Enslaving Ev 01 Pt. 02

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Big Dick

Just a visit to the beach …

Ev is my slave in real life. She is a beautiful Asian slut. We are taking a short break right now whilst she concentrates on her studies. This is the continuing story, written by both of us, telling of how we first met …


Master (4) …

She was tied up right there on the wall in front of me. I had missed out on my rest and relaxation on the beach, but, hey, this was just perfect. Ev, or slut Ev, as I now started to call her, was absolutely gorgeous and, unbelievably, wanted to be my slave, or kajira, as she had just referred to it. Her pussy was dripping juice but upon hearing the ‘k’ word I stopped my ministrations and stepped away from her body. Looking her dishevelled state up and down from toe to head and back again my cock just ached to relieve her of the burden of her virginity.

“You are a kajira are you Ev?”

“Yes,Sir,” she mumbled in reply.

“So who owns you then little white silk slave?”

She just looked back at me, directly this time, as if to say ‘I want you to own me Simon … Sir … Master.’

“You are beautiful,” I said.

“I am afraid,” she replied.

“Why?” I said.

“Because of what you might do to me.”

“What might I do to you,” I teased.

“You might take me or hurt me or …”

“…or do anything I like eh?”

She nodded. I glanced out of the window and saw the rain pouring down still.

“Okay slut, let me give you a chance.”


“I will change the nature of the game now.” Although I said this, our little scenario had moved way beyond a game already. “If you do what I say then I will treat you well.”

“Yes, Master.” I was Master now, this was progress.

“You will obey slut,” I restated.

“Yes, Master,” she said again.

“Remove my sweat top.”

She looked up, questions in her eyes.

“Are you a docile slave?” I asked.

“Yes, Master,” she repeated.

“Then remove the sweat top.”

“Please … I cannot … I …”

“Why are you not being co-operative slave?”

“I cannot Master,” she whispered, “I am …”

“I want you naked kajira, strip it off now!” I raised my voice a little, fighting the need just to fuck her there and then.

Of course she couldn’t as her arms were held high and tight. More secure now that the wet bikini had dried around her skin. I could see that the material was digging into her flesh and I smiled.

“You are a rebellious slave,” I mocked.

“But Master …”

I walked back to our bags and picked up my towel. It was still soaked from the rain and so just right for what I had in mind. I returned to Ev and I think she realised my intention as she cried out.

“No, please Master … aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

I flicked the towel out and struck her cutting into the front of her thighs. A second stroke cut across her pierced belly button and took the wind out of her.

“Now strip naked kajira,” I ordered. A tear spilled onto her cheek.

“I …cannot Master.”

“Then you will be beaten.”

“Nooooooooooo!” another cock erecting cry issued forth, as the end of the towel flicked against her pussy just nicking her erect clitoris. I saw her body convulse and marvelled as this attack on her groin seemed to spark intense stimulation in my lovely slut.

“Do you want to cum Ev,” I teased moving my hand down between her legs once more. The fact that she made no attempt to close her thighs gave me my answer but to be sure she whispered,

“Yes Master …yes please.”

I wanted to fuck her so badly but I also wanted to prolong our session and knew it would be all the sweeter for me if she were still being disciplined after having had an orgasm. The sensitivity of her pussy would be extreme. I would let her cum I decided.

I moved near to her, my face almost opposite hers. Lowering my mouth I kissed her hard, savagely opening her mouth so that her tongue could mix with mine. I moved my fingers to her pussy and stroked the slit, teasing her, arousing her even more.

Tearing her mouth from mine she moaned breathlessly “Oh, Sir … Master, please!”

“I will my slave, I will.”

I slipped two fingers inside Ev’s pussy and began to rub her blood engorged clit with my thumb. She replaced her mouth on mine as her body danced wildly against the cold stone of the boathouse.

I prolonged her climax for as long as I could but her clit was now so erect that any touch would have brought her off. Of course, I obliged.

“Are you ready to cum, slut?”

“Oh, yes, Master,” she groaned once more.

“Then ask me”

“Please let me cum, Master.”

“Beg me …”

“Master, I beg of you please finish me off.”

I laughed and began to circle my thumb against her clit.

