Husband is a Good Sport Ch. 01

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I married my husband Cameron when he was a junior in college. He was twenty-one and I was twenty-six. Usually the age discrepancy of couples is the opposite of our situation. He was going to university and living at home throughout his college days. He was working as a waiter in a local pub and eatery. I was there for lunch with my then boyfriend Alex. He is one of the reasons why my relationship with Cam got started.

My name is Beverly. Cameron was working at his job two years before we got married. Alex is a thirty something entrepreneur who owned several businesses and was quite successful. He had met me for lunch to plan our weekend together. When we got our table, Cam was our waiter. From the start Alex was a complete asshole. He toyed with Cam when he ordered our drinks. Cam was young and inexperienced and a bit nervous. Alex picked up on this and started asking about the food or the drinks and generally taunting Cam about his lack of experience.

I shot Alex a glance when we finally placed our drink order and Cam walked away. He gave me the thumbs up ‘winners’ smile, like ‘what did I do’? Cam returned with our drinks and Alex again spoke to him in a condescending tone. Cam was even more nervous. He stuttered taking our order and Alex made a comment again. This time when Cam walked away, I chastised Alex for the way he was treating our young waiter. He sighed and seemed to be annoyed with me for correcting him.

“Lighten up,” Alex said, “I am just messing with the young fella. Why are you so worried about him, he is just a waiter?”

“What do you mean? Just a waiter. He may be young, but you certainly don’t know anything about him. Did you start out on top, Bigshot?”

“Woah,” Alex exclaimed, “Aren’t we touchy today? What are you, the patron saint of young timid boys?”

I was beginning to grow tired of Alex’s macho man attitude anyway, so I shot back at him, “That young man may be able to buy and sell you in about five or ten years. Why do you feel like you need to belittle people like that? Are you having some masculinity issues?”

The disagreement escalated from there until Alex just paid our drink tab and we left. We were both angry at this point. When Alex and I walked outside, he pulled me aside and gruffly said, “I was going to ask you to marry me this weekend, but you fucked that up.”

What a jerk, I thought. “Why?” I asked, “So you could treat me like your servant?”

I turned and got into my car. Alex squealed his tires and left. When I got back to work, I felt in my purse for my phone. I went through a mental checklist and finally decided that I had left it on the table at the restaurant. Crap. It was an expensive phone and I did not carry insurance on it. I had no choice but to get in my car and return to the restaurant. I didn’t want to call and have them look. Things have a way of disappearing over time.

I told the receptionist about my phone and she called Cameron up to the front. He saw me and realized what I had come back for.

“Hello, Cameron, I left my phone on our table. I hope that is where it is.”

“Yes,” he said. “I tried to catch you before you left, but I was too late. I hope that I did not cause you to have a bad date.”

“Quite the contrary,” I assured him, “It was just with a bad date as in ‘the wrong guy’. I want to apologize for my boyfriend’s behavior. I don’t know why he acted that way. Maybe he was just nervous and tried to cover it up with that macho bullshit. Anyway, I apologize for the way he barked at you.”

Cameron retrieved my phone from lost and found. That should have been the end of our brief encounter, but fate has a way of intervening. On a whim, I said, “Would you let me make it up to you?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, let me cook you dinner on your night off. Okay? I really feel badly about what happened.”

“I don’t think your boyfriend would approve of that, especially since he seemed to show his disdain for me.”

“Yeah, well my boyfriend as I call him, is on very thin ice with me. He thinks he is god’s gift to women, and he might be to another woman, but not me. A person’s actions and inner self means more to me that looks and money.”

I gave him my phone number and told him to call me the next time he had a night off. I didn’t even think to ask if he had a girlfriend or what his circumstance was. When I got back in my car, I wondered what I had just done. All the way back to my work I questioned myself about why I had offered a young guy, clearly younger than me, dinner at my place. He certainly didn’t look like an ax murderer, but still, what was I thinking? I giggled inwardly at my silly attempt to apologize. I thought that he wouldn’t call anyway, so I would not have to worry about it.

