockings we give to each one. Most of the employees are still college students but many are married with families so I began buying large stockings for each of the local stores and I fill it with homemade cookies, brownies, fudge and large peppermint sticks, you know the kind striped like a candy cane but not shaped like one and each at least an inch in diameter. Each employee also gets a ham to cook over the holidays.

The weather was turning nasty outside as I finished up my cooking and I turned on the news to listen to the weather forecast. “We are headed for a white Christmas this year, folks,” the weather announcer was saying. “The National Weather Service is calling for a blizzard tonight that could drop as much as 18 inches of snow so better stock up on the batteries and make sure your pantries are full.” Of course, in my house AA batteries are always on hand but I called J.J. to ask him to pick up some D batteries for the flashlights and as long as he was out anyway, could he stop at the store to pick up my order of 80 of the large peppermint sticks.

When J.J. arrived, we set up the tree and strung the lights so that it would be ready to decorate when Gerald and Nicole came home. After a simple dinner, we did the dishes together then watched some TV. Gerald called to say the airport was closed because of the weather so he and Nicole urfa escort were going to have to find a motel room to spend the night.

Finally, after the 10 o’clock news I went to get ready for bed. I filled the bathtub with warm water, shaved my legs and just relaxed, reading a book until the water began to cool off. Standing in front of the mirror, I looked at my body as objectively as I could. My hair was still auburn although more gray was showing up this year. My stomach was no longer flat but had a small pouch to it now along with several stretch marks that nothing seemed to erase. My legs were still long and shapely. My face was mostly the same. Oh, I had a few laugh lines and I would never again pass for a teenager but all in all, I didn’t look too bad for an old lady of 38. I didn’t see anything that would turn Gerald off, at least to my eyes. With a sigh, I pulled the black and red teddy that I normally slept in over my head, pulled on a pair of matching panties brushed my teeth and turned out the bathroom light.

I climbed into bed with every intention of reading one of the newest books from our last shipment but must have fallen asleep because the book was still under my hand when a sound woke me up. I jerked up in bed and looked around but everything was dark. I heard a light tap on the door again and J.J. whispered my name again. I leaned over to turn on lamp next to my bed when he opened the door. The glare from his flashlight caught me in the face and made me cover my eyes and he said, “Don’t bother, Mom. The power is out. Nothing is working, not even the furnace and the house is getting cold. Can I sleep in here with you tonight?”

I tossed back the covers and he dove for the bed like he did when he was 3, coming in after a nightmare. I pulled the covers over both of us as he turned off the flashlight and sat it on the floor. We tried snuggling together with him in my arms but at 6’1″ he no longer fit the way he used to. Giving that up, we finally settled down so that my back was against his chest and my head was tucked under his chin. His arms were around me and I held one of his hands on my stomach. We laid there for a while, talking about past Christmas’, the presents we liked best and school before I must have drifted off. J.J. was so warm and I have to admit it felt wonderful being held by a man again. Usually Gerald and I slept with our backs to each other.

I had the most incredible dream! I could feel a large hand stroking my body, slipping along my silky teddy from between my breasts all the way down to my pubic bone. Moving so slowly and softly that it was driving me nuts. I could almost feel the stubble of a beard scraping against my neck as someone gently nibbled my shoulder. As the hand traveled back down my body, I opened my legs and pushed the hand down towards my clit. My hips arched when those fingers began gently stroking my clit through my panties and my ass pushed up against a hard cock. I could feel my pussy getting hot and wet when those fingers slipped inside my panties and dipped inside my pussy before sliding back up to my clit. I knew it wasn’t a dream when I heard J.J. whisper “You’re so wet, Mom.”

My eyes snapped open and I tried to jerk away from him but J.J. kept me held in his arm, his other hand still manipulating my clit. He kissed his way up my neck, his tongue teased my ear before he whispered, “I’ve dreamed of you for so long. Let me make you happy, Mom.” My body was shuddering and I tried to tell myself that it was in horror of what we were doing but my hips continued to rock against his hand.

“J.J. you have to stop. This is wrong,” I tried to sound determined and strong but my breath came out in short gasps and instead of sounding tough and disciplinary, my voice sounded uncertain. I know I said I wanted him to quit but I couldn’t stifle the moan that escaped from my throat when J.J. removed his hand from my steaming pussy and used it to roll me over on my back.

“Admit it, Mom,” he whispered as he licked my lips, “you liked what I was doing.” His hand closed over one of my breasts and began teasing my nipple.

My hand grabbed his wrist and I tried to pull his hand away from me. “No, J.J.! You have to stop. I don’t want this!”