It was enough. Evelyn Wang, student, 21 years old and bound to the walls of an old boathouse stopped fighting to prolong her ecstasy and writhed to my latest touch. I reached up with my free hand and twisted her nipple.

She porno izle screamed as a series of shattering orgasms swept through her yelling out a desire to be owned as her orgasm peaked and she slipped into a state of blissful satisfaction.

She now hung exhausted against the wall. With a great effort she forced her head up, looked me in the eye and whispered,

“Thank you, Master.”

Slut (4) …

What has come over me? I just thanked him for making me beg, humiliating me, revealing my deepest and darkest secrets and finger fucking me to orgasm! And when I told him I was a kajira, he even knew what that was! When I was a teenage girl, I read the books by John Norman. His science fiction stories were about an imaginary world called Gor, where most women were slaves, called kajira.

I was passing by a stack of used paperbacks one day and the picture on the front, of a beautiful woman, chained, nearly naked, and in a submissive posture fascinated me. I picked it up and knew I had to buy and read it. And I did, and bought and read all the books he wrote that I could find. I did not understand why my body reacted the way it did when I read about this strange world, why juice leaked from my pussy, but now I do.

I dreamed that slavers came and took me to Gor, where I would have my ears pierced, be branded, and serve men. Ear piercing, on Gor, is considered the ultimate degradation. And when my parents denied my request to get my ears pierced, I argued and argued but to no avail. On Gor, a girl would beg to not have her ears pierced, while I was begging my parents to allow me to get mine pierced. I memorized this passage from one of the books:

‘The girl’s lovely ears have been literally pierced; the penetrability of her sweet flesh is thus brazenly advertised upon her very body, a proclamation of her ready vulnerability, in incitement to male rape. And when she wears the earrings, he can see the metal disappearing in the softness of her ear, literally fixed within it. Her flesh is doubly penetrated, her softness about the intruding metal, before his very eyes. The wire loop, too, or rod, when it emerges from the ear and, by one device or another, fastens the ring upon her, may suggest her bondage.’ I had these words on a 3 by 5 card, tucked in my school notebook. I read them a thousand times. So within days of going to college, I had mine pierced, and wore hoops almost exclusively.

In my mind, the hoop symbolized my “hole”, and my desire to be used. And not long ago, I added a belly button piercing, another outward sign of my desire to be sexy, attractive, and then fucked. Yet, I did not date very much and was still a virgin despite being 21. I guess my respect for my culture and my parents was more powerful than my sexual desires. And then suddenly, on this unplanned trip to the beach on a November afternoon, here I was, in my own personal Gor, and, unbelievably with a man that shared my fascination. I was helplessly tied to a cement wall, all but naked, and exhausted from writhing under the probing fingers of my captor. I had to fight back!

Gathering what little strength I had at this point, I yelled at him, “Now let me go! You’ve had your fun. I am going to yell for help if you don’t release me this very moment.” He looked at me with a smile on his face, and then the smile disappeared.

Master (5) …

“Let you go; oh no slut, no way, now I am going to fuck you!”

I let the words sink in. I received neither objection nor consent but I sensed that Ev desired something. She was bound at my mercy after all and a wannabe slave, surely she had to want me.

Maybe I was arrogant but I sensed that Ev found me attractive. Despite the physical dominance of a Gorean Master there had to be an attraction there in order for the relationship to work properly and I sensed that Ev might willingly give her virginity to me.

I hoped so because she was the hottest chick that I had been so close to fucking for a long time.

“So, kajira?” I stated.

“Y … yes Master,” she replied.

“Are you white or red slik?”

“W … white, Master.”

I smiled.

“Okay then slave, turn yourself around and twist your arms so that you are facing the wall.”

She did as she was told twisting her almost naked body whilst I slipped off my shorts and readied myself for Ev’s deflowering.

I moved closer to her and gazed down upon the glorious nature of Ev’s ass facing me.

“Oh, Simon … Sir … Master!”

I felt that she was shocked to feel the warm shape of my fully erect penis at the mouth of her sex.

“Do you want me, Ev?”

“Well Ev? I’m waiting.”

“But Master I have just cum, I cannot …”

“Selfish slave, this is not about you, it is about you pleasing me. I see that you will need to be subjected to much discipline in the future but for now I want to fuck you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master …”


I interrupted her musings, rubbing myself deliciously against her feeling the anticipation that was amatör porno building once more inside my slave. I reached between her legs and began to touch her again, all the while keeping myself poised and ready. Her legs almost buckled as she started to soar.

