Kink Night Ch. 02

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This story starts to take place a week after Kink Night 1. I build on the themes started in that story and build on kinks and ideas I’ve had for years.


The Friday following my coming out at a toy I got an e-mail from Jill. She was just checking up on me since they hadn’t heard anything from me since I left the house the next morning and they were wondering if I was all right.

I hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t talked to them since that night. The Monday following that party I was given two new projects at work and had been totally buried with the new load. I fired off an email letting her know that everything was fine and that I was currently swamped at work. I apologized for not contacting them and hoped that I could make it up to her and Brad soon. I figured that these new projects would keep me under for the next two weeks at least and let her know that so that things wouldn’t get tense. After sending that mail I buried myself in phase 3 of the first project until about 9 o’clock.

Around 10:30 I got home and fired up my home machine to unwind a bit before bed. Jill had sent another e-mail to me. After accepting my apology and giving her condolences about the work load, she told me that they were willing to let me make up my rudeness to them and would begin working on a plan for me. Her emoticons let me know she was teasing, at least in part. I did get the impression that the next gathering would be another night of firsts for me though. I let that settle into the back of my mind and zipped off to my favorite porn sites to lessen the load of my day, so to speak.

The next two weeks flew by in a haze. By putting in steady 14 hour days my team and I were able to finish the final phases of both projects on Wednesday of the second week. Upper management was impressed with the speed that we finished with, but were hesitant about the quality of the proposals when we delivered them that afternoon. We all knew that the next day would be full of tension, at least until they let us know if there were any changes that they required. We also knew that the reward potential on this set was going to by huge in many ways.

We spent the majority of Thursday morning in our ‘war’ room chugging coffees and playing some computer games to try and keep loose while we waited for the word to come down. Just before noon Sally, the VP’s admin, came into the room to deliver the news. “Guys, Justin wanted me to make sure that you heard this first.” There was a long pause as she waited until everyone had a chance to get closer to her. This silence was not a good thing as she normally did this before she relayed a demand for massive changes in a project. You could feel the room tighten up and the mood begin to shrink. “Justin wanted you all to know just what the group thought of the projects as you presented them……. They all loved them. They were impressed with the speed and thoroughness with which you did both projects and at the same time no less. As such they told me to kick you all out of the offices for today and tomorrow, paid! And that there were reservations for you all at The Swan for lunch today courtesy of the administrative board. Also they want to you to enjoy your long weekend and pending the client’s reactions to the projects there will be more news on Monday for your team!” Flashing a blinding smile she wished us well and went back to the upper offices.

I think we all waited an appropriate amount of time before we began to explode. With rounds of high fives and cheers we packed up and headed out for lunch at one of the best restaurants in the area and looking forward to a long weekend after the hours we put in over the past 3 weeks.

I didn’t get home until almost 4 p.m. after we drank ourselves silly after a fabulous meal. We all felt that a nice bonus would be coming our way next week after the client meetings which lent even more reason to celebrate. I was rather buzzed from the single malts I enjoyed courtesy of Justin and I settled in to have a nice alcohol and steak fueled nap.

I woke up around 7 feeling refreshed and energized. The stress of the past few weeks was gone and a real sense of hope was washing over me. The bonus would be great, but I was starting to hope that my team’s success would give me an opportunity to move up another rung in the ladder. Filled with this sense of happiness I went into my computer room and fired up the rig to get a little porn in and a few rounds in my favorite online game.

I pulled up my email and saw that Jill has sent me a couple mailings and at least on file attachment. I was intensely curious at what file she would be sending me to I opened it up to get it loading before I even read her message. As the .avi loaded up I saw that the message was a simple one word, Enjoy! From the opening scene I saw that it was from our last party night and I knew right there that no porn sites would be needed tonight or for at least a few more. Since this was the first of her messages I paused the movie long enough to see what else she had to say.

