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Big Dicks

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love having sex with married men, particularly if they’ve not cheated on their wives before. Nothing tells me I’m sexier or more desirable than to have a man want me so badly that he’ll break his marital vows, betray his wife’s love and trust, and break one of the Ten Commandments just to experience sex ONCE with me. Really, how could all that NOT make a girl feel good about herself?

Just to be perfectly clear, I have absolutely NO desire to harm anyone’s marriage which is one reason why I never meet twice with a married man. I’m just not interested in being “the other woman” in some sleazy affair. It’s being the woman he can’t resist, the girl he lusts for more than anyone ever before, becoming the fantasy he never thought would come true, that makes me so unbelievably horny and satisfied when we do it, not a relationship.

Although I am sure there are those who would claim I am contributing to the failure of a marriage, I actually believe I’ve SAVED a number of marriages by allowing an unhappy husband to live out one of his greatest fantasy, thereby getting it out of his system so he can go home to his wife and kids and be a better husband and father.

One thing that needs to be made clear – when I talk about having “sex” I mean something very specific. “Sex” is the penetration of a vagina by a penis. Period. Sex is fundamentally a reproductive act, even if most of the time that’s not the intended purpose. Thus by definition, “oral sex” is NOT sex (yes, President Clinton was technically correct, although not politically). Because it’s NOT sex, a husband who receives a blowjob from another woman is not technically cheating on his wife. This is based on my own perspective using the principles by which I lead my life. No doubt his wife and family, not to mention some friends and church leaders, may have different opinions!

A husband is cheating on his wife (more accurately he is committing adultery against his wife) when he has sex with a woman not in his family (let’s avoid the issues of bi and gay marriage please). It make NO difference if his wife has given permission for him to have sex with other women. Adultery is adultery, even if the wife is “OK” with it. It is a sin and a violation of the Ten Commandments and no one can give you “permission” to violate them. Thus it’s up to the guy as to whether committing adultery means anything to him. It’s HIM that is committing adultery after all, not me.

One last thing, people have called me hypocritical for saying on the one hand that I abhor adultery and would neuter my future husband someday if he ever did it to me, yet on the other hand say I love it when another man commits adultery with me. Personally, I will be faithful to my husband and I will NEVER commit adultery. When a man cheats on his wife with me, HE is the one who is married so HE is the one committing adultery. If I was married as well, then it would be an entirely different story indeed. I don’t feel guilty in the slightest for what I do – why should? I do it simply for my own self-satisfaction and the ego-boost it gives me. HE is the one who has to reconcile his actions with his marital vows and spiritual beliefs.

By the way, I’ve found that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Many of the men I’ve met on-line have told me that they find it much hotter to fuck a married woman than a single one. Personally, I think most people, whether they engage in it or just fantasize about it, find something about the whole “married partner” scenario to be an incredible turn-on.

The first married man I was with was back when I was only eighteen years old and a senior in high school. Back then I was fucked by an older married guy from my dad’s office when I was babysitting for his kids. Even back then, as inexperienced as I was in comparison to today, I realized that there was something special about taking a place in a married man’s heart that his wife can never fill again or remove. When I look at their wives afterwards I can’t help but wonder if they’ve any idea that when their husband makes love to them now that at some point he’s thinking about how it was to fuck ME. Maybe he even wishes in a small way that it was MY pussy his dick was in instead of hers. Of course they don’t know any of this but it’s still fun to think about!


Actually it had been quite a while since I’d been with a married man, long enough that even my dad would tease me about it now and then. The most recent one had been the school administrator where I teach but I really don’t like to count him because of the circumstances under which things took place (he was blackmailing me).

Indeed, it wasn’t until my dad casually asked one day after we’d had sex if I was “losing my touch” that I realized it had been over six months since I’d done a married man! It didn’t seem possible at first but after I thought about it, yes, confirmed it was true. Apparently all the issues I’ve been having with changing jobs, dealing with blackmail, and simply fulfilling my responsibilities as a daughter, niece and now antep escort a girlfriend had been overwhelming me.