“Poor Ev, it’s all so confusing for you. I know you want more of this.” I replaced my fingers with my manhood and slid myself inside her someway, barely enough to matter to me, but enough to elicit a deep moan from my slave.

“And then again we could do this the difficult way.” I withdrew and moved so only my hands remained on her hips. “Which is it going to be?”

“Don’t … don’t hurt me.”

It was a rather futile attempt on her part. She knew this was something that I was going to do regardless of her consent or enjoyment. However, she had to consider the fact that I was making her want it. “Don’t hurt me please,” she begged again.

I surprised myself that I didn’t laugh at her plea; instead I simply regarded this lovely creature before me. Her hair had fallen over her face and shoulders and I was unable to see her, even to gauge whether she meant it sincerely or spoke so because she felt duty bound to display her reluctance and never admit to the wanting. My restraint was waning and I was unsure how much longer I could hold out.

I rubbed myself against her once more, coating my entire exposed self with her amply flowing juice. I played with her clitoral nub, rubbing firmly and slowly, then faster. I held myself at her opening, waiting for her. Her breathing began to increase once more, and she started to wriggle her hips deliciously. With every movement I was sure she could feel me pressing further into her.

She pushed back and suddenly I was deep inside her. My fingers continued to play on her engorged flesh, whirling her forwards on a wave of oblivion. Ev was no longer in control.

I sensed this and smiled as I knew that she was incapable of more coherent consent. She was not objecting, and she seemed to be vocally enjoying herself at least. I had held myself long enough and as I felt her muscles begin their ascent towards climax I began to ease myself inside her more fully. Hoping that through the ecstasy of her own release she would be unaware of the pain I was about to cause.

Ev could do nothing but moan. I heard her gasp and a breath laden “No!” escaped her lips as I began to withdraw. I had not pushed myself completely inside my slut as yet. No, I was savouring that moment when I buried myself as far as I could into her tight virgin womb. She was still wriggling around, still awaiting the next manifestation of her own release.

With gently controlled thrusts I moved back into her, a little more each time and then withdrawing, only to bring myself swiftly into the warmth of her pussy. She moaned freely with each additional impalement, never too loud, almost ladylike in its crescendo. I finally found myself at Ev’s barrier. I felt her body stiffen somewhat as I grazed her hymen with my cock.

I felt her movements quicken deliciously and with her tight sheath contracting around me I drove into her. I felt her virgin entrance give way easily under my swift attack, and she seemed to barely notice any pain. I savoured the feeling of her quivering flesh around my impalement as I paused to let her adjust to my size. She was truly as magnificent as I had imagined. Her flesh sucked me in, capturing me inside her, and I shivered with pleasure as I felt a trickle of her juices run down along my thighs. Despite her second orgasm in quick succession tears now flowed freely down her sweet cheeks and the sobbing convulsions that racked her body only served to heighten my ceaseless onslaught.

As I pushed finally past the last bastion of her maidenhead Ev had shuddered. Now, as I surged deeper and deeper into the depths of her pussy, her panic and pain became clearer and she screamed and screamed the agony of what she must have been feeling.

I exploded inside her and Ev wept as jet after jet of semen spurted freely, filling her completely.

“Oh, please Simon, no more. No more.”

As my climax subsided I was certain that my slut must have hoped that the size of my cock would diminish, but it was not so and, without losing any of its size, I pulled the shaft almost savagely out of her, creating fresh spasms of agony for poor Ev, if her delicious body movements were to be believed.

I eased myself away from my beautiful captive and looked down upon her newly ravaged body. I saw a tinge of red running down her thighs, evidence, if any were needed, that she had indeed been a virgin. This fact heightened my sense of conquest and, despite my recent satisfaction; I felt a twinge of desire raise its head once more. However, using my manhood again inside this poor gorgeous creature was out of the question, for a short time at least.

Unless ………

Slut (5) …

Maybe I could have stopped the rape. Maybe if I had yelled loud enough. But in truth, I could not. He was right. It was anal porno in order to give him pleasure that I did not really protest, just a token “No” with not an ounce of conviction behind it.

