Amy’s Friend

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It all started about six months ago, Just after my daughters eighteenth birthday. I always knew that young Girls had an effect on me but never knew how far I would go. Every time my daughter had a pool party I would make it a point to be doing yard work. I loved to watch all those young bodies play and laying around the pool. I would steal little peeks out the corner of my eye at those tanned young bodies. Sometimes I would sneak into the shed and watch out the window since it was the closest to the pool. That way I could jack myself while watching. It was great!!!

My daughter had one friend named Becky that was very well developed compared to the rest of the girls. MAN that girl would swing those smooth and very fine hips as though she was moving in slow motion. She had one of those baby doll looks that gets my heart and dick pounding in seconds. Her pussy would seem to stand out in front as though she stayed on a horny high. Her tits where the most perfect in shape and size, with just a hint of bounce as she walk, I could have drowned in my own spit just looking at Them.

Anyway, during one of her pool parties that was held in late summer, it was getting late, the temperature seemed to drop and the girls decided to call it a night. My daughter came up to me and said that Becky was going to spend the night. I said “no problem, I’ll make up the guest room for her.”

Amy said, “thanks dad, you’re great.” So I went and made up the bed for her and just the thought of her lying in that bed got me starting to feel that familiar twitch in my shorts. Well later that night when the girls where ready for bed they came into the den where I was sitting to tell me good night. Amy said “Thanks dad for your help today , love you” and kissed me on the cheek. Becky said goodnight and they were off and up to their rooms. I sat there for a minute just thinking how I wish the day could have been longer so I could watch this young thing play around the pool.

Well, about eleven pm, while working in the den, I heard foot steps in the hall heading for the kitchen. I got up, walked around the corner and there in the light of the fridge was Becky. She must have thought I was in bed because she never bothered to put on a robe. Christ, I liked to have passed out! She had on a silk teddy with ruffled panties! I was standing in the door way and her back was to me. She was bent over looking in the fridge, and that very fine ass of hers was right there, within three feet of me. I froze, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her ass was just so perfect and that little wedge between her legs was just open to show that sweet pussy, all puffy and tight pulled under those panties!

I finally got control of myself and backed into the den nice and quiet. I sat down and listened for her to go back upstairs. But after a minute or two, she popped her head into the den and said, “Mr. Blake, do you have anything for a cold, I think we stayed in the pool too long.” I started to say yeah, then it hit me! This may be your big chance!

So I said, “Yes Becky Escort Eryaman I do, I have this medicine that my doctor gave me just last week, it really worked well if you want to try it” She said, “Sure, if it works.” I went to the bathroom to get it. This stuff was given to me to help me sleep when I get insomnia. It will knock you right out and that’s exactly what I wanted to happen!. So I brought out the pills and gave her two, even though I only needed one when I took them. I wanted her to sleep really good.

She took the pills and said, “Thanks Mr. B.”, and started up the stairs. As she was leaving I said with a big grin on my face, “That should help you sleep like a log.” Then I went back into the den to give the pills time to do their job. I was starting to get nervous about what I was doing and almost backed out. But the thought of that young thing up there drugged up was like a magnet drawing me to her.

It had been about an hour since she had taken the pills, so I got up and very quietly and walked up the stairs. I stopped just for a second at my daughters room to listen to see if she was asleep. She was, so I walked on down the hall to the guestroom door and stopped. My heart was pounding so hard, I thought it would jump out of my chest. My hands were shaking so bad, I thought I would not be able to open the door. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to open it, in fear the pills didn’t work and she would hear me sneaking in.

So I held my breath, grabbed the knob and opened it slowly . It was quiet and calm as I walked in and closed the door quietly behind me. I waited a few seconds to let my eyes adjust to the dark. There under the sheet was Becky. Not moving, just a steady breath leaving her body. I watched as her chest rose and fell very slowly. I walked to the edge of the bed and said, “Becky”, but got no response. So I bent down next to her head and said her name again. Still nothing. Then I reached over and very lightly touched her arm, my heart is racing at this point. She still never stirred, so I traced my fingers up her arm, to her shoulder, and then to her neck.

She was so soft, like the wings of a butterfly. I was starting to relax and eased down on the edge of the bed while I ran my fingers over her chin. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Finally, I worked my fingers up to her full lips. They were perfect in shape and size, and that’s when I wondered what they felt like to kiss. My dick was about to bust through my shorts. I bent down and kissed her. First lightly, and then with more pressure. Her lips were warm and soft. As I kissed her, I lost myself in what I was doing, and then BAM!, it hits me. She is kissing me back! I thought I was going to cum right on the spot. I froze for a second and pulled back.

I said very quietly “Becky are you awake?”, but I got no response. She must be in a dream state, I told myself. I bent back down and kissed her again, she kissed me back!. This is better than I had hoped for! While we kissed, I reach down her neck and traced my fingers Eryaman Escort lower till I felt the edge of her breast. I slowly circled her left breast and she started to respond. She seemed to breath in a little more as I got closer to the center of her breast. I stopped to kneel beside the bed so I could see the outline of her tits through her little teddy. I pushed the bottom edge of the teddy up from her waist. While I was doing this, I leaned over and put little kisses up from her navel to where her tits were. God they looked good , I just had to have one in my mouth .