The next mail was a long and detailed one. She was inviting bursa escort bayan me over to their house this weekend for another party and for an opportunity to make up my bad behavior to the both of them. She then went on to explain a little bit of just what they had in mind for me as my act of atonement. Let me say now that this note turned the fire in my groin up a few hundred degrees and I started to jack off while reading her explanation of their plans. I freed up both hands long enough to send her a reply saying that I did want to join in their plans and that I had Friday off as well, so that perhaps we could start a little early. That done I turned back to the movie of my performance and pulled off a few loads before I could log into the game. Logging out of the game at 4 in the morning I stumbled to bed not even thinking of checking my email for her reply.

I rolled outta bed around 11 a.m. Friday morning and reveled in my extra day off. I weaved my way into the kitchen and grabbed a can of my favorite breakfast, mountain dew, and went back to my computer. Working on auto pilot I went through my day off motions, hit all the joke and cartoon sites I like, scanned some satire sites that are on my must see list and of course the game boards. Fired up thunderbird after waking up enough to focus on things and there at the top of the inbox was a message from Jill. The short of it was this. She was happy that I had a long weekend and that things went well for me and for two reasons. First as a friend she was glad that things worked out for me and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, they were planning a party this weekend starting on Friday evening and lasting through Saturday. She outlined what they had planned so far and then dropped the bomb. They wanted to know if I’d be the center of attention during a phase of the festivities given how much I enjoyed myself last time. She hinted that they had a plan for me should I say yes, but that I would get no information about it as I would be playing the role of mindless toy, literally. Given the fun I had last time and knowing that they would ensure my safety and fun I let the horny beast in my rule my mind and sent a simple reply to the whole message: Yes!

Since my mind had begun to run rampant I switched over to some porn figuring to have a nice lengthy masturbation session to really enjoy the day off. Before I had even found anything that peaked my curiosity my inbox chime went off. Jill was replying to me already. That was odd since both she and Brad worked until at least 4 p.m. most days. The fact that she replied that fast excited me even more as I opened it. The message was simple and sent chills of anticipation down my spine and into my ass and balls.

Slave. We are glad you are willing to serve and responded so early and promptly. I’m off today and am preparing for the festivities planned for the weekend. Since you are off and are to play a large role in this I command the following of you. 1. Do not masturbate!! Punishment will be dealt should we find out you did. 2. Pack what you will need for your stay here for the weekend. 3. Bathe and come here, NOW! You have 1 ½ hours to be here before incurring punishment.

Mistress Jill.

Finishing that my cock was hard as iron and I wanted to let one go so bad but I knew that waiting would be so much better. I shut down the pc right then and began stuffing a duffel bag and hit the shower. I made it to their house in just under an hour, even with hitting a drive through for a quick lunch on the way.

Jill was in the front yard doing some work in the flower beds as I pulled up in front. As she saw me pull to the curb she waved me into the drive and up into their garage. “Since you will be here most of the weekend you may as well park there since you won’t be leaving. We’ll need all the room we can for the other guests anyhow.” She glanced down at her watch and smiled. “Wow that was quick! Somebody sure is eager.” Her grin told me volumes in the terms of her wicked mind and hinted at the plans for the weekend.

“Well since you’re here help me finish getting these plants out and the fresh mulch. What is the use of having a slave if not for the labor!” Her laugh only increased as my thoughts bled through to my expression. I HATE gardening in any form and she knew it. Ah well, I had already agreed to it, and there wasn’t much left to be done anyhow. 2 hours passed quickly and we were both covered in mulch dust and sweat, so much for my shower.

“All done! Thanks Andy, I know Brad will appreciate it as well when he gets home. I think he hates this almost as much as you do. Lets get inside and cool off a bit before we get cleaned up and start getting the basement set up.” I grabbed my duffel and followed her into their kitchen. She tossed me a bottle of water as I was setting the bag down on the table. She grabbed my bag as she sat down. “Typical guy,” she said lifting the bag onto her lap. “Did you even pack anything?” This barely preceded her rummaging through my stuff, “Well it’s not like you will need much for the weekend anyhow. After we get bursa merkez escort cleaned up you won’t be needing clothes until after the festivities are over.” Again her wicked smile said far, far more than her words and my cock began to swell. “Well that isn’t entirely true, but what you will be wearing we will provide as the time requires.”