J.J. swatted my hand away as if it were a fly before capturing both my wrists in one of his large hands. “Bullshit, Mom. I can feel how wet you are. Your nipples are rock hard. You were rocking against me, wanting more. I know you and Dad aren’t sleeping together, haven’t in a long time. Nicole and I found your stash of toys years ago.” Even in the darkness I could feel shame burning my face at the thought of my children discovering the collection of toys in my closet. “Admit it,” he continued, “your toys can’t do this.” I gasped as he leaned down and his teeth captured one of my nipples, sawing against it gently before sucking it, teddy and all into his mouth.

My balıkesir escort body was screaming ‘yes’ as I arched up off the bed but my head was still shaking back and forth against the pillows and my mouth continued to call out, “No.” I tried pulling my hands free from my son’s but although I could twist them, I wasn’t able to get one free for long. My legs were kicking and squirming, pushing the covers off the bed when J.J. fell across my chest. With my legs free from the covers, he pulled my panties down and off. Quickly he spun around so that he was sitting on me and grabbing one hand he pulled one of the leg holes from my panties around my wrist, twisting it tight. Almost before I knew what he was doing, he wrapped my panties around the brass posts on my headboard and captured my other hand. J.J. pushed my hand through the other leg hole and twirled my wrist around the material until my hands were tied to the bed.

“Tell me you don’t like this,” J.J. challenged as he pushed my silk teddy up over my breasts and used both hands to twist and pull on my nipples. He was still straddling my waist and I tried bucking him off me but could barely budge him. “Stop, please stop,” I begged him.

“You liked this before,” he said as he lifted himself off me and forcing my legs apart began rubbing my clit again. I continued begging him to quit and tried pulling my legs back together. J.J. jumped off the bed and pulled open one of my dresser drawers to grab out two of my thigh high stockings. I kicked and shouted for him to stop as he captured first one leg and then the other until I was tied spread eagle to the bed. He grabbed the flashlight off the floor and turned it on.

The house was really cold without any heat and I shivered lying there mostly naked as J.J. stalked to the bedroom closet. “What is it, Mom,” he sneered, “you can only get turned on by toys now? Well, I’m sure there is something in here that will get you going again!” He flung open the door and began rummaging through the shoes and purses on the floor until he found the box of sex toys on the floor. J.J. pulled the box over to the bed and sat between my feet to look through it.

“How about this one,” he said as he pulled out the largest dildo I had ever seen. Gerald had bought it several months ago and we laughed that if I was ever able to take all of it, I could become a ‘star.’ The dildo was anatomically correct, made out of flexible latex, heavily veined but it had to be close to 12″ long and I had never used it before.

Setting the flashlight against one of my knees so that it was shining at my pussy, J.J. turned around so that he could watch as he used the toy on me. I dug my heels into the bed, trying to push myself away from him as I begged him. “No, J.J., please no! It’s too big.”

J.J. smiled as he leaned closer and said, “I can see how wet you are, Mom. I know you want it. Tell me you want it.”

“Stop! This isn’t funny, J.J.! You have to quit,” I demanded.

“Tell me what you want, Mom. Tell me how to make you happy and I’ll do it,” J.J. said. I just mutely stared down my body at him, my son crouching between my legs and shook my head. “Have it your way, then,” he shrugged and began rubbing the head of that toy against my pussy. My body tensed as he tried to push it inside my pussy. The opening of my pussy clenched tight, trying to force it back out, anything to keep it from entering me.

“You have to relax so it doesn’t hurt, Mom,” my son pleaded. “I don’t want to hurt you.” My body was at war with my mind and heart. I knew what we were doing was wrong so forced my body to react against what was happening but my body was excited at the same time and wanted everything J.J. was doing to me and more. My mind quickly lost the war though when J.J. flicked his tongue against my clit. I moaned and J.J. quickly pushed the head of the dildo inside me.

His tongue and mouth worked my clit over as he gently forced more and more of the toy inside my pussy, stopping whenever he felt my body tense until he had the entire thing buried in me. I have never felt so full in my life and although I couldn’t admit it, I loved the feeling of his soft tongue licking my clit. “Do you want me to stop,” J.J. asked. I shook my head no and he slowly began fucking me with the toy, watching my face.

“Tell me, Mom. Tell me you like it,” J.J. begged. I couldn’t tell him in words but my hips were rocking up to meet the thrust of the dildo he was using as much as I was able to accommodate. It seemed so important to him that I tell him I enjoyed it and even though it was obvious I did, I couldn’t say the words he needed to hear. Determined to get a response from me, J.J. lowered his face between my legs and began slowly licking the lips of my pussy up to my clit, which he would tease briefly before moving away again. He twisted the dildo inside me, pulling it out just an inch before pushing trabzon escort it back.