I leaned in and licked the nipple with my tongue. As I began this I was really fired up, so I sunk that nipple deep into my mouth and started to suck and nibble for all I was worth. She moved a little more, so I continued my sucking and put my hand on her leg. I moved it up from her knee to where her golden treasure lay waiting for my touch. As my hand brushed the crotch of her panties she jerked as though her nerves were wide awake. I slowly rolled my hand over her mound,while the other cupped her breast . She seamed to be moving lightly, as though she was starting to squirm. Her legs parted just a little bit as I continued to touch her pussy. I was ready to see if she smelled as nice as she looked, so I lowered my head and kissed my way down her flat tummy, till I reached the top of her panties.

I licked the edge of her panties from side to side right where her flesh made contact with them. I could just make out the faint scent of her love box. It really was having an effect on me. I noticed that I was being more bold with my touching of her silky skin. I ran my tongue over her panties as I made my way to her pussy. I could tell she had very little hair under her silk panties. I ran my tongue on down till I could feel where her pussy slit was, and my tongue seemed to separate the lips a little through her lace panties. God was she getting wet! With the mixture of my mouth and her pussy juices, I was in heaven.

I pinched her nipple between my fingers and thumb, and took my other hand and started to pull the sides of her panties down. I kept my tongue working through the material at the same time. I wanted to be sure my tongue would land on her bare pussy as the panties passed by her pussy lips. As they slid down, I could see her neatly trimmed bush , very short and smooth. I knew she took great care on the appearance of it. For who, I wondered? But tonight anyway, it was me that gets to see it! When her panties passed my tongue, it fell right on her little clit! I was amazed at how far it was sticking out of her lips. I tickled it with my tongue until I couldn’t take it anymore. I dove in her pussy hole with my tongue as deep as it would go. She was as sweet as nectar!

I had to release my cock from my shorts and rub it with my fist. Precum had already soaked into my shorts. As I took it out, I got up from the floor and leaned over to rub it’s slick head on her nipples. I groaned! It felt so good. Then I took off my shorts, crawled Eryaman Escort Bayan down in the bed with her and rubbed my body on hers. As I did this she let out a long moan. I could tell she was ripe for the picking, so I spread her legs and got up on top of her, laying down slowly. I wanted to savor the feel of my getting ready to mount this angel for the first time! As I grabbed my cock in my hand and began to rub it up and down her slit,

I leaned down to her ear and whispered, “I have been wanting to fuck your tight pussy since the first time I saw you.” She moaned a little more, like a whimper, as I slowly started to enter her. God was she tight, but she was steadly engulfing my eight and a half inch tool. Once I was in her about have way, I eased out some, and started to feed it to her with more force. She seemed to start to relax, as though she was starting to get accustomed to it’s size. Then with one more push, I sank to the depth of her womanhood. I leaned in close to her ear and started to whisper to her as I start to move in and out of her hot box. “God you’re soooo tight, and I can feel your pussy lips sliding up and down my cock.” I start to pick up the pace as I feel the juices swelling my balls.

I can’t take it anymore, but I know that I can’t cum inside her in fear she could get pregnant. So, as I gain speed, I begin to really put some force behind my thrust and plow as deep in her as I can. She is flying forward with each thrust, just about to hit the head board. The bed begins to make some noise and I know I’m going to let loose with a flood of cum! I clamp my mouth to her tit and suck hard. She was definitely feeling the effects of my thrust, as her pussy muscle began to tighten around my cock. I knew I was going to let go, so I pulled out, got up on my knees, and let it go on her. The first shot hit her on the neck and chin, the next squirt hit her on the nipple. I groaned as it shot from my cock. The last one was a big load that seemed to go on forever, it landed on her belly and pussy. It ran down her crack to her ass. As I started to calm down, I got up and put my shorts on. I went into the bathroom to get a towel to clean her up.

After I was done, I left and went to my room totally exhausted. I layed down on my bed and looked at the clock, it was 1am. ” God damn it’s late, I hope she isn’t sore tomorrow.” And I dozed off with out getting undressed. The alarm woke me at 7am, and as I woke, it dawned on me what I had done! I was a little worried she would know something had happened to her last night. I made breakfast for them and called them downstairs. Amy was the first to walk in the dining room. She gave me a hug and kiss, and said “Good morning daddy.” I said “good morning angel”.

Then came Becky, she was hopping into the dining room with a smile. It scared the shit out of me. Was she faking last night or what?! Then she sat down and said, “Good morning all , I feel great! Mr. B, thanks for the cold pills, I feel wonderful.”

I said,” I’m glad to hear that.”

Then my daughter said, “Dad I hope you don’t mind, but Donna is going to stay the night next Saturday, if it’s ok?”

I said, “Isn’t she the red head girl that was at the pool yesterday?” She said yes, and I said, “I don’t see why not, I think it would be nice.” I had a big smile on my face!! 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32