After I left my dad’s house that day, I drove in the my car back home and made a vow to myself. I was going to get a married guy to fuck me in the next week and that was that!

To be fair, if my goal had been simply to get laid by someone I’d never met before in one week, that would have been silly. I’ve always maintained that ANY girl, no matter her age or looks, can get a man to fuck her in the next 30 minutes at any point in time if she REALLY wants to. Of course that means she can’t be very selective, but the point is valid.

It’s the basic difference between men and women really. Women can have sex whenever they want it, all they have to do is make themselves available. Men, on the other hand, are at the mercy of women. Unless they rape someone (which I would NEVER condone under ANY circumstances) they have to find a woman who is willing to let them fuck her. Judging from the number of horny guys who read my site, it’s a whole lot harder for the guys than the gals!

When I look for a married guy, I don’t want someone who serial cheats to where he may as well not be married. Similarly, I don’t want “swingers” where the wife is in on it. The whole point for me is that the wife does NOT know about her husband cheating on her. It’s him having to bear that secret, to perhaps feel guilty about it for the rest of his life, for him to secretly remember me whenever he has sex with his wife… THAT is what turns me on.

The guy I want is your typical husband, a wife with three kids and a dog living in a simple home with a job he hates. The guy who had such dreams as a teenager, whose life never turned out the way he had hoped. The man who married the girl he dated in high school before he realized how many other options he would someday have but now was stuck with her, realizing now that he’d married the wrong woman but could never do anything about it because he was licked into the marriage by finances and kids. The man who looks at other woman and wishes he had sex with more of them when he could, perhaps his wife even being the only one he’d ever done, perhaps he lusts for his daughter who reminds him of the opportunities he had as a teen that he never took advantage of.

The married man I want knows that his fantasies are just that – fantasies, and he would never act on them, especially with regards to his daughter. Even so, he still secretly masturbates to porn as he relives those fantasies in the middle of the night while his wife is asleep. All he wants is that ONE chance to fuck the girl of his dreams, that ONE opportunity to have his dick sucked like his wife never would do for him. He doesn’t want to leave his wife, at least not to where he ever would, but he just wishes he could live out his fantasy just ONE time before he gets too old to get it up anymore!

Yep, THAT’S the husband I wanted to fuck me and I had just one week to find him.

By the time I got back home, I could hardly wait to get up to my room and strip off my clothes. God I was so horny again! Besides, my jeans looked like I’d peed in them with my dad’s cum leaking from me all the way home. I probably should have showered and cleaned myself up before I left but I’d figured it would be OK for the short drive home. Guess dear old dad must not have been fucking my Aunt Linda enough lately as he’d left quite a load in me!

Once undressed, I stood next to my bed and hesitated. My bed looked awful tempting, practically calling out for me to hop on board and do what came natural. Then again, I felt sweaty and my pussy was still wet from sex so a shower would be awful nice. The shower had another thing going for it – a wonderful new shower massager with more settings than I knew what to do with. What the heck, why not kill two birds with one stone as they say and so I headed for the shower. Kristi wasn’t home, where she was I had no idea, so I had the place all to myself.

It was an older home with a tiny bathroom – were people in the old days so much smaller or what? The shower and tub were combined with the sink opposite and the toilet at the end next to the window – rather odd when you think about it but I guess it had something to do with the way the plumbing worked or whatever my dad had tried (without much success) to explain to me one time. When I sat on it there as barely enough room for my knees so I don’t know how taller men could ever have used it.

The tub was ancient porcelain, worn down in some places with a rubber stopper on a chain. It had separate controls for the hot and cold water which I liked much better than those complicated single handle versions that I ALWAYS turn the wrong way and either practically scald myself or face the threat of hypothermia. The shower head was lower than most – another sign of ancient short people? You pulled down on this little handle in the faucet to turn on the shower which ALWAYS started with a slug of cold water no matter how hard you tried to avoid it. There was a shower curtain instead of doors which I hated but my aunt had picked out one with a pretty yellow floral design so it wasn’t too terrible to look at.