That evening, I again questioned my impromptu offer to Cameron. Here I was twenty-five. Out of college for three years. I have a master’s degree in graphic design and work for a large firm in the city. I am inviting a guy younger than me to my place and I Short links don’t know a thing about him. Well, he is young. He looks even younger than I think he is. I couldn’t even tell if he was shaving regularly or not. He is about 5′-6″, longish dark brown hair and slight of build.

I am 5′-8″ tall and weigh 130 lbs. I work out almost every day and run three miles, four days a week. I have D cup breasts and a nice ass, if I do say so. I have never had any trouble attracting guys and I have my pick usually. I guess Cameron just struck me as a poor young guy who had been run over all his life. Probably bullied in school. Might have had girlfriends, but who knew at this point. The next day I regretted making a fool out of myself. I wondered if Alex would call. I was going to have to decide whether I was going to keep seeing him. He was handsome and he was a great lay. His cock is bigger than most and it is thick. He made me cum every time we had sex.

I was pretty sure that he would be calling and when my phone rang that afternoon, I expected it to be him. It was not. It was Cameron.

“Uh, Beverly?”


“It’s Cameron.”

“Oh, my god, you did call.”

“Uh, yeah, uh, I just wanted to uh, well, thank you for inviting me over for dinner, but you, uh don’t really have to do that. Uh, it was sweet of you to, uh, well, uh apologize for your boyfriend, but, well, I don’t want to cause any trouble with, well, uh, you guys.”

He was so shy. There was something about him that I couldn’t describe, but he seemed to have something beyond his shy nervousness. It was not just geekiness either. He had called to disinvite himself. What a blow to my pride. I could have just about any man I was interested in, but this little guy was trying to stand me up.

“Nonsense, Cameron. I invited you because I like you. I really want you to come over. You probably eat enough steak at the restaurant. Will you come? I will cook Italian. Do you like Italian?

“Yes, I like Italian food, but you don’t have to do this.”

“Cameron, when can you come?”

“I am off tomorrow night. I only work three nights a week. I am at the university full time.”

“Okay, tomorrow night, at seven, okay?”

“I guess so.”

“Is this your cell? I will text you my address.”

“Uh, okay, I guess.”

That evening when Cameron showed up, he was as nervous as a cat. I kissed him on the cheek and asked what he wanted to drink.

“I have wine, red and white, beer and some whiskey. What would you like?”

“Uh, I really don’t drink alcohol. Do you have any soda? Or water will be fine.”

I got him a Coke. Dinner was on the stove and I was waiting for the bread to get done. I asked him just about every question I knew. He answered everything politely. He was a student. He was pre-med, but in biometrics. It was a rising field and the medical training as well as the computer programming was a highly specialized field. He was just now in pre-med and due to graduate in about a year. Med school was already established, but he was working for scholarships.

I was completely impressed. When the bread was done, I led him to my small table, and we ate our salad, spaghetti and meatballs. I just love meatballs, not meat sauce. Since he didn’t drink alcohol, he was pleased with his soda. I had a glass of red wine and another after I cleared the table.

He was still nervous and asked about ‘my boyfriend.’

“I haven’t talked to him since our fight. He is such an inconsiderate asshole that I am thinking about moving on.”

“You seem like a nice lady,” he said, “Why are you with that jerk?”

“Good question. He is very good looking. He is very successful in his business. I really like the way…”

I stopped quickly. Now I was the nervous one. I almost told Cameron that I liked the way he fucked me. I think he picked up on this because he turned a shade of red in his face.

I flashed an embarrassed smile and Cameron turned away. I changed the subject and began asking more questions about his job, school, family, etc. I was sitting beside him drinking my wine. He stayed about an hour after dinner but kept looking at the time. I was afraid I was boring him to death. He thanked me for dinner and got up to leave. Something intrigued me about him. His shy innocence was compelling to me. I thought of Alex and how he treated women. I was an independent woman and did not need a man to complete me just yet. I was tired of macho bullshit. I bid Cameron goodbye and walked him to the door. He surprised me.

“Uh, Beverly, would you like to go out to dinner one night? Uh, with me?”