My resolve to remain speechless dissolved and I began to moan “please…” quietly but my son still heard me. “Please what, Mom?” he demanded to know but I couldn’t or wouldn’t answer him. He began fucking me faster with the dildo. “Please faster? Is that what you want, Mom?” My hips were bouncing on the bed but I still wouldn’t answer him.

“Please eat me? Is that what you meant,” he asked as he bent to lick my clit again. “Or ‘please harder'” he demanded as he thrust the dildo hard and fast into my cunt. “Did you mean ‘deeper, please'” and he slammed the dildo against my cervix. “‘Please stop’ is that what you meant,” he asked as he quit moving completely.

My pussy was so hot and tight, I knew I was ready to cum and I couldn’t believe he had quit fucking me but I still couldn’t ask him, couldn’t tell him what I wanted. I began pushing myself up and down on the bed, digging my heels into the mattress to push myself up and pushing my hands against the headboard so that instead of him fucking me with the dildo, I was fucking the dildo as my son watched. I couldn’t believe I was acting like such a tramp in front of one of my children but I wanted to cum so badly that nothing else mattered.

J.J. just watched me for a few moments. “Do you like that, Mom,” he asked but I still wouldn’t answer him. Suddenly, he ripped the dildo out of my pussy. I cried out in frustration at the empty feeling inside me but J.J. just watched in fascination as my pussy shrunk back to normal size after spreading to fit the dildo he used on me. I could feel my cum running down the crack of my ass.

“Don’t go away,” J.J. said with a chuckle as he picked up the flashlight and walked out the door. I could hear his footsteps as he raced down the staircase but soon everything was quiet again. I shivered in the cold air, wondering how long my son was going to leave me tied and uncovered like this. It seemed like he had been gone forever already. Licking my dry lips, I called “J.J., where are you?” The house was silent. I lifted my head off the mattress, straining to see into the darkness. “J.J. this isn’t funny!” I hollered louder but still no response from anywhere in the house. I could feel myself beginning to panic. What if he had slipped on the floor and knocked himself out? With the storm outside raging on, there was no telling how long the power would be out or when Gerald and Nicole might come home to find us. My face burned with shame at the thought of my husband or our daughter coming home and finding me tied to the bed, cum drying between my legs from the sex games I had played with my son.

I was so lost in the thought of how I could possibly explain my current position to anyone that I didn’t notice the dim light from the flashlight as J.J. climbed the stairs until he was near the top. As the light grew brighter I realized J.J. was on his way back into my bedroom. A part of me wanted to continue the game he had begun but another part demanded that I try to reason with him again. “J.J.,” I began, “just untie me and we’ll forget this ever happened. No one needs to know about it.”

J.J. smiled as he entered the room. “Mom, I’ve thought of nothing but you since I was a teenager. I’ve wanted you like this for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to. Before tonight is over, you are going to admit you want this too.”

J.J. flopped down on the bed next to me, setting the flashlight on the nightstand. In his other hand he held one of the large peppermint sticks. “You know,” he said as he began to unwrap it, “I think these were always my favorite part of my stocking.” Tossing the cellophane on the floor, J.J. started sucking on one end. “They are so hot and sweet, just like I always imagined you would be, Mom.” He rolled the candy stick on his tongue and then looked at it. “No more rough edges. Why don’t we combine my two favorite tastes,” he suggested with a grin and leaned over me.

I gasped when I felt the hard stick of candy rubbing my slit, the peppermint burned my sensitive skin and I tried moving away from it. “Now hold still, Mom,” J.J. commanded as he grabbed the flashlight. “I want to see what I’m doing down here.” Placing the flashlight between my legs again, J.J. used his other hand to spread my pussy lips, his warm breath flowing over me like a caress. Gently he began pushing the peppermint stick inside me. Every where it touched burned with the oil used to make it but not in a painful way, more like I was getting hotter than I could ever remember getting before. A low moan escaped me and I was no longer trying quite so hard to get away from this new toy my son had introduced. When J.J. flicked my clit with his tongue, the muscles inside my pussy clenched, causing the peppermint stick to jump in his hand.

Leaving the candy deep inside me, J.J. moved up to my face. He caressed my cheek with one hand and whispered, “I want to feel your pussy squeeze me just like that when I’m fucking you, Mom. Do you want to have my hard cock inside you?” My mouth was dry and my hips had begun rocking, pushing the candy even deeper inside. J.J. swirled his tongue along the shell of my ear, his hot breath causing me to shiver.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32