She finished her water and took the duffel and stuffed it in the front closet. “Come on stinky, lets go get cleaned up!” I quickly finished my bottle as she vanished down the hall towards their master suite. “Throw your dirty stuff down the laundry chute. You can pick the stuff up after Estelle gets it cleaned next week, that is, if Mr. Bachelor can afford to miss what he’s wearing!” She never missed a chance to take a shot at my wardrobe, or lack of it. Even when I was married I was never much of a fashion horse and now that I was single again my wardrobe was in an even worse state.

I quickly got myself down to my naked sweaty state and rushed to find her in the bathroom filling their spa. “There you are. I thought you got lost slow poke. We’re going to share a nice relaxing soak to make sure none of my muscles ache later AND to make sure you are all clean and prepared. Start trimming those pubes so I can shave you down once the bath is ready. And wash up your bum now too, that’s getting shaved as well and I want to do that and your pubes before we get in the water. Your legs can wait until we are in before I do them.”

I was dumbfounded with all this and just stood looking at her. “Well SLAVE, are you going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” That snapped me back into it. “The easy way Mistress. Forgive me, I was just startled with your demands. I’ll get started right away.”

Action followed my words quickly since the whole situation was rapidly getting me even more fired up. In short order I had washed and trimmed all that I could and she quickly came over to finish the task. She put a towel down on the toilet and had me sit as she knelt between my legs and began to shave my pubic region. I thought I was completely prepared for what she had requested, that is until she began to shave my sac. This frightened me since I’d never done this before, let alone anyone else. I knew enough to not even twitch after the first shock went through me.

She finished that area quickly and without the slightest hesitation or mishap, much to my delight. Then it was time to stand and bend over as she shaved my bum clean and smooth. When she was done she couldn’t pass up the chance to tease me and drag her finger in slow circles around my pucker. This brought my cock back up to full mast and a low moan came out before I knew it. “Slut!” was all she said before her hand slapped my ass, hard. Not expecting it I jumped at the sting. With a giggle she told me to get my ass into the bath.

The bath turned into a long soaking foreplay session between us. While fun it was far from satisfying for me. While she had a couple small orgasms I was left high and dry, so to speak. She finally had her fill of both the play and the bath and quickly shaved my legs and ordered me out to dry myself off. At this point I was feeling a little cranky due to the constant teasing and no relief and she must have sensed it. “Don’t worry slave. I will attend your needs I see best, and you won’t regret it. I promise.”

Once dried off I could feel the difference being completely shaved from the waist down made. Of course my cock was still mostly erect and my balls felt like they weighed 10 pounds each. Jill had dried off and had pulled a dressing chair into the bathroom. She brought in a paper bag and sat it next to the chair as she set down. “Ok slave time for step two of your cleaning. Come lay across my lap.” She beckoned me over by patting those lovely tanned thighs. After some maneuvering we got me positioned across her lap with my cock trapped between those thighs. It was awkward as I was nearly lying with my face on the floor and ass in the air and then as I felt her fingers spreading something cool and wet on my asshole I thought I knew why.

She teased me for a few long minutes getting my cock even harder than before when her finger was replaced by something small and plastic. Right after that I began to feel cold liquid begin to fill my ass, enema! I had talked with them before about how I thought enema play might be fun and it seems I was right. However this wasn’t really play as she was intent one getting me thoroughly clean inside and out. After a half dozen or so it seemed that I was clean enough for her and we finished that.

My ass and cock seemed like they were the only nerve centers on my body right then. Even the slight air movement from the air conditioning brought erotic sensations to those areas. My cock had been drooling pre-cum for most of the enema process and was twitching in need now. Seeing this Mistress Jill sent me over to the bed. “You did well slave, and it’s time for that reward I promised.” With that she came over to me carrying a velvet bag and knelt between my legs again. She bursa sınırsız escort roughly spread my legs so that she had full access to my cock, balls and ass. She went to work licking and sucking all over my crotch without touching my cock. She sucked on my bald balls, tongued my smooth ass and everywhere else.