I could not believe that he found the nerve to ask me out. Of course, I had to refuse. This was leading nowhere. If Alex found out I had gone out with Cameron, he would probably beat him up. Just the fact that I thought that made up my mind right then that I was through with Alex. I would miss the sex, but I had had plenty of good sex. But what about Cameron. I should not lead him Short link on. I couldn’t possibly have a relationship with someone younger than me. Not a serious one anyway. I would be taking a step backward.

As soon as I thought that, I was immediately ashamed of myself. I had chastised Alex for thinking he was better than Cameron and here I was judging him the same way. I was shocked at myself. Here I thought that I always treated people well and I was just a snob like Alex.

“Recover, Beverly.” I told myself. “Get outside of your uppity attitude.”

“Yes, sure, yes. Just let me know when you have time. You pick the place and date. It doesn’t need to be fancy. I really appreciate your asking. It is sweet.”

I kissed his cheek again and he walked out the door. I closed the door and immediately asked myself what I just done. AGAIN. Was I losing my mind? It would be cruel to lead this young guy on.

I thought back to Alex and realized that he was just another in a long line of boyfriends who I have had short shallow relationships with. It started in high school. I was popular and dated quite a few jock types. Almost without exception the guys were so stuck on themselves that they hardly had any time or interest in anyone else, including me. When it came to sex, they were all in. And to be fair, I was too. I loved sex. I loved to suck cock and get fucked by a big cock. I guess you could say that I was stuck on myself and my satisfaction also.

It was a stark reality when I realized that I was being used by the studs to get their rocks off without regard to a real relationship. Maybe this date with Cameron was just what I needed to bring me back to reality. Instead of dreading the date, I was now looking forward to it. I hoped he would call. After all, he had approached me about the follow up date. I vowed to be attentive to his needs and feelings. This was so against my type that I thought it might be nice for a change that I felt in charge emotionally. The thought intrigued me at that time and I had no idea why.

The following week Cameron called me and we decided to go out to a medium range eatery. Nothing real fancy. I was pretty sure that he was not able to pay high prices, being a student. I was going to make sure we split the check. Even better, I thought that I might pick up the whole check as a way of exerting my maturity on the relationship. It was not an ugly thought, I just felt like I was farther along in my career and was making full time wages while he toiled part time to make ends meet.

At the time, that thought seemed just more kind than anything. I did not even think about a relationship with him. I was not that much older than him, but I was certainly more polished and in tune with society in general. My job experiences were vast and I did travel some. I was comfortable in just about any business and social settings. I was very confident in myself. I even wondered why I gravitated to the type of guy who would invariably try to control the relationship.

Without me realizing it, the cogs were already starting to click into place.

I met Cameron at the eatery. I kissed him on the cheek and we sat down. The waitress came to take our drink order and I ordered a white wine. Cameron was taking a long time to order his drink. I realized that he was not even twenty-one so he might get carded. Especially since he looked way younger. I winked at him as he ordered iced tea. When the waitress left, I told him he could sip some of my wine.

“Just how old are you anyway, Cameron?”

“Uh, nineteen. Almost twenty.”

“You ever drink?”

“Sometimes my sister will give me a taste of her drink when we have lunch or dinner.”

“Oh, you have a sister, how many?”

“Just one. No brothers. My mom raised us alone. My dad was killed in a car wreck when I was five. My sister Collette is twenty-one. Actually, just about sixteen months older than me. Typical bossy older sister.”

We continued to talk and found out about each other. I asked him if he was uncomfortable being out with ‘an older woman’. I was just teasing him as a way of breaking the ice. I told him my age and education level. I spent just a little time about my job but I wanted to know more about him.

“What does you mom do?”

“Oh, she works in an office job. She does all right for herself, but she never had the money to pay for our college. Collette is a waitress and will graduate this spring with a degree in marketing and cosmetology.”

With scholarships, grants, extra social security from their father’s death, the two had done remarkably well in getting an education. I was learning that Cameron was a straight A student and was hoping for a full ride scholarship into medical school.

We chatted very cheerfully through dinner. When the waitress came, I took the check. Cameron said, “Beverly, I asked you out. I will get the check.”

“Cameron,” I said, “I am working full time. There is no reason for you to be paying for our dinner with all that you have going on. Anyway, those traditional roles are all outdated. It doesn’t wound your manhood to have a woman pick up the tab, does it?”