I pulled the curtain across and reached in to run the water before stepping in and turning on the shower. Yep, there was that blast of cold water and then the soothing feel of hot after that, making my skin tingle as I felt it beating against my bare skin. It felt good to rinse myself off – something I should’ve done at my dad’s house I guess but better late than never. I rubbed myself between my legs with some soap, scrubbing off the cum that was still clinging to me.

As I scrubbed my pussy I remembered my promise to myself that I would find myself a new married guy within a week. Hmmmmmm, imagine if I’d been babysitting in this house and now that the kids were in bed I decided to take a shower and while I was doing so, the dad came home from work early and heard the shower running. (OK, so the plot’s a stretch but hey, I can fantasize about it any way I want!). In my mind I pictured him peeking in at the edge of the shower, seeing me facing away towards the shower head as I allowed the water to strike me in front and run down between my boobs to my crotch.

Is there anything as sexy as being watched while you masturbate? Well, maybe there are a few things but you get the idea. It’s even better if the person watching me doesn’t realize that I know they are watching me. I love to be all naughty and let them think it’s just me I’m doing it for, not realizing that I’m getting off as much by putting on a show for them as I am from the actual masturbating.

So it was with my babysitting in the shower fantasy, imagining the father coming home and peeking in on me as I did myself in the shower. I could picture his cock getting hard and uncomfortable as it grew until finally he couldn’t hold back and he pulled it out through his unzipped pants so he could stroke himself as he watched me. Mmmmmmm, I loved to see a man stroking his cock when he’s all hard because of ME. No matter what else he says or does, a man’s dick never lies.

Imagine his surprise when I turn around and catch him jerking off as he peeks at me in the shower. He turns to run away but I call out to him and beg him to continue. Then I played with myself again, imagining his lust overcoming his shyness as he once again stroked his own dick while I played with myself right in front of him.

When my imaginary masturbating father started to cum, so did I – and for real as well. God I loved to cum when I masturbated, often several times if I had the time and energy. It felt great, was easy to do, didn’t require any special equipment, and made me feel better than at any other time of the day.

As if I hadn’t been determined before, I was all the more by the time my so- called shower was over. Damn, I HAD to find the right guy – and soon.


Some people seem to think all a girl has to do is wear something a little skimpy, flirt with a guy for a while, and before you can even spell adultery he’ll be fucking her. Sure, that works in fantasy stories but in real life it’s by far the exception more than the rule. It’s not that such a thing NEVER happens; I’m just saying it’s not at all typical. Such stories are sort of like how men’s dicks in porn movies don’t reflect on the typical guy’s dick in real life. It’s also just like how real women don’t just walk in the locker room after the game and start fucking the whole football team… and so on.

In real life, while finding any ol’ guy to fuck isn’t all that hard, finding the RIGHT married man can be downright frustrating at times. Oh sure, most of them try to sneak a peek at me when their wives aren’t looking (or at least they THINK she isn’t looking). Heck, some of them don’t seem to mind if she IS. For the most part guys just window shop and most of them aren’t REALL ready to go in the store, let alone buy anything.

While I don’t mean to sound cynical, deep down I truly believe that EVERY married man seriously thinks about cheating on his wife at some time or another in his marriage. However, in all fairness to the married man demographic, I also believe that the majority of them will never go beyond that “wishful” stage no matter what the reason or opportunity. That isn’t to say they won’t be jerking off in private back home thinking about what MIGHT have happened if they HAD done something. It’s just that for one reason or another, they simply don’t cross the line Maybe they’re afraid they will be turned down and embarrassed, perhaps even exposed. Of course, maybe some are just happy to be married to their wife, although I think THOSE are a VERY small minority.

Given that the divorce rate in the USA is well over 50%, that tells me that the majority of men DO cross the line sooner or later. Often I think they just needed the right girl at the right time and place to make the first move and their resistance finally crumbles.