It was both heaven and hell. I tried to stroke myself a few times only to get a slap or have a nut pinched. It only took a couple times to let me know that I was to do nothing without her directly stating that I was to do it. Pre-cum was pooling on my stomach now in a near constant flow and she was back to sucking on my balls when I felt something cold at my ass.

Cold and smooth the vibe quickly invaded my now hungry and alive ass. As she pushed it in far enough to bump my prostrate I shoved back trying to get more of it as I moaned out in heat. Her chuckle vibrated my balls and the base of my cock and felt delicious. That’s when she turned on the vibe. My cock began to twitch and pulse out a stream of pre-cum adding to the already large pool. She rose up from my balls, her nipples tracing a path on my thighs as she leaned in and scooped up some of my pool and brought it to my lips. “Eat it!”

Being the obedient slave I quickly complied and licked her hand clean, savoring every drop. She quickly got rid of the pool on me in this manner before she sank down and took the helmet of my cock into her mouth. Lightly stroking me with her tongue I exploded in seconds. When I had drained all of my nuts into her mouth she climbed up onto me and shared it with me in a long, deep kiss.

We lay there basking in the after effect of our play for a few minutes. She stirred quickly and slid back down between my legs and lightly massaged my now flaccid cock. She got my all dry and clean in quick order. I was starting to enjoy the feel of her soft hands on my now bald groin again when I felt something cool engulf my cock and heard a ‘click’. I looked down to see a cage locked onto my cock. I was to not experience an erection again until my mistress let me. My post orgasmic brain didn’t really register what this would mean later and it’s a good thing or I may have spoiled it all by reacting differently. As it was I merely smiled as she told me that I was hers until she decided she was done with me.

She had me stand up as she produced a couple new items from the dresser. One was an item I had seen on the internet a few times. It was a belt harness that was to be used with a butt plug. The plug in this case was a large and very realistic representation of a cock. She quickly got me strapped up and locked down with this gadget as well. The second item was a leather pouch that covered up my cock cage but left my bald balls exposed through an opening that she tied off so that my balls were stretched tight in their exposure. Though the whole process my cock kept trying to come to a full erection but was painfully stopped by the cage. This forced my mind to focus on the sensations of my balls and my now full ass. Apparently Jill read this thought as my ass exploded with sensations as the plug began to vibrate.

With a throaty chuckle she waved the remote at me and stuffed it in her shorts. “Ok let’s head to the basement and start getting everything ready.” We made our way downstairs and every step was a burst of pleasure as the plug rubbed all the right spots and my balls swung as they began to grow heavier and heavier in my excitement.

Once downstairs I saw that there were some new pieces of furniture, I had seen several of similar pieces on the internet while viewing some fetish sites. The picture spreads I had seen left lasting impressions in my memory and fuels many of my more erotic masturbation sessions, not too mention a number of arguments with my ex when I suggested we get some for our own use. Behind these pieces was a new pegboard rack that held all of the goodies I’d seen and used with Brad and Jill over the past year, as well as many new ones. I must have drifted off while staring at the newest toys because a spike and the vibrations in my ass made me jump a mile. Her laughter echoed in my ears as my cheeks burned with embarrassment. “I promise you will get to know this stuff very intimately before the weekend is over. Now you need to move things around so that everything is arranged just as I tell you. These details are very important so don’t fudge it up.” That said I got down to pushing and pulling things around the basement as she commanded. I hung several sheets of dark cloth effectively creating small rooms or areas around many of the new arrivals. I also loaded several cases of beer, pop and bottled water into the fridge and coolers in the basement and garage.

After a couple hours everything was ready and I was covered with a light sheen of sweat and was slightly tired. Seeing this Jill made me take another quick shower and a few more enemas’ then gave me a sleeping pill and told me to get to sleep. I would need the rest so that I would better enjoy the night’s fun. When I hesitated she slapped my balls hard enough to hurt and told me that if I didn’t do as she asked she would punish me. I thought it over quickly and figured what the heck, might as well go in for the whole ride as I’d never been pushed beyond what I wanted with them before. So I swallowed it down and let myself be lead to the spare room and lay down to get my rest.

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