“No, uh, well, I just…”

“Forget it Cameron. It is not worth discussing. Let me get the check and I have some wine at home. Let me break the law and give you a small glass. I promise I won’t get you drunk and force myself on you.”

I laughed, but Cameron looked embarrassed.

I looked him in the eye, “Joke, Cameron. Just a joke. Loosen up.”

After we finished eating, I asked Cameron if he wanted to come over to my apartment. He nervously accepted and we drove our separate cars back to my place. I poured us a glass of wine and we talked more about school, family, friends and work. I found out that even though he found his sister to be bossy, he loved her dearly. They had been through so much together that there was a special bond. I told him that I would love to meet his sister. One topic lead to another and we were on our second drink. I began feeling so close to him. I don’t know whether his whole story or his intelligence or whatever, I was feeling quite at home talking to him.

This was actually our second date, but it had no sexual overtones. I concluded that Cameron might be a virgin. He made no attempt to initiate any sexual contact. This intrigued me even more. With most guys, I would have already been fucked by now. I was getting a little anxious about the lack of contact but then I thought, “This is so neat. I am in control of everything.” I did not want to seem pushy. I felt like that I could move us to a physical encounter, however things were progressing very well on a platonic level.

It was a month later that I accidently met his sister. Cameron’s car was in the shop and I gave him a lift home. His sister was coming out of their house when we drove up. She came out and gave us quite an eye. Cameron introduced us.

Collette seemed very nice, but she began teasing Cameron.

“Baby brother, wow, a woman?”

Cameron was acting embarrassed. “Please Collette, not now. This is my friend.”

“How did you meet a woman, Cam?”


She smiled and winked at me. She pushed his cheek and told us she was off to work.

“Where do you work, Collette?” I asked.

“At a steakhouse downtown.” She answered. “I have been trying to get Cam to apply at some of the more upscale places so he can earn the big tips, but he is too shy to move on. So, he keeps working at that same shitty lunch stand where people eat sandwiches at lunch and he makes about five dollars in tips per night.”

“That’s not true, Collette. I make more than that.”

“Yeah, yeah. My friend, Rita, has offered to get you on at an upscale restaurant where real people eat dinner and drink wine.”

I was curious about Collette’s double major and I asked Cam about what she was planning to do. She was hoping to get a job with a major cosmetics firm to use her degrees to the maximum. I asked Cam if he and Collette would come to dinner one evening. I wanted to talk to her about some projects that my company had with a major marketing initiative. I was already doing some of the designs for the advertising rollout.

Cam was reluctant, but he asked her and she was eager to meet me. When they came over for burgers one Friday evening she was dressed in jeans and a short top. She wore sandals and was very relaxed. After burgers, we settled down and talked about my project. She was not into graphic design but did make some suggestions about coloring and presentation when I showed her some of my initial prints.

With that out of the way, we settled down to more current conversation. She and Cam traded jibes occasionally. Collette told a story about how she made Cam play dress up with her when they were little. Cam blushed and asked her to stop. I was more curious and encouraged her to go on.

“Without a dad in the house, Cam was stuck with two females. Mom did not want to date. She did have girlfriends and she went out sometimes. I would make Cam dress up in Mom’s old clothes and we would play tea party or something like that. We were close in age and even took baths together until Cam was ten.”

“That’s enough, Collette,” Cam interjected.

“He just wants me to stop before I get to the good stuff.”

“Collette.” Cam shouted.

“Good stuff?” I asked.

“Well, I admit that I, along with my girlfriends were a little rough on him. One night when I was about sixteen and Cam was fourteen or so, my girlfriend, Linda and I dressed him up and gave him a makeover. We tied him up to do his makeup and I think we did a really good job. We were just getting to the girly stage and were infatuated with fashion and beauty. Funny that I chose that for my majors. I guess I have always been interested in that.”

She continued, “So that worked so well that we blackmailed him into going to a Halloween party dressed as a girl. Linda and I wore black ballerina costumes and we dressed Cam as a princess. Luckily, he was pretty small for his age and we were able to find a little dress, petticoats and stockings. He wore a pair of Linda’s black flats. He was so pretty after we made him over.”

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