Face it, men are driven by their penis so it’s not really that unexpected. What DOES surprise me is that most men are able to STAY married for any length of time. All I have to do is look at my own father to see one of those few exceptions, but then he also has had some things going for him that most men don’t. The advantages of incest are for another discussion but it is one reason I believe incest can be good in terms of preserving a marriage.

It’s a fine line between a husband who WANTS to cheat but never will, versus the one who wants to cheat but doesn’t for whatever reason – fear, shyness, conscience, etc. So what is the “profile” of the typical married guy I’m looking for?

First, he’s in the thirty to forty-five age bracket, old enough to HOPEFULLY be mature but still able to get it up reliably. He’s climbing the career ladder, meaning work conflicts with his home life, creating tension with his wife and isolating him from his family. He’s rarely next to his wife at social functions and when he is, they don’t talk much and you can almost feel the tension crackling between them as they don their phony smiles and try to act like the perfect middle-class couple.

Second, he’s been married for ten to twenty years. Long enough for the glow to have faded but not so long that he’s locked in for life. Look at the guy who’s been married for more than 25 years. His kids are grown up and moved out, his career has peaked, his waistline’s expanded and hair’s receding or even disappearing. Such a guy is probably not going to do anything to jeopardize his marriage if for no better reason than it would simply be financially devastating to get a divorce. Most men when they approach fifty are not as willing to start all over again so they stick with what they’ve, even if they hate it. Even if such a guy a IS willing to fool around, then that’s also a bright warning sign as he’s probably so desperate that he would be careless and end up doing something stupid.

Third, he has at least one daughter, preferably a teenager.

And last, he attends church and is active with his daughter’s church youth group and school activities. He readily volunteers for all his daughter’s activities yet if you watch him closely, he isn’t watching his own daughter nearly as much as he looks at the other girls. He’s the first to offer “encouragement” to all the pretty college girls in the form of a hug or just a touch – never anything at all inappropriate, but enough to help him with his thoughts later when he goes home to jerk off.

So why does this profile make a man a potential prospect? Well, put all the pieces together and here are the typical results:

Number one – he’s thinking about what it will be like when the kids gone and he’s “free” to make marital decisions without having to worry about the impact on them. He’s starting to feel a little older, perhaps worried that life is passing him by and he’s probably never going to do all the things he’d dreamed of doing – especially when it comes to sex.

Number two – His wife’s getting older and losing her figure while at the same time his daughter is transforming into a sensuous young woman. His wife’s boobs are sagging more every day it seems while his daughters are perky and growing. His wife’s legs are getting flabby while their daughter’s figure is getting more better all the time. His wife’s pussy tends to be dry and loose while he just knows his daughter’s is tight and probably as wet as can be when she’s thinking about her boyfriend.

Number three – Despite the fact that he knows it’s “wrong”, he can’t stop himself from thinking sexual thoughts about his own daughter, especially when she wears a bikini or runs around the house half-naked without a clue as to the effect she’s having on her own father. He rationalizes that it’s OK because of course he would never ACT on those thoughts. Now I’m NOT saying by any stretch of the imagination that all fathers desire their daughters sexually but in my experience, most will confess to having THOUGHT about it. Even so, the vast majority of those that do would probably never act on those impulses, even if the opportunity presented itself.

Number four – Because his daughter is in the college youth group, it gives him an excuse to be at their meetings and watch the other girls, envying the boys their age and wishing he could take their place for just one date. It also gives him an excuse to talk to the helpers and teachers – like me.

Number five, and last – Watching his eighteen year-old daughter and her friends, he reminisces about the “good old days” in college. He wishes that he knew at that age what he did now and taken more advantage of the girls that he was too shy to ask out – or to do anything if he did.

Put it all together and you have a man who’s horny and frustrated to the point of breaking. He’s most likely masturbating at least once a day, probably while fantasizing about one of the girls he wished he had fucked back in college or maybe even one of his daughter’s friends today. Odds are thoughts of his daughter pop in now and then but he tries to push them aside, not ready to cross THAT line, at least not yet. He’s at that stage where he is ready to cheat on his wife, even if just once to relive those days – to do it “right” this time. In other words, he’s just what I’m looking for!

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