And now I was red silk – no longer a virgin. I began to cry in both pain and pleasure, acutely embarrassed by the fact that my virginity had gone and the finality that created. Oh, fuck, I am not even on any type of birth control! Now what!

“You bastard,” I felt myself crying, “what if I get pregnant?”

Simon smiled at me with a gentleness that belied the savagery of the act he had just performed on me.

“Don’t worry pretty one, we will get you a morning after pill and then you must seek proactive birth control. It is only by doing this that you will feel my seed surging through your body and not have to concern yourself with the consequences.”

I felt him reaching up to untie my hands from the bolts, and I sagged into his arms. I briefly felt the romance of the moment before he let me drop to the ground and snapped,


It took me a moment to remember what this meant, and so he barked again, “Nadu!”

I rose from the ground, knelt back on my heels, knees wide, hands on my thighs, back straight, and head bowed. “Head up,” he ordered, and I obeyed.

“You have not finished your duties, slave. Worship my cock in your mouth and clean it well.”

I opened my mouth to accept his cock, covered in my juices and blood and his semen. I thought I would gag, but he sensed my lack of confidence and spoke kindly. “Is this your first time sucking a man’s cock?”

I nodded, yes.

“Then I will be merciful. Open your mouth wide, and do not let your teeth touch my skin. Relax and breathe through your nose. We will take it slowly. That’s it. Let your tongue caress my cock, clean it lovingly and slowly, take it deeper and deeper until…”

I couldn’t help it, I gagged and he pulled out immediately. He paused for a moment to let me collect myself and then ordered me to open again, and this time I took his cock deeper, feeling it tickle the back of my throat, controlling the gagging reflex, and completing the task of cleaning his manhood. He held my head tight to his groin making sure I could savour the feel of him stretching my lips and scraping my throat. I was grateful that I had only had to clean him and that he was not ejaculating directly into my mouth. He withdrew in the deepening darkness of the boat house, pulled me to my feet and hugged me close to his chest as I sobbed in gratitude and humiliation.

By now the rain was little more than a drizzle and there was more light coming in through the window holes. “Let’s go,” he said, taking me by one hand. He collected his bag and mine, gathered up our towels and my bikini, and walked me from our shelter. I was not thinking. I was just following and obeying and felt totally dependent on his commands. I can’t explain it to you any other way.

I wore only his sweatshirt and luckily the beach was not too populated following the rain, so there was no one bothered enough to witness the acute nature of my embarrassment as I pulled at the material to make sure it covered my ass and pussy. He walked me back towards the line of parked cars. As we got nearer I could sense that he wasn’t going to ask me which car was mine which concerned me as I had assumed that I was about to be set free.

“Simon, this is my car just over there …”

He stopped me dead in my tracks and put his hand in my hair gripping hard enough to hurt but not to cause me to bend my body and reveal to anyone near by what was going on. His eyes looked angry and I was scared. “Slave, don’t you ever use my name without my permission. I am your Master and you are my worthless slut. Understand?”

I nodded remembering through my fear to utter, “Y…yes Master.”

We continued past my car and to a large silver 4×4 of some sort. Here we stopped. This I gathered was his car. He clicked a button on his key fob and the back door flicked open. I was not secured in any way yet I stayed obediently by his side as he leaned and placed my bag with my things in it into the open space in his car!

I watched with some confusion as he took a small holdall style bag, opened it and then placed a length of small, bicycle style chain into it. This was quickly followed by an unopened plastic package that said ‘luggage spider’ on it.

Finally he took out a pair of flat white pumps from my bag and placed them in his holdall. Simon (I was still using his name in my mind) then clicked the back door closed and went round to the passenger side front door. He leaned inside and opened the glove compartment. I could not see too clearly but I noticed him take out a padlock with a small key in the end and place it in his pocket.

“You, slut, will carry this.” He handed me the bag which was heavier than its size would have suggested because of the chain that was inside. I picked it up.


I stopped.

He reached down between my legs. I wanted to say stop, not here, not with people around, what are you doing? But I didn’t. I let him move the seam edge of the sweatshirt a little and wipe a streak of blood, pussy juice, and semen from my inner thighs. He held it up to my lips and I took his finger and sucked it clean.

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